Couple charged with hiding daughter’s...

Couple charged with hiding daughter’s dead body

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United States

#1 Jul 7, 2009
I read this in the paper today...Please help me to understand. I cannot understand how anyone could and would do such a thhing. we all need to stand together and protect our children they are our future. If we know any such thing is happening we need to speak up and help the children.
Couple charged with hiding daughter’s dead body
A husband and wife have been charged with unlawful removal of a dead body in connection with the death of a 12-year-old girl that happened last year, authorities said.
Denise Ann Wolf, 40, and Abel Travis Wolf, 35, were charged Monday, and warrants were issued for their arrests.
Court papers state that in August 2008, they unlawfully removed the body of Cheyenne Noell Wolf from property in the 1900 block of North Philadelphia Road in Bokchito.
The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation began investigating last month after a detective from the Ardmore Police Department told OSBI Agent David Houston he had received a report about the disposal of the victim’s body.
An affidavit states that Tricia J. Wells, Alvarado, Texas, stated that her father, Edward Davis, told her that his sister, Denise Wolf, was involved in disposing of Cheyenne’s body after she had been killed at their Oklahoma residence.
During the investigation, Houston discovered that Abel Wolf, his wife Denise Wolf, plus their daughters Sara Elizabeth Wolf, Cheyenne Wolf and Skylar Marlene Wolf had previously lived at the North Philadelphia Road home.
On June 30, Houston spoke by telephone with Davis, a resident of Milton-Freewater, Ore. Davis, the affidavit states, said he is Denise’s brother and that when she lived in Oklahoma, she found one of Cheyenne’s siblings kicking Cheyenne, who was already dead.
Davis told Houston that the body was then taken out and disposed of.
On July 2, Houston interviewed Mr. Wolf by telephone in Havre, Mont. According to the affidavit, he said the family was eating dinner in April 2008, and they became upset because Cheyenne was not eating. Mr. Wolf told Houston that he went outside to smoke and heard a “thump” from inside the mobile home.
According to affidavit, Mr. Wolf said he went back inside and observed that Cheyenne was not acting normal. He examined her pupils with a flashlight, and they appeared normal. He told Houston that he thought Cheyenne was tired, so he put her to bed and did not check on her before he went to work the next morning.
Mr. Wolf said that Mrs. Wolf called and said he needed to come home and when he arrived, she said that Cheyenne had “passed on.”
According to the OSBI, the Wolfs discussed what to do with the body and agreed that they would not report her death. Mr. Wolf put the body into a sleeping bag and then into a large plastic tub. The body was placed in a shed on the property until it began to smell.
The affidavit states that Mr. Wolf then buried the body under the front deck of the Philadelphia Road residence, where it remained until the family moved to Havre.
Before the move, Mr. Wolf dug up Cheyenne’s body and placed it in three large Ziplock bags, and then put the bags into plastic tubs, according to the OSBI.
Mr. Wolf told Houston they moved to Havre in August 2008 and the body was placed in a garage until January of this year. A sibling ran away and was placed into a hospital, according to the affidavit, and the Wolfs feared that Cheyenne’s death would be revealed.
They then moved the body to a home in Milton-Freewater and put it in an old chicken house, the affidavit states. Mr. Wolf told Houston that Mrs. Wolf found out that her brother had been going through their things and that she then moved the body to a storage building in the Milton-Freewater area.
An FBI agent told Houston that Mr. Wolf had put Cheyenne’s remains in two plastic tubs with black X’s marked on them.
Unlawful removal of a dead body is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Spring, TX

#2 Jul 7, 2009
That poor child. What kind of a world is this?
Were the children in school? Did no one miss this child?
So sad!

United States

#3 Jul 7, 2009
well the time frame of this would be when school was out for the summer and they moved just after school started. I kwew the father and he seemed very nice and polite. he did not seem to be this kind of person. each time I saw him he seemed to be happy and easy going but I guess every body has skeletons in the closet but not real ones. I just feel so bad for the children that had to live with this and try and deal with it for so long.
there just seems that there is more to the story than thats being told. this is just horrific.

