After 6th December, Facebook
Timeline has completely transformed
the shape of old FB profiles. Some
users are finding the new layout pretty
complicated and unfamiliar. Whether it
may be new advanced privacy settings or the new profile design, Facebook
new changes are always somewhat
not unanimously accepted by the 800
Million registered users. The new
Timeline design display all your posts
in hierarchal way, giving more importance to your memorable posts,
photos and events.
There appears to be no option which
could remove timeline or undo the
new profile design change so that you
could revert back to the old profile layout. No method so far seems to
work, neither disabling the timeline
app is working. The Timeline App was
a method by which you could set up
timeline before its launch. There must
be reasons behind absence of timeline Removal option. Lets analyze some
Watch the video and text tutorial at 't-undo-facebook-timeline/msg4 27/?topicseen#msg427