Post your Lowes stories, Good or Bad!!!!
nightmare on reeves pkwy

Albany, OR

#261 Sep 20, 2009
Deborah Gooding wrote:
My husband was just fired from lowes after working there almost 5 years! He is 53 years old and is a great salesman and a hard worker. He was told he was fired because of a disagreement with another employee who was also fired. They barely said anything to each other. They did not touch each other and they apollogized to each other the next day. Now we may loose our home and also we lost our health insurance. I used to think that that Lowes was a respectible place to work. Now I think that they are just like every body else. They lied and said that there was more than one time but yet when he left they said in their own words that he was a great employee. My husband sold cars for 15 years he is a great sales man and sold a lot product for Lowes and was never written up for any behavior problems at all. Instead they were always telling him what a great job he did. Now we could loose everything over nothing. They never even cussed at each other or even made a move towards each other. What happened is dishonest and might of happend to get rid of some people because of the economy. I guess we will never know but we do know that if they can do this to a great employee they will do worse.
yes-Lowes is well known to be liars/ Management is trained and paid to lie. We are in oregon and the same here. Spread the word and boycott lowes stores. Yes-They wanted an excuse to downsize. They've done it here to pregnant people in their 8th month so they don't have to pay for the birth. OMG That is a FACT in lebanon,or.
nightmare on reeves pkwy

Albany, OR

#262 Sep 20, 2009
lowes slave number 50002

Woburn, MA

#263 Sep 22, 2009
i worked for lowes for 2.5 years and have never been treated so horrible than working for lowes. i was told i would be hired making a certain pay rate yet once i was employeed they switched spots on me and cut my pay by 3 bucks(dicks). most of the management completely sucked and had no idea what they where doing. Alsi when you work for lowes your supposed to get a raise after 90 the every following year, and so i passed the 90 days and got a huge 26 cent raise for busting my ass opening a brand new store from empty building to shopeable store. well even though hating my job i tried to make the best of it since the economy sucks so much i atleast had a job. well 1 year came and it was raise time woohoo well not so woohoo they transfered me to recieving and that caused me to get skipped in the raise part of the deal. well i figured screw it prolly would of been 5 cents anyways and just keep working trying to scrap by on the 11.56 and hour i was making to pretty much run delv. help recieving and keep track and organize all appliances. well anyways i got to my 2 years and they wrote me up for going on a delv. wait i thought if you are in delv.recieving you do that so i got fucked out of another raise , now im bullshit so i walked out 4 months later and filed for unemployment due to unfair treatment and not getting deserved raises. just to finish off i looked at mylowelife page and i got a raise online 2 months after i quit wtf huh confused ill let you know if i win the unemployment case FUCK LOWES YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKERS
lowes slave number 50002

Woburn, MA

#264 Sep 22, 2009
email me [email protected] i wanna know what you think

Waterloo, Canada

#265 Oct 16, 2009
Judge Harold

Coppell, TX

#266 Nov 24, 2009
Bull wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe you need an IQ greater than 10 to do any job with responsibility. Maybe your lack of weight may lead them to believe you dabble in drugs??
Or maybe you are just a jerk as your comments on here leads us to believe.
I see you were greatly offended by this comment and I can already tell that you are either overwieght, balding, homosexual, or all of the above. However, you must realize that offending in return does not solve your problem. Allow these guys to vent if its true they are being treated unfairly because who are you to take that away from them. Personally I believe them because there are to many saying the same and I know its not easy to manage but thats why there is compromise. Big corporations like Lowes usually screw people over, not to say that is what Lowes is doing, but it is very likely. Managers have it bad too, but that does not make it right to screw the guy below you. You should bring these issues to the higher-ups attention and put the pressure on them, find loop holes, communicate amongst each other.
Lowes Blows

Corvallis, OR

#267 Mar 8, 2010
Oh the good ol days of Lowes RDC 1436, I remember slaving away in receiving trailers lifting walls upon walls of AIR CONDITIONERS!!!! That place is screwy. I laugh in the faces of those of you who say lowes isnt that bad and its a good place to work, maybe ur one of the ones who have it easy in the store or you are a coach or trainer. Screw that! I just loved being told to work so hard and be timed at it, but make no mistake I was a gold performer for almost every month I worked there. Its not that its hard work its also that that place sucks the life out of you..
shop local

Buffalo, TX

#268 Mar 8, 2010
Lowes is a big company. They take the money you spend there an it goes out town. I dont shop there never will.
If you dont support our locals what do u expect.

Crestwood, KY

#269 Mar 9, 2010
Jimmy Johnson will be working at Lowes now and have to put in a lot of overtime,since he didn't win the last race.He has to help them make up for the money he didn't win for them.Poor old Jimmy is still sad for not winning!LOL
its me

Lexington, KY

#270 Mar 10, 2010
its a place to get stuff thats all!!!!
miss bookly

Bedias, TX

#271 Jun 4, 2010
i was in lowes the other day . waited forever to get some guy to help me (he was on the phone) he spoke so low that i could barely hear him. then he put my item in a cart and left me to push the darn thing. stood in line for a very long time and when i finally got to check out the girl asked me if i needed any help. what did she think i could carry and load on my truck an iten that was so heavy it had to be put on a push cart? looking through the store i saw more workers than customers!!!wonder why?????

