Why did Suzanne Ray Proctor principal...

Jonesboro, AR

#21 Sep 28, 2011
Mouse, I am so turned on. :) Brilliant and I couldn't agree more. Everyone I have talked with about this situation agrees with you as well. the district is being quiet because they know they are screwed. Whoever is spewing the crap from their mouths is probably some fat, toothless, trash parent whose kid got in trouble and the prinipal wasn't going to take shi* from them, or a faculty member that is jealous of her and so miserable in their own life they can't stand it. Mouse, marry me :)

Cabot, AR

#22 Sep 28, 2011
Who are you Mouse???? You have such passion for this principal. I am afraid your rather lengthy diatribe does not appear sincere... seriously, you need to get a life. You are so quick to pounce on any comment not to your liking. I'm sure this principal is strong enough to fight her own battle. Yes, I'm sure she would appreciate your positive support... but with a supporter like you, who needs enemies?

Cabot, AR

#23 Sep 28, 2011
"Trap" (ooh, I'm so impressed with your wit!):

Why do you care so much about who I am? How do you know I'm not defending myself with these diatribes? And you're clearly in such a great position to judge my sincerity--are you so accustomed to being superior that you really think you actually ARE God? SMH. It is because I do have a life which I fully enjoy, filling my days with compassionate acts for the good of others that I care so much about Suzanne, who does the same with her life. What might you know about compassion, selflessness? I ask in all sincerity--I'd like to hear about how you use this wonderful life you've been given to serve others, to be an encouragement, to support those who are downtrodden. Really, I'm waiting. Blow me away; show me how I'm misusing my life by supporting Suzanne. You think I need to get a life? OK, fair enough. Give me some examples of your sainted life I could follow. I mean you must be a godlike creature, seeing as how your post just drips with piety.*rolling my eyes* And no, I do not "pounce" on others' opinions, I simply abhor the judgmental tone; if you knew your zoology, you'd know "pouncing" is a feline trait. I, rodent, am having none of that. Pouncing seems more up your alley, Puss...so rather than set your laughable "trap" (stop it, you're killing me--hilarious!), best be looking over your own shoulder for Fido--he's the alpha on this little food chain, genius. And get some brainier help in building a better "mousetrap": I'm not even
remotely tempted by your "bait". To wit, with Einsteins like you running amok, who needs
idiots? Thank God people like Suzanne are
doing everything possible to limit your overgrowth by furthering the tenets of education. Now, off to
sleep with you, little one; it's a school night, and
I'm quite certain it's past your bedtime.

Cheese! My darling chunk of fermented lactose--how I wish we could be together for a lifetime of
metaphorical bliss. Alas! I am taken, enjoined by
the sacred bonds of mouse-trimony to my own
Mighty Mouse hero-type. Loving your support &
glad to hear you've surmised much the same
about the pinhead dissenters; they are like
sharks, aren't they? First whiff of blood in the
water & they descend, quite without the benefit
of forethought, operating solely on instinct since
that primitive brain is, in these repugnant killers,
so overdeveloped in relation to higher-level
thought. Patience is the order of the day. And I do pray for these poor, vicious souls...have a great evening, Cheesy-dear!
ummm yeah

Utica, MS

#24 Sep 29, 2011
so.....then.....we set aside the rules which govern school administrators because of what is viewed by some as positive past job performance? seems kind of pointless to have those rules then in the first place, right??? do whatever you want...as long as the test scores are good and the parents like you!!

Cabot, AR

#25 Sep 29, 2011
Umm, yeah:

