Why did Suzanne Ray Proctor principal...

Why did Suzanne Ray Proctor principal of Northside Elementary get fired

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not in the click

United States

#1 Sep 15, 2011
why was she let go?

United States

#2 Sep 15, 2011
anyone know the school is not sayin

Olive Branch, MS

#3 Sep 15, 2011
I would love to know

United States

#4 Sep 15, 2011
I would like to know

Pacifica, CA

#5 Sep 15, 2011
Patti wrote:
I would love to know
you live in cabot have you heard anything

Cabot, AR

#6 Sep 15, 2011
what happened

Cabot, AR

#7 Sep 15, 2011
cpn wrote:
<quoted text>you live in cabot have you heard anything
no I haven't heard anything. Do tell!

United States

#8 Sep 16, 2011
the only i've been able to come up with is that she told her pupils that she "LOVES" them....is that right?

Cabot, AR

#9 Sep 16, 2011
love wrote:
the only i've been able to come up with is that she told her pupils that she "LOVES" them....is that right?
I doubt it. I know a few teachers at high school allowed kids to watch beheading of American in Iraq a few years ago. They didn't get fired. It's gotta be more than that

Little Rock, AR

#10 Sep 16, 2011
I heard that the only info getting out right now is something like this:
Apparently she took three days off to mourn the anniversary (one year) of her husband's passing. The ppwk got misplaced or something to that effect, thus making her appear AWOL. She was placed on mandatory leave while they decide what to do. This is what the rumor mill is saying, I don't know the accuracy of this. It seems to me that there has to be more going on that that, but who knows. She is a WONDERFUL principal and I hope she is reinstated soon.

United States

#11 Sep 16, 2011
Kyle Proctor
Support for Suzanne Ray Proctor continues to roll in for Save Suzanne Proctor. Like the page to keep informed and read amazing stories from parents of students. If you live in Cabot, spread the word by sharing this page on your wall or in your feed.
Save Suzanne Proctor
WOW!!! In only 24 hours we have 84 supporters!!! You guys are amazing!! Please continue to share this page on your wall

United States

#12 Sep 16, 2011
Kyle Proctor
If you live in Cabot and support educators that not only teach, but go out of their way to make an actual difference in the lives of students, please like this page. It is a page created by parents of students who support the reinstatement of Suzanne Ray Proctor to her position of principal at Northside Elementary.
Save Suzanne Proctor
As many of you have noticed, our much beloved principal, Ms. Suzanne Proctor, has been away from Northside this week. Her job is on the line and she needs our help and support! There will be more details coming soon! Negative comments about the Cabot School District will not be tolerated and WILL BE DELETED!! You can write letters of support to our school board members: Corey Williams Mark Russell Dean Martin Dr Brenda Thielmier David Hipp Wendell Msall Fred Campbell They receive mail at our central office. The address is: 602 N. Lincoln Cabot, AR 72023
Page: &#8206;169 people like this
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Richard Proctor They can't help but reinstate her.(sorry for the typo)
Wednesday at 12:55pm · LikeUnlike
Begina Proctor She definitely goes out of her way for students. Loves them like they are her own. Picks kids up for school and takes them home on her time just so they can be there on time. She went with one student to an awards banquet because the parents couldn't. I realize she is family but have never met a more loving and compassionate principal. She would do anything for those kids!

Atlanta, GA

#13 Sep 19, 2011
the truth will come out. we have only heard rumors so far. grieving widow lol

United States

#14 Sep 19, 2011
If she was a grieving widow why did she go on a hot and steamy vacation to Atlanta with new man in June. I guess she needed someone to help her grieve.When the truth comes out about where she was.It will be another man.
Duh Dee De Dee

Kaufman, TX

#15 Sep 19, 2011
Supposedly she filled out her "Leave" paperwork wrong - the core issue. Someone who works at the school tells me that she had sold her dead husbands custom Trike over the internet , and the guy who bought it is the new guy in her life, lol.-that's all i have.
nancy henderson

Cabot, AR

#16 Sep 21, 2011
I cant believe they would try to get rid of a great principal over some paperwork it just stuns me.Especially when there is so many principals and teachers in the cabot school dist that only do what they have to do and Ms.Proctor goes out of her way every single day to make sure her students and staff are ok. and if the motto for the school this year is really All About The Kids then maybe the school board and dr.Thurman should go to Northside and take a poll because im sure all the kids and most of the staff would vote for to come back!!!!!!!!

