who r u voting for president

who r u voting for president

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#1 Sep 25, 2012
I think I am voting for Obama. I do not like voting republican because they take money away from schools. They also cut help and resources to poor. They also think everyone should be taxed the same except the very rich get a tax break, that does not make sense to me.
get real

Camp Wood, TX

#2 Sep 25, 2012
Well I ain't going to vote for OBAMA. He needs to go home across the ocean. And stay there.
Tell the Truth

Barksdale, TX

#3 Sep 25, 2012
It doesn't make sense because it isn't true. You have just repeated a Democrat talking point. I, personally, have issues with both parties, but to believe talking points from either side is crazy.

We need to open our eyes to the truth. The Republicans believe that jobs are the answer to our problems, and that private enterprise makes those jobs. I agree with that. But they want to allow businesses great leeway in how they operate while taking away the liberties of the people in the name of security.

The Democrats think government is God. That a handout and a little more control is all we need.

Both concepts are far from what we really need. The real truth is, without God in our country we are destined to fail. We were a blessed nation until the Democrat Party was taken over by the Progressive (Communist) Party. This started back in the 1950's.

With no moral values on one side, the Republicans had no one to hold them to their stated values. What we see today is a direct result of the complacency of the voters.

The GOP doesn't want to give tax breaks to the rich, that is a political lie from the pits of hell. They want a fair tax system, and even agree that the rich should pay more. They do not want to stop funding education, they want to improve it so that the money spent actually helps our students. Noble goals, but they have no idea how to accomplish them. They want to save entitlements, but every time they try, Democrats accuse them of all kinds of dire evils. If we do nothing, we lose them. Period. No, they cannot exist as they are now. Democrats want America to collapse so they can remake it into a communist regime, but Republicans don't seem to be able to find the answers.

We need to throw them all out and start over with 1 term limits. That way we would have citizen government as the Founders wanted, and we could put God back in our everyday lives. We should throw any politician in prison who dares to defy our Constitution, and have mandatory life sentences for judges who are corrupt, or try to subvert the rule of law. No salaries for any Federal office, and death penalty for taking money from special interest groups. I'll bet you would see a difference then!

Kerrville, TX

#4 Sep 25, 2012
Well some of what you said made sense and then you lost me with all of the " one term, no pay, prison sentences" statements. No president could accomplish anything in one year. I do not do a lot of research as you obviously do, I just know from personal experience what I prefer. I am not basing either party. Just notice that life is better when democrats are in office.
While Clinton was president he raised minimum wage about 4 times ( if I'm remembering correctly, could have been 3, could have been 5). While bush was in office he cut funding to schools and head starts everywhere were closed. Republicans take money away from schools to put into the military. I believe military is important but our children's education is too. People can hate the Obama care, but they are going to love having health insurance when they get sick. Republicans don't care if poor people die because they don't have money or insurance to pay for cancer treatments or heart surgery. People hated the idea of social security too, but now millions of people only have ss for their income.
I think the republicans have good sides too, but my life and my family needs are more in tune with the democratic ideals.
But no matter what good things Obama does, people tear him down with false rumors and fabricated or twisted "facts". He IS an American, he is NOT a Muslim. I get so sick of people bringing up that bull$hit. Just venting... I got off topic lol

Barksdale, TX

#5 Oct 11, 2012
but not for obama care
romney isnt any better

Centreville, VA

#6 Oct 15, 2012
I'm voting for myself I could not do any worse than those two dorks.

Waterbury, CT

#7 Nov 6, 2012
Stop the funds for states, figure it themselves hense: oh no all Money spent. Obama: you can figure it yourself. If you cant work, how u can food for family. Job unemplyment rise. Dont worry, obama provide cellphones for free to low income families. Obama negotiate with terrorist and keep prime minister israel on wait for 3 hours while obama partying. Thats a slap to greatist allie.

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