Teens mad at Mom go to jail

Teens mad at Mom go to jail

There are 65 comments on the The Bugle story from Sep 8, 2010, titled Teens mad at Mom go to jail. In it, The Bugle reports that:

Just before 1 a.m. on Sept. 5, the officers were standing near the 300 block of South 18th Street and could see through an open window a 16-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl throwing furniture and belongings around their room while yelling and cursing at their mother.

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Very Concerned Citizen

Cottonwood, AZ

#1 Sep 9, 2010
I know who these teens are by the area given that they live. I wondered how long it would be before more turmoil/abuse occurred. Their mother served time in prison for trying to murder an older brother of theirs in Chicago Ill. She put pine-sol and kool-aid in the baby's bottle, and rubbed cocaine on her baby's gum's at the time, he was found unconscious. He lived through the attempted murder and is now in his 20's.
Marcia is the "victim" DON'T make ME LAUGH!
Marcia is the perpetrator here!!! When will she stop, she tares holes in the girls doors, that mobile is riddled with holes, from Marcia Miastkowski and Jimmy Smith... These adults are the problem!
No wonder these girls throw temper tantrums, and curse, they were taught by the queen if cursing and abuse!
I have the Chicago Times tribune articles and complete reports on their mother, she should never have been allowed out of prison to have more children! She is abusive and is with men who abuse her children,sometimes they go without food, if gifts are given to them she has made them return them for the money, and she had her next to oldest son put in jail after he ran away from home because her live in boy friend who she makes her children call "dad" Jimmy John Smith was going to beat up her son at that time, and this son had seen Jimmy John and his father get into a knife fight and he was stabbed repeatedly at their house.He is an alcoholic.. At onetime they were all living off the paycheck of this teenage son!
I have told Cottonwood P.D. about this woman, and the bad situation, but they always believe her and take her teens to jail, she needs to be the one to go to jail! She needs to be put in an institution.
This woman's record needs to be known to the community of Cottonwood, and the Cottonwood P.D.
Marcia Miastkowski Cosmen from Chicago Ill.....
It is public record what she did,and served time in prison for the attempted murder of her first child.This woman is a complete psycho. I don't blame her girls, she has mentally and physically abused them for years! I imagine jail would be a better place to live than how they live with Marcia and Jimmy!!!
Very Concerned Citizen

Cottonwood, AZ

#2 Sep 9, 2010
Here is proof, and this is public record. This is not against the law to reprint a criminal act of attempted murder from a mother on her first born child! It is all documented, she continues to abuse, by the grace of God none of her other 4 children have been killed, although I know they have been injured more than once at he and Jimmy's hands!
This needs to be told, and those kids need someone to stand up for them, they are the true innocent victims of Marcia and her sickness.. She is not a civilized person even! This woman is now 47 or 48 years old, and lives with an alcoholic, who had been living in the ditch behind Safeway with his father, so she took him home to her 4 kids at the time, and had them call him "daddy"! This was about 10 years ago.. A LOT of child abuse has gone on that has not been caught at the hands of Jimmy John Smith and Marcia Miastkowski!!!!

The poor kids are not to blame!!

Chicago Sun-Times articles > April 1987
Chicago Sun-Times

Article: Woman gets prison for trying to kill son

Article from:
Chicago Sun-Times
Article date: April 24, 1987

Two days after investigators questioned a woman about allegations she gave her infant son cocaine and alcohol, the woman was arrested on charges of pouring a cleaning agent into his baby formula, authorities said yesterday.

The child, Matthew Hart, 11 months, was listed in stable condition yesterday at Swedish Covenant Hospital and may suffer kidney or liver damage, said Assistant State's Attorney Diane Romza.

The mother, Marcia Miastkowski, 24, of 4625 N. Elston, appeared in court yesterday for the alleged attempted murder of her only child. Violence Court Judge Robert Bastone let her $75,000 bond stand.

A roommate of the mother found the infant sitting in his

A 25-year-old woman has been sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to the attempted murder of her 11-month-old son, who was fed a mixture of milk and a cleaning agent.

Marcia Miastkowski, of 4652 N. Elston, was sentenced Wednesday.

Mathew Hart was found ill in his crib June 28.

Attempting to kill her infant son by mixing a liquid cleaner into his baby bottle.

Marcia Miastkowski, 24, of 4652 N. Elston Ave., was charged with attempting to kill her 11-month-old son Saturday by feeding him a mixture of the liquid cleaner, milk and a strawberry drink, said Assistant State`s Atty. Diane Romza.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services had been sent to the Miastkowski home three days earlier to investigate a report that she had given the child alcoholic beverages, said John Goad, DCFS child protection administrator.

