Midwest Circulation LLC Magazines BEWARE

Midwest Circulation LLC Magazines BEWARE

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Canton, OH

#1 Apr 19, 2011
These people are affiliated with criminals who will rip you off in a heartbeat and operate out of your city in the Days Inn. After you get ripped off by one of the "independent" contractors (criminals) who sell for Midwest you will not get your money back.

Google these folks and see if this is what you want operating out of your town.

Tecumseh, KS

#2 May 1, 2011
I was just ripped off by these guys. luckily it was in a wal-mart store and have video feed. these guys are hitting Kansas right now like a storm. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I was approached by them and it is a scam. filled a police report. Also when wal-mart looked up the video feed she also stole items from wal-mart.

don't trust them for nothing!

United States

#3 Jun 4, 2011
We were ripped off today by female door to door salesperson for Midwest Circulation LLC. She claimed to be a new neighbor selling for her competitive cheerleading squad. Myself and many other neighbors were scammed as well. She was a slick talker and dropped familiar names from the neighborhood.

She and another girl had separate cars canvassing the neighborhood. Wished we could have caught them. BEWARE!!! Do not buy!!!
john Hillsborough nc

Cary, NC

#4 Jul 27, 2011
Damn it. wishing i was smart enough to check before giving these people my money.. They played the military sensitivity. And i noticed that they had a vehicle with several people and all the females in the vehicle happened to be wearing "cheer-leading" uniforms.

Muscatine, IA

#5 Aug 2, 2011
I was concerned, also, that I just participated in a scam. I called the number, today on my receipt. Got a very nice lady, who checked out my order...the problem seemed to be the sales person, who told me it would be shipped within three days. Actually she said 6 to 8 weeks. She double checked my information, got the order straightened out for me as he had put in the wrong order number. I will find out if I've been "conned" later, but for now, I'll wait. However, the next time my husband lets some kid in like that....he's in really deep doo-doo!!!!
barbie manis

United States

#8 Sep 29, 2011
Letting sales rep.know I had no money in banking, he-big byrd aka-(095) said my check would not be sent thru for 30 days. Well that is a lie. I went to rent my son and I a $1 movie tonight, finding out no money was there. Account in negative. Called company went to answering service. This is not a good thing. I have no money to cover cost. T barely afford what I have. This is bs. And carma comes back 10x worse remember that MIDWEST CIRCULATION LLC. DO NOT GIVE TO THESE SCANDALOUS LIARS.
barbie manis

United States

#9 Sep 29, 2011
Do not trust....they are going through apartments door to door. Close them out.

Dallas, TX

#10 Oct 12, 2011
I purchased a few subscriptions from one of the girls that came by and she was very polite and funny! I got all my magazines at the time she said I would and I was very pleased with the way everything turned out! I hope more agents come by soon so I can get more!! Loved these kids!

United States

#12 Oct 27, 2011
Well i bought some books frome a girl and guy who were also verry plesant and outgoing 6 months ago and I am so far reciving what i have orderd threw the kids from midwest circulation.I myself belive its not the comp but maybe the agents "independant contractors" who are not being real all the time,or maybe they are? I judge each sales person as Indeviduals not as a whole! There are bad people everywhere in corp America,I as a consumer would by from midwest again if the person at my door was, sinsear and enthusiastic! Thank you midwest circulation llc for my subscriptions I orderd!
Michelle R

New Bern, NC

#13 Oct 30, 2011
I also got scammed yesterday. I cancelled my check, but unfortunately I paid 60 in cash to this guy named Big Byrd that played the military sensitivity on me! I am so angry because my husband and I are both Active Military members and it pisses me off that this jerk used the military as an excuse. Big Byrd 095 if you are out there reading this you better beware, if I ever see you again you're done. I may be a female but I know how to shoot very well and I am an excellent fighter!!!!I called my bank, and hopefully they will catch this stupid guy. DO NOT BUY FROM MIDWEST CIRCULATION LLC from Cameron MO.
Amy p

Savannah, GA

#14 Nov 7, 2011
These idiots prey on the military. They cane to my town and scammed my husband and several of his friends out of several hundred dollars. We found Out it was a sam and went looking for them te next day. Even though we live in a city we had many guys on the case cannot several different areas. We ended up catching one of their associates (used a "sting operation") and got him arrested. These are low life criminals and they all gave us the same line of bullshit... How they were home less before and didn't have food or anything and the company saved them. They could win A trip to...(insert carribean location, they all used different ones). Said proceeds would be donated to a children's hospital. Also played up the military card.
If I ever see them in a place where it's possible, they better run because I have a lot of things that I'd like to say to them.

