Brandon Swanson.........busted

Vine Grove, KY

#26 Jul 10, 2012
Coworker wrote:
I seen where they busted Brandon Swanson !!!!!!
Busted by drug addict and sex offender Brian Pickard of all people. I can name numerous times and girls under 16 he has gotten hooked on drugs and messed with. I say vote out Newton if he keeps this ass clown on the force

Elizabethtown, KY

#27 Jul 10, 2012
Maybe your 12, 13, 14 year olds should set their privacy settings to where they cant receive messages from total strangers! You can do that you know!

Elizabethtown, KY

#28 Jul 10, 2012
Brian Pickard need to get busted to he's a criminal with a badge.

United States

#29 Jul 10, 2012
what wrote:
Maybe your 12, 13, 14 year olds should set their privacy settings to where they cant receive messages from total strangers! You can do that you know!
personally I don't think children that young should have Facebook. This is also true though.

Elizabethtown, KY

#30 Jul 10, 2012
parent wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey mr quick to judge my daughter and him are NOT friends on facebook he sent several requests to which she denied and told me... u can send messages WITHOUT being friends ya know!!! And she told me and showed me about the messages.. thanks for your concern facebook guru...
Then maybe your little angel should change her settings. Mine are set to FRIENDS ONLY, so random people can't send me messages. That's how it should be for underage girls if they want to have facebook privileges. Maybe you should look into that.

Franklin, TN

#31 Jul 10, 2012
Facebook settings or not, no 29 year old man should be trying to have sex with a 15 year old!

Elizabethtown, KY

#32 Jul 10, 2012
I agree with you, Wow. But parents need to protect their 15 year olds better than to allow a 29 year old to have access to a child. Remember WE are the parents and WE set the rules for our 12, 13, 14, and 15 year olds to live by. WE as parents need to be in more control of our kids lives.

United States

#33 Jul 10, 2012
I do agree with you 'what', but parents don't monitor their children like they should so we have to fight even harder to protect them from these pervs!!!

Elizabethtown, KY

#34 Jul 10, 2012
Wow wrote:
Facebook settings or not, no 29 year old man should be trying to have sex with a 15 year old!
Um, duh. But there are ways to protect your children online. Parents need to educate themselves.

Campbellsville, KY

#35 Jul 10, 2012
My daughter was friends with him on Facebook for a bit because he sent her a request and she knew him from playing CYS. She figured it would be alright, and I clearly didn't know him like I do now, so I thought it would be okay. It's certainly not the only youth sports person she is friends with - she's friended most of her old coaches and things, which I have no problem with, since they're generally good people, and it's nice to have other adults you trust keeping an eye on what your kid is doing on Facebook.

Anyway, I came home from work one day and she told me that he had been talking to her on Facebook, and that he was "creeping" her out. I told her to unfriend him and she explained that she already had, right after she told him he was an absolute creep and he shouldn't be talking to young girls the way he did. She blocked him and when I jumped him about it, he just responded with the same lame crap about how beautiful I was and tried to convince me that she just misunderstood.

So, sorry. It's not a crime for teenage girls to be on Facebook, and for more than a few of them, he had been in a trustworthy position that their naivety allowed them to believe was safe. He's just pathetic.

Vine Grove, KY

#36 Jul 11, 2012
He needs to serve time for this. Also, some parents do a good job watching out for their kids, but some parents dont. Those who dont need to be more active and protect their kids.

Elizabethtown, KY

#37 Jul 11, 2012
NO KIDS boy or girls, under the age of 16 should be allowed on Facebook. The original Facebook was set up with te requirements that's ALL people must be 16 years or older. These parents and children BOTH lie about their age numerous times, and it's pathetic of how much time not only the children spend on Facebook but the parents as well. Regardless, I grew up with Brandon, and never would have saw this coming, but it's a crazy world we live in. To ALL parents, if your kids are not of age, send them to play outside and EXERCISE like normal kids. Our kids today are lazy. If they are of age, limit the time they are allowed to be on Facebook. It's all common sense. For some reason the new generations have become tangled in this web of lazy technology, and unmotivated physical and mentally challenging activity. Facebook
Is just another example.

Campbellsville, KY

#38 Jul 12, 2012
A sweeping generalization, but it's to be expected.

Perhaps Facebook USED to be intended for persons over the age of 18, but it is currently 13 and up and has been for a while. My daughter is 14 and she has been on Facebook since she was old enough to have one. She gets to goof off with her friends and post silly pictures all under a strict privacy setting AND while being watched by every family member that has a Facebook account, because she's friends with them as well. She's FINE. She's responsible - I have her password, and while I respect her privacy, she knows I CAN check on her and will if I suspect I should, just as I did when she told me of the conversation this guy had with her.

To generalize all teenagers as lazy and to hint that parents who let teens under the age of 16 on Facebook are in the wrong is a fairly bold judgement. My daughter loves her Facebook, but before Facebook comes school, THREE different sports alternating year round and marching band. She's not lazy, and I know several kids like her.

And also, to say this development with Brandon Swanson was surprising must mean you didn't know him well, or you are a male. I am pretty sure every decently attractive female he's ever met has been offered pictures of his privates, whether they wanted to see it or not.

Elizabethtown, KY

#39 Jul 12, 2012
Him that is without sin cast the first stone.

Franklin, TN

#40 Jul 12, 2012
He also likes little boys to but this is the perfect crime to get away with he will Probaly get a 5 year pre trial diversion and be made to register as a sex offender

North Ridgeville, OH

#41 Jul 12, 2012
Will he have to register as a sex offender if no actual sexual misconduct was completed?

United States

#42 Jul 12, 2012
I didn't day ALL kids are lazy. However, I feel
Confident in saying that a good 65-75 percent of today's kids ARE LAZY. By sayin I was surprised by what happened with Brandon, I meant I grew up with him, he was a nice and smart guy, but haven't seen him in over ten years. So you are correct, I didn't know him very well. I am glad your daughter is safe, but still disagree with the young kids being on facebook. The age limit used to be 16 or 18. It should be switched back to that limit. If kids have schooling, AND extra activities or sports in school, as well as a social life, then they DON'T NEED FACEBOOK. These types of things happen everyday all over
The world. The best way to prevent it, don't let them on FacebOok. Having
Internet access bad enough. Granted, it is the best tool possible for educating a young mind, but can also contain the most corruptive material unfortunately. I am
Curious if Bradon will have to register as a sex offender. If he has been reported by women at work, then he should be taken seriously after this event.
bush hog

Greensburg, KY

#44 Jul 14, 2012
Beware of the ones that just love the children.

Campbellsville, KY

#45 Jul 16, 2012
Congratulations to the Taylor County Sheriff's Dept. and officer Pickard for their great work on internet crimes. I just hope thet can get a conviction now in court.

Lexington, KY

#46 Jul 17, 2012
He was a referee with youth soccer bet he won't be back now!

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