Suspect in gang murder in W'boro plea...

Suspect in gang murder in W'boro pleads innocent

There are 82 comments on the Burlington Times News story from Feb 27, 2007, titled Suspect in gang murder in W'boro pleads innocent. In it, Burlington Times News reports that:

A Camden man who prosecutors say ordered the murder of a Willingboro resident because the victim missed mandatory meetings of a group associated with the Bloods gang pleaded innocent to the killing yesterday.

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United States

#2 Mar 10, 2007
Willingboro, the up and coming new Camden !!!! Ilived in Willingboro for 14 yrs. My kids went to Penny Packer School, then to Levit for middle school. Thank God we got the Hell out of Willingboro and even the state of NJ 1 month into the Levit school year of 2003. Living happy and feeling safe in our little part of the country in Va. You could not pay me to move to Willingboro again. It's amazing how people can distroy a once wonderful quit peaceful town.
Long Gone

King George, VA

#3 Mar 11, 2007
I here that Glad, my family moved into Garfield Park back in 1966. My mom worked her ass off to get us into a brand new house, in a brand new town. I remember going to the Plaza and being amazed at all the stores, the fountain. Richard Nixon was there, running for president.

I was in heaven going to a free pool every summer, every park had its own pool. Fun Day in the park, every summer in Millcreek Park, jazz festival in Broido Park. I can remember when I was 15, going to the fire house dance every friday night. But I also remember the night all of the towns "future residents" came and stood across the street and started a race riot, that was the nend of the fire house dances. I also remember the race riots at Kennedy High School, and I watched as the crime rate spared. The McDonalds up the street that was open 24 hours, had to start closing at 10 pm after it was robbed so many times.

All the pools are now closed and bulldozed in, Funday in the park is just a memory. I watched as the towns new residents began to put bars on their windows, because they didnt trust each other not to break in and steal all their neighbors belongings. I also remember the summer some one of willingboros new residents drove right through my neighbors house in the middle of the night, then got out of the car and tried to run away....unbelieveable.

One of the last nights I lived there before moving out of state, two cars pulled up infront of my house, and all the occupaants got out and started shouting and carrying 4 am in the morning. I heard a female voice cursing and talking like a sailor very loudly. I called willingboros joke of a police department, and complained. A squad car finally showed up 15 minutes later, and I listened as the cop started chatting and laughing with the people causing the disturbance. He found out that the girl had a suspended license and no reigstration for the car, he told her no problem....just let one of your friends drive the car home. They then all laughed and he said good night, got back in his police car and drove off. I told my girlfriend...see...this is what willingboror has become, not even the police do anything anymore.

Ive been gone for 3 years now, and I read about all the murders, robberies, and gang activities that go on there now. The school board that forced all the white members off, all of a sudden has a 10 million deficit, because none of them can trusted to run things correctly. Right before I moved I was talking to a black guy that I grew up with and had known since we were 12. I told him I was glad to be moving out of willingboro, because it had become so violent and torn down. He told me...Ozzie and Harriet dont live here anymore...I couldnt believe this guy I had known most of my life and shared so many memories with....was a racist against white people....I felt like telling him..No..Tuapac Shakur lives here now...but that loser was shot down by his own people.

Willingboro is a dead town that has no where to go but down, and it was destroyed by the losers who live there now....and as far as Im concerned, they got what they deserve.

Fort Wayne, IN

#4 Mar 11, 2007
Yep.....those days are gone!!!!....its been downhill for the past 2 decades and only now RESIDENTS see a problem !!!! Its a Camden North and Trenton South town. And be it racist or not....its NOT because of the White people!!!!

Hate to even drive thru it, that is, if the punk kids will get out of the street so that you can!! Suddenly, the resident are shocked about the violence!!!!

HELLO! The school budget has been mismanaged for years. The hint would have been when the Recreation dept started to fall apart and the pools were closing.

Now that the homes have finally jumped in prices.....imagine a Cape Cod is now $175,000 in Pennypacker Park. Just 5 yrs ago you couldnt sell one for $89,000.
Long Gone

King George, VA

#5 Mar 12, 2007
I agree with you Misty,

Many is the time I tried to talk my poor mom into moving out of that terrible town, but she was steadfast that, that was her home and she would die there....and she did. She had worked hard her entire life so her family could live in a nice new home, in a nice town, only to have her dream destroyed by a bunch of violent people, who would rater sit on their ass and wait for a "check" to come in the mail, then work for a living. It would have been nice to have kept the house that I grew up in, in the family, but I was not about to live in a town that had been turned into a violent welfare ghetto.

