Does Rockdale need a new police chief
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#21 Oct 9, 2010
Also what I have noticed, that there is a police officer, that has a 2010 SS Chevy camaro. I didn't know police officer's salary could afford an expensive car like the one this officer personally drives.
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#22 Oct 11, 2010
...and the chief will continue not to do nothing until good people of this town stand up to the harassment and the corruption.

Good police officers will uphold their sworn duty to the people they are protecting.

The officers they hire act like thugs, smart attitudes. The reason this town will never prosper, you have to have fairness to have a good town and to have that you need a whole new police force, among other things. People need to feel if they call the police out for a problem they will not be harassed afterwards.
A person no matter how wealthy or influential they are should be held to same laws as other folks, and thats not happening in this town.
Lost City of Rockdale

Austin, TX

#23 Oct 11, 2010
I have advise for all of you. Report these issues to the State. Texas Departmentof Public Safety and hirer ups. This happen to Selma, where the police department was abusing and part of the rpoblem, same with port arthur and the State sent Law Enforcment personnel in and ended that crap. Please bring the city back and go outside of Rockdale through the State and report these problems.
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#24 Oct 19, 2010
I can't believe this, but the other day the bad neighbors kids were outside playing. I noticed that there is a stray cat in our neighborhood and he looks just like mine. Well this cat saw the kids playing and came to them. These children tryed to run him over with their bikes and then one saw a car coming down the street so he waited just as the car was coming and shooed the cat in front of the car. I couldn't believe this. The cat luckily had few of its nine lives left cause it made it to my side of the street before the car could run it over.

Then next day the bad neighbors and their kids were getting ready to leave somewhere and again that cat,very friendly, came again. I guess it likes kids. Well one of the kids that was in the vechicle saw the cat and jumped out and was going to hurt the cat. The parent called him down.

I figured that these neighbors that we have been having trouble with are teaching their children hatred. They thought that cat was ours and if they hurt it or worse it would hurt us.Isn't that sorry when people go to such great links to hurt innocent animals. Whats worse they let their hatred infect their children.

Now we know we are dealing with much more than just poor neighbors.
Big Brother

Rogers, TX

#25 Nov 13, 2010
Rockdale Problem,

This is America a great country where if you go out and secure employment and work hard you too can own and drive the vehicle of your choice. FYI it probably wouldn't hurt to spend a little less time on this forum and a little more time securing employment and being a productive member of society. You too then can drive a 2010 Chevrolet SS Camaro.
Big Brother

Rogers, TX

#26 Nov 13, 2010
Rockdale Problem

Might I suggest you contact Gov Jesse Ventura as it sounds like you have a Conspiracy Theory. He too is another great hard working American who is proud of this great country. He too has proved that if you go out and secure employment and work hard you can drive whatever you want. The Gov drives a black 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT 8. It is a Mopor and not Chevy but we wont hold that against him now will we.
rockdale problem

Austin, TX

#27 Nov 16, 2010
My goodness some people are so blind. By the way my vechicle of choice is a model A. Have a blessed day.
livin in rockdale

United States

#28 Nov 29, 2010
Rockdale problem, it sounds to me like you have entirely too much free time on your hands. I don't believe what a law enforcement officer drives as a personal vehicle is of any concern to you. For your information, anyone can go buy a new Camaro as long as they have credit. If you'd get off the computer and get a job maybe you'd have some credit so you could buy a new Camaro!!!
To everyone else bashing the Rockdale police department. If you had any idea what they pay these officers to put their lives on the line and deal with these low life turds, maybe you'd have a different opinion!!
I say the best thing that could happen to Rockdale was for Officer Smith to be promoted to police chief!! Clean up this town, lock up these career criminals, and provide us with a safe town!!!
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#29 Nov 29, 2010
Well for your information I do have a job, just like the rest of the folks that voice their opinions and concerns on this page, but I'm not going to go off the proverbial handle like some folks.
You must be one of the protected ones, that are above the law.
Sounds like you don't have a life and can't stand to hear anything negative about the police department.
livin in rockdale

United States

#30 Nov 30, 2010
ROFLMAO!!! Protected one give me a break. Why don't you get your head out of the clouds and realize it's actually quite simple to be a RESPECTABLE law abiding citizen. If you're so concerned with the flawed justice system in Rockdale Texas....then I suggest you carry yourself to a City Council meeting and voice your opinion. Instead of ranting and raving on an internet forum, do something about it. We just had an election....Did you vote??????If not then that's you problem!!!
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#31 Nov 30, 2010
Why go to a counsel meeting???? I have had many friends that have went to the so called counsel meetings to voice their concerns and nothing was done. I'm not going to waste my time!
....and by the way, do you know what the First Amendment Right is????
If you don't thats YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!
By the way I will keep voicing my opinion!
livin in rockdale

United States

#32 Dec 1, 2010
Rockdale problem, keep on voicing you opinion because apparently that's all you will to is talk talk talk, but never attempt do do anything about it. Go on and keep living you miserable life and continue complaining!!! In the mean time I will continue to live happily in the town I call home Rockdale Texas. Best of luck to you!!
If I only knew

Rockdale, TX

#33 Dec 6, 2010
Well I have been in hell town (rockdale) for almost 7 years now and I have to say I sure wish I knew about this site and 5 others I have found so I wouldnt have moved here.

