Who Should Get Custody Of A Child; Mo...

Who Should Get Custody Of A Child; Mom or Dad?

Created by Billy The Kid on Jan 10, 2008

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Billy The Kid

Trinity, TX

#1 Jan 10, 2008
If parents have 2 children and one (girl) lives with mom and the boy supposed to live with dad but dad does not keep the boy ever and leaves him with his grandmother (dad's mom) just so the mother cannot have him. They have joint custiody, but the girl never wants to go around dad because she hates how the step-mother treats them and dad lets her get away with it, and the dad tried to brain wash the kids into hating their mom and the boy would'nt have much to do with mom for a while because he was too little to know the difference but the girl was old enough to know better and turned against dad for it. Now the boy lives with g-ma because dad does'nt have time for him. Mom wants full custody but has to wait until the boy gets old enough to tell what he wants and dad doesn't hear of it because he is scared he will have to pay child support which is the least important.
Socail Worker

Lexington, KY

#2 Jan 10, 2008
I just voted on one because there isnt another option. But Why shouldn't Mom get the child, or why shouldnt Dad get the child. I know lots of Mom's with cusody and I know Dad's with cusody. Who are the parents and why dont you just call the Common Wealth and asked them who you think should get cusody, if there arent any problems with either of you, then make it were there are visitation rights and make that, that. You should not keep the child from either parent unless there is proof they are unfit. That will hurt the child in the long run. Trust me I see these types of cases every day and you can not do that to a child. If you are thinking about keeping them from one of the parents then you need to grow up. Thanks!
Billy The Kid

Trinity, TX

#3 Jan 10, 2008
who said anything about keeping them from one of the other. dad has the oppurtunity but never keeps him. he isn't very fit keeping the child scared to death of lies. you need to learn how to spell ( SOCIAL) before putting your input and telling someone to grow up. read the first comment it goes with the poll!!!!
Social Worker

Lexington, KY

#5 Jan 10, 2008
I never said "you" need to grow up! I am putting my opion on here. the topic is Who Should Get Cusody Of The Child; Mom or Dad? So, I didnt even see a ciomment when I posted that statement and I apologize. But I think "Mom" should take "Dad" to court and let the judge handle it! Some kids feel seperated when parents divorce and remarry! Maybe "girl" likes "step-mother" but wants "dad" to be with "mom" or maybe the step-mother does treat the child wrong and needs to be talked to and tell her until she can prove that she will treat the chil the same that he will no longer see that that, because in my book that is neglect. Then if "dad" doesnt care if he see the daughter or not, ask him to sign his rights over, or take him back to court and tell the judge the situation and take the daughter also, let her talk too. If the judge agrees, only give him every other weekend visitation and make him pay child support! There are many different options, call an attorney, Mike Hall Jr. In Campbellsville, the best and will take payments with $100 down! He will help you decide on whats best!
Social Worker

Lexington, KY

#6 Jan 10, 2008
Sorry about the typing, my keyboard is cordless and the batteries are running low and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont!!
My opinion matters

Clermont, KY

#7 Jan 10, 2008
There should be no court decision if the parents can come to a decision on their own cause a child needs their mom and their dad not just one or the other all the time and one part of the time. Even though the parents may not like each other they shouldnt do it at the expence of the child its not fair to them and they have no say unless they are of age. Children dont ask to be put into this situation and they dont deserve the agony.


Since: Jan 08

Largo, FL

#8 Jan 10, 2008
honestly it depends on whose most fit to raise the kid(s)
Billy The Kid

Elizabethtown, KY

#9 Jan 11, 2008
the dad has give up his rights to his daughter and told me in front of her that he wants only the boy. I have took it to court and paid 14,000 dollars in 1 year fighting this and the judge says we have to wait for the boy to get big enough to tell what all is going on before he will do anything about it. the step-mother on the oyher hand is mentally not stable to keep children. she even draws a crazy check. she stays in trouble with the law and when that was mentioned in court the judge says as long as the children haven't witenessed it then there was nothing we could do. of course they haven't because they are never with dad they are with his mom, and I cannot do anything about that either because they say she just babysits them. we all do get along and talk for the kids sake. I would never put my children through that! I keep telling myself someday it will all work out. my son already don't wanna leave me when he comes over. Give it a few more months and he'll understand himself that he has been lied to all his life by them.
ice pick

Elizabethtown, KY

#10 Jan 11, 2008
you go billy the kid! it will all work out for you eventually! don't worry about it!

