Elizabethtown, KY

#21 Sep 22, 2008
solution wrote:
for the people of you having to deal with the stress of dial up there is a alternative. you can recieve internet via satellite. it is called wildblue. although costly starting at roughly 50 a month for the cheaper package. it does relieve the stress of a slow internet connection. if you have any more questions feel free to post. i will check back periodically
Thanks I am checking into it ..I pay that much for slow service..I could pay a litle more for better service
Windstream Customer

Antioch, TN

#22 Sep 23, 2008
I suppose I am a lucky one, that is to say I have had no problems with my DSL, at home or at work. There are other internet service providers available in this area. It will do no good to complain on topix. If you are tired of receiving a person who does not speak english well enough for you to understand, you have the right to request to speak with someone who does, and yes, I know this from personal experience. If you are upset with the cost of your monthly bill, be sure to look at your bill very closely. I eliminated community plus calling on my bill and are saving around $17 a month, I can use my cell phone to call long distance. I wish all of you happy hunting on your quest for 100% satisfaction with your internet service.

Milledgeville, GA

#23 Oct 21, 2008
It's been a year filled with fairly large storms
with many power outages in the surrounding areas.
So far, without exception, when the power comes
back on apparently Windstream either doesn't have
power yet or needs to reset their servers. On
weekdays this happens and service is restored relatively quickly. However, on weekends it's not
restored whatsoever.
When you call their support line you always get someone in India who's reading a script. While they're very courteous, they are without exception, clueless and have no capability whatsoever to grasp that you're trying to inform them that THEY have a problem nor do will they (or do they have the capability) open a trouble ticket unto themselves. I'm coming to believe that they dont have anyone on-call on the weekends to reset their servers, routers, power supplies, etc.
Each time we go through the same stupid script, checking filters, unfiltering, re-filtering, resetting the modem, then finally they realize something is wrong and the dispatch a technician, on Monday.
Guess what. By the time he gets to my house, I
already have connectivity. Why? Because someone came into work Monday and saw that their servers were down and reset them.
Try to explain this to Windstream. They dont get
it, they have no way to inform someone to reset them, and all you get is the same scripted responses...
I've been a customer with the same exact set-up now for over 3 years. While we enjoy connectivity
on weekday nights, it's business critical that we
have connectivity on the weekends. I'm afraid that after this weekend without connectivity, I'm going to have to switch ISP's. I didn't want to do this, but I have no choice. Here's their response when I described the problem online:
Response (Brandon Y)- 10/20/2008 10:00 PM
Thank you for using the Windstream Email Support System.
One of the things that causes connectivity issues might be there is something in your house unfiltered. When you install DSL, it comes in a kit with 4 filters. 1 that looks like a wall mount or phone jack and the other 3 are pigtails. What needs to happen is if you were to walk from phone jack to phone jack in the house and you see something plugged into a jack, it should have a filter on it. If it doesn't, it could be causing issues. Some things people don't think about filtering are…
1. Devices in other rooms of the house then the computer is located in.
2. All devices that plug into a phone line. Home security system, satellite t.v. receivers, phones, answering machines, life alert, fax, etc.
Now if you KNOW that you have everything in your house filtered... even if its a phone out in the garage, if it is on the same line as your phones/devices it must be filtered.... then by all means please call in and we need to get a tech to check outside to find out where the signal issue is coming from.
Thank You,
Windstream Communications
Dial Up Helpdesk -(800)990-4449
Broadband Helpdesk -(888)292-3827

Trinity, TX

#24 Nov 4, 2008
i have windstream dsl too and sometimes its fast sometimes it slow and i loose conections to i thought it was my pc maybe i was wrong thank you guys for being on here.
mad man

Trinity, TX

#25 Nov 12, 2008
i was haveing problems with it being slow so i called windstream tecnical help and they ran a test told me i needed filters on all my phone lines so i went to windstream and they game me some for freei put them on and now my pc is real fast but make sure you have them pluged in right
mad man

Trinity, TX

#26 Nov 12, 2008
comcast sucks they charge to much i have windstream and i was haveing problems to with it being slow but i put filters on that they gave for free and its running very fast now

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#27 Nov 12, 2008
UPSET wrote:
<quoted text>
Tell me about it! Everytime I call tech support for internet they always blame it on my computer. They tell me something is wrong with my computer and the internet connection. And that's only after I tell 500 times that I can't understand them. So they get mad and blame it on my computer. We should at least be able to speak to someone that we can understand and that can understand us in return.
That is their standard answer! It's always the computer. One guy told me I was getting 65% of the speed I was supposed to be getting and I should be happy because that was a good speed. Windstream really sucks.

