The Melton Drug Cartel
Well Well Well

Tipp City, OH

#1 Oct 9, 2013
So I see the Meltons got busted again for meth, daddy and son, what a nice family business. Wonder if they had anything to do with Shawn's death last December? Maybe now the court will lock this bunch up and keep them instead of letting them out every two years to go cook more meth. Jeff and BJ got arrested, god knows how many of more of them they could've caught if they weren't lucky enough to be somewhere else.

Bloomington, IN

#3 Oct 12, 2013
Well Well Well wrote:
So I see the Meltons got busted again for meth, daddy and son, what a nice family business. Wonder if they had anything to do with Shawn's death last December? Maybe now the court will lock this bunch up and keep them instead of letting them out every two years to go cook more meth. Jeff and BJ got arrested, god knows how many of more of them they could've caught if they weren't lucky enough to be somewhere else.
Well just maybe u need to get ur facts together be4 u just put things on here that's not father and son dum-dum ...... oh and one more thing u leave Shawn out of it none of them had anything to do with his death . And if u knew any of them u would fuckin know that ...... R.I.P. Shawn love and miss u
i-only-speak-the -truth

Terre Haute, IN

#4 Oct 13, 2013
It would be nice if you knew what you were talking about. Jeff is not BJ's dad. Jeff was sober when Shawn died and nobody had anything to do with Shawn's death. Nobody forces people to do drugs and anyone could die taking a small amount of drug just one time. And why would you bring someone's dead kid into it? And on top of that ask if maybe they had something to do with it? People have a drug problem and all you can do is talk about long they need to be locked up. Obviously being locked up isn't helping Jeff. Addiction is a disease and it needs treated properly and being released into your old drugged out surroundings around your drugged out associates only tempts someone. Maybe if you lived their life you wouldn't be so quick to judge!

United States

#5 Oct 14, 2013
Where is a damn like button when you need it ^^^
gotta love madispn

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Oct 20, 2013
There is as many bad cops as drugies maybe you should call them out and investigate ...and get someone WHO can be honest if possible this is Madison a dirty town ....
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#12 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
So, gonna take that stash of drug money and bail him out and let him keep on manufacturing? Why have you never done anything to help poor old misunderstood Jeff? Too jealous of him and the so called 'dope who{es?' All you ever did was standby and enable. How's that for helping? Might as well lock'em up. Here's a test: how many times does your name appear on the pseudo log?
Since you want to hid behing a name i put mine on here so you will.knkw who wrote this. And your god dam right if i had a stash of money i would get Jeff out. For info i did stand by Jeff thsts called love and caring. Why do you want to bring up Shawn if you were so educated on our family you would know the cause of death but it sounds hou pull shit out of your ass if it sounds good. I hope it makes you feel better about yourself talking about shit you dont know about. Go check and see how many times my name is on the list you might be surprised. And you ssy I am dried up well i dont think you know mw very well. So quit hiding behind a name and be proud of what you say. you people on here are s joke or really boared with your life. I can hold my head high cause i know the truth. Maybe you should learn it to!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#13 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
Jeff wants a little horey girl to suck it rather than give it to old dried up tammy. Can you believe it?
I'm curious how fo you know so much about my life? Dont be afraid to stepup and say so. Quit hiding behind a username if you are brave enough!!! I'm not scared to put my name on here why are you?
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#14 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
How many drug runsAa did you make? I know you are a drug runner for the cook. Just get out, because we will not stand for your kind until you are behind bars for good. We have had enough. Get!
Again did you read the paper? This is kinnda becoming comical you got a way better story than what really happened. Maybe you should become a fiction crime writer cause your good at making up stories. Your comment will no longer upset me cause i am way better thsn you are. I have bigger and better things to with my life. Maybe you should try the same. To all the dope hoes out there, im proud of the fact that i've been with one man. It might not turned out the way i wanted but i'm certainly not dried up. But i guess thats better than being used up and you know who you are!! Everyone hope you have an awsome day cause i am!!!!
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#15 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
Ever think about leaving the county? We will put you all in jail if you don't get out.
Sorry to bust your bubble i will never be put in jail cause i had no involvement in this. You think if the MPD thought i was involved they wouldnt be checking that out. Come on whoever is writing this manup and tell me what you think face to face!! You fit in the i'm to scared to back up what i say catagory but hey your not alone. This really blows my mind thst you would even say things like this cause you dont know me at all. You are only making yourself a fool. The people who truely know me are laughing at you snf ehat you right. Yoy must be misersble with yourself.if you feel the need to say things like this. Ask anyone who knows me and see what you get they love me and thats all i need!! Good day and my god help you!!
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#16 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
Jeff wants a little horey girl to suck it rather than give it to old dried up tammy. Can you believe it?
Come on is this all you got to write about? Sounds like you wanted to but he wouldnt let you. Dont be so mad about it happens to the best of us ! Why are you so upset over who Jeff wants? Is it any of your business? Try keepin your mate happy and you wont have time to worry about what Jeff and me are doing. No matter what happens i will always have Jeffr if i want him. At least you gave me something to laugh at today good lookin out!!! And bout being dried out i have had one dick in me not god knows how many you've had. This is the most ridiculos thing i have ever seen shame.on you for even writing things like this sounds like you are jealous of something
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#17 Oct 27, 2013
WOW! I can't believe the cruel and untrue things people write on here. The sad thing about it there are innocent people who get hurt by the things that people say. I don't know who you are that wrote those untrue things about me on here but i really hope that's makes you feel better. Mine and Jeffs marriage is none of your concern, what made you think it was? Jeff does need help.for his addiction have you walked in his shoes? How dare you pass judgement on someone else. I'm sure your life is perfect. Anyone who truly knows me knows what i am like and that's all that matters to me. Maybe you can put your effort.into doing something worth while. If you would like to know anything else about me feel free to ask i have nothing to hide. Hope you gave a great day!!!
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#18 Oct 27, 2013
Finally wrote:
Jeff wants a little horey girl to suck it rather than give it to old dried up tammy. Can you believe it?
Sounds like your more upset about than iam. Would he not let you suck it and you got jealous!! You should have knew he didn't want you..Me and Jeff will here for each other even after were divorced. That's something you will never know about. You can't make me feel bad About myself but nice try. you need to work on yourself. Why don't you put your real name on here I'n not scared are you!