The investigator found the child, Matthew Hart,``to be apparently in good shape and healthy,`` Goad said.``There wasn`t enough evidence to take any action.``

He said that the mother denied the charge and that the investigator planned to interview relatives to verify her story.

But on Saturday, Miastkowski`s roommate came home and found Matthew in a playpen, soaked in vomit, Assistant State`s Atty. Margaret Stanton told Judge Robert Bastone. The roommate called paramedics, and Miastkowski later admitted to police that she gave the child the mixture, Romza said.

Bastone set a $75,000 bond for Miastkowski. Matthew was reported in stable condition in Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Phoenix, AZ

#3 Sep 9, 2010
Hey Cottonwoooooda! policeman, better have a look at Marcia and Jim da Bum. Looks pretty hopless for these two teenagers. What you have there is two girls that know, they are on a road with no future. Take time to help them, they are only crying out for help by acting out with rage and destruction. Cain't say as a blame them. I was raised in the same situation. Thank the Lord I had family to help me though those times. These girls have nothing I say.

Since: Sep 10


#4 Sep 10, 2010
Response to concerned. have you called CPS or DHS etc. If YOU were aware of this "". And the whole area in witch they live ""knew, did any one try to help the kids...If you did make the calls..and nothing was done then we should also look at DHS.
It is total B sh76 that she was allowed to have kids.
Very Concerned Citizen

Cottonwood, AZ

#5 Sep 10, 2010
beenthere-2 wrote:
Response to concerned. have you called CPS or DHS etc. If YOU were aware of this "". And the whole area in witch they live ""knew, did any one try to help the kids...If you did make the calls..and nothing was done then we should also look at DHS.
It is total B sh76 that she was allowed to have kids.
YES I HAVE!!! I have been to the police station in person about this situation even. I also have talked to different police officers and a lawyer about her, and Jimmy(he says he was in the Hells "Angels" and has killed people, he tells this to the kids!) Law enforcement have told me they know the situation, but there is nothing they can do without evidence,and those kids (up till now maybe?) are terrified to tell anything to the authorities..
We have a lot of new rookie cops in town now also that probably don't know about Marcia like the others did...CPS(Child Protective Services)went her trailer, they call first now before they go out(isn't that nice of them?) They give people a couple of hours notice before they out to inspect!! So Marcia and Jimmy got the place looking half way decent. Also with all the cutbacks CPS does not want to take kids out of their own home unless they absolutely have to these days! CPS told me they were aware of her criminal records, and serving 6 years in prison for attempted murder on her oldest son Mathew Hart in Chicago Ill.
But they told me because the kids had no marks or bruises, and they had not witnessed anything that they could not do a thing. This is the wonderful Gov system at work!! I know neighbors around them have to know abuse occurs in that trailer, but it's a bad neighborhood, I doubt they care!

Her kids are really actually sweet decent teens, but the mental and physical abuse has taken it's toll on them. Children raised in that type of environment are raised to keep secrets about what goes on, brainwashed to believe a certain way, and the power of the parents are exaggerated in their mind, and they know no other life! Marcia will leave them in jail a couple of weeks and try to break their spirits so when they come home, they are back to being her servants again..

You are right she should have never been allowed to have more children, and now grandchildren.. Make's me wonder when will she get angry enough or annoyed enough again as she gets older to attempt that again to a member of her family?

It's a sad sad situation..

Phoenix, AZ

#6 Sep 13, 2010
Jimmy John Smith, better not be claiming to be ex Red and White. He will find himself in a world of hurt. They will come a calling on Jimmy John Smith, because there is no such thing as "ex-HA" I know this because I'm a 81 supporter.
Blown Away

Cottonwood, AZ

#7 Sep 16, 2010

These people should not be allowed to raise kids at all.....
How can someone with a history like that legally have the right? I don't get our system!

Jimmy John Smith sounds like a real royal punk also.
Birds of a feather..

Cottonwood, AZ

#8 Sep 19, 2010
I wonder what has transpired with Marcia's daughters?

I bet their life is right back to the same old daily abuse it used to be, that is if sweet Marcia decided to let them out of the Juvenal jail system yet! She had to make sure the were punished long Enoch! The system goes right along with this wacko mom!!