Russell Springs, KY

#11 Jan 11, 2008
What about when one has temporary custody(by lying to court),then won't let the other see the child(Even though accusations of neglect or abuse have never been made!!)Wouldn't that be the one with the temporary emotionally abusing the child??

Grand Prairie, TX

#12 Jan 18, 2008
i think the they should be more 50/50 custody for the kid
uh what

Paducah, KY

#13 Jan 18, 2008
the system in this town is not fair. example: mother and father have child-not married. father maintains care of the child while mother in and out rehab.he finally gets tired and leaves her but she keeps the child. a few months go by and wouldnt ya know it...shes caught using again so child is removed from mothers home by social services...when she (mother)is asked about father of child she claims doesnt know where he is...although he has truthfully maintained his weekend visits since they split. father doesnt find out until he goes to pick up child that temporary custody has been given to another relative on moms side bc they never heard of father or didnt think he was involved in childs life...father pays for attorney goes thru several court dates and supervised visits although he has never done anything wrong...pays for attorney and all he gets in the end is visitation every other weekend...not even standard visitation and pays his child support....mother is actually court ordered to rehab again (which was completed...5th time) and also ordered to move into the county and prove residence and job here...still hasnt happened....and the child is lucky to see mother once every two weeks...now isnt that justice?
uh what

Paducah, KY

#14 Jan 18, 2008
oh and forgot to add...dad still continues w his every other weekend and child is raised by relative on mothers side and isnt with either parent....gods honest truth
Biker Myself

Jamestown, KY

#15 Jan 23, 2008
Carika wrote:
What about when one has temporary custody(by lying to court),then won't let the other see the child(Even though accusations of neglect or abuse have never been made!!)Wouldn't that be the one with the temporary emotionally abusing the child??
Right on,sister.You hit that nail on the head.

Jamestown, KY

#18 Jan 26, 2008
The one who is most fit,and who makes the children the happiest.And does not emotionally abuse the children or dog the absent parent.Provides a good,loving home.

Centerville, TX

#19 Jan 30, 2008
the best parent should be able to keep the kids, even if you dont make it as a couple, you should try and share custody or something , i hate women who hang their kids over the guy's shoulders about everything, and i hate guys who refuse to help pay for kids just because they dont get their way one time. people should just come to an agreement and work it out, if you were close enough at one time to make a baby then you can be close enough to make a baby fit into both lives.
what if

Perry, AR

#20 Jan 30, 2008
I agree with "countrysally". My question is...What can a parent do in a case that the father has visitation rights (every other weekend and a 3rd weekend if given 24 hour notice), but doesn't take any of them (his decision)? He will not let the daughter know where he lives, his phone number, or anything that can locate him, and as soon as she finds out.......boom - the number is changed or he moves or he even switches jobs. He does pay child support, but only because he has been arrested a couple of times for not paying it. He gets to claim the child on his taxes, but refuses to sign medical concent forms or anything. In a case like this, can the mother force him to give up his rights without someone else adopting her? Can the mother have the childs name changed to hers or will he have to ok her to do it? I was just wondering!

Centerville, TX

#21 Feb 1, 2008
It depends on who is fit to have the children. I know guys in this town that have custody of their childern. They take care of them way better than the mother of would or could! I also know girls that have their kids and the dad is a dead beat. The children need the parent that is going to love them and take care of them. If both parents are responsible with jobs then it should be joint custody...


#22 May 12, 2008
how easy would it be for the dad to get custody of the daughter..when the mother is not fit ...she does drugs ..has been in rehab..always puts the daughter off on grandparents..doesnt have a lincense on the account of drinking and driving ..got 2 dui's in 2 weeks...how can the dad and step mom get custody?


#23 May 12, 2008
what does the father and step mother get custody of his daughter...when the mother is not fit to have the daughter? the mother has gotten 2 dui's in 2 weeks apart, has been in rehab. hid it from the fatherwhile the grandparents were keeping his daughter...the mother is in to meth real bad...everyone knows it but she still has custody of the daughter...what can we do????

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