Fort Wayne, IN

#20 Oct 28, 2013
I've known the Melton's for the past ten years!!! They are great people. They've had hard times. Addiction is a disease! People cope differently with pain. I have family and friends who have drug problems. Me, I'm clean. I can find other ways to get through pain and anger. Yes, Jeff was an addict for a very long time. The last time he got out of prison he stayed clean for a very long time. His sons death was very hard to cope with. If I lost a child there's no telling what I'd do. How about y'all quit talking shit and worry about your own lives, your own problems, and your own wives sucking on other dick due to the fact that you are so pathetic. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. I also jus wanted to say yea it might be bad to cook meth but I'm pretty sure it wasn't leaving the site. They don't do it for money they don't do it to get the whole town fucked up, they do it for themselves. Just like some people drink and take Xanax and other pills, it's an alternative to a different way of thinking.
tammie melton

Indianapolis, IN

#22 Oct 29, 2013
Yeah Right wrote:
Jeff was selling meth out of a hotel room next to a school. Shawn sit there and died with a needle in his arm. No secret he was a meth user. The arrest records are full of Meltons. Maybe if they didn't teach the kids to stay f-ed up on drugs, the family wouldn't have so much pain from going to jail and overdosing. Instead of trying to figure out how to keep a straying dick, why don't you all figure out how to get your family clean and sober? Or else just all go get fixed and stop having kids. Have some more kids and keep the pain going, because no one is taking the time to teach any of them to stay off drugs, just how to cook 'em! Must've been "leaving the site" if narcs were able to slip in and make a buy, must've been selling to anyone with money, didn't even have to trust them.
Sounds like you got the world figured out. Maybe you should bottle it. Were you present when Shawn passed away? How dare you day that but that shows your intelligence. Its ignorant people like you that keep people
intertained! I'm glad to know that you care so much about our family. Instead if negitive comments maybe try something positive and offer some help
You people really are giving us way to much credit, you don't know anything about my family. I'm sure your family life can't get any better and I'm happy for you I don't wish bad on people.
This cooking meth shit where did you get that from? Jeff wasn't arrested for that but maybe we read different newspapers. But again thanks for the concern for my family every little bit helps. Since I don't know your name I hope whoever you are you have a great day!!
tammie melton

