butler courts unfair- don rasely

butler courts unfair- don rasely

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#1 Aug 22, 2007
City man gets 3 to 6 years in deal
By Kim Paskorz
Eagle Staff Writer
20-year-old enters no-contest plea
A city man who only months ago publicly rejected a 3- to 6-year sentence for an alleged sexual assault on a 14-year-old boy has accepted that exact same plea bargain offer again.
The only difference in the deal 20-year-old Corey Detwiler rejected in March and the one he is now serving is the name and meaning of the plea.
Previously, Detwiler pleaded guilty to sexual assault and corruption of minors. In the new deal, he pleaded no-contest to the same charges.
A no-contest plea implies that a defendant is not acknowledging responsibility for a crime, but chooses not to take the case to a trial. For sentencing purposes, it is weighed the same as a guilty plea.
Detwiler had been accused of assaulting a city boy inside his home in February 2006.
The boy, who is not being identified due to the nature of the charges, reportedly said he feared Detwiler because he had a knife in his possession earlier the same day.
Detwiler, during the March hearing, told the judge he is not guilty, but was willing to accept a plea bargain arrangement because he didn't think he would be acquitted if he had a jury trial.
After withdrawing his plea, Detwiler began the trial process. A jury was selected earlier this month and set to hear the case this week.
Detwiler entered the new plea Friday and was immediately sentenced by Shaffer.
In addition to the prison time, Detwiler was ordered to spend an additional three years on probation.
A state assessment board has already determined Detwiler is not a sexually violent predator under the requirements of the state's Megan's Law. However, because of the nature of the charges, that law still requires him to register his address with state police for 10 years.

BlazingKool-Aid Drinkers

Butler, PA

#2 Aug 23, 2007
Tomorrow should be a very telling day..let's see who knows the true meaning of justice for a confessed pedophile.


#3 Aug 24, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007
By Karen Kane, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A former music teacher and choir director in Butler County today was sentenced to 6 months in jail, followed by more than 7 years probation, for molesting a boy while giving him music lessons.

Donald Rasely, 57, will also be barred from unsupervised contact with children.

Mr. Rasely pleaded guilty in June to indecent assault, corrupting the morals of a minor and furnishing alcohol to a minor. The sentence of 90 to 180 days in jail was agreed to by both Mr. Rasely and Butler County Assistant District Attorney B.T. Fullerton. However, it was up to Common Pleas Judge William Shaffer today to decide whether his jail sentence would be followed by supervised probation and conditions. The judge gave him the maximum amount of probation he could under the law.

The victim's mother, who the Post-Gazette will not identify because of the paper's policy to not identify sex crime victims, told the court she and her family do not support the plea agreement and believe that Mr. Rasely should be spending much more time in jail, though she didn't specify a suggested sentence.


Since: Apr 07

Hyattsville, MD

#4 Aug 25, 2007
If the victim of the crime had to testify in open court and be subjected to cross examination - then why didn't the accused??
So are Don and Detweler in the same cell?
Also, how is it an 'agreement' if all of the parties do not agree?
Just wondering....
Time for change

Monongahela, PA

#9 Aug 25, 2007
Does anyone know if Peter shaffer, the magistrate judge is related to William R. Shaffer or deputy shaffer at the jail?
law comin to get u

Mansfield, OH

#10 Aug 26, 2007
Time for change wrote:
William Shaffer . Step Down !!!! Alot of people have evidence against you. I knew this would come out. You are finished! Take your cronies with you.
go ahead..keep messing with the law..see what happens to you!
Time for change

Monongahela, PA

#11 Aug 26, 2007
They could get my ip adress in about 5 minutes. Tell em come on. They know where I am. Why don't you send this stuff over to the courts? Tell em some guy is really tearing him up. When they come they should bring thier attorneys. I ain't one of those poor folks from butler that cant afford anything but a crooked public defender.

