Dessie Scott Childrens Home in Pine R...

West Liberty, KY

#21 Jul 10, 2010
just remember that these children did not come from a sunday school class and the reason that they are there is because they have big problems somewhere they went wrong. they are not custom to someone telling them what to do. I do not work there or know anyone personal that work there but i have been there and never have i witnessed anyone mistreating the children.I blame the parents most of the time for children acting the way that they do.

Prestonsburg, KY

#22 Jul 17, 2010
Dessie is a joke and the people taking up for Dessie scott staff are the staff getting on because they are getting a little pissed people are telling their true colors. Dessie should be shut down they pay someone to cover all their bullshit up. The staff treat the kids like shit.(SOME DO) and this will be the first and last time I post on this forum due to the fact that STAFF that work there will come up with a FAKE name and say "oh you must had been one of those workers who got fired or failed a drug test". Dessie scott does NOT drug test their workers. The only drug test is the one for employment. The management at Dessie is just funny really there is no structure what so ever. The trainings are pointless. These kids though some do come from rough backgrounds do not have it so damn rough. Those little brats can be little terrors when they go on their little temper-tandrum.The kids need a better place to stay then dessie scott. They don't help the kids at all. It's just a baby sitting job where sometimes you have to put a kid in a holding but you like it,isn't that right staff? It is the only way you can get revenger on the little brats for mistreating you sometimes. Yes the staff does get abused by the kids. So stop taking their side but staff loves "hurting" these kids whenever they can in a holding. They will lie to cover their ass but we all know its true. okay i have said my peace.Goodbye staff at Dessie who will be reading this then posting some stupid lame post that no one cares about :)

West Liberty, KY

#23 Jul 17, 2010
I was in Dessie Scott a couple years ago, i am 18 now,...but I wasn't a druggie, I wasn't abused, and we were watched closely! I was there because I didn't have a home to go to, and my social worker couldn't find a foster home that would accept me because I'm bisexual... I ran away from Dessie Scott 3 times, but I didn't realize at the time that I really had no where else to go... the state was gonna send me to boot camp if DSCH didn't accept me... Imagine that... BOOT CAMP, because I had no where to go! Dessie Scott took me in when no one else would!
By the way, if kids were really being abused the place would be shut down... what you all don't know is that there are people from the state that do random inspections on everything... from the cleanliness, to the menu, to paying attention to kids having bruises or even small scratches... they look at the kids arms and legs, and if they see ANYTHING, it has to be accounted for. Before you start talkin trash about somethin u really don't know about just cause you're bored... think about it... there are people out there who DO know what they're talking about that aren't afraid to call u out!!!

West Liberty, KY

#24 Jul 17, 2010
Know for a fact wrote:
<quoted text> You have to be one of the IDIOTS that got fired for letting the kids swim without a lifegaurd!!!.....I know who you are and we are all glad you got fired cuz your are drug tests at Dessie every little bit and no one fails them....get a life and a job loser....those kids are treated fair as well as the staff...If someone has a child in there , dont worry , they are taken care off....dont listen to these idiots
You are the IDIOT!!!!! The kids DO NOT get treated fair!!! The staff get drug tested, sure, but they let them know ahead of time, and they are ALWAYS super short-staffed day! And as for the lifeguard... who the fuc* caress?!! Are kids not allowed to swim? I kno ppl that go to lakes and stuff all the time... are there lifeguards at lakes? Um... I don't think so!! As far as the staff go... they are ALL IDIOTS... that goes to management and everywhere! Though I personally was never abused... I could share some stories... and yeah, the kids get three meals a day, but it's not enough food to keep a mouse full for an hour... So if u wanna trash talk someone who is just trying to get the message out there, then take a look in the mirror... you're way worse than they are, for helping cover it all up! Fu** YOU!
good deal

United States

#25 Jul 18, 2010
wondering wrote:
My son is in that place right now I heard some roomers that they abuse and mistreat kids there is that true?

That's great that your son is there that means he is in a better place than where he was and thats your house he's doing great now that he dosent have to be around all the crap you had him around I hope he stays there untill he can make it on his own and then he can see what a great parents he has,
Jessica Lee Ann

Clarksville, TN

#26 Oct 17, 2010
First off, let me just start by saying I know first hand what Dessie Scott is like. It may not always be the most happy, or "best place to live", but I will say that over majority of the people that work there are there because they love the kids. Those kids at Dessie Scott have been through much more than I bet many of you could even imagine, and they dont need little petty comments from people who dont know a damn thing. They deserve a chance at life that no adult could give them before. They really are great kids...they have loveing staff, and need support. Instead of these negative comments being thrown out by just anyone. So the next time some of you want to point fingers to any Dessie Scott kid, or staff, make sure your own hands are clean...

