Medical marijuana users to be safe fr...

Medical marijuana users to be safe from feds

There are 70 comments on the San Bernardino County Sun story from Oct 19, 2009, titled Medical marijuana users to be safe from feds. In it, San Bernardino County Sun reports that:

Jan Werner, the operator of a Bloomington medical marijuana collective, said the U.S. Department of Justice's directive not to prosecute cases in which medicinal cannabis is used in compliance with state laws "gives us a little sigh of relief." "That has been a hairy thing hanging over our heads," Werner, of the Inland Empire Patient Group, said.

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Great job

Temecula, CA

#1 Oct 19, 2009
Chabot is right on target!

Summerland Key, FL

#2 Oct 20, 2009
Im just wondering how long it will be before citizens who have the right and need for mmj , will sue these cities for there rights ?
California Sun

Diamond Bar, CA

#3 Oct 20, 2009
That would be their rights.
larry q

Victorville, CA

#4 Oct 20, 2009
I do not understand what the problem with marajuana is, period! I have experience with the medical benifits of this herb, and it is better than anything synthetic. All natural, therefore no side effects. To be honest I prefer to see people useing marajuana than drinking alcohol or taking heroin or speed. I ask this. When is the last time anyone heard of someone smoking marajuana and robbing a bank to support theit habit? Or smoking a "joint" and losing control of their vehicle and killing an innocent person? I have never heard of a "pot head" smoking their weed and beating up someone because it made them rowdy. I think it is the companies that produce and distribute alcohol and pharmisuticals are the ones that should pe prosecuted. That goes for the tobacco companies too.

San Francisco, CA

#5 Oct 20, 2009
I'd walk a mile for a pot.
Marijuana, I'd rather fight than switch.
It's the only way to fly.
California Sun

Diamond Bar, CA

#6 Oct 20, 2009
Grow your own medicine. Why pay for it?

Santa Monica, CA

#7 Oct 20, 2009
Legalize it and tax the max out of it.
Up in smoke

Yucaipa, CA

#8 Oct 20, 2009
As broke as this country and state are, it's about time someone at the federal level got some wisdom and decided to quit wasting taxpayer resources prosecuting pot smokers. Now if only the idiots in the California Attorney Generals office and the DAs office would wake up and realize we can no longer afford to arrest and prosecute pot smokers when we have so many other real problems we have to focus our attention and resources toward. The politicians of this country need to quit spending tax dollars enforcing the personal whims of the minority neocon Christians who think they have the right to make choices for the rest of us.
I B Chiefin

Tustin, CA

#9 Oct 20, 2009
totally agree with up in smoke. nicely put.
Combat Vet

Van Nuys, CA

#10 Oct 20, 2009
What a joke. I think it's great that politicians and people that DO NOT have ailments needing medicinal marijuana have the biggest mouths of them all. IF Marinol, which is based on THC is so great then what's wrong with using the plant matter? What is the difference? The difference is that Marinol is a chemical version of THC. I want natural holistic medicine, not some pill made in a lab. So many people are ignorant to the big picture with MMJ. IT HELPS! Quit telling people that it is such a bad thing when you don't have a need for it. Drug free California? Another Amsterdam? What's wrong with Amsterdam? Have you even been there? Probably not. I am a COMBAT VETERAN respect our needs as patients and let the doctors do the prescribing not the local square political comb over. Get over yourselves. Think for yourselves.

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Oct 20, 2009
New vistas in state government budget resolution: Legalized gambling and pot... ;^)
-- saw a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth

Lake Arrowhead, CA

#12 Oct 20, 2009
How is it dangerous, exactly. It is not addictive. There are no withdrawl symptoms. I does not kill brain cells. How many deaths have occured from marijuana?
It is an amazing pain solution. It will put you to sleep. It does increase appetite. It will give you
thirst. It will open the bronchial airways. It increases blood flow to releive migraines and pain in every area of the body. It will elivate you mood. It makes you laugh. It has an extrorinary effect on individuals with ADD and anexiety issues.
Making it legal will eliminate jobs in the prisons, 70+% are pot related.
Making it legal will put a dent in the pharmacy/drug companies profits.
Making it legal will give the legal forces something else to do, like fight real
drug problems i.e meth, cocane, alcohal abuse, etc. The ones that incite violence, murder DUI's.