Might be inclined to see your point if the district would disclose just exactly what it is that Ms. Proctor has done to infract the "rules". The silence from the school district is deafening, and if all we have to go on are small town rumors, gossip & conjecture, I'm not ready to condemn Ms. Proctor's character, her excellent performance history & her record on such laughably flimsy "evidence". If the district really had a case, they'd lay it all out on the table. But if you're comfortable acting as judge, jury & executioner with nothing to back up your position, you and only you will have to answer for that. And I don't even have to address the absurdity of your statement that implies that infracting nebulous "rules" (again, what "rules" have been broken, and what proof is there of any infraction? Put up or shut up...) outweighs a sterling record of excellence, performance & achievement, reflected in Northside's improved test scores. You imply that overseeing testing success for these kids, that being their champion and encouraging their positive development is all paltry nonsense, since this "monster", for whom you are sharpening your pitchfork, has in some way violated an undefined and murky rule, yet you won't disclose just exactly which rule you believe she has infracted, and couldnt offer any concrete proof of such infraction if your life depended on it. So, ummm, yeah...(if I may borrow your brilliant moniker) I'm not ready to indict Suzanne's character and endorse your flight of delusion with just rumor as evidence. But it's your own soul for which you ultimately have to answer, so if you'd get a little more introspective & become concerned with your own house of cards before rushing out to nose into the affairs of others, perhaps you'd amend your ways, and choose silent watchfulness & compassion, and grow as a person. But I'm not your keeper--do what you want. Just know that your judgments will follow you for the rest of your days, and that one day, you, too, will be judged & found lacking. And when that day comes, your judge will have a whole lot more evidence with which to pass judgement on you than you have against Suzanne. That's it--that's all. It really comes down to evidence-proof. Not rumor, not petty jealousy & trumped up crap. Cold,'hard fact. But you haven't got any. So either put your money where your big, flapping mouth is, or go away, back to your trashy little life, and return to
whatever hole you crawled out of. ;) K, thanks,'bye!
ummm yeah

Utica, MS

#26 Sep 29, 2011
k....let's all open up our personnel files for the world to view...ya wanna go first mouse?

Cabot, AR

#27 Sep 29, 2011
Sure! I have absolutely nothing to hide! Were I in a position where I was being accused, I'd absolutely request the contents of my file be shared...and my current & former employers would comply, since my performance has been so good as to have helped me maintain great relationships throughout my career. I have my house in order. I also know better than to judge without such information regarding the lives of others.

Now, after me, what's in your file? Do you know for certain? Have you seen your file? Would your employers disclose at your request? Would your character & performance be 100% unassailable?

But we're not talking about my character or even (snicker) yours. We're talking about Suzanne's record. Don't deflect. Don't obfuscate. Answer my original question--prove Suzanne's record is blemished to the extent that it would merit the action of the district. If you're saying you're in a position to disclose the contents of Suzanne's file, what keeps you from holding forth? Enlighten us, oh mighty judge. Show us your evidence. That's all anyone is asking. If the evidence is so damning against Suzanne, the district should produce such evidence. If you have seen the file, and the evidence, do tell.
Really. Prove what you believe to be true.

Yeah...that's what I thought. Again, put up or shut up. Or not, whatever. Just be ready to answer for passing judgment on a remarkable person with absolutely NOTHING to back up your position. Your alligator mouth is endangering your butterfly butt, & you're making a colossal fool of yourself. I have to go deal with real people now: people who matter, people who are important. Enjoy your trashtastic day, spreading your lies & your misery to people who don't know any better than to listen. I have better things to do.

Cabot, AR

#28 Sep 29, 2011
Really mouse? You have better things to do? It doesn't appear that way. From where I am sitting you are just a bully that enjoys putting people down. You must like hearing your own words.... as cold as they are.... that is scary. I'm happy for you that you think you are so perfect... you have great self-esteem. But... I believe you could help this principal's cause much more effectively if you didn't act like a pit bull everytime someone makes a comment. I do agree that people should not post the ugly gossip... there is no place for that. This should be a bully-free zone. I do applaud your commitment and loyalty to this principal. She seems to be a good, kind-hearted person who cares about the children in her school. But you have to understand that there are many questions people in this district have. The school district cannot release personnel information. The principal, on the other hand can. She made a public statement on her facebook page that her team of lawyers advised her not to release anything. She also stated she will have a public hearing with the school board. That is when we will find out the facts.
I ask that you please stop acting like a bully and allow people to have civil discussions with one another in a respectful manner.
By the way.... I have been a supporter of this principal from the beginning... but your lengthy rants have made me question my support for her if she is a close friend of yours and approves of your tactics. But, in my heart...I can't believe she approves of your bullying diatribes.
Please clean it up mouse.


#29 Sep 30, 2011
Suzanne Proctor has been under scrutiny by Cabot schools administration for many, many months. Last year, administration considered moving her to another building, but decided that wouldn't fix anything. By the 2nd week of school this year, she had already been in Dr. Thurman's office twice. Like any Cabot employee, she can't be fired for one offense. She has been formally reprimanded several times over several issues. Here are a few examples of what has been witnessed:
--She drinks excessively at public staff gatherings, has gotten drunk before.
-- Has "run off" at least 5 excellent teachers in the past few years. This has often been done so she can make personnel changes based on her personal like or dislike of her staff.
-- Treats teachers unprofessionally; yells at them, insults them.
--Curses strongly in any situation, including in front of parents.
--Has left her building VERY frequently, even to get her hair done. It's been said the assistant principal ran Northside last year.

