bed bugs, lice and scabies at the ele...

bed bugs, lice and scabies at the elementary schools

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concerned parent

Ezel, KY

#1 Nov 16, 2012
Has anyone heard anything about bed bugs, scabies and lice being in the elementary schools? I heard they were picking bed bugs off kids when they came to school and that lice and scabies are going around like an epidimic.

Chesterfield, MO

#2 Nov 16, 2012
Which school is it??
info wanted

West Liberty, KY

#3 Nov 16, 2012
I don't believe that about bed bugs, as you can't see them. They are so tiny. Not only that they are more noctural in nature. As far as lice, that happens all the time. It happens a whole lot more than what the families are aware of. I would be safe in saying that in any school, any district, there is at least four or five cases of head lice. Scabies are transmitted through skin to skin contact.

Chesterfield, MO

#4 Nov 17, 2012
Full grown bed bugs are large enough to see and when kids are sleeping in the clothes they wear to school its very possible to see bugs on clothing. Lice have always been a problem....but its a joke to think theres only four or five cases in a school. As far as scabies...they are very contagious and very hard to get rid of.
info wanted

Campton, KY

#5 Nov 17, 2012
FYI wrote:
Full grown bed bugs are large enough to see and when kids are sleeping in the clothes they wear to school its very possible to see bugs on clothing. Lice have always been a problem....but its a joke to think theres only four or five cases in a school. As far as scabies...they are very contagious and very hard to get rid of.
There are on any given day at least four or five cases of head lice that are not caught by the schools. Yes, there are more than that, but those are ones that are caught and dealt with.
I still stand by my bed bugs. I can't see that happening. Scabbies, I don't know anything about except it is through skin to skin contact and was at one time considered a STD. That sexual contact was the most common way of transmitting it. It isn't that way now, I don't think. But still, I would be leary if my kid had it. I think instead of scabbies, they are thinking impetigo. That is a staph infection that is usually caused by unclean conditions.

Chesterfield, MO

#6 Nov 17, 2012
any time one of my kids would come home with lice I would call the school and have then do head checks but most of the time the school woukd not do anything so i would have to call the school board and let that know, so maybe that is what u will have to do.
already know

West Liberty, KY

#7 Nov 18, 2012
they have already sent the letters home to parents that they have confirmed a case of bed bugs and also lice in the school so info wanted u need to read up on the happenings at the school however if this goes on and on I am gonna have to report to the state department becuase bed bugs r really hard to get rid of and eventually the entire county will have this in their homes from children riding on buses and being in the same classrooms together

Ezel, KY

#8 Nov 18, 2012
and what would everyone have the schools do about this problem--the family resouce sends medicated soap home, holds informacial meetings about how to get rid of them. Would you like for them to keep those chldren out of school until they are deemed "clean" How about if some of the parents whose children continually have these problems step uup and be parents, treat your kids and treat the beds, clothing, toys, etc that may have been exposed..for once be there for your child instead of using the schools as cheap babysitters and sending them anyway--at some point and time parents are going to have to become parents again. And i am not talking about all parents but there are afew and we all know who they are who send their children to school any old way, sleevless shirts and no socks in the winter, older children helping young ones get ready because mom just wont get up in the morings--never go to meetings with the teachers over problems in the school. Those are the ones who need to be held accountable for many things not just lice,etc issues

Ivel, KY

#9 Nov 18, 2012
You are living in the past. Society has changed and it is only going to get worse. How many high school girls are pregnant in Wolfe County? There is no such thing as accountability in today's society. Girls are having babies, are not getting married and could care less about a baby that interferes with their social life. Give it to Mam-maw.

A conversation with a social worker will inform you of the condition that some of these children are living in. A large number of these people are not fit to raise children.

What have you purchased in the last year that was made in America? When you purchase an item made in a foreign country you are outsourcing American jobs. No factories and no jobs equals a government handout.

People have lost their dignity and self esteem. The system punishes those who work by cutting their benefits. The people that work for seven and eight dollars an hour need as much help raising a family as anyone and can't get help. You can stay home and have as much receiving government assistance and don't have to buy gasoline to go to work for minimum wage.

I would like to see a study of high school graduates in Wolfe County for the last five years and see their average yearly income. There is no way this can continue.

Our present society is producing thieves, druggies and outlaws. Lock your doors it is only going to get worse.
stay home

Campton, KY

#10 Nov 18, 2012
If a kid is sent home with head lice, they are not allowed back in school until they have a note from the doctor or the health department nurse stating they are lice free. As far as the bed bug and scabbie issues, I don't know. I doubt there is much they can do about those except send notes home.
Appalled, you are right parents are not stepping up the the plate and being parents. It started years and years ago. It has just progressively got wrose.
One think Mitt Romney said I agree with and I think almost all hard working americans can agree with regardless of party affliation, is we have become a nation of entitlement. We expect the government to take care of us and everything. It isn't the government's responsiblity to take care of us. It is our responsiblity to take care of ourselves and our families.

