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Saint Charles, MO

#21 Apr 3, 2013
Gen22 wrote:
<quoted text>
A rat's ass, huh? I do not know who any of you people are but, as i said already - though, for some reason, the post got ommitted - she does have family, people (ie family) all across the state and nation are still looking and also still believing Jesus, and, if you have any legitimate information as to what happened to jimmy, kenny, and/or sandy and money is the issue, Illinois Crimestoppers has a website and pays up to $1000 reward...Posting goofy shit such as her name was Ferris (not Farris), she and kenny both disappeared on a thurs and 28th, and etc etc etc on such sites as websleuths only serves to try to hinder investigation by AUTHORIZED personnel and upset family who are desperately searching for clues and signs and terrified beyond imagination. God, however, is not a rumor and being unfaithful to HIM is true definition of a rat. Please keep that in mind.
I apologize if you were offended by my post. I certainly didn't mean to be disrespectful. Just angers me that there doesn't seem to be a lot of resources to help in the search for her. More media coverage maybe would prove otherwise. I haven't checked Illinois news sources, so maybe there are additional searches being organized and/or a fund set up to accept donations towards a reward. Anyone know?

Benton, IL

#22 Apr 4, 2013
search party wrote:
Sandy Ferris has gone missing from walk around park app 12:30 PM today.
Please keep an eye on house on 34th St
what house?

Benton, IL

#23 Apr 4, 2013
courious of what house

Pell City, AL

#24 Apr 5, 2013
unknown wrote:
courious of what house
Apparently some ass*ole made that up. To all other ass*oles, this is serious. If you must prove you are and idiot, please create your own thread. Thanks bud. Intelligent people appreciate your effort.

Mounds, IL

#25 Apr 5, 2013
helper wrote:
Has robert been threatening her? If that is an ignorant question just say so, i know robert is a super creep just didnt know if there was a history of violence or threats.
He was the first person come to mind for me also. Sure hope for the family they find her. Hope and prayers to the family.

Benton, IL

#26 Apr 5, 2013
wanted to know what house, because i was from cairo and have relatives that live in that area. Also sandra is a relative to some of family members. I myself had a relative that was beaten and robbed last summer in that neighbor area. The persons were never found. Just concerned for the people living in that area if there is someone that needs to be watched. Praying for all.

Sylacauga, AL

#27 Apr 5, 2013
FYI wrote:
<quoted text> He was the first person come to mind for me also. Sure hope for the family they find her. Hope and prayers to the family.
Are you forgetting Darrell? What he said a couple days before?
dont know much

Derwood, MD

#28 Apr 6, 2013
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it is going to take a village to find Sandy. There needs to be a reward fund setup. And we all need to keep talking about it and stop calling each other names. You never know which "assh*le" has the information needed to find her. So put out a welcome sign to all "assh*les" and keep this in the spotlight.

House on 34th is William Robert Smith.

Who is Darrell and what did he say and who did he say it to?

United States

#29 Apr 6, 2013
www.lesar.org , contact this group volunteer org. professional, and bypass the locals

Jeffersonville, IN

#30 Apr 7, 2013
The family needsto contact the State Police themselves. Ask for DCI to come down and talk to them. This is not an issue for a Search Team at this point. It is an issue for the Police, and Cairo PD and Alex. Co. SD dont know how to investigate. Worse than not knowing, they dont care. If they cant write a ticket to somebody they arent interested. Please call the State Police.
jack the gripper

United States

#31 Apr 7, 2013
This is true. This requires experienced police investigators, not glorified security guards.
The fact that the two cases are so similar should be enough to raise suspicion that foul play is not just a possibility but more likely a probability.
Interested parties in Cairo should write off and completely bypass local "law enforcement" and seek professional assistance. Investigations into cases such as these are beyond their capacity and way out of their league. They lack experienced investigators and they simply do not have the resources.