Palm Desert, CA

#13 Oct 20, 2009
Thank God there is some politician who ses thru this smoke screen all the recreational users are hiding behind. Since day one the only thing all activists organizations like norl, mpp, asa, etc have agreed on is to recreationalize this product. It is time to stop hiding behind our termianlly ill to push movement for this substance. People like me who don't know one way or the other or even care about marijuana sees an injustice to those in our country who are ill and may want to try this medicine. It is our compassionate side that says we will help those who are truely sick and dying, something many people voted for under prop 215. It is our fighting side that says stop abusing this product and exploitng our ill. We have enough people addicted to OTC's alcohol, and tobacco to deal with. STOP EXPLOITING THE SICK. My father is a veteran, my husband is a veteran, we all have a life connected to us that has been stricken with cancer, or some other form of MAJOR tradgedy. The difference falls within do we become a victim and let others prey on us or do we rise above it? I have seen people with Spina Bifida fight all the odds drug free, I have seen someone I love on a liver transplant list (never drank a drop of alcohol) live past the given 3 years. The difference in so cal marijuana users and nor cal users is the hostility and respect. Stop pushing your excuse to recreationalize a drug down our throats. I AINT BUYING THIS SICK EXCUSE.

We need to raise the fines attached to marijuana to more than the marijana costs. Thats how you control the problem and raise revenue. Taxing it will only help if all sales are open and upfront. People who are breaking a federal law selling this stuff wont care to break a tax law.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#14 Oct 20, 2009
Well, Sophie, you are a moron. TOugh, but it's true.
Keep talking Mr. Chabot, it makes it easier to keep an eye on you.
Fight Paul Chabot every day. We must make sure he never gets elected to anything.

Riverside, CA

#15 Oct 20, 2009
Just exactly are the anti-marijuana zealots going to do when the voters legalize it? Back-off Big Brother - nobody will force you to use it, and we won't allow you to stop those of us who choose to indulge.
Doesnt matter

Van Nuys, CA

#16 Oct 20, 2009
It's tragic that so many people choose to remain so ignorant about so many things. Including something so simple and unharmful like marijuana. I gaurantee the people making these decisions about marijuana are incredibly uneducated on what the plant can actually do for a person. You'd think people were selling something like heroin or speed out of these dispensaries the way they talk about them like drug users. If you've ever been to a dispensary, you'd know that the people there are not drug dealers, but rather compassionate, kind people that are trying to help people live their lives a little more comfortably. My husband has combat PTSD. He's been on practically every anti-anxiety and anti-depressant there is because they want to shove pills down his throat to make him feel "normal". Well, guess what? They don't work. Not only do they not work but they are destroying his liver because he still takes them so he can try to be as normal as possible for his family. So who has the right to say that he can't use marijuana to medicate his extreme anxiety? He is one of the brave soldiers that fought for all of these idiotic politicians and their followers to be as ignorant as they are and say as they please. Quite frankly, without him being able to use marijuana, he probably would not have the successful relationship with his daughter and I that he has. And this is just one story! There are millions I'm sure. What's the difference of using marijuana than taking Rx meds that are more damaging to your body than marijuana? Maybe we should just go with the old age addage of "Don't knock it till you try it." Try doing some research before you open your mouth and say something stupid. I'm so tired of all the BS from people who CHOOSE to remain ignorant.
T Thompson

West Covina, CA

#17 Oct 20, 2009
If the law allows it, then so should we.

United States

#18 Oct 20, 2009
Cities that enfoce bans on Medicinal Marijuana dispensarys are violating state law according to a Los Angeles County judge. San Bernardino County recently lost a suit and has started or is in the process of starting a card program. When will these people wake up! They need to stop ignoring the will of the people, prop. 215 is over 13 years old and we are just now making headway in this fight. Most opponents to the bill are in special interest positions of government and organizations against this MEDICINE. When will we realize that they are following an agenda to save their overpaid and obsolete jobs. Scientists and statistics for years have been showing data that prove Marijuana has medicinal propertys and very little ill side effects, but people still believe the "REEFER MADDNESS" point of view the government has adopted. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

United States

#19 Oct 20, 2009
Also the government WANTS you to use the overpriced chemical version of THC(Marinol). Where do you think these people are getting their campaign money from? SPECIAL INTERESTS anyone? Pharmacutical companys are one of the biggest contributers to politicians. Mr. Chabot, have you ever been to Amsterdam? I dont think so, its a very beautiful city with a plethora of cultures. I have walked the canals and experienced the COFFEE SHOP scene, HAVE YOU? It is ignorant and uneducated for you to think that Amsterdam is a bad place to live. I can think of a few areas in your district that are far worse than the sleazyest areas of Amstrdam. Hell, i'd feel safer walking down the streets of South Central than in your Districts bad spots.
Are people nuts

Glendale, CA

#20 Oct 20, 2009
I'm so sick of this new-age hippie junk. It's no wonder after the 60's this country started going to hell. The founding fathers had no intentions for America to become what it has, and that is a homosexual, drug infested wasteland. The greatest generation that fought WW2 never intended for this either, and I guarantee if we knew what was coming, we would have beat our kids 10 times harder than we did in the 50's to prevent the 60's.

This is a sad, sad time in America folks. Focusing on drugs, gays, welfare, it's pathetic. We worked out tails off for years to build humanity's greatest empire ever, and now all you young fools are throwing it all away.

You get what you deserve. I'll be dead soon enough, I hope you all wallow in sorrows for the rest of American time. Patheitc.

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