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#2 Jan 11, 2011
Maybe not winning the Mayors race made him forget about those read it online.....oh well ...guess nothing happening in Camden.....

Camden, AR

#4 Jan 11, 2011
I'm almost sure CCT sucks at life period.

El Dorado, AR

#5 Jan 12, 2011
How ridiculous are you. You must have a huge crush on Scott Tedder. I am wondering if we can classify "Instigator" as a stalker yet? Almost every time you post something it has to do with Scott Tedder. Are you outside his window right now watching him? Do you want to be him? Do you want to be with him? Just tell him how you really feel about him and it will make you feel better. Or on the other hand maybe your self esteem is so low that it make you feel like a big man/woman to put someone else down. I feel sorry for you if that is how you get your kicks. Tedder is trying to change his life and that takes a lot of courage and you should be more uplifting instead of putting someone down all the time..........

Camden, AR

#6 Jan 26, 2011
Mr. Parham: Just wondering if you'll be writing an article about the East Camden project? The reason why I'm asking is that I saw a very small article in the Camden News this past week, only a small amount of information. I know Mr. Elliot wanted to get the word out and I know that many people would like to read more and find out more information about the project as a whole. I'd even like to see the building specs, etc. or learn more about what is involved about the specs. I don't feel that the Camden News wants us to know much about the project and I'm sure that you also can imagine why that would be true. I'd really like to hear you comments if any and would like to know if you intend to do a article on the subject in the near future? I also miss seeing your parham reader website not updated. Would be nice if you could just get a little hint of what's to come in the Parham Report each week on your website. Thanks-

El Dorado, AR

#8 Jan 26, 2011
On It wrote:
Ed's still licking his wounds,some might say. I chance to think he's more likely to not be giving two hot squirts of liquid ass piss about any of you inbreed tards in this "city".
Say something stupid now.
Wow can you please grow up? A serious question was asked and you really feel the need to answer with that childish crap. Anjoe...I too am curious about what is to go on in East Camden and I will be watching for the progress.

Camden, AR

#10 Jan 26, 2011
This is a question for Mr. Parham and not a question for such a perverded weirdo. I'm also very curious to know more details of future East Camden and Harmony Grove developments.
Ed Parham

Little Rock, AR

#11 Jan 26, 2011
Look for a Camden News followup on the East Camden project sometime in the next few days. It should be interesting. I know Iím looking forward to reading it.

As readers of the Report may recall, I first reported on this project last Fall while covering news about the East Camden water-main project. I donít know that CNís coverage of Thursdayís Kiwanis Club meeting ó in which developer Jeff Davis first publicly spoke about his plans ó elaborated much on what Iíd already published.

What really grabbed my attention in the CN story was back on the jump page, where a known Claybakerite, Carol Hawkins, tried to undercut Davisí announcement. From what Iíve heard since, the tenor of Mrs. Hawkinsí attack didnít resonate adequately on the page. You had to be there, or so Iím told.

The word Iím getting is that Mayor Chris Claybaker doesnít like the East Camden project because, obviously, it will make Camden (and him) look bad. I anticipate exploring this issue at some point and publishing my findings in the Report.

True, I may be ďlicking my woundsĒ after the election, but those wounds include having to continue looking at local economic indicators and trends which most other people donít see nor care about. For instance, did anyone catch my story about the data which the Census Bureau released in mid-December? This particular information stood out to me: Camdenís black population is holding steady (it actually grew over the past decade, though infinitesimally); meanwhile, the cityís white population is down nearly 1,600 since 2000 when the two races populated Camden in equal numbers.

The same white civic leaders backing Claybaker today were complaining 10 to 20 years ago that visiting business prospects always wanted to visit Camden Fairview schools to see the classrooms, and that they dreaded doing so after the first attempt.ďHe saw the room was mostly black, got back on his airplane, and we never saw him again,Ē is how one official put it. Today, Camden is mostly black because of all the white flight ó Iíd say in excess of 2,000 ó during the Claybaker years. The Census survey Iíve just cited says weíre now 6,500 black, 4,800 white.

A decade and more ago our business people were ashamed to show off our classrooms. These days, they feel they canít turn visitors loose to roam the streets.

