Bad heroin blamed for 2 more deaths i...

Bad heroin blamed for 2 more deaths in Camden County

There are 57 comments on the New Jersey News story from Jun 30, 2006, titled Bad heroin blamed for 2 more deaths in Camden County. In it, New Jersey News reports that:

The deaths of two Camden County men this week were apparently caused by adverse reactions to heroin, authorities said Friday.

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Sweet Dreams


#43 Jun 9, 2008
They are a burden on everyone - a dissappoitment -they bring desease, crime, and dispare wherever they are. Remember they even kill for their pleasures.

When your children are out playing - they are out there - driving even down the street where your children are playing - hanging in the parks that your children are in.

Gateshead, UK

#44 Jun 15, 2008
Yes, I am a Heroin addict as well, have been off and on for 10 yrs. And I've never done a bad thing to anyone, never stolen anything or done anything different than I would have done if I hadn't been a Heroin addict. What it is, is that those people who've never been on a drug just can't understand it at all. It is a very powerful addiction and you can't just stop. It'd be like telling a diabetic not to have his insulin. Could he/she do that? no! well a Heroin addict can't not have his Heroin either. What he/she chooses to do to obtain the money to get it, well that's up to them, and I personally am not a bad person, I wish people would stop slagging us off and except that everybody's different. You like what you like and Heroin addicts and other addicts seek something more outta life, a high. Bet the people who say these things drink and smoke, I don't do either of those, and don't want to. Each to their own. If someone steals then there hands shut be cut off, but don't slag of the Heroin. I wish all governments would make it legal, then it would be clean and safe and cheaper as well, but society's too scared. Alcohol and Smoking are actually worse than Heroin. If it was clean and safe, it'd be basically like Morphine and be the safest things you could take. I wish the world would wake up and do something positive about it, Amsterdam and Switzerland have got it right, tolerance and understanding is what's needed. If it was clean you'd never O.D coz you'd know the strength, those who still took too much and died, well that's there own stupidty isn't it.

United States

#45 Jun 18, 2008
Stop taking the heroine and you won't die A@@HOLES!!!!!

Simple resolution don't you think?!?!

Tilghman, MD

#46 Jun 19, 2008
The lack if empathy displayed by so many people here is so sad. Ofcourse its a bad decision to start shooting up. Why were these people driven to the point of thinking it was a good idea? When you live in a city with a higher percentage of people living below poverty line than any other in the country obviously life isn't too bright. I am not saying that I would have become a drug addict too or that its ok, im just saying its sad when people live in a place where that becomes a logical resort. dont be so quick to judge you've never walked a mile in their shoes

Philadelphia, PA

#47 Nov 17, 2008
You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about molly. If it were that simple there would be no heroin addicts you stupid little bitch!

Philadelphia, PA

#48 Nov 17, 2008
You can't blame her Dan, everyone knows that Clementon's residents have been victims of chemical mutation / failures of society :-(

Philadelphia, PA

#49 Nov 18, 2008
A family member was once addicted. The issue was deeper, she had suffered a trauma and was using drugs to deal with it. She has fully recovered (over 10 years now) because she had support from the family and CHOSE to recover.
Some never make that choice, sadly. But you can't turn your back on people who've become addictive because some can be saved.
Tai Mai Shu

Chatsworth, NJ

#50 Nov 18, 2008
sufurair wrote:
<quoted text>
I tend to disagree. I beleive that everyone is responsible for their own actions. However, no one is responsible for the disease of addiction. That would be like saying my grandmother is responsible for her cancer. Drugs are a power greater than you. I have a lot of expercience in helping addicts get sober, including a family member, and I realize that no one wants to do it and it is not as simple as saying "no more." It is too powerful and most people can't do it on their own with out a "higher power."
By the way, that "poison herion" going around killing people is just fetynal, which is 100 times the potency of heroin.
Are you serious???? How can you compare drug addiction to cancer? Did your grandmother have a choice? Absolutely not. These people who decide they want to "try" drugs and then become addicted have a choice. You either do it or you don't. There is no in between. They not only destroy their lives but all of the people in their circle. How selfish is that? Then they go on disability because addiction (alcohol and/or drugs) is now a legitimate sickness that allows you to draw on disability benefits. This allows them to walk around endlessly high on the drug off their choice at the expense of the tax payers. Meanwhile, people like your Grandmother have to go to work with cancer because that is not a disability. Do you think that is fair?????? I know what I am talking about because that is what killed my mother at the age of 46. She had a choice. She made the wrong one. And look who's left to suffer. Selfish, selfish, selfish!!!! Have you ever lived around an addict? What a nightmare. I wish every needle was laced with the deadly mix. Maybe that would wipe out part of the drug problem we have.


Since: Sep 08

Naples, NY

#51 Nov 18, 2008
I grew up in the 60's and the 70's-I had a choice to do drugs or not to do drugs-I smoked a lot of weed but never did any hard stuff-some of my friends did - most of them are dead or living on the streets now-they had the same choice as I did-do I feel sorry for them?somewhat-but not much.People have a choice in life to do to themselfs so they have to live with what they picked.As far as to say being addicted to drugs is the same as having cancer you must be a bleeding heart liberal out to say "it's not their fault"-we must save the poor little lambs-take your head out of the sand and see the real world.

