Oak Creek Little League (bad move)

Oak Creek Little League (bad move)

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shout out

Milwaukee, WI

#1 Nov 2, 2009
It appears that the leaders at Oak Creek Little League have setup the next season so teams are going to be selected and set up by the managers and that the kids wont get drafted like has been done in the past. Managers cannot draft a team and they wont know what team they will manage as well.
The leadership in Oak Creek wants to make it so all teams have parity. It doesnt matter that a parent and their kid dont want to play for a certain coach or that they may want to play on the same team as their friends. This leadership isnt concerned about players working hard and earning their selection at a draft. They are only concerned about the players who dont work hard, maybe it is their own kids that are being helped by this new process?
It sure would have been nice if you would have let the parents know about your ratical, libral changes so we could have had input!!!!!
Whats next? Are you going to set batting orders, lineups and make pitching changes for all the teams too?

Milwaukee, WI

#2 Nov 26, 2009
Well this league will be run very similar to the leagues surrounding OC. My friends have kids in Franklin LL and they have operated like this every year and the community prefers it over a yearly draft. The current proposed plan offers consistantcy. There are many parents that want to stay with a certain coach and are unable year in and out due to the draft. What is so wrong with a child spreading his wings and playing on other teams without their friends and making new. Is this a parents coffee clutch, we forget this is for the kids. Under the new plan I was told if you do not like the team you can redraft and be selected to a new team. I am all for consistancy and would hope my child will get a new coach that will teach my child the fundamentals of the game and give him the EQUAL opportunity to play the game. I know they are out there, we have experienced great coaching. I am not liberal, I am conservative and LIKE the new plan. As for as setting up line ups and batting orders, May you be blessed with a good coach so your child can experience a competeive and rewarding season.
Equal Opportunity

Milwaukee, WI

#3 Nov 27, 2009
Your not liberal but you are all for EQUAL opportunity!!!! You said "if you don't like the team you can re-draft". Why not keep re-drafting then until you like the team????? Sounds pretty conservative to me.....
What about hard work? Why is it that you say you are a conservative, but yet you want your kid to have equal opportunity even if he doesnt deserve it. What happened to hard work will get you more playing time? Why should a parent have to pay huge dollars 275.00 for their kid to play little league, a league where his hard work doesnt mean anything? Equal opportunity should be for the Rec. Leagues. I can see equal playing time and opportunity for the younger kids, say the first year players, but as they get older that should not be the case....
You may want your kid with just any coach, but some parents do not...Are you saying that every year your child is or was drafted by the same coach? This is not Franklin, you want to be like Franklin, then move to Franklin!!!!
This is the problem, the Oak Creek board is telling the parents what is good for them and they want to control all aspects of our children development. Sounds liberal to me!!!
Ratical Rick

Oak Creek, WI

#4 Nov 29, 2009
Those damn liberals. Next thing you know they will make us take their health insurance, give our parents social security, and pay us unemployment when we lose our jobs.

Oh..... were we talking baseball?
Are you kidding

Milwaukee, WI

#5 Apr 23, 2010
This really is for the kids. I welcome the change. Little League should be fun for the kids. It's not fun if your team is getting beat badly every game. I think the idea, and hope it is the reality, was to have the teams more evenly matched talent-wise. I also welcome the different coaches. I think it is important for kids at this age to work with a variety of coaches. It broadens their experience. Some coaches have preconceived ideas of what the boys are like, so the boys get stuck in ONE position all season, and not necessarily the position they want to play. New coaches each season gives your son a new opportunity to "try-out" for different positions that they had not previously been given the chance to play. If you want a higher level of competition, get your son on a tournament team. Remember ... it's not a make or break chance to get college scholarships or get drafted into the Major Leagues! It's about fun and experience!

Milwaukee, WI

#6 May 11, 2010
If you want your kid to be "drafted" based on his or her skills, then there are the traveling and competitive leagues. This is just Little League. I welcome the change. Last year there was one team in our division which just dominated the other teams. There wasn't much of a fair chance for most of the other teams they played. I don't think that could have been much fun for either side.
I take offense that "hard work doesn't mean anything" in OCLL. If you believe this, then I think you're missing the point of youth sports.
I'm not sure what politics has to do with this conversation at all.
OCLL Parent

Bringhurst, IN

#7 Jun 21, 2010
I have no problem with the draft process itself, at least on paper. It didn’t work as
intended because the team Managers (many being Board members) did a whole lot of trading immediately after the draft, which pretty much nullified the process. Sadly typical.