League City, TX

#272 Jun 19, 2010
I absolutely love working for Lowes.

Clarkson, KY

#273 Jun 19, 2010
They wanted sixty dollars to deliver a one hundred dollar grill.

Elizabethtown, KY

#274 Jun 19, 2010
I shop there all the time, and for the most part I like it, you do have to be selective if you have to get help though some of them could use some more training. If you're in plumbing you need to look up Tim for help or Ernie in the paint dept. Kenny Parker is extremely good and Kelli Bland is awesome too, there are others that are OK but just give one of these employees a chance and they will help you and don't go in there looking for a miracle to begin with, no one can help some people.

San Diego, CA

#275 Aug 6, 2010
I posted a 2 negative reviews of Valspar paint product at Lowes.(glitter and the iridescent pearl glaze).... neither one of them show up. They were honest reviews. I wonder if they were positive if they would have been posted?

United States

#276 Aug 6, 2010
I work for lowes and I hate lowes, but some of these complaints are just stupid. For example, miss bookly's complanit about having to push something heavy and loading it in to her car.....look lady, if you go out to buy something heavy, why would you go by yourself? I mean, even if we carry this item across the store for you and put it in your car, we can't go home with you and unload your car and carry it into your house. Either you're going to do it by yourself when you get home or you've got people at your house to help. If you can do it by yourself when you get home, you can do it by yourself before you go home. And if you got people at your house to help, you should have brought them with you.
And sue's complaint about 60 dollars for a delivery on a100 grill...really? Are you that stupid? Delivery isn't base on the price of the item being delivered. Not to mention 100 dollar grills are crappy little tiny grills, they fit in almost all suvs/vans/and cars. And if you have a tiny ass car that it can't fit in, then take it in a box. "Oh I can't build it myself, you need to build it for me." Fine. That's not a problem, we at lowes have free assembly on grills. That's right, free. So the 60 dollars you have to spend on delivery means, we'll build it, bring it to your house, put it where you want it (not curbside delivery) and in most cases, take your old grill away with us and dispose of it. Ever look at it that way? Clearly not.
Employee as well

Elizabethtown, KY

#277 Aug 10, 2010
Ya know i dont always like my job but for the most part its a job that im getting by with until i graduate college. I've been there for 2.5 years and for these people that get on here and bash lowes! you apparently don't have life!! and for those people say were constantly on the phone and cant find anyone to help them well have you ever consider that we dont have much help now days thanks to the enconmy so that means when someone goes to lunch one employee maybe covering 2 to 3 departments and with customers! ya know im sorry! but i do my damnest to make the customers get wat the they and if you dont like lowes then dont shop there! and the pain situation! thats something you need to take up with valspar! its not lowes fault its valspar!! theres a customer num on the back of the can if you have problems!
i hate lowes

Atlanta, GA

#278 Sep 21, 2010
the worse company ever
injured and abandoned

Manila, AR

#279 Oct 14, 2010
I started with Lowes in waveland MS. in August of 2008 as a delivery driver.I injured my shoulder badly in September. I had a surgery on it that kept me out for 5 weeks afterwards. I returned to work as a door greeter because my doctor said thats all he would allow me to do until further notice.After about 8 weeks of physical therapy. They forced me to be a cashier which I had no problem with. I transferred to Lowes of Southaven November of 2009 after moving there and all they would offer me was part time CSA in plumbing which is trade I know well and told me to keep my salary I had to be a backup delivery driver.I needed to work so I didnt resist although i had 14% disability in my arm from the injury and permenant restrictions which I knew nothing of at the time. Once again i was injured making a delivery back in July of this year and I had gotten custody of my 15 yr old daughter in March and then I find out the owner of the home we were renting had let it go into foreclosure and we had a limited amount of time to get out. I had no money to get another place and could get no help fast enough so I had to send her back home to her mother that didnt want her to avoid her being homeless. I had another surgery on the same shoulder 3 weeks ago on sept. 22. My doctor said I can do sedentary light duty at the store he said NO DRIVING and made it clear to them why and told them if you want him to work they have to have you picked up and brought home from work or give him his temp disability benefits and they refuse to do either. Fortunately, I was taken in by my wonder fiance and her family after surgery so I wouldnt be recovering in a homeless shelter. Now...the carrier wont take or return any calls from me or my attorney. my lowes HR mgr. is giving me the run around and I am practically bankrupt and will probably go to jail for non payment of child support. The insurance carrier is sedgwick CMS and they are scum and lowes isnt any better as far as I am concerned. Fine company? I think not! what do you think.

Gillette, WY

#280 Oct 14, 2010
Lowes management is young and inexperienced. Lowes does not do a good job training their management or employees. One does a lot of testing but it does not prepare one for working with customers. It is on the floor training-how hard does one want to work and learn. They tout each employee is well trained but that simply is not true.

Management needs more people skills training because it all starts at the top. They do not have enough help and there are good employees and bad. The compliments or appreciation is lacking big time. It would be good for management to listen to their employees, but they won't because they are too busy worrying about their promotions and bonuses.

Pay is poor, benefits are fairly good. Could be a better company if they treated their employees (team members) better, more respect and appreciation. But this will not happen unless things change at the corporate level. You know what rolls down hill and every manager is scared of the manager above them--they do only what corporate tells them to do.

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