Buffalo, TX

#28 Nov 12, 2008
might be wrote:
<quoted text>it says press 2 for English..
I know. We used to not have to press anything for English. "they" had to press a key to get a language other than English. Now we have to press the keys. That's so messed up!(sorry for the hijack)

Brownsville, KY

#29 Nov 12, 2008
When you call Windstream tech, you will put be thru to India. When the tech picks up, insist that you speak to someone that speaks English and is located in the U.S. They will then get a "supervisor" to assist you, but tell him/her the same thing when they get on the line but this time get LOUD... "I want to speak with someone in the U.S. that speaks English". You will then be transfered to either Cleveland, OH or Paducah, KY.
Yes, Windstream is HORRIBLE.

Meadville, PA

#30 Nov 23, 2008
I have windstream 3.0 and my download speed is about 2700 kbs per sec which is good for me cause i live way out in the country and I cannot get comcast cause they say they will not go out that far out. I have had no major problems but which i had another provider like Comcast cause I just bought a HP Q9300 Intel Quad 2 Core 2.5 ghZ 8 GB of Ram PC and want to know what it could do on 12 MG speed WOW!!!!!!

Lexington, SC

#31 Dec 10, 2008
Disgruntled Customer wrote:
Does anyone else have problems with Windstream DSL? I have the &#8216;advertised&#821 7; 1mbs high speed and the best I can download is 30kps. I also have problems keeping connected. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to within 12 seconds of completing a 2-hour download and losing connection and having to start all over again. If you complain Windstream customer service shows you the fine print in the contract where they do not guarantee speed or connectivity. Hell, if I were them I would advertise 100mbs speed and take the money to the bank because they don&#8217;t plan on delivering what they sell.
I have heard that I am not alone in complaining to Windstream about poor service. If you are one of them--WHAT DID THEY TELL YOU?
I wish I could get to the right person and tell them just what I think of Windstream. I am going to change back to my old internet service. It is dial-up and will tie up my phone line, but it will be better than what I have not. BTW, I am in South Carolina. Seems there are problems everywhere.
guess who


#32 Dec 10, 2008
How do I run a test or what ever to see how fast I am running on windstream. I rember there was something about that but never got to do it and now don't rember where it was at.

Franklin, TN

#33 Dec 10, 2008
16330 download
1937 upload
89 ping
comcast rocks
guess who


#34 Dec 10, 2008
geek wrote:
16330 download
1937 upload
89 ping
comcast rocks
Thank you very much i am going to give it a try
guess who


#35 Dec 10, 2008
well I have windstream high speed and it says
download 110 kb/s

upload 205 kb/s

ping 210ms

Is that good or do I need to get something done, the truth is my old dial up did not seem any slower than what I have now. When I try to tell them that they had all kids of things to say but nothing had anything to do wit my ?s.
np clue

Greensburg, KY

#36 Dec 11, 2008
I am ashamed to admit this, but my 13 year old kid is much more adept with this computer than I am. I went to the ablove mentioned link and ran the speedtest. We haven't been that thrilled with Windstream, but it beats dial up. My results were DL--2454 kbps
UL-- 318 kbps
Ping--128 ms

Will one of you fantastically gifted techie nerds please rescue me again (just like college) and explain all this to me. Danke

Buffalo, TX

#37 Dec 13, 2008
ur good

Lexington, KY

#38 Dec 22, 2008
winstream has the worst internet service going an high cost . when it wont stay on half time

Monroe, NC

#40 Jan 5, 2009
DO NOT USE WINDSTREAM! Windstream is pathetic. Their support is non-existant and they treat customers like dirt. In my family there have been 3 separate accounts(brother, father, myself) with Windstream, and all have had problems with basic support.

Drop them before you get gouged and the keep your money for several months before they return your credit. That's what happens when you close your account with them. It takes several months to a check for a credit on your bill.
hear ya

Buffalo, TX

#41 Jan 6, 2009
yea i got a phone call from windstream the other day saying they wanted to upgrade my 1.5mbps DSL to 3.0mbps DSL so i was like yea and it was all free so i waited about 2 weeks and got a new modem in the mail, i hooked it up and what do u kno it is the same damn speed as it was before if not slower. they sereiously need to quit bullshiting people.

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