Windmills are less offensive in Kansas

Windmills are less offensive in Kansas

There are 40 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jun 26, 2009, titled Windmills are less offensive in Kansas. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

M otorcycles are for beautiful places -- most of Pennsylvania, Monument Valley, parts of Connecticut, the Overseas Highway to Key West, the Colorado Rockies , the western stretches of old Route 66, the Zion-Bryce Canyon-Capitol Reef-Arches raptures, the Taos-Santa Fe region, the Grand Canyon, Skyline Drive in Virginia, and various parts of ...

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Mary Jane

United States

#21 Jun 26, 2009
Thanks for your comment I just wish you hadn't said-----
Al from Allentown wrote:
Mr. Carpenter, I agree with many of your opinions..
--I can't wait to put one in my backyard!

Allentown, PA

#22 Jun 26, 2009
Perhaps we would be better off if Mr Carpenter was permanently located in Kansas.

Its unlikely you will see windmills on top of the Blue because it is a raptor migration ridge. There are plenty of other ridges in PA where they can be located. I counted 52 of them while mtn recently at Merli Sarnoski park in Carbondale. You can see them on the next ridge opposite town.

Don't forget there is a lot of unsightly damage to the environment for strip mining coal, mining for uranium ore and oil production. You don't see it too much in the cozy suburban LV. We don't see the devastation caused by oil related wars either, except for some local losses of military personel .

We are subsidizing the oil and nuclear power industries with taxpayer dollars. The hidden subsidy for gas is something like $8 per gallon, or $80 billion per year,according to one study I read. The military is increasingly used as a protection service by the oil industry for free but we pay for it. They guard oil infrastructure , patrol shipping lanes, and fight oil related wars.

Nuclear power is considered a GSE or government supported enterprise. It also requires large government to function with the Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

With these subsidies solar electricity and wind power would compete much more effectively with big oil, coal, and nuke power.So stop your Limbaugh-esque winning about a few windmills Carpenter.

Allentown, PA

#23 Jun 26, 2009
oops 2cnd last line should be "without these subsidies".
Jo Jo

Allentown, PA

#24 Jun 26, 2009
"I'd be tempted to commit suicide by running into a windmill."
Wheres the angry man

Macungie, PA

#25 Jun 26, 2009
picture? remember when he had that comical "I'm mad as HE!! and gonna punch you...." cartoon on all his articles? What a baffoon.
Suicide Solution

Chicago, IL

#26 Jun 26, 2009
Paul, please don't make us all wait for your demise.
Please slam your new Yamaha into the back of a 18 wheeler so we aren't exposed to any more of you inane droning about crap you, once again, know nothing about!
Try researching your dribble before you pay your editor boss to print it!

Allentown, PA

#27 Jun 26, 2009
Libs are gullible, malleable folks who can be made to believe that a well-head in Alaska that may never be seen by a living soul (except for a company worker) is uglier than an entire treeline of wind turbines that destroy the view from every direction (because of their elevation) for miles. The fact that the energy from them might actually power a laptop or two while the whine emanates from them scaring wildlife out of the area is, I guess, a plus also.
joe poli


#28 Jun 26, 2009
Paul, thanks for the expose of windmills. You forgot to emphasize that the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine (solar power).

We usually stay in Salina, Kansas when we drive to Colorado. I don't think there is a flatter place on earth. On our last trip 5 years ago, we encountered some low life white people walking into the methdone clinic near our hotel. Seems you can't escape these people no matter how isolated the area.
joe poli


#29 Jun 26, 2009
Goon, I agree with some of the points you are making, however, windmills are made of metals which are mined from the earth, therefore, there is an enviromental impact created when they are produced. Also, windmills require lots of maintenance because turbines wear out and blades get out of balance. They are quite noisy, so why should they be put on a ridge overlooking a park which was named for two Medal of Honor recipients, Gino Merli and Joe Sarnoski?

I was trained as a geologist and can tell you everything humans use is either mined from the earth or grown in the earth. Nothing we do is without environmental impact. For example, the magnets in the generators for hybrid cars contain Neodymium, one of the rarest metals on earth. And who has the largest deposits on earth? The Chinese of course. Our major source is at one mine in California whose production is tightly controlled by the environmentalists.

Go to this link to see a turbine when it fails

Stroudsburg, PA

#30 Jun 26, 2009
Paul, or someone, should research the fact that the city of Bethlehem is considering having a wind farm built on some of the city's watershed property up in the poconos (currently all woods and natural area). The only article I saw so far was in the Express-Times.


#31 Jun 26, 2009
I need to get a gig like this.

Spout mindless drivel and get paid
handsomely enough to go out and buy
a new bike..

.. scoot off to the Midwest for a
"research" trip ??

Where do I apply ?

Because heaven knows... there isn't
anything important happening around
this area .
joe poli


#32 Jun 26, 2009
Gonn, wind power is heavily subsidized. That's what you and I will be doing when Cap in trade is passed and your electric bills triple.

How about saving electricity by turning off the lights in Vegas for starters?. Next, lights out in all the major cities. No night football or baseball games and all amusement parks have to close before sunset. No air conditioning at indoor arenas and electic blackouts during the summer. Afterall we can sweat to death while trying to sleep in the summer. No vehicle will be allowed to have more than two cylinders and you would have to win a lottery to be able to fly on a plane. Computers will have to be turned off most of the day, etc. etc. etc. Have fun.

Bethlehem, PA

#33 Jun 26, 2009
Windmills? Really? That's our future? How about building some nuclear power plants instead. THAT'S how you build a 21st Century economy. Not an energy source using 12th century technology. Geez. What's next? Using leaches to cure cancer?

Allentown, PA

#34 Jun 26, 2009
You know Paul...

your columns suck.

Allentown, PA

#35 Jun 26, 2009
Ok... let me try this...

You know Paul....

Your columns are horrible.

And I would imagine that people in Kansas feel the same way. In fact they probably prefer to you get to Colorado via Texas.


#36 Jun 26, 2009
CO2 from coal fired power plants has just been deemed a positive event for world hunger as it increases crop production by 10% according to German scientific community.

So China and India will be doing their part for world hunger while the US is watching its industrial base shut down and power costs doubling.

Obama and Pelosi are complete idiots and world idealogues chasing a hoax about manmade global warming.

Time for Americans to stand up against Cap and Trade legislation.

Allentown, PA

#37 Jun 27, 2009
obviously Carpenter is the open-minded liberal he claims to be...nice words Paul

Allentown, PA

#38 Jun 27, 2009

nuclear energy is the cleanest and most efficient form of energy...yet we get scared of building plants because of a "chernobyl" happening again...guess what, mistakes do happen once in awhile...but it doesn't pale in comparisson to the $1,000+ more the Obama admin and liberals like Paul are going to add to each american family's energy bill...all in the name of saving the planet...did you libtards ever think that maybe humans don't really have as much to do with the world's weather and atmosphere as we think we do? be real. Even CFCs creating a hole in the ozone layer has been met with scrutiny lately.
Professor Chaos

United States

#39 Jun 30, 2009
Paul Carpenter hates Peter Townsend
Mary Jane

United States

#40 Jun 30, 2009
hmm wrote:
mistakes do happen once in awhile....
said your mother!

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