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Oak Ridge, TN

#64 Jan 9, 2013
I got raped to wrote:
<quoted text>
Tired Dad:
I totally understand what your going through. I dont knoe if your going to jail, but I just went to court the other day, well let me reiterate, I went to the courth house but a DSS Rep pulled us into a room, and got some information from the both of us and came up with some figures I had to pay. My salary got almost cut in half because I got laid off from my job. I went from making about 92,000 a year to 47,000 a year. I applied for the reduction and it turned out to be a waste of time. They didnt reduce anything. My EX was cheating on my, she left me, and I am the one stuck paying. We have two beautiful kids together, and I wouldnt change a thing with them. The only thing I would and am going to change is the custody situation, she has sole custody because my job required me to travel. Now I am off the road and I am able to spend more time with my kids. The Child support I am paying now is 1000 a month, and with the salary decrease I am forced to pay the same. They didnt decrease it at all. Now I am looking at bankruptcy. In a way this may be a good thing for me. i can wipe the slate clean and start a new life.
Quite often "potential earnings " get factored into the child support equation. If you have a masters degree or you have been making between 60 to 70,000 a year for ten years . Then you get a divorce with children and all of a sudden your working at McDonalds?!It is things of that this nature that actually happen. That create a need for laws that consider "potential earnings" .If you have been making minimum wage for the past three years ,they don't look at you and say "your child support is $2200.00 a month. So it goes both ways,it's hard to be 110% perfect when calculating child support. If you have been laid off from a job making a 6 figure salary for instance,it's a safe assumption that you should be able to go back and do that again. If not ,the courts DO give you the opportunity to prove legitimate inability to pay . They don't "want" to put anyone in jail it benefits no one! Too often you hear complaints from people who,if they where making a billion dollars a day,still would complain about paying a $100 a week! You also hear complaints from those who aren't willing to communicate with the courts and provide sufficient proof of their efforts or inability to pay. the judge doesn't want ti hear" sorry judge I'm trying to find a job" They want to hear "your honor here are addresses ,phone numbers and name of interviewers of the jobs i have applied for ". I am also working with "Mr X Temp agency" for now I am working at Jim Bobs Restaurant and heres proof of my income and bills and it's just enough to keep me alive and in a home to visit with my kids. However;I still paid what little I did have towards my child support here,here and here! Instead of spending it trying to get laid/drunk etc! You don't get thrown in jail doing it like that,it just does not happen...that is unless you do it for a couple of years then maaaaaaaybe!

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#65 Jan 11, 2013
Some things will be debatable for years and this is one of them sadly.

Garden City, MI

#66 Mar 3, 2013
Its nott the women puttin these men/women in jail...its thee your kids and quit cryin so much...having a kid costs money, so u should want to help support ur kid...if ur makin 150 a week and child support takes 75, then im thinkin u need a better job yourself....

Macomb, MI

#67 Mar 6, 2013
stacey wrote:
im only ordered to get $190.00 a month and my loser ex wont even get a job and pay it. He owes me $17,000 in back support right now. I say throw his ass in jail and let him think about it for awhile.
If they through him in jail you still not going to get the money. So what's the point.
Lonely Dad

Toronto, Canada

#68 Apr 11, 2013
Thats the biggnest question of all How do you change the governments way of thinking . Your taking money out of certain branches of Government state and local officials Not to mention the lawyers Who fight for these outlandish amounts in the first place pockets .
When you cannot hold government nor the president accountable for their actions .
WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up and take back our rights as citizens Demand that no laws shall be made with out a public vote by the citizens Instead of the house and senate saying ok this bill passed so therefore it is law .
Support your child yes but not the spouse
when your paying 100.oo a week in child support and make minimum wage How can one possibly support the child and themselves ?
It should not be a crime when you don't have the child and you can't pay the parent that has the child can get food stamps and all kinds of government help so the child(ren) do not go without . the state requires Four things Shelter , food clothing and access to medical attention , Not primerib and lobster But food
Chicken pork hamburger The norm .
Not air Jordans and NikE or tommy or Fubu or even Levi Strauss . I grew up with Wrangler and hand me downs My shoes were whatever was on sale and in the color I liked
Not a lake house or mansion .But a roof over their head that keeps them warm and dry .Whether it be a Shack in the woods with a wood stove or a single wide mobile home or a House with a little white picket fence .
The family cl

