Obama shot his mouth off, why did he wait till now?
This isn't the 1st time chemicals were unleashed on the Syrian people and over 100,000 have already been slaughtered so now Obama stresses his URGENCY "a month ago".
Lets remember that all this NOISE that Obama and Kerry are preaching are taking eyes off of Benghazi, IRS, NSA, and so on and on and Has everyone noticed just how ADGITATED" they become when questioned about it?
Obama wants to now "LIE" and say he didn't say he drew a red line but The World Did, then "WHERE IS THE REST OF THE WORLD"?? Oh and this isn't his 1st "LIE" either.
Obama has shot his own credibility in the foot and made himself look even more of a weakling than he is.
America isn't in the business of fighting Civil Wars for other Countries around the world especially on the other side of the globe.
Our Nation is War Weary! Obama and our politicians need to "HEAR THE PEOPLES VOICE" when we say "NO".
It seems as if the Democratic party is more wrapped up with trying to shield their saviors reputation "News Flash" It's already Crap.
Obama and his Cronies have played the "BLAME GAME" to long as we all watch "OUR NATION" slowly slip down the Toilet.
Obama has failed as a leader and he and his administration are a big joke to the whole world now and a lot of people feel that as far as the USA is concerned that if Obama gets his way on attacking Syria it is the beginning of "THE END".
America needs to call or E-mail there Congressmen or woman and stress them all to Vote "NO" on "Striking Syria" and let the UN Police this situation. That is there responsibility "NOT OURS"..
Our Troops are not expendable for political agendas.