Chicago, IL

#24 Nov 4, 2013
Sleazy Bag wrote:
He got arrested before for cooking. Now he is arrested for dealing. Where was he getting it from, if not cooking? Put 2+2 together. If he didn't die with a needle in his arm, why be so secretive about it? The whole town says meth or heroin, and I know he was a hophead.
This Shit is getting ridiculous I don't know what secret do you think we have? I mean come on. Shawn DID NOT die with a needle in his arm. Unless you where there and you know something about it that we don't know. If you do I would appreciate you telling me. This being secretive about things should we have put a big ad in the paper to let everyone know our private family matters? Since you are concerned about it, you can get with me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have concerning Shawns death. Thanks for worry so much about us! Wow I can't belive that you as well as others are so obsessed with our family, its kinda getting scarey. People write some pretty wild Shit on here then hide behind a fake name. I bet you would'nt say this Shit to my face. So just think about it can you be brave enough to say things like this to my face. I bet the answer will be no I'll just be brave on Topix. I hope I've cleared up any misunderstandings. Feel free to contact me if you ant other questions

Thorntown, IN

#25 Nov 5, 2013
how the f***are you all going to sit here and talk about shawn.... leave him out of it let him rest in peace... and dont be talking sh** about the melton family.. people have hard times and do what they got to do. what non of you all ever smoked a joint never drank a beer.. dont sit there and act like you have never done a f***ing drug in your f***ing life... tammie loves jeff... you all need to get your sh** straight before running your d**k suckers.. AND LEAVE SHAWN MELTON OUT OF THIS SH*T.... GO F*** YOUR SELFS

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Nov 7, 2013
I think everyone meddling in this families life needs to stfu and worry about themselves and their fowl children. quit disrespecting the dead and let these people be. i do not know any of them, but I am sure you would do what you had to do to feed you and yours... i know i would do anything to take care of mine...

United States

#29 Nov 8, 2013
Jobs can be hard to come by. and if someone wanted the drug bad enough, they'd learn to make it themselves. Obviously that's why there's always new ones to the game. Smfh. It doesn't matter. Bringing up the deceased is messed up. Do you really have nothing better to do than sit behind a screen and gossip? Why does anyone need to know the cause of death? He is gone either way. Sick f*cks
tammie melton

Bloomington, IN

#30 Nov 27, 2013
What then wrote:
So you sell meth and ruin other families by letting daddy spend the grocery money on your meth and then he has an affair with a dope hoe and splits up the marriage so you can put food on your table? Is that what you call doing what you had to do to feed you and yours? How about the food pantry, food stamps or getting a job to feed you and yours?
Did you honestly think Jeffs the only one selling meth in this town? It is still plentiful around here. And ad far as the Dope hoes are concerned (Mellissa Danillikk and Brooklyn Jones) they are still getting high and then snitching on them maybe we should do something about that. So please take all your effort and get them off the streets to!! Why are you so concerned about my family but at least someone cares. Worry about your own and I will worry about mine. Do you think Shawn dying wsdnt enough you want to get one here and talk about him. Really if you want to k.own something ask me and I will be glad to feel you in. Have a little respect or did your mama not teach you any? And by the way Jeff did have a job and I'm sure he made more money than you will ever have. Please leave my family out of your mouth and thoughts. We got this!!

United States

#31 Dec 7, 2013
You have to be a low life piece of crap to talk about someone who has been layed to rest. No matter how he passed or what happened the family has suffered enough so stfu and leave them alone. Get a damn life. If someone in my family had a addiction I would be there for them through thick and thin to help them get better. But I guess you would just turn your back on them right. Shawn has two boys who loved him and don't need people to run their mouth about him for them to one day see. Grow up and worry about your own life not others. I've know his sister for years and she is a great mommy so for you to say all the meltons are druggies must make you a expert on there family right. Then you would know how much they have already been hurt enough in this situation and obviously none of you know shit so stay out of others life and get your own and you might be better off

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