Front Royal, VA

#52 Dec 9, 2008
First off, you people are so ignorant it's not even funny. No one uses heroin and plans to get addicted. There are a million reasons why someone would begin to use heroin. But let me tell you, heroin gives you the most amazing high in the entire world. You start using it only on the weekends, and notice you don't get addicted. So then you decide to try it on Wednesday and then you find yourself spending all your money on it every day of the week. i am at a very prestigious university where i am the president of my senior class. i have a 3.8 and not one person at my school knows i am a heroin addict. i hold a job that pays me $29.00 an hour and i got promoted faster than anyone else that's ever worked there. i use a bundle to a bundle and a half a day, which is about a gram of 80% or so pure heroin a day and have been using for the past 4-5 years. i have a suboxone script so i stop for a few weeks every few months. i have stopped for a year, but i enjoy living life on heroin better. i don't steal, lie, cheat, or do anything differently when i'm on heroin. i was never really depressed or anything, i just feel that i enjoy life on heroin a lot more. i am really popular and have wonderful friends, and they wouldn't even think for a second that i'm on heroin. i'm sure most you people know someone who is addicted, and they're probably you're friend. So be careful what you say.

Front Royal, VA

#53 Dec 9, 2008
Continued from the above post.

i do get my heroin from Newark, NJ

Front Royal, VA

#54 Dec 9, 2008
Oh, and i would appreciate it if anyone who replies to my post would talk in a mature manner and don't attack me personally. i'd be more than willing to answer anyone's questions about life as a heroin addict or any other questions people have about the drug.
Tai Mai Shu

Chatsworth, NJ

#55 Dec 10, 2008
Ok Steve. You are going to have an open mind here and understand that this is a forum where people express their opinions. For starters you "chose" to "try it". Just like I "chose" to "try" a cigarette. And here I am 20 years later, still smoking and regretting every minute of it. What were you going to do...stop if you liked it? Seriosly Steve? That does not make sense. Right now you are functional and it is hurting no one but yourself. But think of all of the addicts who hurt their families and everyone around them. What about the addicts who steal or kill to keep their high going? That is a sore spot for a lot of people including myself. My mother died at 46 from addiction and she was highly functional just like you. Listen are in serious denial if you think what you are doing is okay. You are an addict and you will not stop until you admit this and seek help. I guess I am amazed at how you brag about it as if it is a wonderful thing that you are addicted to heroin and you work and get good grades. You are trying to justify and you can not even see it. I wish you luck and hope you can see the light before it is too late. Take care.
Tai Mai Shu

Chatsworth, NJ

#56 Dec 10, 2008
Steve wrote:
Oh, and i would appreciate it if anyone who replies to my post would talk in a mature manner and don't attack me personally. i'd be more than willing to answer anyone's questions about life as a heroin addict or any other questions people have about the drug.
And Steve...I almost forgot..."First off, you people are so ignorant it's not even funny." Remember that from your previous post? If you want people to "talk in a mature manner" and to "not attack you personally", you might want to mind your manners as well.

Greenwood, NE

#57 Mar 14, 2009
Wow, I love all the contraversy here. And the sick part is half of you are talkin about kicking the habit, when the drugs are just a symptom of this disease. Its called addiction, and most of the people who are talkin down about addicts, probly have their own form of addiction, whether its eating, sex, gambling, pornography, work, etc.
The disease is in our thinking and has shit to do with drugs, the drugs are just the most obvious symptom of this disease. It goes well beyond that. Don't believe me i've been clean for a year and a half now, and i'm realizing that i don't know how to live, even without the drugs, but i'm learning. For those with family members who can't seem to get clean, you have to let them go, but let them know that you will be there for them if they decide to get clean. Its important, i'm raising two kids whos father died of an overdose, and i think the family feeding his addiction didn't help. As long as an addict is living a peachy life, theres no reason to get clean. When they realize how hard it is to be an addict by themselves, they might give in. Wow it was kinda comical reading everyones input. And yes we are pieces of shit when were out their using, I don't disagree with that at all. But their is hope even if you think its beyond reach. I see what some people might think is the worst junkie, stay clean a day at a time, for the last 18 months, myself, which is a miracle considering i couldn't get one day clean when i was out there getting high!!!!
Lou from New York

Hopkins, MN

#58 May 6, 2010
In response to Simon. I'm an opiate addict as well: it started with a botched back surgery in 2006 and I've been on and off oxycontin for years (trying suboxone and methadone in between). I've done heroin a few times and most of the time it's not as strong as most prescription painkillers. It just has more stigma attached. The problem with treatment is that the medical community (and the law) does not treat it as a disease that individuals are powerless to defeat. Not everyone starts out getting high. I started with prescriptions from doctors that I became dependent on and still have to take. And the truth is more users are not violent criminals and thiefs. Most users I know are professionals. I know doctors, lawyers, corporate vice presidents, and school teachers who take painkillers every day. The realities are far from the myths.

Pontiac, MI

#59 May 9, 2010
anyone dumb enough to get hooked on drugs sure has no sense. I don't feel one bit sorry for them. get a life and move on instead of living in shelters, living on the streets, begging for handouts when I go to work everyday and pay my bills. tired of paying and giving to low life.

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