Madison, AL

#15 Nov 11, 2011
DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM THEM..If you are reading this, it is prob already to late. These are scam artist..Luckly I found Mr. Levi Stenbridge # 028 and got my $60.00 back when I threated to call the police. Now, after reading this I called the police and they are coming so I can file a report. Hopefully we can ride around and I can find them and put them in jail where they belong. If I see any of them on the street are around my neighborhood again, I will prob beat the crap out of them or shoot them for trespassing.

United States

#16 Nov 19, 2011
They are in OKC and walking through apartment complexes. Same guy, Big Bird, that someone mentioned above. I think the other guy's name was fat man or something. He didn't say a word, just stood there while the other one talked. Big Bird kept talking about points he was getting based on my answers to his questions. He wanted a high five for every answer, then wanted to come in to go through all of the magazines. He also said he gets extra points for driving my car to an ATM and getting cash. Good one. Every one of these kids look and smell like they are from the streets. They must have been completely tweeked out because Big Bird kept repeating the same questions he asked me five seconds earlier. He also said some stuff that made no sense at all because he was talking so fast. If you look around on-line, you'll see lots of complaints. All of the stories are consistent and it sounds like you shouldn't trust these people.
Karen S

Washington, DC

#17 Nov 20, 2011
It has already past the 8 wk time period to get the two magazine subscriptions I ordered from a college age girl selling to my area of southern WEST VIRGINIA, so I have probably been scammed of 56.00 I couldnt afford to lose for nothing

Bowmansville, PA

#20 Nov 29, 2011
chris wrote:
I was just ripped off by these guys. luckily it was in a wal-mart store and have video feed. these guys are hitting Kansas right now like a storm. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I was approached by them and it is a scam. filled a police report. Also when wal-mart looked up the video feed she also stole items from wal-mart.
don't trust them for nothing!
Did you get your money back. Me and my sister were approached in a Walmart today and upon going home and researching it I became concerned. What steps should I take- I payed with cash :o

Collierville, TN

#21 Dec 1, 2011
Beware of them as they r now in collierville memphis tn.... They will tell u that r collecting donation for Christmas. Be safe.
Cant Believe I Fell ForIT

Oklahoma City, OK

#22 Dec 2, 2011
WATCH OUT OKC,OKLAHOMA I was approached door to door by 2 men claiming to be selling these magazines for thier college program group. they were nice and asked to come in to write information down since i was interested in the magazines, i invited them in and ended up writing them a check for $56...my friend told me about a scam that was going around in our apartment complex and that a subsciption to the magazine i wanted was offer on thier website online for only 12$ for a one year subsciption when i had just bought it for $56.

i immediately put a stop payment on the check and called the company to cancell, she told me to do it within 3 days of the sale but the 3days fell on a saturday when the post office isnt open. since this happened yesterday im waiting to see what will happen, hopefully my bank can have my back, but being the scam artist they are im sure theyve got other way to steal money out of the account..freak thieve dont trust these bastards
horn lake ms

United States

#23 Dec 9, 2011
These people are criminals. There was a girl that came by yesterday and got my girlfriend for a check for fourty bucks..names allie from group 028. Gf said it was supposedly for a chance to win a full time scholarship if she won enough points. Also said very slick and well spoken..extra points for asking if married or engaged and giving and getting high fives and not nervous at all. Asked if she could come in and explain and asked too many questions.. my gf being in school her self and knowing how tuition is let her guard down and she pounced. After receiving a check for fourty asked if she could put a sticker on the door to let the other competition know we have already been screwed. Sticker read SCREW OFF!!!! Allies winnin!!!#028. Also once I got home and herd what the sticker was from and not knowing about it being a scam we received another knock at the door about a cleaning service giving free cleaning for the holidays..seemed odd to me with the sticker and allie asking if she could come in so we looked it up.... Lookout southaven and hornlake.... these people are serious and try to take any info they can obliviously get out of you.. my aunt in kansas also said 2 ppl came by her house.. I hope there dumb enough to come back. They were lucky I hadn't made it home yesterday.'MIDWEST LLC IS A SCAM!!!! IF AT UR DOOR CALL POLICE ASAP!!!!
mason mccoy

Raleigh, NC

#24 Dec 15, 2011
my name is mason and i have some hting to say too all the peolple out there this is about Midwest Circulation LLC i use to work for them and i did not now that they were scamers let me tell you about what the did to me they have people rob people at gun pont an take peoples hard ear money
so the next time they come to door call the cops asap

United States

#26 Jan 3, 2012
I just helped a young man selling for this company. He said someone cancelled their check and the sales group waited until they got to the hotel room where they physically assaulted him for it. I helped him by showing him this site and calling 911. He will be on his way home tomorrow. This group is known as 098 and work with someone named big bird. People beware and do the right thing. Report it and help bring them down!

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