Since: Apr 07

Waldorf, MD

#12 Aug 26, 2007
I don't know if it is true up there, but in VA, all trial lawyers are required to do pro bono cases, in their own area of specialization. Is the public defender and the prosecuting attorney for the county of Butler the same person??
Are parents with children in any of the Butler county Schools ready to rally the troops [more easily accomplished thru the PTA's] and demand better practices in education, in city management,[as in teach your children thru your own actions], and in empowering their children to speak up and be heard in their community??
You all tried to organize once Butler, but interest wained and fear took over again.
Now that you have seen and heard the 'Butler brand of justice' for child molesters - maybe you will DO SOMETHING to change the town's legal practices for YOUR KIDS.
Time for change

Monongahela, PA

#13 Aug 26, 2007
You would tink the prosecutor and public defender were the same around here but no they are not. PA has one of the worst legal systems in the country for indigent persons. A public defender can sit back and do nothing and basically enjoy immunity from mal practice suit. A common claim is there is no time to effectively defend a client. Kevin Flahrety head PD for butler county can tell you that. If you could easily sue a pd for malpractice, he would probably be in court 4 out of 5 days a week.

Since: Apr 07

United States

#14 Aug 27, 2007
So what is the difference among pro bono, D.A., public defender, and court appointed attorney?
Should [Does] a victim of a crime receive a "just minimal", "competent", or "Stellar" prosecution, or is it assumed that the victim must have their own private attorney who works in co-operation with the D.A.'s office?
Is court appointed representation only for the person charged?
Were the fines levied against Don restitution for the victim's costs or were they only the 'court costs'?

Windber, PA

#15 Aug 27, 2007
Public Defenders and Court Appointed Attorneys are paid for by the County (Public Defenders are on County Payroll). Court appointed Attorneys are usually used in Family court cases or in criminal cases where there are multiple co-defendants and not enough Public defenders to go around. Court appointed are regular Attorneys that agree to accept work from the county for a set fee (per hour). In order for someone to get either one of these attorneys, they must meet low income eligibility guidelines.
The District Attorney represents the state, or prosecution. Public defenders represent the accused.
Pro Bono just means that an attorney volunteers their services for free.The term is usually used in the context of a private attorney volunteering their services to someone free of charge. Many private attorneys will volunteer to represent someone pro bono for a variety of reasons, whether it be a special interest of theirs or a tax write off.
It is "pot luck" whether or not your Public Defender or Court Appointed attorney does a good job for you. They are bogged down with caseloads and do not put much time into cases like a paid attorney would. They dont have any personal interest in you because you are not paying them.
In the Rasely case, the State(the DA) filed the charges, as is the case in any crime victim on the criminal side. If the boy and his parents would decide to file CIVIL charges against Raisely for damages, which I think they should, the boy will need to hire a private attorney, the DA will not do that*I dont think)
The fines levied are just that - fines levied. You can be charged fines or court costs or both. You would have to see how it is worded. None of this money goes to the victim, it all goes to the state/county. Restitution, if ordered, goes to pay the victim for any MONEY they are out. For instance, if someone damages another persons property when they burglarized it, the judge can order restitution in an amount to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the property lost.
I hope this helps. I am not in the legal profession, just unfortunately have had to deal with the legal system for a variety of reasons in the past. I have lived in Allegheny County for the past 5 years and I must say, the court system here is 10 times more efficient and organized and fair as opposed to Butler - they are in a world of their own.

Since: Apr 07

United States

#16 Aug 27, 2007
Time for change

Butler, PA

#17 Aug 27, 2007
Butlerborn, Thats pretty accurate. The boy will need to get a private attorney. Even so The DA didn't even handle the criminal case well. She even appears to have ripped the boy off in justice. She said to the paper a few moths ago the family agreed with the Da recommendation of 90 to 180 days. Then the gazette says the family disagres with the sentance. The false statement the district attorney appears to have made could raise the issue that the DA could have padded the case for Rasely. That is an offense that could have the DA in alot of trouble. The family would need to and should file a complaint with the disciplinary board of PA. Not sure about the judge but for sure the DA.