She told me once that she wanted to leave me her house, so I could live there after she was gone. I told her no way, was I going to stay in that God foresaken town. After she passed, I did wind up with her home, and I promptly put it up for sale.
When it finally sold, I got 40 thousand dollars less then I would have, it were in any other town, but since it was in Willingboro it was worth far less then what was considered "fair market value" for the area. I live way out in the woods now in Michigan, in a tiny town that is 98 % white....there is little or no crime, we leave our doors unlocked at night, and our neighbors are friendly "working people" , who just want to enjoy life.

It felt so good to finally get out that town, and back into a real town. It took me a while to get used to seeing little kids riding their bikes down the street, and playing, I was so used to kids who talked with such vulgarity you would think they were right out of some reform school.The first summer I was here, we were sleeping with the bedroom windows open, and I said to my girlfriend...listen.....and she said....all I here is silence....and I replied.....exactly.

Fairfield, CT

#6 Mar 12, 2007
Willingboro's thugs are out of control.
Jersey Girl

Lawrenceville, GA

#7 Apr 5, 2007
]Hello: I lived in Willingboro for 4 years. I moved from Rahway to Willingboro so that my mother could be closer to me while I was attending boarding school in Hightstown. Boarding school starts later than public so I begged my mother to let me see what the schools were like. There were so many black people, I was ecstatic. I am an African American woman and had never seen so many black faces before. It is unfortunate that the town has fallen to such low standards. When I lived there, it was encouraging to see so many black parents who had worked hard to escape the inner city to provide their children with their own home and quality education. Unfortunatley, I think the kids are following the lead of the "entertainers" they see on t.v. and causing the town to fall into chaos. They are not appreciative of the struggles their parents went through to provide a place to call their own. Please rise above the desire to be racist and cite Willingboro's demise as the result of black people moving in to the town. It is the result of the mindset that we are battling across ALL color lines in America today. A lot of apathetic parents, failing public school systems and the very real issues that are routinely ignored in the urban areas of our nation.
White Guy

Croydon, PA

#8 Apr 6, 2007
Get a grip, racists. As just one example of the factual misstatements above, two of the pools, which were taken over by the township's recreation department after the school department closed them due to lack of revenue, were open last summer.
White Guy

Croydon, PA

#9 Apr 6, 2007
Furthermore, the following Burlington County communities all had higher crime rates than Willingboro for the most recent year that statistics are availalbe: Pemberton Borough, Mt. Holly, Woodland, Wrightstown, Lumberton, Edgewater Park, Moorestown (yes, Moorestown, a vaunted top place to live in America), Pemberton Township, Westhampton, Beverly City, Bass River, Maple Shade and Palmyra.

My house, which I bought for $106,000 in 2001 is now worth $240,000, or so the real estate creeps who are always after me to sell, inform me.
long gone

United States

#10 Apr 8, 2007
Im sorry, how did you say you lived in Willingboro ? I lived there 36 years. I lived there when it was THE BEST town in Burlington pools....tons of activities...a proud town.

I also saw it torn down to its knees, and turned into the crime ridden slum it is today. Maybe you are so niaive because you have lived there for...6 years ? Could it be that because you,ve never seen the town when there was little or no crime, FREE pools in every park...a movie theatre....FREE summer activities every year.

Ive read about three "random shootings" in the last week alone. And I was one of those "real estate creeps" for 14 years in Burlington county. You truly believe you could get 240K for your Willingboro? My friend incase you havent noticed, the market bubble burst last year. Interest rates are up, home values are down, and your neighbors are wondering if they,re going to get...shot..when they walk out their front door. The thing you have to understand about the RE business, is that the name of the game is "listings". And like many businesses, there are many unscrupulous agents out there that are willing to tell you anything they think you want to here, in order to get you to list your house with them.

Racist ?...please.

If anything Im a realist....and a happy one at that. You see....unlike you, I no longer live in Willingboro.
long gone

United States

#11 Apr 8, 2007
...Oh...By the way

Happy Easter.
White Guy

Mount Holly, NJ

#12 Apr 9, 2007
I "here" you but I'm left to wonder how the pools got un-bulldozed and what all those fearful people were doing out and about all weekend without their Kevlar vests. I asked former township managers what they knew about barred windows and not a one could remember seeing a single home with them.

I was at Fun Day in the Park last September and the jazz festival the following day. There wasn't any charge, but the two events cost the township $56,000, mostly for overtime pay and performers' fees. Saturday the kids hunted Easter eggs at the community center and lined up for photos with the bunny, Sponge Bob and other cartoon characters at the Grand Marketplace, while the adults were treated to an oldies session featuring The Illusions--choreographed moves and four-part harmony.

