Haunted places in Uvalde

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#105 Oct 5, 2011
The Opera House, the parking lot with cilos before country junction, my great great grandmothers restaurant which is now a house on the corner of north fourth and leona, eagle pass road, the fish hatchery, and the grounds of King Fishers grave. Wimberley street holds my interest.

Carrizo Springs, TX

#106 Oct 8, 2011
Does anyone know if the murders at the kincaid hotel are true?

Uvalde, TX

#107 Nov 10, 2012
the only places i heard are haunted is flores elementry,golf coarse,and a few houses i see when we drive by stripes,or schells ga station...its intresting lolzz..my house has alot of paronormal activity going on to..like when im alone at nigt watcing tv in the lving room the tv vollum will go up all the way..and i hear voices saying my name,and my dogs would bark at the fence every night like very ugly..it would scare me so much..the scariest thing that has happend was when i was 10 or 9 my dad was sitting in the computer room and all of a sudden h hears a demonic voice say "get out!" an right after he heard that my dog started growling very ugly and barking very scary..and the hairs on back of his neck stood up...and this happend reacently when i was taking a shower i was along getting ready for a party i hear a little boy scream "mommy!!!!!!!!!!" but no one was there...im gonna stop talking about this because i feel something next to me watching me type this...bye..

Uvalde, TX

#108 Jan 31, 2013
My mother passed away a few yrs back when I was 14 soon after her pass I was at home with my sister and husband and my neice I heard my neice talking to someone in the other room I went to ask who.she was talking too and she said a lady and she looked up I freaked out and I told my sister I had a picture of my mom we showed it to her and we asked her if that was the lady she saw she said yes and from this day on she still remembers her (the lady)
fort clark rd

United States

#109 Jan 31, 2013
I use to liveon that road in some trailers which are prolly knock down now i use to. Live in em in 1995 and strange things happened there

Houston, TX

#110 Feb 1, 2013
What about playing with the ouija board?

Uvalde, TX

#111 Feb 1, 2013
info wrote:
What about playing with the ouija board?
NEVER play with a Ouija board. It's not a game, and it's NOT a door you want opened.
its ok

Houston, TX

#112 Feb 1, 2013
One time I was sad and crying. I was laying down on my bed with my hands together under my sheets. All of sudden I felt something like if they were trying to hold my hands. The blanket moved down. I felt alittle pressure on my hands from the blanket. I was'nt scared. I called out to my mom. She passed away four years ago.

Washington, DC

#113 Feb 2, 2013
joliana wrote:
Old road to EP. One time I saw a young man standing on the side of road of a curb not even weaving or nothing just standing there looking who was coming by. When i saw back mirror to see if he turned around there was nothing. I told my husband and he told me that there was a horrible accident in that curve a while back. He has not appeared anymore after that. But it did scare me alot. Made me wonder if he was waiting for someone to pass by to pick him up or something. But who? his mother?
....young man standing on side of Old Eagle Pass Road???? Probably an illegal. So...yeah he was waiting for "someone to pass by and pick him up..." :)

United States

#114 Feb 4, 2013
I kno

Houston, TX

#115 Feb 4, 2013
But its so addicting

Uvalde, TX

#116 Feb 4, 2013
info wrote:
But its so addicting
The board will tell you anything you want to hear, just so you'll keep using it. The longer the door stays open, the more that comes through and the harder it is to close it and get rid of unwanted "guests" - you're asking for MAJOR trouble, not just on this life, but also after you die. Death means nothing to them.
#117 Feb 4, 2013
i had something happen to me one time coming from old eagle pass rd bout 2:30am from a distance i could see cop lights and ambulance lights i thought to my self somebody crashed and got hurt just as i was aproching the big turn Nothing not one single cop,ambulance nothing so i slowed down and thinking did i really see that. i drove bout 45 all the way home after that!! don't belive me u don't honestly this did happen...
Ghost lover 112

Uvalde, TX

#118 Mar 28, 2013
I need haunted information

Fort Worth, TX

#119 Jun 4, 2013
my daughter does too

Laredo, TX

#120 Jun 4, 2013
I live in a home build in 1965 but it is on getty street. Lights come on by themselves. We have heard sounds like a ice and liquid being poured into the kitchen sink when no one is in the kitchen. We have heard the sounds of dogs running in the house on a wooden floor and our home is wall to wall carpet. Our son's bedroom door comes open all by itself in the middle of the night even when he locks it. It's not an evil spirit because it has never attacked any of us it's just a lost soul.