West Liberty, KY

#27 Oct 18, 2010
hi just wanted to inform of some of u guys of the happenings at dessie scott,first of all the youth at the facility are court ordered to be there it s step down from juvenile hall.The youth in there are troubled for what ever reason,the staff is there to assure the safety of the youth,the staff and keep u morons safe from these troubled kids.If any child feels they are being mistreated tehy can call their very own social worker or report it to them on one of their routine visits.if their behavior is acceptable they can attend public school if not they are schooled on campus,again to protect people like you,for what ever far as money being taken there is a total kept along with receipts of each purchase made and this has to be turned in far as sleeping i hardley think any staff would be asked to work 3 days without sleep so for times the youth and staff are sleeping in pa pa bears bed or wherever they have night watch people again to ensure safety for i do not work there but i used to and guess what genius i did nt fail the drug test.dessie scott does a great service so yes by all means lets close the doors let the youth go to juvenile hall where they can learn more bad behavior and then when they age out they can walk the streets with you people having had no guidance. good thing there are folks like you out there to call the the mother who is so concerned for her son why is he there maam and would u rather he be at juvenile hall?thanks

Cincinnati, OH

#28 Nov 11, 2010
i was a resident at dessie scott i was there twice the staff thre dnt mistreat kids if u act a fool they r gonna slam u on ur head but if u respect them they will respect u..... i mean there were a couple staff there that took it to far but then again most of the time the kids deserved it... dessie scott doesnt help at all the counsler there is more worried about getting u out of there than helping u with ur problems...

West Liberty, KY

#29 Nov 12, 2010
Dessie Scott is a home for misbehaving kids. do u know what misbehaved kids get when they act out? not a pat on the back. That place has been open for years and if they were abusing kids it would have been shut down a long time ago. if u can:t do nothing with your kid, send them there, they will teach them how to mind. but don't get pissed when they do so.
Natasha Rice

West Liberty, KY

#30 Nov 14, 2010
ok 4 real i use to be at dessie scott and they treated use awsome they respected us and did everything possable 4 us so dnt be runnin ur mouth espically if u have no idea about wat goes on them staff r the best ppl ive ever met in my life and they helped me and many others so u need to get ur facts stright before tlkin crap kk LOVIN MY DESSIE SCOTT STAFF:)
thats right

United States

#31 Nov 20, 2010
opininated wrote:
Dessie Scott is a home for misbehaving kids. do u know what misbehaved kids get when they act out? not a pat on the back. That place has been open for years and if they were abusing kids it would have been shut down a long time ago. if u can:t do nothing with your kid, send them there, they will teach them how to mind. but don't get pissed when they do so.
that is exactly right the kids there are not really bad kids but they were put there for a reason and its not for a tea party

Campton, KY

#32 Nov 22, 2010
funny managment at dessie has allways been a joke GOD bless the kids
google eyed

Jackson, KY

#33 Dec 22, 2010
can anyone fill me in on the clemons guy there is he dating or anything
Tellin the truth

Jackson, KY

#34 Dec 22, 2010
Ok lets get this straight they DO NOT abuse the kids at dessie scott!...the only time the touch them is if they get in a fight with other kids and that is just to split them up....i know this because one of my family members work over there...idk where u have heard that they abuse them over there but they are WRONG! so dont go spreading rumors around when u dont know whats goin on...just shut up and keep ur nose in your own business!..
Chris Gathof

Kirkland, WA

#35 Jan 1, 2011
I was a resident there and I will tell you that if your son is on east or west keep him away from Freddie little he is a big asshole. I still have nightmares from that place. And I will put my real name on here and not hide. The people who have hid there names are cowards. If you wanna talk about my experience feel free to email me bestracer500 @ i will tell you all about it.
mis me

Jackson, KY

#36 Jan 2, 2011
I know the clemons guy well he see some girl named micheal w that works there I think or it could be one of the others there is two I know of he has been with there

United States

#37 Jan 4, 2011
I had an interview there about a month ago! Interview went good, was told they had a few more to do the following week and they would call on Friday! My phone was messed up so I called to give them another # to contact me only to be told they had been put on a hiring freeze! So I called the main office in Buckhorn only to find out I was lied to! But that's cool, I had more education than all 3 people that interviewed me put together! Just wish I would have been told the truth!
googled eyed

United States

#38 Jan 6, 2011
still haven't heard anything on the clemons but hes from breathitt can anyone tell me anything plz

West Liberty, KY

#39 Jan 6, 2011
clemons is a good just shush!
googled eyed

Jackson, KY

#40 Jan 6, 2011
so what do u know about him is he datin or what

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