The old plaza where the two-screen movie theater was now employs more than a thousand people, 800 of whom are well-paid Medco Health pharmacists and technicians. There is a new "green" library, Burlington County College, market-rate apartments, a dental clinic, restaurants, bank branches and retail shops. The old Sears building is being redeveloped. The tennis courts in Mill Creek Park have been resurfaced, as have several neighborhood basketball courts. The Kennedy Community Center, being refurbished as I keyboard, features a little of everything from fitness programs to a senior gathering place.

It's obvious that you use isolated incidents and anecdotal evidence in support of your racist agenda. It's also obvious that you choose to ignore that the overwhelming majority of residents are hard-working and law-abiding. I'm sure you'd be pleased if things were as they were with people of color barred from buying homes in the township and wives stuck in the kitchen.
long gone

United States

#13 Apr 10, 2007
...this is my last response on this thread, as Im beginning to find it tedious.
....Let me see, two pools werent filled in...but you have to pay for access now...your point is ? You truly believe there is no "fear" among a high percentage of Willingboro residents ? are in the minority on that one. You spoke to a few "former township managers"...and they informed you that they dont recollect seeing "any bars" on windows or doors in the boro ? Are you speaking of Harry Mcfarland, who was township manager for 30 years before retiring ? Either way, might I suggest that you take a ride around Millbrook..Somerset....even Garfield East or Twin Hills...and have a look for yourself. I think you,ll find that who ever told you that, mispoke. Fun Day in the Park ? I remember they tried to change the name to...Black Family Day in The Park...understandably there was an uproar...the response from black leaders who were slowly expanding their grip of "control" on the township...Oh..were changing the name to Black Family Day in the park....but "anyone" is welcome...think if that little fiasco was reversed...what would have been the reaction from the black residents in town. The Jazz Festival used to be held at Broido Park...and was free...then it was moved to Millcreek Park, and they started charging 10 dollars for "parking". Last time I attended it, some black woman was on stage plying her musical talents, which were minimal. But first she gave a twenty minute speech about Billy Holiday, and how she couldnt play in certain white venues, she then went on and on about a littany of attrocities that whites committed against blacks whith a wry smile on her face. I turned and left foe home, wondring if I could get my 10 dollars refunded. Let me also say that I am a jazz and blues enthusiast, and friends of mine did the "sound" for that festival for almost 20 years, before the township forced them out one year, and replaced them sound technicians. The old Fox movie theatre as I remember it had one screen. And I am amused that you present yourself as an expert on the Plaza, seeing that it died a slow economic death 20 years before you moved to town. Although, I will give you one thing, and that is that they do appear to have made considerable improvements on the property in the years since its demise. The Kennedy center ? I went to High School there when it was Kennedy High. Memorial Jr high was a brand new facility when I attended there the year it opened. The WaWa up the street from the new high school, tired to implement a rule that they were going to close for 39 minutes everyday weekday at 3 pm because the students were stealing so much inventory after school, that in was a financial hardship. But the town said that was "racist" know that word..right ?...So they closed it up and shut it down instead, and some indians bought it and opened a bodega. The McDonalds down that street that used to be open 24 hours ? It started closing at 10 pm over 20 years ago because it was robbed so many times.

..this statement was alot longerm but apparently you,re lonly allowed 400 I,ll close here.
long gone

United States

#14 Apr 10, 2007
Like I said, the previous statement was ALOT longer, and informative, but it cut out most of what I said after 400 words. Suffice it to say that you are in the minority in your opinion of the town and me.You see there is a difference between a "racist" and someone who is disgusted after years of experienceing the negative effects, that were a dirst result of willingboro being taken over by the black community.
White Guy

Mount Holly, NJ

#15 Apr 10, 2007
You make mistaken assumptions. For instance, you assume I only have lived in town since 2001, but, in fact, when we bought the house that led you to think that, all we did was move from Sussex Drive to Mainbridge Lane, an empty nest downsizing.

Another error: Harry McFarland was the public works and recreation director until those two departments were split. He is currently recreation director until his upcoming retirement. I consulted managers, one of whom I know to have toured much of the town weekly. And this was your first mention of doors. Previously you claimed windows only. Lots of people have security doors. Some have dogs and security systems--nohing strange or unusual about that.

Parking for the jazz festival is $5 in Country Club Plaza--a fundraiser for the local Rotary. Some folks walk and others bike. They don't have to pay anything. And the sound techs in recent years have all been white. They come with the rented sound system, which is watts beyond the cheesy stuff that used to be used in Broido.

You can't have it both ways. Either the pools are bulldozed as you said or they aren't. Four pools still exist and two are open in summer. The charge is nominal and pays for the lifeguards. Haven't you noticed that the trend in municipal government (not school departments) is to shift the burden of paying for services to those who use them? The pools belonged to the school department. That's who closed them.

