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Remember the Accusations

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#131 Mar 12, 2013

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#132 Mar 12, 2013
Remember the Accusations wrote:
Remember the Accusations

High Point, NC

#133 Mar 12, 2013
Charles Roark WGSR TV multiple convicted thief one of his numerous crimes stealing one hundred thousand dollars worth of video equipment.Roark announced Johnny Robertson’s had a controversial show coming that night on Channel 18 and he phoned Johnny.Breaking News on the screen. Robertson told Roark they were going to have a hard time showing the video because it was so graphic. He said when he played it in Martinsville show that night he was going to have pictures from the video and then he’ll have a blank out so that you can’t actually see what they saw but it will indicate to you what was able to be viewed. Johnny told Roark it’s an old looking video on purpose so that he wouldn’t be liable in the sense of letting people see something that’s questionable.A couple of clips of the girls were shown during this phone conversation and big blue circles had been placed on their private areas. Johnny told Charles Roark you don’t have to be involved on internet porn these days you can go to the church building sit on the front row and you get to see children according to Johnny Robertson you get to see everything you see in some of these kiddy porn shops.Johnny Robertson said his question is would this fall in the category of exploiting children when you’re showing an audience below them dancing above them the audience is below and you have these children exposing their undergarments one of them 11 times in a one-minute segment and went on to say without cover except for panties and giving a clear frontal crotch shot.When Charles Roark questioned Johnny what the girls were showing Johnny said yes panties. Johnny said eleven times in one minute you’ve got a full clear shot of this underage girls and she’s up on a stage and people are down below you can see them down below and they’re looking up they get to view. He went on saying if person’s heard that the little boys were going into girls’ bathrooms peaking through and seeing their panties they would have a fit. Johnny said you don’t have to go in the girls’ bathroom anymore not in a Christian church around here. Many other remarks were made about the girls and Roark said he guess the perverts will need to start going to church and laughs and Robertson said he thinks some of them are going to church and that’s what they’re going for Johnny Robertson broadcast the girls in Reidsville about a week after this phone call This is the show I saw I don’t know what was shown in Martinsville.Johnny made many of the same remarks he had made on the phone conversation and showed video of the girls dancing in ballerina outfits. He had placed big blue circles on their private areas as if the girls were showing themselves. There were a few callers on the show that night not many. One lady talked about her shorts, another lady talked about if you look and lust you were sinning,another lady talked about her mom always wore a dress and was lady like. While Johnny was playing the video of the girls dancing he said this was the kind of behavior going on in the church where eleven times in one minute these young ladies were on stage above the individuals where they were looking up.Johnny bent and looked up and said not straight like we were looking He said they were actually seeing eleven times instances of straight on undergarments. He said he just knew they were really close to actually breaking the obscenity laws in North Carolina. Johnny showed the Obscenity law and read it. Johnny said he was very thankful the community had weighed in tonight in such a positive fashion they didn’t want to be seeing young girls that age showing their under garments out in public,at the mall or in church or any of these places.(My question here would be how can he get a few phones calls less than you can count on your hands and then claim the community weighed in?)Johnny said he hoped and prayed there would be some individuals who would call or write The First Christian Church in Kernersville North Carolina

High Point, NC

#134 Apr 11, 2013

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#135 Jun 22, 2013
Interesting thread

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#136 Jun 24, 2013


On one of Johnny Robertson’s TV shows which is broadcast on WGSR TV in Reidsville NC with sister station in Martinsville Virginia said the following remarks on one of his shows: The son of the owner of the station who is a multiple convicted thief by the way seems close to this preacher and is aware of these statements and accepts these types of broadcast.

Johnny Robertson said there was a day running around trying to find their identity the homosexual was kind of a person trying to find himself running around with the girls kind of acting like the girls although he’s a boy he’s acting like girls but not fitting in, after all he‘s a boy. Johnny Robertson continue saying he’s trying to do things the girls do and acting silly and the boys are calling him a sissy. Johnny Robertson said the girls know he’s not a girl but they kind of like the sensitive side of the man coming out, and wouldn’t it be nice if we were all this sensitive except for when we need a man and what have you got, Well you got a hypersensitive sissy that is running around with you and you don’t have a man.

Johnny Robertson continue and then said What difference does it make as long as they care for each other. You could keep making that argument until you could marry your dog

Johnny Robertson also made remarks gays are loud, very aggressive very in your face shove it down your throat.

Johnny Robertson said he investigated and they can’t get along together and they don‘t stay together for very long. He said some have as many partners as 500. He said the Homosexual community is unrestrained as anything on the planet.

Johnny Robertson also accused underaged girls dancing in ballerina outfits at the First Christian Church in Kernersville of showing themselves and their panties to the men. Johnny Robertson in his own words said they were showing as much as in kiddie porn shops. The girls were innocent and this man got away with accusing them of this.

Eden, NC

#137 Jun 24, 2013

Mug shots shown of the Willis Brothers who was arrested in connection with the car burning and shooting death of Jessica Walker. A photo of Jessica Walker was also on the screen.

James Oldfield and Mark McKinnis were talking about other preachers especially Baptist. James Oldfield accused preachers of being criminals.