Better yet, the annual All Star selection sunk to a new low this year. There is now one 13-14 year old All Star team. There have been two All Star teams in previous years, but apparently consolidating teams/talent in an effort to win
is more important than having more kids play baseball. Hmmmm……not so sure that’s the mission of Little League Baseball.

That one 13-14 All Star team is comprised almost exclusively of kids from one of the Storm teams (Google "Oak Creek Storm Baseball.") That must be one heck of a Storm team, you'd think. Not so much, according to their record (again, see the web site.) But they do have familiar last names and fathers – i.e. OCLL Board Members. Some are average players. Some were hurt and didn’t play much during the season and can't really play full time now. Shouldn’t a few hits in league play and being healthy enough to throw a ball be a prerequisite for selection to an All Star team? Seems reasonable.

Maybe with some practice this group can put it together for their All Star tournament? Actually, that’s the icing on the cake. They won’t even be in town to practice with the other 4 members of their All Star team. The Storm team (so 75% of this “All Star team”) will be in Myrtle Beech for a tournament the whole week prior to the All Star tournament and will arrive back in Wisconsin just in time to play All Stars.

Just fantastic guys. Way to be all about the kids. I thought you'd already done it all, but this puts a nice bow on your OCLL careers. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

PS. Enjoy it while you can and take lots of pictures. The OC High School coaches make objective evaluations and team selections. Good luck.
Shout Out

Milwaukee, WI

#8 Jun 22, 2010
Well said OCLL Parent!!!!!!

The top two at OCLL are really something.....It's done their way and everyone else is B.S.ed into believing it was a BOARD decision.....

Oak Creek, WI

#9 Jun 26, 2010
The team selection process this year restored integrity back to Oak Creek Little League. Too many adults lost sight of the intent of the Little League program.

Littleleague.org clearly states the mission of Little League. "Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes."

Parents that feel that they or their children would benefit from a more competitive experience should look outside of Little League.

Milwaukee, WI

#10 Jun 27, 2010
OCParent, you need to look at the OCLL website and see the records for all the teams and then tell us that the selection process has restored integrity!!!!
The new process did not create parity, it created an opportunity for certain managers kids to be the only catcher or one of the only pitchers and or catch and pitch the most on their teams and then be told they are an all star....It was bogus and most parents know it. There wasn't a whole lot of teaching going on this season.

In order to devolp superior citizens, we need to have superior citizens leading OCLL and unfortunately we do not have them. Look to the all star team make up at the 12yr age and you will see for yourself that the leaders kids made the team while better players stayed home.. The list that is posted is different than who is actually on the team.

Oak Creek, WI

#11 Jun 28, 2010
For a program that relies on parent volunteers for manager/coach and board positions it seems a bit unfair to criticize folks that step forward. Perhaps those that see problems with individuals that give countless hours should volunteer to be part of the solution.
Love Little League

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Jun 28, 2010
OCParent Wrote: "For a program that relies on parent volunteers for manager/coach and board positions it seems a bit unfair to criticize folks that step forward. Perhaps those that see problems with individuals that give countless hours should volunteer to be part of the solution."

These statements are always the things said by those volunteers who are caught being disingenuous about their reason to volunteer in the first place.

Please don't call some of these people volunteers it really gives those who give with no strings attached a bad name.
Sean Horner

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#13 Jul 1, 2010
OCLL is far from being perfect. We have a lot of good people in Oak Creek with many good ideas. All Stars is always a hot topic and a very subjective process. The OCLL Board Meetings are open for all to attend each month. I strongly encourage everyone to attend and/or ask to see minutes from meetings in which decisions you did not agree with were made. Also, please consider joining the board and help make OCLL a better organization. Enjoy the 4th of July weekend!