There was no longer a need for Kennedy High and it was little used and less maintained for years until the township took it over and started a gradual process of renovating it. Now it is a bustling center of activity. The plaza was the victim of enclosed malls, or haven't you noticed that societal change either?

Bodega, indeed. Some kids shoplift. Isn't that peculiar to Willingboro? I am pleased that you will refrain from posting additional lies. I too find it tedious to spend my time contradicting you, especially when you write nonsense like "dirst result." As a matter of fact, your attention to detail and your use of the language is an indication that things weren't so rosy in the schools you attended, whether the building were new or not.

It's always a matter of some amazement to me that people like yourself--and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here--don't realize that they are racist. In your case, it seems almost as evident as it does with Don Imus.
long gone

United States

#16 Apr 10, 2007
Its late...and Captain Morgan and I have been entertaining each other for a while now...but you touching on Imus...draws me like a moth to flame....sleep well my friend....we,ll explore this conversation in depth.....later
White Guy

Rahway, NJ

#17 Apr 11, 2007
You said you were done with it and now you promise another session. Why should anyone believe anything you say when your resolve changes from moment to moment?

Don't you realize your credibility is zilch as a result of your numerous misstatement, from the bulldozed pools to the promotion of McFarland to manager, not to mention your propensity to engage in racial stereotyping.

But if you want to make a fool of yourself defending Imus, go at it. I'm happy to let you step up to the plate and punt the ball through the hoop for the whole nine yards.
long gone

United States

#18 Apr 11, 2007
No, Im happy living far away from willingboro and New Jersey. And I leave this waste of my time knowing that you still live there, and will someday come to the realization that I was right. Lets just hope it isnt violence that brings you to your senses. Oh by the way, I see where my old bank Farmers and Mechanics was robbed at gun point Friday, so if you do your banking there, you might want to go to the branch in Burlington, like I was forced to.

And when you finally do get around to selling your home, and see what all your good neighbors in that town have done to the value of it, think of me....I,ll be chuckling.

White Guy

Rahway, NJ

#19 Apr 11, 2007
The bank robber was caught within hours. And there are also F&M branches on Rose Street, on JFK at Charleston and 130N at Van Sciver. No need to go to Burlington.

I drove slowly through most of Millbrook today and about half of Pennypacker. Not a single house with barred windows! I can only assume your assertion is part of the fantasy world in which you live.

I can't say that it was a pleasure countering your hatred.
Willingboro resident

Willingboro, NJ

#20 Apr 19, 2007
2 Months and counting. Just purchased a house and did see a lot of houses on the market for $240.00 and up.
I guess because I've lived in the hood, Newark, NJ, then to the suburbs, now to Willingboro. I can't say that its all good, it does have its spots of the riff raft. My street is pretty quite with a lot of older people,working class people, very nice neighborhood. Very quite. Other streets aren't the same and you can hear loud music from the main roads. Everyplace every town every area has its share of this and that. Even in the "better sections" I have heard a lot about Willingboro, some good, some bad. If I had to make a decision again to buy this house, I would. The cops are on top of things, as a matter a fact I got pulled over this morning, tint on my windows and I've got a highly profiled car, know for being a hot ROD. It is an old car but very popular among the younger generation, highly sought after and stolen all the time in NWK. I got this car because it was all I could afford and it came with the tint (anyways) Its only my mommy mobile. Got a car seat and everything. COP pulls me over, I seen him coming, I knew he was going to pull me over, I am used to it. I pulled over first, before I gave him my paperwork, I asked why I was pulled over, he stated no seat belt, funny thing is , you cannot see that clear (I do have med light tint) you cannot determine if I have my seat belt on or not. I turned over my credentials, which included my officers wife gold card, my officers wife shield and the rest of my valid info. He asked me to keep my seat belt on and left.
Willingboro is not a war zone, try living on So. 9th street in NWK in the middle of the hood, now that's a war zone. Gun fire, thugs on the corner, day and night, drugs and so much more. I am glad we did get out of the hood (but still) I love my people and many others....bottom line, a home is what you make it. It seems they are trying to rebuild what was damaged (even) the school system...With regards to the Bank robbery, right before we move here, from the suburbs, predominately white neighborhood, there was a gun point bank robbery right up the street. Only time will tell, let us hope for the best!

Trenton, NJ

#21 Apr 23, 2007
Well, Niki. I appreicate your response. Just like I told the other person who once lived in NJ we are glad they left. Now I have my opionion about the state of jersey but don't agree with the red hat wearing bigots that think the state is losing out because of a certain ethnic group. If you folks really want to know the problem, why don't you ask you faggot ancestors who brought us here against our will centuries ago why they got us here. Problem was, the thomas jeffersons's of the world were too ignorant and couldn't handle the pressure from the brits to work this land. They had to look around the world for God's chosen to come here.

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