Since: Nov 10

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#32 Apr 7, 2013
Not finding my last post

Since: Nov 10

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#33 Apr 7, 2013
Cairo is not the same small southern town that we all grew up in and loved! In the last decade it has become crime ridden and drug infested.
Anyone with common sense would not go walking alone in that type of environment.
Apparently,the majority of the poeple making comments are not aware of Sandy's personal/social issues. The only a--holes I see are those who continually post people's names and addresses with out any real information regarding who might be responsiable for Sandy's disappearance. While everyone understands x husbands and boyfriends are always looked at in these type of cases no one should be slandered without any real information. I do not believe anyone would appreciate them or their family members being posted in this fashion.

I pray for Sandy and her family, that she will eventualy show up safe. What is done in the dark the Bible says will be brought to light! If anyone other than Sandy is responsible for her disapparence I hope that they will be brought to justice, no matter who it is.

Kansas City, KS

#34 Apr 7, 2013
good dog can obtain a scent up to 2wks

Peoria, IL

#35 Apr 7, 2013
And exactly which bank would you recommend, fwiw, that "trust fund" of "donations" be set up at? Capha? See, the one calling self
"cairo sucks..." said it straight out what the problem is down there...you people think of each other as "white trash"...think black people aren't looking to find out what happened to sandy just as much as you are and/or don't care even in least little bit what happened to her...do not think anyone should put any money in any bank down there to pay somebody to go look for her...If you have LEGITIMATE tip, Illinois Crimestoppers will pay reward per their guidelines...The money is there already...Is not false advertisement or false promise...There are 15 registered sex offenders residing around that park so it is erroneous to say cairo police don't follow up on complaints..obviously, they followed up on those about those men or else they would not be on sex offender registry...Little children - does it matter if they are white or black - be playing over there at that park. Mothers, that's who you should be watching. YOUR children. The majority of those "sex offenders" got labelled as such for messing with 16 or so year old girls when they were young men. A few got records for more of what someone with sound mind would consider real sex offense. That is YOU people's town. YOUR children. If YOU don't care, who does? Just so you know, though, isn't any of my family "white trash". ALL loved by Jesus. Not "wrong color" or any such thing. And,as for the person who posted on here about watch house on 34th street, that may very well be WHY Sandy is still missing. Were too busy watching some man's house on 34th where she wasn't at rather than looking for her with legitimate search crew including dogs, state police, FBI, people who actually are trained in investigative techniques and would not say she is "white trash" or "wrong color".
tool man

Cedar Park, TX

#36 Apr 7, 2013
thought wrote:
good dog can obtain a scent up to 2wks
That is true. But if they drag their feet long enough, they can get out of doing that too. I read where law enforcement is asking the public to come forward with any information they may have or that they may acquire. I see a couple things wrong with that statement.
It's okay for law enforcement to ask information from the public but not okay for the public to ask information from law enforcement?
If law enforcement must depend on information from the public to perform an investigation, why do we need law enforcement to perform an investigation? Given the right information, anybody with a couple neurons to rub together could do it.

Peoria, IL

#37 Apr 7, 2013
fwiw wrote:
Gen22 -
Any press is good press! Don't knock it! Keep people talking, here or elsewhere.
It would be a good idea to set up a fund at a bank where people who are talking can make donations.
Also, if you really think any press is good press, then why don't you contact "Dateline" to come to Cairo and do an investigative report? Says online they seriously consider any story that websleuths site is working on and they are working on the stories of kenny and sandy disappearing.
in the know

Cairo, IL

#38 Apr 7, 2013
I think she is with her brother,, RIP

Saint Louis, MO

#39 Apr 8, 2013
The problem with missing adult cases is that they are not investigated as much as child disappearances. With an adult, unless a witness sees something or there is evidence of foul play or the adult is of diminished capacity, most people will think they just took off on their own. It's sad but true, and law enforcement can't use what little resources they have, to find someone who may not want to be found. Volunteers usually pick up the slack and hold vigils and searches and go door to door.

Since: Nov 10

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#40 Apr 8, 2013
I grew up around this family. They seem to have a curse surrounding them much like the Kennedy clan. The big difference is that theirs seems to be self-inflicted. This is the fourth family member and the third sibling that something has happen to over the years. Think about it what are the odds?

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