My mother went to high school in Thorndale and only knew of Rockdale from back in the day so with the attraction of low home prices we moved from Round Rock to scum land.

I have lived in many a small town, went to school in bertram and burnet, but this is the absolute worst town with the worst people I have ever experienced.

Not only are the masses full of inbreeding, toothless crack heads and the like, they are stuck up if you can believe that. The local WalMart greeter who is toothless, sitting on a stool scratching his crotch wont even acknowledge us when we come in and his job is to greet you so you can imagine the rest of the people here.

Of course there are a handful I have met that are cordial and will say hi, but by far its nothing but dregs of humanity here. Stereo typical backwards, uneducated people with an attitude.

I cant wait until I finally find a sucker to buy my house so I can get out of here!
Hate it, you have no idea how much of a crap hole this place is if you dont live here.

If you dont believe me, please buy my house and find out for yourself.
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#34 Dec 9, 2010
Good Luck getting out of rockdale, really this town is like quick sand once you are here its hard to get out.

Rockdale, TX

#35 Dec 30, 2010
rockdale problem

Rockdale, TX

#36 Dec 30, 2010
Well, its the good ole boy system at work.

Austin, TX

#37 Feb 24, 2011
I recently heard about this site and the "ranting & raving" about Rockdale, so I had to take a look at what's being written. Rockdale Problem, I can't begin to tell you how ignorant you are. You have a totally distorted view on things. You refer to your neighborhood "bullies" when you & I both know that you're the problem with 30+ cats running loose. You live on San Jacinto St. and have caused your neighbors more grief than a mass murderer. First, please learn how to spell. The word is "council," not "counsel." Next, your husband got fired from his grocery store job because he verbally accosted a co-worker, simple as that. You know it and I know it. On 10/4/10, you state that property taxes are going up. That's a false statement. No taxing entity in Milam County raised taxes this year. The you state that money should be used for a good purpose, and not for something like a school. What better investment can a town make than to have good schools? I don't understand your logic.

You state that the "city water looks like urine and new water lines should be installed." Again, your ignorance is showing through. You see, Rockdale is fortunate in that it sits on an abundance of water. Unfortunately, although the water is safe to drink, it is not always pretty. Most of the time the water is clear, but on occasion, the water has a rust color to it. That's caused from when the underground water is pumped to the surface, the water oxidizes with oxygen, causing an occasional rust tint. Again, the water is perfectly safe to drink.

You stated that you won't go to a city council meeting because you know people who attend and nothing gets done. I attend most all of the council meetings and I can attest first hand that the council is responsive to citizen requests. You live on the west side of town. One of your council representatives hardly ever attends a meeting, so he is no help. But your other two councilmembers are at every meeting and will listen to all reasonable requests. I know because I've seen them in action several times.

There once was a couple who was thinking about moving into town. They came upon this old man and inquired how he like the town. He asked what they thought about the previous town they resided, to which they replied "the town was horrible and the people were mean." To which he replied, "you'll probably find this town the same way."

Ten minutes later, another couple approached the same elderly gentleman and asked the same question. When he inquired what they thought about their previous hometown, they stated that the town was great and the people were wonderful. Again, his response was the same, "you'll probably find this town the same way."

Life is what you make it. You can live your life to the fullest, or you can bemoan your lot in life and blame everyone else for your woes.

Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can or you think you can't, either way you will be right."
Rockdale Problem

Rockdale, TX

#38 Mar 3, 2011
I don't know who you are or what your problem is but you definitely got me on the wrong side of town.
I don't have a clue who you are writing about but it sounds like you have a very bad problem with them and I feel sorry for the people that live around you.
It sounds like you are a very hateful vendictive person. I feel for those people you are writing about and a bit frightened, with your attitude you sound like you are a idiot with a grudge.
I can clearly see now why rockdale will never grow as a town, its because of folks like you with hateful attitudes.
Oh and I found a few typos in your paragraphs but Im not that hateful to point them out.
A little advice make sure you are writing about the correct people next time.
Texas City

Rockdale, TX

#39 Mar 3, 2011
In response to the skymile verbal attack, I highly disgree with your comments, due the fact I have had the same experience in the town of Rockdale too.
Your verbal attack of calling these individual(s)mass murderers is way out of line. You yourself may have some skeletons in your closet that you may not want to disclose.
Get the facts instead of the lies.

United States

#40 Aug 23, 2011
Well skymile, seems like your ignorace is quit apparent. The water in this town is awful and its not from oxidation. The people who live in Rockdale are noticing and are speaking out. I have spoke to quit a few residents and they all say the same thing, the water looks like urine. So since you seem like you have an abundance of information and solutions why don't you propose a new water system. Make your town proud.

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