inic works just fine unless there is a need for a specialist.Play station 3 is a great gift But a bicycle is healthier .Hot wheels are still around and a child's imagination is endless Easy bake ovens are more dangerous than the real thing why not teach your little girl to cook and bake with moms your supervision of course on the real deal cake mixes cost about a dollar or so at dollar general.
Now unless the child has some serious med problem ? What is the purpose of this outrageous amount thats been awarded ?
some will argue bills such as lights water and such I argue you got custody ! When the kid(s) come for my visits who helps me pay for mine ? or the extra food or cloths or beds or room(s) for their sleeping area yet I'm expected to pay my ex spouse some ridiculous amount because some idiots on a panel deemed it was fair that make double or triple what my salary is a week .
You cannot put a price on your children this is true But you cannot be expected to pay some Ridiculous amount every week when times are so uncertain as they are now .
change these laws, stop the madness! Take mandatory child support out of the divorce proceedings and make it instead an amount based on what the non- custodial parent can afford .
if your gonna lock them up then make the time count each week is a week owed in child support.
I agree with you..those b**ches play on our feelings dont let us see our kids black mail us and Law is quite on that subject...woman freedom my ass...
Lonely Dad

Toronto, Canada

#69 Apr 11, 2013
I have been paying my ex regularly $500 pm with out any court orders and some times I sent her $800 aprt from gifts and xtra money I sent her for kids b days ...but she did not let me see my kids its been 5 years since I met them ,she has poisoned them so much so that my daughter 21 son 17 son 12 ,hardly talk to me, she portrays to be a religious pious woman ....who has devil spirit ..I dont know how these b**ches are living on the face of this earth. Now shes needs more money and has applied fod child support uoon the request of one of her looser co worker. Single moms are the biggest abuser of Canadian welfare system...
Lonely Dad

Toronto, Canada

#70 Apr 11, 2013
Sheri wrote:
My husband owes so much child support we can't afford to make the whole payment. We send in money but it's not enough. He keeps going to jail 9 months at a time. I'm disabled and we have 3 kids ages 10, 6, & 3. What about them? I'm in and out of the hospital alot because of my medical problems. Do you think the courts care about my kids!? HELL NO!!! I have an ex who hardly ever pays support, but I would never put him in jail for it. I believe a man should help pay for his kids, but putting them in jail is ridiculious! They are using these men in jail to work for them but yet they get no credit towards the support. He has a case in sanilac county, michigan. I'm in Florida. There's got to be a better way to handle this. If the man goes to jail then they get NOTHING! At least if he's out they get a little. I think putting a man in jail for this is just revenge for the ex. i hope and pray that something will soon be done about this non sense. The highest rate of death among pregnant women is murder by the father of the child. this is very sad and these men do it because of the child support system. We as women have a choice when we become pregnant. We can keep it , adopt it , or abort it. What choice does the man have? NONE!!! Wake up ladies and stop doing this to these men. If you choose to have a baby don't think "oh, I can just get child support." If you are a woman out there doing this I think you are a disgusting, rotten bitch!!!
Very Well said...why cant they control themselves b4 sleeping with a guy ? rotten b
Lonely Dad

Toronto, Canada

#71 Apr 11, 2013
Ann wrote:
Stacey ~ You should have thought of that before you laid down with him! I had my child when I was 19 and married. We divorced when my child was 1.5 years. He split and left town about 6 months later and I have never tried to track him down for child support. My daughter is now 23 and although she has not seen her father since she was 1.5 years old, she has nothing bad to say about him, because I never downed him. I have never collected CS, nor have I ever collected government assistance. I have however, held down two jobs. It was hard, but she was worth it. And her attitude toward her father is wonderful. My only regret was not staying with this man, but I was young and stupid.
Weman now a days are disgusting. They use their children as a source of income and blame the father for everything, when in fact, they should be blaming themselves for not choosing better men, or if they did choose a good man, work with him to resolve their family matters outside of a corrupt court of law. Any mother who loved their child would do everything in their power to keep their family business out of the courts. Instead, they use it for revenge. How a woman can call herself a decent mother and put their childs father behind bars is beyond me. I guess the word decent is like the word love. It means nothing anymore!
You are one great lady with an open mind...hats off to you..I wish my ex had same views like are an angel and God blessings will be with you always.

Saint Albans, WV

#72 Apr 19, 2013
Its not as easy on women as you think iam so behind on child sapport its unreal and i cant get a job and i dont get to see my daughter it sucks i havent seen her in a year but i still have to pay child sapport it sucks the system always fell my ex husben owes child sapport they havent took nuthing from him and he hasnt went to jail but they take my licenses i think they need to look at the law again and fix it couse its not helping us pay whrn we owe and its not helping if were in jail i say screw the system

Englishtown, NJ

#73 May 24, 2013
What most dont understand is that the child support system is a hugh government scam, designed to further fill the pockets of the people who surround the industry. Under title IV -D of the Social Security Act the Federal government (with our tax dollars) matches every dollar that is paid through the local probation departments. That matching money goes to each state to be used wherever they like.