United States

#4 Jul 7, 2009
Local Headlines:
Fugitives arrested in Hill County
Abel Travis Wolf, 35, and his wife, Denise Ann Wolf, 40, are being held without bond in the Hill County Detention Center, both on a charge of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and on Oklahoma District Court warrants. Hill County Sheriff's deputies arrested the two on Road 405 near the border of Rocky Boy' s Indian Reservation on the charges and warrants Thursday. Jessica Brown, public information officer with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, said the couple is wanted for unlawfully removing a dead body that is presumed to be that of their 11-year-old daughter, Cheyenne. Several days ago, Ardmore, Okla., police received a report from relatives that Cheyenne was missing, after the family members grew concerned that no contact had been made with the girl since the Wolfs began a string of moves Through Montana and Oregon, Brown said. The Ardmore police referred the case to the Bryan County Sheriff's Office, which alerted the OSBI, Brown said. Police searched a storage unit used by the couple in the Milton-Freewater area in Oregon. The remains were discovered there. Based on signed affidavits by two people, those remains are Cheyenne's, and "it's possible that one of her siblings actually beat her to death," Edward Davis, brother of Denise, of Milton-Freewater, told officials during a June 30 phone interview that Denise told him she "went into the house and found Elizabeth Wolf kicking and stomping Cheyenne Wolf in the bedroom. Cheyenne Wolf was already dead ... Abel Wolf was with Denise during the whole incident," according to the affidavits. The remains are being shipped to Portland, Ore., where the medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy to determine who the remains are and the cause of death, Brown said. "We believe that it was April 2008 that she died," Brown said. Hill County Attorney Gina Dahl said this morning that it is unclear if the remains were in Montana and that "they were initially picked up on" the charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. While she said she's not sure if the charges will be pursued, "we have filed a fugitive complaint already to start the extradition process" back to Oklahoma. The couple may waive their right to an extradition hearing, and that would speed up how soon they return to Oklahoma, although no timetable is certain, Dahl said, adding that they should appear in court today or Wednesday.
Wondering out loud

United States

#5 Jul 8, 2009
John wrote:
well the time frame of this would be when school was out for the summer and they moved just after school started. I kwew the father and he seemed very nice and polite. he did not seem to be this kind of person. each time I saw him he seemed to be happy and easy going but I guess every body has skeletons in the closet but not real ones. I just feel so bad for the children that had to live with this and try and deal with it for so long.
there just seems that there is more to the story than thats being told. this is just horrific.
In April 2008, when this child died, the elementary schools in this area would have still been secession, why didn't anyone at school notice this child was gone?
knew that Dad

Boise, ID

#6 Jul 20, 2009
I knew Abel as a teen and a nicer, kinder, more gentle person could not be found. He was so well thought of in school and never had a harsh word for anyone. There has got to be more to this story than is being told.
Bokchito Resident

Calera, OK

#7 Jul 29, 2009
To Horrified, the child was in Rock Creek Public School system, grade school is located at Blue Ok. and High School is in Bokchito.

Wondering Out Loud: These people withdrew this child from school, it was my understanding to "home school" her. That is their right to do so. My question is, why is everyone upset about transporting a dead body across a state line. duh, Greater concern, why did a 12 year old girl die? How? Why? Who did it? Law enforcement seemes to be more concerned with crossing a state line with a dead body then how did this body get DEAD?????

Durant, OK

#8 Jul 29, 2009
I agree with Bokchito Resident. Their main concern should be why is this girl dead; how, when, why are my questions.
If the sibiling was abusing her then the parents responsiiblity should be to protect their children exspecially against each other. If a parent is abusing the child then the other parents responsibility should be to protect that child from the abuser.

Come on people SOMETHING is WRONG here!