Chesterfield, MO

#11 Nov 18, 2012
"Stay Home" needs to get the facts straight. Kids DO NOT have to have a note from anyone to return to school. Most schools don't really even push the lice issue because of attendance. If they did the kids attendance would be much worse cause the problem NEVER goes away. And we all know that attendance means money for the schools so they want kids to be at school.

“"Lookin' Over Yonder"”

Since: Apr 11

High on the Mountain

#12 Nov 18, 2012
There is no reason children should be subject to this abuse and that's exactly what it is Child Abuse. Sorry assed people living off the draw and they still can't be responsible adults. Maybe they need to be taken down to the courthouse and tarred and feathered.

United States

#13 Nov 18, 2012
A good example why children have lice and scabbies.

A mother in Laurel County is behind bars after police find five children living in filth in her London home.

Police responded to a 911 call Saturday after two kids were spotted on Main Street. When police went to investigate where the children lived, they arrested the children's mother, April Cathers.

Officers say 5 children were living in the London home where sewage was coming from the pipe in the only bathroom.

Animal feces was also discovered in the house. Cathers told police everyone slept on two couches and a chair.

Cathers is charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child.


Chesterfield, MO

#14 Nov 19, 2012
I know for a fact if your child gets head lice in the headstart they can not come back to school with out a note from the doctor I know a child there that was sent home like 3 times a month seems like with it and I totally agree with everyone else some parnets need to step up and take care of their kids and quit laying on there sorry butts letting everyone else take care of them
How dumb is that

Campton, KY

#15 Nov 24, 2012
Why the hell would anyone have to get a note from a Dr. to say there is no lice. That makes as much sense as getting one from a firefighter. This is an example of government being in control of everything. If you can't tell the lice is gone you need to do more than take your child to a Dr. to get a note. Please tell me this is not the reason people are sitting in the waiting rooms for hours on end. If someone is dumb enough to take their child to the Dr to get a note to appease anyone for lice God be with them.

West Liberty, KY

#16 Nov 25, 2012
It isn't just the "poverty striken" or "dirty" children that have lice, bed bugs, and so on. Anyone can get these and then pass them on. You all need to do research a clean home can get these just as easy as a dirty home. There isn't many of us who can say that they never had head lice as a child. I had head lice and I am not ashamed of it, I got it from school but my mom bought stuff and treated it. Also, kids can't be kept from school because of these things, it's discrimination they have a right to an education, just the same as a child with out it. This is why our society is so bad, because people don't wanna help the under privledged to be better they just wanna push them to the side an let them do for themselves. These are children they are not animals some just need to know what it means to have someone to believe in them. Seriously grown people on here pointing fault at each other instead of standing up and trying to be the bigger person and making a change. This is what is wrong with today's society everyone is afraid to stand up for what they believe due to ridicule.

“"Lookin' Over Yonder"”

Since: Apr 11

High on the Mountain

#17 Nov 25, 2012
Why is it my responsibility to treat every Tom, Dick and Susie for lice or their home for bed bug's ?? There so called parent's had them and it's their job to raise them and care for them, not mine !!
Keeping them home isn't discrimination it's a health concern for the entire community...

Richmond, KY

#18 Nov 25, 2012
Kids are kids they are helpless if you don't get all cured they keep passing back an forth. You would let your french poodle play with a stray unless you knew it was safe.some people street kids that are poor like red headed step child.grow up america

Campton, KY

#19 Nov 25, 2012
The kids are not discriminated against because of the headlice. THey are not allowed back in school because it is considered a health hazard. They can go to the health department and have them check for headlice for free. That is what most parents do when thier child gets them.
Headlice knows no boundaries. It strikes all scioeconomic kids and adults. All it takes it to share a hat, comb or brush,or even a hug to get them. You can even get them from setting really close to someone else that has them. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Like someone said, most of us sometime during our lives have had head lice.
Muntant critters lol

West Liberty, KY

#20 Dec 11, 2012
they send home letters saying that kids with lice do not get an excused absence ...These lice are getting unkillable ..we used nix $50. for family spray metal comb ..two weeks later rid bout $25. 3 difff home remidies from mayo to vinagar and listerine washed everything sprayed everything cars included ..they wold not die oh yeah and 2 prescriptions from the dr. for the generic nix .. finally the dr called in this stuff in a glass bottle it is dangerous but it worked in 4 mins have to comb through there heads everynight to make sure they dont bring anything home from school also every few days we spray the backpacks and coats was a journey Use to it would be one treatment and they would be gone for years

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