While Proctor may be loudly affectionate about children, there is more than that to being in a leadership position. Proctor has embarrassed her school and her district on several occasions. Her "uncoothness" appears to be a personality flaw that she does not have the ability to overcome.

As far as the leave paperwork, NO paperwork was completed. Proctor had been reprimanded about being out of the building too frequently, so she knew better than to ask for time off. So, she just TOOK the time off.

And yes, she did have a new boyfriend a mere 8 months after her husband died.

Before the Cabot administration took action against Proctor, you can rest assured that every legal angle was researched. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered to go forward, knowing that she would obtain a lawyer.

I have heard that an administrator at the Arkansas Department of Education has stated, "Oh....Suzanne Proctor will NOT be back." Read into that what you will. It sounds like she's really done something beyond the pale if even the dept. of education has an opinion. Maybe standardized test scores are involved???

Many people in Proctor's building are relieved that she is gone.

'Nuf said.
Get ready butterfly

Frisco, TX

#30 Oct 2, 2011
Butterfly... And all of you other so called "fact" spewers, if I were you I would get a good lawyer. I've "heard" he's coming after everyone who is throwing out bs. It's called deformation of character. Forget fighting for her job. She's fighting for a tarnished rep now. She's a wonderful person and would do anything for anybody. Start sweating... I will be watching with a smirk on my face. ;)

United States

#31 Oct 5, 2011
Thurman Sucks!
spreak engrish pwease

Little Rock, AR

#32 Oct 5, 2011
LMAO --- "deformation" of character....that's a new one.
Get ready butterfly

Jonesboro, AR

#34 Oct 5, 2011
It's called correct text on an iPhone. LMAO? Come up with something more original. Holy hell. You must be a teenager. Grammar police on topix? Your mom was having trouble speaking english last night too ;)
spreak engrish pwease

Little Rock, AR

#35 Oct 6, 2011
ok...how about this one...
"she's fighting for a tarnished rep now..." - umm....so she wants a bad rep??? who would want a tarnished rep??? i would think she would be "fighting a tarnished rep" or "fighting against a tarnished rep" ...but if you (speaking on behalf of her) say she wants a tarnished rep then more power to you and her. you're doing an excellent job to see that she gets one!!! keep up the good work.
Get ready butterfly

United States

#36 Oct 6, 2011
Are you freaking retarded? Anyone who reads it would understand what I was trying to say. Obviously I meant to say fighting a tarnished rep (made by all of these aligations) but I didn't stop to proof read before I posted. Let me guess, you were one of those girls in highschool that didn't get asked to prom? You have 4 kids that have made you fat and a husband that can't stand you because you are such an anal bitc*? If you have the burning desire to correct someone else's post on topix get a job for the local newspaper lady. if you want to argue a point or give an opinion great! If not, get a hobby! Hahaha I will not waste my time responding to you again. Already wasted to much. Have a great day Momma
spreak engrish pwease

Little Rock, AR

#37 Oct 6, 2011
I agree completely...you have definitely wasted "to" much time!! Why don't you call Ms. Proctor and maybe she'll give you some remedial spelling and grammar lessons. I'm sure she's got plenty of spare time!:)

Olive Branch, MS

#38 Oct 6, 2011
What ever Ms. Proctor did or didn't do, it will come out in time. Everyone just be patient and kind to one another.
that guy

United States

#39 Oct 7, 2011
She sucked my balls;)

Mesquite, NV

#40 Oct 12, 2011
I don't know her personally but have heard nothing but good things from co workers and parents. We should be glad to have her. It seems she's been working for the district for awhile at more than one school. Firing someone is a huge decision in this economy. It doesn't seem to me that this warrants it. In the meantime, who is doing her job? Are they paying double for this position for the last month? Could they not have had a hearing sooner? Was the "all about kids" focus well served by leaving a key position vacant for this long? Will there be legal consequences if she is terminated that will cost the district more money? I hope there are lots of protesters at tonight's meeting.

Cabot, AR

#41 Oct 12, 2011
I will be in attendance tonight. Seems there has been very little real word on the street about what they evidence is to terminate her... which for this town is incredible (it's normally very much "word on the street" gossipy)

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