Here was the All Star Selection Process used for the 2010 season:

OCLL 2010 All Star Voting Process

*Each manager completed their ballot of the “Top 12” players on their ballot (league or division).

*Each manager submitted their “Top 4” players from best to 4th best.

*Each player/family was sent an on line ballot to submit their “Top 4” players.

“Top 12” Points: A point was given to a player for each “Top 12” ballot they were on. Example: If there were 4 teams in their division and 3 managers had them on their “Top 12” ballot, they were awarded 3 points.

Manager “Top 4” Points: 4 points were given to the players that were ranked #1 by their manager. 3 points were giving if their manager had them ranked 2nd. 2 points were given if their manager had them ranked 3rd. 1 point was given if their manager had them ranked 4th. Example: If the manager ranked the player 2nd best, that player would get 3 points.

Player “Top 4” Points: 4 points were given to the players for each 1st place vote they received. 3 points were giving for each 2nd place vote they received. 2 points were given for each 3rd place vote they received. 1 point was given for each 4th place vote they received. Each player’s total was then divided by the total number of players that voted for their team. Example: If a player received 3 first place votes, 2 second place votes, and 1 fourth place vote, their total points would be 19. If 7 total players submitted a ballot from their team, their team point total would be 19/7 = 2.7143. Dividing the total points by the total number of ballots received makes the number relative for all players.

The points for the three categories above were then added together to get the total points for each player. In the examples above, that player would get 3 + 3 + 2.7143 = 8.7143 total points. The players were then ranked based on their total points.

“Voted In” Players & Manager “At Large” Selections:

The All Star Committee then used the rankings to assign 9 or 10 players to each team (10 players were assigned if the Manager’s son or daughter was not ranked in the Top 12). The remaining players were then grouped in “Tiers” based on their point totals. The committee assigned players as 1st Tier “At Large, 2nd Tier “At Large”, 3rd Tier “at Large”, & 4th Tier “At Large”. Players not assigned in a tier were not available for the manager to pick as one of their “At Large” selections. The managers then selected their “At Large” players. Teams were given a roster size minimum of 12 or 13 based on how their son or daughter ranked. The managers submitted their rosters to the OCLL President, Mark Riha, for final approval.

8/9, 9/10, 10/11, & 11/12 Teams:

League age was used to assign the voted in players and the tiered at large players. For example, in Major Baseball, the voted in 12 year olds were assigned to the 11/12 team and the voted in 11 year olds were assigned to the 10/11 team. The same process was used for the 9/10 & 8/9 teams.

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Jul 5, 2010
This post is not about the draft or picking of all star teams but about the poor behavior of parents(some of which are board members and managers). My daughter plays minor softball (9/10). Her team lost the first game of the playoffs, but we went to watch the final game anyway. I was appalled by the actions of some people watching the game. It was very obvious that some spectators were not cheering for a team to win but actually cheering for a team to lose. Some people seemed to be very happy and showed it when the other team did poorly. I thought Little League was about the kids, not the adults. If you personally don't like the manager of another team, keep it to yourself and don't show public display about it. Just remember that kids take on the actions of their parents. If this is how you want your kids to act in the future, keep up the poor behavior.
Sean Horner

Milwaukee, WI

#15 Jul 6, 2010
I agree with you OCLL Mom. People's (myself included) actions on and off the field should be conducted in a postive manner.
Frank Cerutti

Racine, WI

#16 Mar 19, 2013
OCLL was started for the kids. Also for the families
that wanted to do things together. Just remember parents, in as little as 3 years your child maybe leaving the house and you will look back and think, why didn't I do more with my child. Volunteers are
very important to any organization, it's usually the one's who do nothing that complain the most. I'm not saying I agree with the new way and I'm not saying I disagree. All I'm saying is I was there for the first 15 years, I know what it takes to run the OCLL,
I was president for 8 years. Volunteers are the backbone of OCLL, don't criticize them, HELP THEM.

Milwaukee, WI

#17 Aug 30, 2015
Ratical Rick wrote:
Those damn liberals. Next thing you know they will make us take their health insurance, give our parents social security, and pay us unemployment when we lose our jobs.
Oh..... were we talking baseball?
Those liberals probably will want to bring back slavery too

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