Marcia's son ran away from home one time. He decided the best thing he could do was to turn himself in to the police to tell them his side of the abuse story, and why he had run away Jimmy John Smith was threatening to beat him up!!

He was also under 18, and Marcia left him in jail for weeks, until she broke his spirit and forced him to tell the judge everything he has written and told about the abuse that occurred in their home was a lie "made up by him" .. Then and only then, did his mother allow the judge to release him from jail..

This woman is mean spirited, and treats her kids like servants!!
Not Again

Schaumburg, IL

#9 Nov 4, 2010
I am commenting on this situation to clear up a few things as I know Marcia is a habitual lair.
"Matthew" was adopted after Marcia's jail time of 3 years (cut in half due to good behavior.) Marcia was unable to complete the requirements set for her by DCF. Thus, "Matthew" is NOT her son.
He was adopted by a non family member. He can count his lucky stars.
Notice from the newspaper writing that nothing was done even though DCF was called on her three days before. It took a tragic happening to have something done.
Where is the father of these children? or is he just as bad?
What surprises me is that DCF isnt involved considering she has a history. I will agree that she should be institutionalized
.....long ago!!!!
I commend those who have gotten involved. Just realize you are dealing with a habitual liar that goes back to her childhood.
My only hope is that these 4-5 children can be taken away and be able to live a good life with no contact with her.
The thought that she is doing this AGAIN goes right through me and makes me sick.
U tube

Schaumburg, IL

#10 Nov 5, 2010
The more they are exposed the better in getting help for the kids. The more articles that you write, utube the house and kids and Marcia yelling. Get it all out there!!!
I'm looking for all articles about these children, any photos anything. If anyone has where I can find these things please post.
Good luck Cottonwood AZ

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#11 Nov 5, 2010
Schaumburg IL,

I am so glad to hear from someone back in Ill who knows about Marcia and her past. She even lied to her oldest son here about all her past! He had told us he had an older brother he had never met that lived back in Chicago Ill. Marcia told him she was adopted by a Chicago police officer(Chief I think) as a child, or baby? She also told him her room mate tried to kill his oldest brother back in Chacago, and she was basically framed for it, had to go to jail for the room mates crime.

The first time I met Marcia I knew something was wrong with her, the way she acted, looked, and treated her children was not normal! She is mean, overly weird strict, and you could tell her kids were terrified of her. She looked ultra thin, and all her kids were also. I always thought she was a meth addict or something but her oldest son here told us she has colitis? With you telling about her being a habitual liar, I am not sure what is true that she told him about anything.

I knew she had lied to her son about the prison time she spent, it just didn't sound right to me. I thought it was drug related and it was only MORE! So I went online and put in her name and the Chicago Sun Tribune articles came up about her. I had to pay to get the full articles because they are from the archives.

Her oldest son here lives with his girlfriend and they have a baby, so he is out of there and over 18, so he is safe. However the two girls, and younger brother still live with Marcia and her boyfriend Jimmy Smith. From the last of what I know other than the newspaper article they have no computer or even a telephone in their house. Not even a cell phone from when I knew them. Very strange, and I thought not safe for the kids if they are at school or somewhere else.

For a long time Marcia had no drivers license or car, so she would walk, and you would see her with her little kids out walking in the heat. Then her oldest son got a job and was supporting the family, and he got old enough to drive. He did everything for the family was basically the dad figure to his siblings. Then came Jimmy J. Smith, and it was bad.

Marci keeps to herself, except for our kids I would have not known of her at all. D.E.S. here in Cottonwood even pitched in one year back and got her kids Christmas presents because they could tell how bad off they were, they bought them bicycles, after Christmas Marcia took the bicycles all back to Wal-Mart and got the money for them.

It is really pitiful! Then that Jimmy he thinks he rules the roost, I had seen, and heard about him getting abusive to her older son. She backs him up all the way and tells the kids to call him "daddy"!
Their real dad I went and looked up and he was serving time in prison in Tucson AZ. I have his name but it's the same as his son's and I don't want to humiliate the son, so I will not post it.
I can however give it to you privately.
The police here in Cottonwood know about her to a small degree. Sounds like you know a lot about her past that would enlighten the Cottonwood P.D. I wonder if you wrote a statement and sent it to our Chief of police Jodi Fanning, that may help? I have names and birthrates of all the kids from their brother. I have their full address. I can give you whatever you would need. I have an account on here, if you click on that you can send me a private message not everyone can see and we can talk more about how we can both help in any way if possible for the kids sake!
Thank you!