Spring, TX

#9 Aug 1, 2009
I think the chief concern is surely -how and why did this child die - transporting a dead body around the country is a reason to arrest the parents. The rest of the story will become known after autopsies, etc. and then possible other charges can be filed. The poor child must have suffered so much.

Since: Oct 09

Coffeyville, KS

#10 Dec 18, 2009
Does anybody know what came about this incident?


#11 Dec 15, 2010
Why cant i find any recent information about this? Have the parents been convicted?? i came across her photo a week ago (december 2010)and ..well i ll just post my letter to the rock creek principal(i've send this letter to several people) to explain to you my point of view. Hope she isnt already forgotten.

Dear Miss/Mrs. Sutter,

I am Carla Smit from Den helder, Holland/The Netherlands, Europe and i have come across this photo of a beautiful red head girl on the internet. As she looked like me when i was about that age i clicked the photo in google chrome to see an enlargement.

As you perhaps know when you click on a photo in google chrome images search results, you first get the photo whilst in the background the `photo-hosting 'website' is loading. When this photo appeared in my screen and the website containing this photo was still grey-screen due to the loading it struck me the photo had a 'pixel'-structure, like we all are familiar with when we look at a photo in a newspaper..
I knew what it meant right away.
This beautiful young girl was dead.

In my country we had a similair incident in springtime this year. Twelve year old Millie Boelen was raped and murdered by an police officer only a few houses away from her own. She was missing 10 days or so and the search was on the news every day. It touched me deeply and i still follow the news on this murder. The man is now charged with rape and murder and his appeal has been denied.

But the reason i write you is that i grief for Cheyenne Wolf so much it saddens me troughout the day and i cry every time i see this photo on my computer. I dont know why but i cannot stop crying for her. I want to know more about this girl and not only the case of her murder. Since i've read she has lived in your hometown at the time she died, and that she was eleven or twelve at the time of her death, i figured she had to attend elementary school in your town and perhaps you know more about her. Perhaps there are group photos of all kids in class, her classmates, did she have any friends? Did nobody love her or care about her wellbeeing? Perhaps there is a memorial somewhere dedicated to Cheyenne?
All kinds of questions like that, i want to know who Cheyenne wolf from Durant, Oklohoma was. Cos its really hurting me to know this girl is dead and its really hurting me to know what i know reading all the articles about her death. I dont know why, but it is really breaking my heart.

I hope you can help me a little on my way to find out more about Cheyenne Wolf.

Kind regards,


I hope some people here coud help me..
Country Girl

Durant, OK

#12 Dec 15, 2010
knew that Dad wrote:
I knew Abel as a teen and a nicer, kinder, more gentle person could not be found. He was so well thought of in school and never had a harsh word for anyone. There has got to be more to this story than is being told.
The way I read and understand it is that the Dad knew there was abuse and not only saw the abuse, but participated as well in the abuse. Whether it was physical, emotional or verbal he KNEW it was going on. The abuse was also told by the other two children. He buried his daughter under the front porch of their home and then dug up her remains and moved them several more times. What Father would do that? So what do you not believe he done? I do NOT feel sorry for him or the step-mother. I could care less what happens to them because whatever it is they deserve it. I feel so saddened by what Cheyenne had to go through as well as the other two children. It makes me sick to think of the way she was treated at the hands of her own Father. You know people aren't likely to tell you if they are abusing their children so no wonder you thought he was a great guy. What do you think now?
so sorry

Chesterfield, MO

#13 Jan 12, 2011
how i look at it somebody in jail should beat da livin hel out of both of them its just stupid 4some1 2do dat crap she didnt ask 2die like dat but i know god wil get them 1 day n who would hurt a kid dats handicaped a sorry azz piece of crap parents
Not a doper

Frisco, TX

#14 Aug 21, 2011

Montréal, Canada

#15 Jun 21, 2013
i think the man is a cannibal the person is psychotic twisted sick demented who should be kept in prison for 114 years

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