I suspect thatís why Claybaker canít make anything happen ó anything except ever-higher sales taxes and the occasional Phoenix embarrassment, that is ó on his side of the river, and why Highlandís work area is forcing growth up through the crack of opportunity there at East Camden. All it needed was a little water.

As for the (free) Parham Reader, sorry, itís on hiatus until I get over getting beat for mayor, and catch up on some (paying) business I let slide during the campaign.
its true anyway

United States

#12 Jan 26, 2011
So Ed is saying Camden is slowly becoming an ALL BLACK community oh great sounds boring no variety.


Since: Aug 09

Original Gamester

#13 Jan 26, 2011
Hey, Ed!

Welcome back! Mind if I pull up a seat? Sit a spell and catch-up? I sure hope so. I have tons of questions and comments that have just been bottled up for so long I'm afraid I might burst!

As a matter of fact, I'm so full of excitement that I won't even wait for a response to my formalities before I play Devil's advocate. lol

This "White Flight" everyone keeps referring to...(I admit that this is a fairly new term for me) I wonder... Is that the fault of the citizens or is that the fault of local government? Or maybe a combination of both?
Ed Parham

Little Rock, AR

#14 Jan 26, 2011
Good to see you, Deak.

As I have observed in the past, when local opportunity dims, people who have the wherewithal (whites, mostly) will leave ó and they have, for places as near as Harmony Grove and as far as, well, Arizona, East Texas, Northwest Arkansas, to name a few places where old friends are now living.

Back in the mid-1990s things in Camden were in a dynamic state of change, and I believe it was still in the power of people here to proceed in positive ways, but somehow we came out of that period with a permanent attachment for Claybaker and certain others, and the result is obvious.

So, yes, a little of both.


Since: Aug 09

Original Gamester

#15 Jan 26, 2011
Well, that's quite fortunate for Mayor Claybaker. He'll end this term with retirement and receive a pension from the city until his retirement from this earthly home.(Correct me if I wrong in that assumption.)

I regretfully admit that I don't keep up with the papers as much as I used to. Mainly because I can't seem to catch a Parham Report from the counter of my favorite convenience store this side of the river. But I've heard several people say that his retirement is actually much more than his salary. Is that correct?

Camden, AR

#16 Jan 26, 2011
Very well said. I look forward and anticipate more tidbits about the East Camden project from the Parham Report cause I know we'll not get much from the Camden News. I just have a good feeling about it all and feel that nothing and nobody can stop the progress that is going to happen for our area in the next few years to come. There is a great article in the Camden News tonight written my Matt Stone on lignite mining around Camden and what it could mean for Camden's economy, our State and our Country and of course for the many around South Arkansas that are mega land owners. He didn't mention the landowners in the article but I can only imagine what this will mean for land owners that have lignite on their properties. Also, Welcome back Deak and Ed.

Anonymous Proxy

#17 Jan 26, 2011
Ed, sounds like you're really busy, but with all this lignite talk, I'm hoping someone with your kind of clout could write some kind of informative article on the down sides to the mining process. I don't think people realize what could happen because they're too busy chasing the promise of money and jobs. We'd be much better suited instituting something geared towards green tech, but that's just my opinion.

I have extended family with first hand experience with the coal mining industry. Let me tell you, they have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes. The strip mining, blasting, property claiming/reclaiming, and lack of respect for worker safety has me very concerned for the people in this area. I may be leaving for the big city in a few months, but I'd hate to see this town turn into what I've seen other places become. I'd much rather maintain the status quo than to see the outlying areas stripped beyond recognition in the name of profit and job creation.

You might also think about explaining the importance of mineral rights.

Mining is one hell of a dirty business, and I'm not talking about the coal dust.
Ed Parham

Little Rock, AR

#18 Jan 26, 2011
Deak: the mayor will draw half his salary once he leaves the Mayor's Office. After the December pay raises, it increased three percent from $60,000. I expect it will be raised even higher by the time this lame-duck term ends. The money won't be drawn from a pension account, but from the city's General Fund. Which means ó if the local economy and sales-tax revenues continue to trend as they are now ó City Hall might someday have to drop a police patrol officer from the payroll because of the $32k-plus annually it will have to pay Claybaker out of operating funds.