Let me say that again EVERY dollar paid by the father in child support through the probation department gets matched. Billions and billions is transfers every year. This is why no government official wants to change or dont care about the damage being done to families and children.

Its the money.!

Hagerstown, MD

#75 Aug 7, 2013
Well as a child of a broken home where my ather tried everything under the sun to get out of paying my mother and myself (alimony &child support) I don't blame the government , I say you can't pay for your child don't have sex . If your a loser that works at McDonald's at 30 yrs of age you have No business having sex . I don't even know why a woman would sleep with a deadbeat . Fact of the matter you shouldn't have children period if you can't raise them yourself . I have a 7 yr old stepdaughter and I support her and my wife 100% her ex pays 77 a month LoL that covers ummmm nothing . Point I'm trying to make , I dropped out of hs at age 16 got GED went to trade school now make 42.50 an hour . If you cannot make over 60 k a year wear a TROJAN . Better yet have a vasectomy , if you cannot raise your child with ZERO help from government then you have no business making a child . My tax dollars aren't so you can get drunk and make babies . Be responsible . If we stop bailing everyone out every time maybe just maybe they would think before they act . Just a thought .

Darby, PA

#78 Feb 7, 2014
Child support system in florida is messed up how can they make someone pay child support if the kids are living with them? My friends owe 9 thousand to child support how can she pay if shes not.working. she works when.she can, what happends after that? Can she go to jail if owe.child support but her kids lives with them? And the petitioner lives wih her also. The peitioner said the case is closed the there still enforceing the child support..HELP..
A concern women

Southaven, MS

#79 May 14, 2014
WARLOCK wrote:
what a hypocritical state we are all in.
child suupprt is a civil issue and the criminals running the system want u to suppot the money they make off of you putting you behind bars has nothing to do with them being concern about yourchild. But their real concern is how they can use some of these vindictive women who use child support to justify locking up men who take care of their children and may run into rough times all while this money some time not even spent on the child or monitored by the courts when while paying chid support the f dad sometime has to sometime still support his chil or children ale hike some of these women vindictively use the court as a get back method on the dad at any means neccersary as a revenge tactied

Davenport, FL

#80 Sep 4, 2014
Screw child support.. I have kids and get 600 a month VOLUNTEERED!! I will never go through the state. I think it should be between the man and woman. I took care of 4 on my own and am remarried and doing great. If a man doesn't want to pay or have anything to do with the kid... get over it. Sad but true. Yes my husband was a young dumbass 16 when he got some dumb girl pregnant twice... like hello sillies. Too young use protection!!! So h has nothing to do with them. We have our own child and the mother of these says she will kill someone before he sees them yet stays on welfare including cash... get a job girl....hello.... We let the irs take his taxes until our attorney gets it so low it wont matter. They hopefully will be adopted soon. Am I mean???? nope just think ppl are stupid for getting ppl in so much crap over cs.,.....
No Chump

Miami, FL

#81 Sep 11, 2014
When you pay child support through the courts, the clerks office gets their cut via a percentage of what you pay. In some places. You might have to pay an extra 30 bucks if your support is 500 a month. If your support is 1000 a month, you might have to pay an extra 60 bucks to the clerk's office. This is the fee for handling the support and sending it out to the custodial parent. But it is actually in most all clerk offices that do this, unconstitutional. The reason is ... it takes the same amount of time for a clerk to process each child support payment. So if one person pays an extra 30 ... and another pays an extra 60 .. both for the same exact process by the clerk, it violates constitutional law and civil rights law .... due process case law .... equal treatment under the law, etc.

If challenged in Federal Court ... its a sure winner, and the clerk offices around the nation could be forced to issue rebates in the billions of dollars to non-custodial child support paying parents.

Hyattsville, MD

#82 Oct 2, 2014
ok u asked about who pays for the child when the child is with the father why dont he get and child support well if u do the math well in my case father gets my son every other weekend theres 4 weekend a month 3 weeks out of the summer breaks and ever other holiday brake and there a week long so if you do the math right that a whole 48 days a year and there 365 days in a year so sorry if i don't feel bad most men in this spot so that leaves me with 317 days of having to deal with every thing and fyi i only asked for 130$ a month nd my sons dead beat dad cant even pay that so all u guys can cry me a river

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