James Oldfield said those preachers were a criminal just like the Willis brothers. He added they may not have murdered.
The Contract

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#138 Jun 24, 2013
Charles Roark told woman caller he knew Johnny Robertson was very controversial and people hated him Roark said but one thing about Johnny there’s no phony to him. Charles said I don’t like him sometimes but the one thing I do like about Johnny is he is not phony he is who he is.
Charles Roark said : Johnny will tell you HE WANTS ALL THE CHURCHES OFF THE AIR…. because he thinks they are wrong. Roark said he had to respect him for at least telling me his agenda. I tell him if that’s your agenda we are going to have to sign a contract that says you can’t go after those guys individually and I’ve done that. He didn’t like that and he told me he didn’t like it but he’s willing to go along with it for now because this is one of the only places that will let him voice his opinion.

Then come the critics saying Charles is the only one that will let somebody like Johnny Robertson voice his opinion.
The Contract

Eden, NC

#139 Jun 24, 2013
Johnny Robertson Version of the Contract

Johnny talked about a preacher who came on and he helped him get the air time. Johnny said he wanted him to have the time because he was the only person and who still is that is not in a contract situation where I can call now their name. Well see all these people who are on this station you wonder why I don’t get into it with the people on this station because they are in a contract that forbids them from mentioning my name. It’s not that I can’t mention their name I can mention anybody’s name I want to out there. They have been forbidden to mention my name directly because they know the person who owns this station they have actually admitted . I have Charles Roark actually pointing out to Chris Knight how this contract works. If these other guys mention my name then I can come around and begin to talk about them particularly and their doctrine specifically. And so they have been forbidden to mention me unless they end up quitting running off and hiding somewhere. So you see you heard the other night an individual called (Jessica Griffith) in and who did they call for did they call God strike Johnny dead. No they called Charles Charles Johnny is talking mentioning my name. Charles he’s not suppose to mention me Charles stop him from mentioning my name.

Alliance, OH

#140 Jun 24, 2013
Who cares? Go talk to the one you believe wronged you and see if it can be rectified.
Remember the Accusations

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#141 Jun 27, 2013
Underages girls dancing in ballerina outfits while a man of God, Johnny Robertson, accuses them of showing as much as in kiddid porn shops.

Really an no one cares??????

Eden, NC

#142 Jul 16, 2013
Very interesting
Dave P

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#143 Jul 16, 2013
No, no one here really cares.

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#144 Dec 7, 2014
Ummmmm Good Thread

“Ancient Faith ”

Since: Dec 14

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#145 Dec 7, 2014
this thread is nonsense and not interesting at all. Who is the Johnny and why make it bout him nit unless you really are trying to promote him

Newnan, GA

#146 Dec 8, 2014
Brad Henderson wrote:
Who is the Johnny
Johnny Robertson is the village clown of Martinsville, who suffers from the strange delusion that he is a preacher.

Reidsville, NC

#147 Dec 22, 2014
johnny robertson wrote:
<quoted text>
so we cant know who is lost and saved now? So all the people on here saying charles is a heathen etc are all guilty of judging him lost when they were really unsure? Hmmmmmm
Johnny Robertson has said several times on TV and even said this to Charles Roark that Charles Roark was going to HELL.

Fort Worth, TX

#148 Dec 22, 2014
anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
Johnny Robertson has said several times on TV and even said this to Charles Roark that Charles Roark was going to HELL.
I remember you, when you were Whitman... Does anyone here use the name they started out with?

I will give Heath credit for always posting as the same person-at least I think so...

Newnan, GA

#149 Dec 22, 2014
Is Johnny and Martinsville Church of Christ taken seriously by anyone? Johnny Robertson is a mad dog gone neutered. He's keeping his nutcase beliefs to himself after getting exposed for the hypocrite he is. You don't hear anymore about him or Mark going into churches to make idiots of themselves. I heard that when Micah and Caleb went to Ralph Sexton's meeting in Tennessee that the real Christians there already knew about them and told Micah to behave themselves or leave. Johnny doesn't even have a Facebook page for his church. The word is out on Johnny and his tiny band of followers. People are wise about him than they were before. They mock him and his sons and it won't be long before Johnny is gone completely.

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#150 Dec 25, 2014
Bfrank wrote:
<quoted text>
So Johnny are you really in the Kingdom of God now? Doesn't -What does the Bible say...
**I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. 1Corinthians 15:50
>But actually didn't Jesus say that entering the Kingdom of God would be a future event, an "inheritance"?
**"Then the King will say to those on his right,'Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. Matthew 25:34
>As far as communion goes Mr. Robertson, I attented the Church of Christ that you preach at a while back & was denied communion. Doesn't What does the bible say this...
**"A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup." 1Corinthians 11:28
>Once again Mr Robertson you are wrong,the bible says "let a man examine himself"...Johnny says by his actions...
"I judge a persons worthiness to partake of the Lords supper"...Johnny's church-Johnny's rules, wouldn't you say Mr. Robertson?
You have to be in kingdom before u examine yourself..mat 26:29
So I am sorry u read NT OUT OF ORDER.
The way to get into Kingdom is not complicated.
Find verses that apply to person " out" getting " into"
This is not complicated but it involves obedience most of our foes deny anyway. So ultimately this all comes down to disobedient people complaining against those of who say you must be submissive. Sorry you all find Jesus so hard

Luk 19:21

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