Anjoe: Matt Stoneís letter was previously published in another Hussman newspaper, so Iíd already read it. I agree wholeheartedly with pushing to get a lignite industry started in South Arkansas. Itís been said that the first two lignite pits would be located on timberland in neighboring Calhoun and Dallas counties, and I know that there are identified fields in Ouachita County near Camden. Camden still has economic-development funds which could be used to help persuade Governor Mike Beebe to support the $3 million in testing which advocates say are required to get the new fuel-refineries on the ground, but ó if you read Camden News coverage of the most recent OPED board meeting ó Claybaker sent word through County Judge Mike Hesterly to quash the idea of putting up $30,000 to show weíre interested and weíre willing to put up our cash to prove it. Which means (until proven otherwise) that Camden and Ouachita County are officially cool to lignite-mining here.
I assume another Phoenix ground-breaking party with hard hats and shiny shovels would still be OK with the mayor, however.
Ed Parham

Little Rock, AR

#19 Jan 26, 2011
Wook: my short answer (Iím trying to work on my paper on another computer, cocking an eyeball over here to Topix now and then) is that this area is full of landowners with lots of experience in timber-cutting and oil-and-gas rights. Our people have already dealt with cut-throats, and most will be able to deal with the mining companies. Besides, miners will start with the holdings of the big timber companies.

There may be some environmental issues to work through. The spigot will be small enough (the Lion Oil refinery can handle only so much crude squeezed in the field out of lignite) that operations should be adjustable for any civic problems which arise.

From what Iíve seen, lignite strip-mining is like gravel-pit mining, but spread out over an area of a few square miles, continuing for years at a time. If it happens in a place like Highland, or in some of the huge pine plantations around here, the populace at large will never see it.

Lignite advocates are quick to tout federal land-reclamation laws to opponents, Iíve noticed.

Sure, I wonder about issues like ground-water and overburden replacement (if the miners take out a seam of lignite 20 feet thick, wonít you be left with ground 20 feet lower even after land reclamation?). But when gasoline gets above $5 a gallon and China gets to outbidding the U.S. for Middle East oil, we may find ourselves faced with other more-serious issues leading us to a worse place than a lignite pit.

In lignite, South Arkansas has a second but longer-lasting oil boom in the making.

Until you start making a fusion reactor small enough to power my car, lignite-based gasoline will probably have to do us in the interim.


Since: Aug 10

United States

#20 Jan 26, 2011
a man and a woman were trying to hack into a computer the man typed 'mypenis' the woman dropped to the floor laughing, the computer said' ERROR too short'

El Dorado, AR

#22 Jan 27, 2011
Thank you for the response Mr. Parham. I appreciate the information and I look forward to the future of East Camden. I love my home on this side of the river.

Camden, AR

#23 Jan 27, 2011
Old Timer wrote:
<quoted text>
Idiot. Mr. Parham took time to respond to us, and you throw that out.
Agreed, but you can't expect some immature cripple boy that no one likes to contribute anything meaningful to these conversations. All he does is lie and steal from everyone including the GOV (SSI Fraud) in addition to claiming to own his own business which he doesn't. He is just a lowly ole employee to a business his dad owns.

Anyways back on topic, I really hope something happens in EC. It will help the community in a whole and encourage me to stay here even longer then I originally planned. My partner and I do enjoy it here but we also miss the conveniences of a larger city.


Since: Oct 10

Strength Through Faith & Unity

#25 Jan 27, 2011
a man and a woman were trying to hack into a computer the man typed 'mypenis' the woman dropped to the floor laughing, the computer said' ERROR too short'
Scott get his account hacked again?
From the area

Dallas, TX

#26 Jan 27, 2011
Instigator wrote:
<quoted text>Agreed, but you can't expect some immature cripple boy that no one likes to contribute anything meaningful to these conversations. All he does is lie and steal from everyone including the GOV (SSI Fraud) in addition to claiming to own his own business which he doesn't. He is just a lowly ole employee to a business his dad owns.

Anyways back on topic, I really hope something happens in EC. It will help the community in a whole and encourage me to stay here even longer then I originally planned. My partner and I do enjoy it here but we also miss the conveniences of a larger city.
This is off the subject... I've tried to find the Parham Report online, but I've been unsuccessful. Could someone direct me to a web link?


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