If the judge has done something wrong in the case you would report him to the Board of Judicial Conduct. Judge Shaffer is quite familiar with this group, as he just finished a stint of probation on July 31 2007 and based on a complaint I will be filing shortly, what I will alledge could and likely will have the judge forbidden from holding any judicial office in the future.

My advice to the family is to get an Attorney out of the area. Do not get one from Butler. They tend to be less aggressive in a town where they could have to present a case in front of the judge in the future.

I too have had to drag a family member through the kangaroo courts of Butler. We ended up having to fire that wothless Head pubic defender Flahrety and hire our own private attorney $5,000. But in Butler Justice is bought and paid for. It ain't free. People like Shaffer drive the price up every day.

Does the family of the victim have any money? If not, I would be willing to fork over a few hundred to help the boy find true justice. I have an excelent out of town attorney that has a true passion for the law and absoloutly hates corruption. If something happened he will bring it to the surface.


Windber, PA

#18 Aug 27, 2007
I wouldnt be surprised at all if an attorney hasnt already contacted this boy's family about a civil suit. It wouldnt cost them anything - the atttorney would just get a cut of the settlement. If there is a case there - someone has jumped on that.

I too was first under the impression the boys family agreed to the plea bargain in this case. I was hot when I read otherwise recently. that's not the judges fault - it's the DA. If that was my son, I would be screaming and yelling.
Time for change

Monongahela, PA

#19 Aug 27, 2007
I understand that the judge is not stupid enough to say it himself. But I think the judge knew it was false when she said it. Trust me I know who this judge is and what he is about. I won't post my allegations on this site because Billy don't know my family knows what they know and I dont want to clue him in. Maggie appears to owe him a BIG favor and she is likely here among us..

Just by coincidence when I posted here that my friend was looking for the mayor she called her first thing the next morning. My friend was not home and Maggie said she would call Friday. Hadn't heard from er yet. My friend has been trying to get her on the phone for months. Suddenly the post, and she appears briefly.

Proctorville, OH

#20 Aug 28, 2007
Does anyone know who was at the hearing with the Mayor and sat behind this child molestor?
Jack Stevenson NOLA

Covington, LA

#21 Aug 28, 2007
Leaving Butler and Grove City College many years ago I find 6 Months AND 3 YEARS of Probation a very low threshold when compaired to other states. In Louisiana if the minor is a victum and is less than 14 I believe the Death Penalty is at play. Plan B is life without parole. Remember the Judge, DA, and Jury are at play here more so than the commnets I read on the Public Defender. The table of punishments associated with your code is of concern also. Have sympathy for the victum/s and judge your Laws and juris prudance accordingly.
BlazingKool-Aid Drinkers

Butler, PA

#22 Aug 28, 2007
sickened wrote:
Does anyone know who was at the hearing with the Mayor and sat behind this child molestor?
There were about 3 dozen of our would be "illustrious arts community" sitting behind Don Rasely
another raised in butler

Clearfield, PA

#23 Aug 28, 2007
The Raisley crime is sickening but more so is the reaction of so many people who should demonstrate moral fiber. It sickens me to see that the town where I was raised has become such an example of gross injustice towards a child. Teflon Don gets away with this with a slap on the wrist while the mayor and her cronies support it. Hang your heads in shame.

Butler, PA

#24 Sep 1, 2007
another raised in butler wrote:
The Raisley crime is sickening but more so is the reaction of so many people who should demonstrate moral fiber. It sickens me to see that the town where I was raised has become such an example of gross injustice towards a child. Teflon Don gets away with this with a slap on the wrist while the mayor and her cronies support it. Hang your heads in shame.
Thanks to our wonderful mayor who has not done a thing since she came into office except supporting a child molester and her cronies who have rattled up support for this pervert. Butler is definately a place to get the hell out of.

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