United States

#12 Nov 5, 2010
beenthere-2 wrote:
Response to concerned. have you called CPS or DHS etc. If YOU were aware of this "". And the whole area in witch they live ""knew, did any one try to help the kids...If you did make the calls..and nothing was done then we should also look at DHS.
It is total B sh76 that she was allowed to have kids.
DHS stinks in IL and AZ, BOTH.Been there with others, know that. Send them back to the DHS in IL. IL HAS the ability to pay for retrieval of any juvenile from any other state, FACT. Let them pay.

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#13 Nov 5, 2010
I am not sure how many of the kids were born in IL? I am pretty sure the oldest was, but he is over 18 and no longer living at home. I know our CPS system sucks here! Already tried with that! They even call ahead now and let you know they are coming so you have a couple hours to clean up your house! It's stupid, that's like going to do a drug bust and calling the druggies ahead of time and letting them know the law is coming! Retarded!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#14 Nov 9, 2010
So would some clairify something for me, Is this Marcia the same woman that used to walk around Cottonwood with umpteen blond little kids? Just being nosey. Thanks.

Since: Nov 10

Schaumburg, IL

#15 Nov 10, 2010
I suppose it is her. Be aware she is dangerous and those that don't know her see her as a sweet person. She can lie right through you. Yes, she does have colitis that was found while she was in the cook county jail hospital.
I found out through death record online that her father died in 2000. She does have a step mother who lives out in AZ. I found that out through the Internet. Her brother is still in IL. As I see through Internet.
Can't they test her for drugs?
Does she have a routine a pattern???
If I saw a pic of her I could tell you from looking at her.

Cottonwood, AZ

#16 Nov 15, 2010
nandez wrote:
So would some clairify something for me, Is this Marcia the same woman that used to walk around Cottonwood with umpteen blond little kids? Just being nosey. Thanks.
Yes, this is the same person.I still see her walking all over town, sometimes I see her driving, but not sure if she has a valid drivers license. She is a terrible abusive mother. Not a descent person to even have kids!
Cottonwoods troubles

Schaumburg, IL

#17 Nov 15, 2010
I would bet my last buck that she does not have a valid drivers license. Proper vehicle stickers? Hum call the cops next time it's parked in a public place.
Her neighbors should call the cops every chance they can on her. Cops will get the drift and she will be on her toes and paranoid.
This coseman father is in an AZ prison and considered dangerous (look him up). His rap sheet goes back to the early 90's.
There needs to be more investigating done on her. Selling drugs? These children are in jeopardy.
Wonder if the school system could help.

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#18 Nov 16, 2010
Yes one way or another the community of Cottonwood need to see what is going on with Marcia and Jimmy.

I hope some of the Cottonwood P.D. reads their local Topix forum to get the news from what the people of the city know about people like Marcia and her crimes toward babies,children, and teens!

Marcia is a con artist, and good liar and needs to be exposed!
I also question if she has a valid drivers license and insurance on her little berry red car!
The police should keep an eye on her and be very aware of the past, present, and future abuse at that home: 336 S. 18th Street in Cottonwood, just off main St!
I hope the police do a daily drive be at the very least!
If these kids cry out for help it's because they need it! They would rather be arrested and go to jail than live in the daily mental and psychical abuse I know goes on there!

Marcia need to be put away in jail or a mental institution! Society would be a safer place if she was!

Since: Nov 10

Schaumburg, IL

#19 Nov 16, 2010
Doesn't Cottonwood have a monthly community meeting with the Mayor? How about a neighborhood watch meeting? School board meeting? I'd hit em all and get these issues known. Put the bug in the ears. Squeaky wheels get oiled.
Call the police next time you see that car out and about. Irratice driver, possible drunk driver. Let them stop her. May b the first "in" you need to open up the can of worms.
I'm wondering if all 4 kids belong to the same father. Gosh I'd love to see a photo of her now.

Since: Sep 10

Cottonwood, AZ

#20 Nov 28, 2010
I know Mrs Barnett knows Marcia personally,she could help! Mrs.Barnett has even fostered some kids she is a good woman, and I pray she will keep in touch with Marcia and intervene. I do not believe Mrs Barnett knows the entire story about Marcia and her past crime against her baby, plus all the currant abuse that goes on with her and Jimmy towards those kids.

She only knows and seems to believe what Marcia tells her, and acts as a friend to Marcia rather than having a real needed concern for these three teenagers!
If someone knows Mrs Barnett and see this please contact her and let her read this Topix forum. It could very well save a life!

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