United States

#121 Jun 4, 2013
what bloclk?
uvalde estates

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#122 Jun 5, 2013
Coming off old eagle pass rd. To the back entrance if you go to the stop sign and turn RIGHT. Theres a dead man's curve right there. Appropriate. Driving thru that curve late at night...was going kinda fast and I came into a fog? It was wierd. Then I slammed on my brakes because there was an old man crossing the road RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was so startled because I thought I was gna hit him but more startled because he disappeared right in front of my eyes. It was so clear. He had thinning hair, a plaid shirt & khaki pants. Little white man. But he disappeared!!! I got the HELL outta there.

Uvalde, TX

#123 Jun 5, 2013
mary wrote:
I used to go to sacred heart for many years and I swear just being inside the school gave me the creeps. We would always hear noises and the other kids said they saw shadows! Totally creepy. Anyone with the same experience?
I went to Sacred Heart school all my young life back when it only went up to the 6th grade.

I had a very REAL and still mind haunting experience back when I was in 1st grade, Miss Cavaso's class.

I never told anyone this because I didn't think anyone elses had experiences of paranormal activity before at Sacred Heart.

Here is my personal story:

At 1st grade I was about 6 years old or so. The 1st through 6th grade classes were all in the main white building. The bathrooms were down at the end of the hall.

I asked to go use the bathroom and proceeded to walk down the hall. As I entered the boys restroom I noticed I was alone.

(Okay bear with me here)

Back then us "boys" would do stupid stuff in the restroom. And one in particular was to see who could pee over the partitions that separated two enclosed toilets and hit the far wall at the end.

Now being alone and feeling slightly mischievous I proceeded to see if my pee stream could make it over the two partitioned toilets and hit the far wall.

Now as you enter the boys restroom there is one door to enter and another that leads into the actual restroom after a very short hallway. Each door is opened and kept open using those rubber door stoppers at the foot of the door. Since the doors are open anyone in the restroom can hear anyone coming down the hall. This was important because I didn't want to get caught peeing all over bathroom in my futile attempt to clear those toilet stalls.

Okay here where it got weird for me. As I let my stream go loose failing miserably to hit the far wall. About 4 seconds after I started there was a loud SLAM!!! Followed by another loud SLAM which startled the hell out of me the most.

Since there was a standing urninal to my left I quickly finished off there in some half witted atrempt to make it seem like I was just using the restroom correctly and not peeing all over the place because surely someone walked in causing the loud SLAM noises.

Turn my head over my should as I zipped up my pants to see who was in there with me which to my surprise there was no one.

Those loud SLAM noises were caused by those two restroom doors closing. First the outside one leading in, followed by second the door leading to the toilets which scared me the most since it was directly behind me.

Now the only way those doors could have been shut like that with such force is that someone literally had to kick those door stoppers out and fling the door shut with their arms.

I was all alone. There was no way anyone could have done that and not me see who it was. In fact, the door leading out of the restoom was slammed so hard it took me a few tugs to free it open.

As I finally looked back after freeing the door open, my urine running the side of the stall dripping quietly on the floor. I proceded to tuck my khaki buttoned up shirt the rest of the walk down the hall back class.

Never in my life have I felt a presence like I did those many years ago.(I'm 31 years old now)

I stil think about that experience when I pass by the Sacred Heart school every once in a while.

There it is.
I'll never what it was. But it was far from anything human that's for sure.

Del Rio, TX

#124 Jun 5, 2013
I think I need to be Exorcised.

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