Dallas, TX

#17 Sep 23, 2011
The whole missing paperwork doesn't make sense. That would be more grounds of being written up. It's more then that surprised it hasn't came out yet what happened.

Cabot, AR

#18 Sep 27, 2011
Hofinder, I find your remarks to be wholly indicative of the kind of closed-mindedness that scars the reputations of small towns everywhere. It is completely obvious to anyone with higher-order cognitive function that you must have a personal axe to grind here, voicing an opinion that is not only blatantly wide of the truth, but is also saturated with the pettiness typical of all small-town gossips. Your wrong-headedness so obviously based in fantasy represents the only dissenting opinion on this board and throughout the community to which I have had the misfortune of being exposed. I realize that your tiny head is likely ready to explode at the effort of discerning the meaning of my discourse, as I have used many multi-syllabic words that will undoubtedly cause you much hardship in comprehension. Suffice it to say, I had the benefit of being educated by quality administrators like Suzanne Proctor, whose guidance makes your very existence redundant and quite obsolete, while at the same time facilitating new generations of creative, independent thinkers who likewise threaten the provincial and small lives of people like yourself. Better a world of truthseekers, bearing their knowledge and compassion along with inevitable hardship through life than even one other petulant, useless waste of skin like yourself. You are everything wrong with humanity, &, as is so often true, Suzanne is everything good, just & upright. Darkness hates the light.
ummm yeah

Utica, MS

#19 Sep 28, 2011
...because school districts often fire administrators for no good reason. they have no policies to adhere to or use in disciplinary proceedings....right??? surely this is a fluke and she's totally faultless, right??? there can't be a good reason or precedent in her personnel file for this firing, right??? why is the school district persecuting this poor poor widow, right???

Cabot, AR

#20 Sep 28, 2011
Ummm, yeah:

No one ever said she was faultless or blameless but you, in your sardonic post. What we are advocating here is the return of an excellent educator to her post, where she has demonstrated success in helping kids who otherwise don't receive the care they need in an educational environment. If there is precedent for this type of behavior which might warrant Suzanne's suspension, why has the district not alluded to or outright disclosed such information? What does the district have to hide or stand to lose in operating with transparency? I think the district's relative silence on the issue is to blame here: issuing information one way or another would definitively shut the mouths of you rumor-mongers who clearly have nothing else better to do than spread the misery of your lives to the lives of people who use their abilities for the aid others in desperate need. But I've never met a petty gossip yet who will let a silly thing like fact, truth or sense get in the way of the need to run off at the mouth, so you just go right ahead with your verbal diarrhea. You'd better pray, though, that the glass house of moral superiority in which you live is never besieged by the stones of your own hate, coming back to haunt you. God forbid you should ever make a mistake that might jeopardize your livelihood, nor that you should ever need to rely upon the help of others in a time of need. Holier than thou much? It's quite evident you have no idea what it means to be beloved for your selflessness, & that's just awful. I am sad for the coldness of your black, sanctimonious little heart. Mine, meanwhile is filled with love & hope for this "widow", both as one who is beloved, and as one who freely gives love & compassion, in return. Note, I did not say I feel sorry for her, since I, unlike you, am able to
distinguish between pity and compassion. Suzanne is strong, & she neither needs nor wants anyone's pity. What she deserves is understanding borne of compassion, a trait readily accessible to those of us who don't march around pointing fingers at everyone else & feeling so above the pale. What your inflated ego keeps you from recognizing is that Suzanne will go on & have a successful career in a district that recognizes & rewards her unique spirit, talent & ability--& that your little spawn in Cabot won't benefit from Suzanne's influence at all if the district is foolish enough to let Suzanne get away. Her exit is ultimately Cabot's loss, and, as usual, the vulnerable & the voiceless (Cabot's schoolchildren) stand to pay the price. I don't expect you to wrap your snarky brain around this concept, as doing so would require you to descend your delusional throne & deign to think of someone other than your perfect, queeny self. Good luck with being perfect--I hear it's lonely up there at the top, where you've obviously ensconced yourself so well while you look down on all the rest of us!

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