I bought a ps3 from Craig's list for my son for a Christmas present and was told that it was in good condition and didn't have time for it anymore and that was his reason for selling it. I believed that he was being honest , after all it was the Christmas season, however when Christmas morning came there was also a big disappointment awaiting my son . IT DIDN'T WORK . I'm a single mother with 3 boys looking for work so I dipped into my savings to make there christmas a somewhat happy one , and then someone comes along an takes advantage of the season. I hope that the person who reads this knows who you are and feels bad for what you done. And if your still not sure if you are the person I'm talking about . We meet at the bank (T C F ) on the corner of Holt ave. and Howard and I paid you 150.00 for I broken Ps3 . If you care reply to this forum.