Have you lost your mind? We are not suppose to do that to someome we care about. Please let's just say it was a difference of opinion? Maybe you just menatally were not home? Worst of all you were either high or drunk? What were you thinking?
You should know that in the society we live in, WE, the woman are suppose to be the caregivers to our families. The last time I looked niece is a family member. One of your sibilings had her. You know I am new here in this area and I must say that the family violence displayed here in this small community is quite disturbing to me. What makes you people so mad at these family members? Aren't you raised with the same morals as the rest of the United States? You don't beaat up on husbands and wives or stab a child whether its yours or a niece or nephew.
I am seeing where it is much slower here than for instance in Californisa or New York. Even Galveston,Tx is up with the times. You folks here really take the cake. You are 10 yrs behind the rest of the country. Not all of you, I have meet some very nice people who live here, but again, they are not originally from here. They have relocated and ended up here.
Look, I am all for the support of the family and the community but my goodness you have to be the one to make a difference. You have to be the one to make the changes and to put a different way of handling things into progress.
Violence is not the answer and it is definately not the way to handle problems. I just am really shocked at the amount of hate that fills one community. I have never in my 40 something years of life lived in such a small community where anger and hate and violence are so easily allowed to happen daily and treated like it the right thing to do. Folks I don't knwo who told you that aits the right thing to do but they lied to all of you.