Do You Believe In "Assisted Suicide" ...

Do You Believe In "Assisted Suicide" ForTerminal Illnesses?

Created by _-_Nope_-_ on Jun 3, 2011

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Not sure


London, KY

#145 Mar 7, 2012
The cigs will kill you no sugar on them just like the air you breath or the water you drink! Sorry just facts!

Redondo Beach, CA

#146 Mar 7, 2012
crazy wrote:
The cigs will kill you no sugar on them just like the air you breath or the water you drink! Sorry just facts!
LOL! Agreed. Cigs will kill you. We try to avoid them, but what about Michael Jackson? He died of ...welll something. ;)

Since: Aug 11

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#147 Mar 8, 2012
Their plan leaves one thing lacking. These people were left to die all alone, he wouldn't stay with them till it was over.
the jackson

London, KY

#148 Mar 8, 2012
story, he maid his bed so to speak. one of two things happened,i wasnt their but he molested children and a dr.either played the role of god. Or he got so popular he couldnt handle the stress and had the money to pay for his own death!
man of sorrow

Leavenworth, IN

#150 Mar 9, 2012
Jesus suffered the excruciating pain of a horrible death also. The crowd made it as painful and demoralizing as they possibly could for him. None of us will get out of here alive. We don't know what we will have to go through on this earth. Just because you don't believe something doesn't make it any less true. The rebelion of man against his own creator brought the sting of death upon himself. You can thank Satan, not God for the suffering and death we now have to endure. Thankfully once that suffering is finally over for the saved it is over for eternity. For the unsaved it is only the beginning of sorrow. Satan laughing in your face as you take your last breath. If I were you I wouldn't be so eager to slap God's face. Believe it or not you are going to need him in the end because death is sure. Everyone so far has died. It happens to the very best of us. The suffering of man does not prove there is no God. I say you better be making plans for it to come because it will come. Your unbelief will not prevent it.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

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#152 Mar 22, 2012
I just lost another family member. One that was so ill for the past year that he suffered through each and every waking moment of the time he had left.... Another one that had to suffer tremendously before passing over.

He chose to discontinue his own dialysis treatments because it was contributing NOTHING to his quality of life. The treatments were only adding a quantity of days toward his suffering and pain.

"Quality" vs. "quantity"... What would YOU do?

Discontinuing his own treatments was the only legal option he was afforded after enduring such pain and agony at the hands of those who insisted he should continue these treatments at all costs. Even though he'd already reached the age of 90.

RIP, Uncle. I admire your courage.
Sorry NOPE

Hazard, KY

#153 Apr 1, 2012
I'm so sorry for your loss NOPE. Your uncle sure was brave man to do that. Guess you could really get to the point where your just to tired to fight it any more. Dialsis is hard to go thru. I don't know what I'd do if I was him. At his age he was probly to tired to fight and at that olden age your sure not going to get a transplant kidney donor. Prayers for your family.

Russell Springs, KY

#155 Jul 3, 2013
I hate to see anyone in pain but just remember God is in control of all things. You could pray and ask him to ease your love one's pain.

I did here there in 1 state it is legal to do what u saying so go there if u want to take things in your own hands but remember when u get on the other side there might be consequences for murder even if it is your own life or family and u will know this if u believe in Heaven & Hell

London, KY

#158 Jul 4, 2013
i do believe in it if it was my family member laying in pain i would have to say yes

Butlerville, IN

#160 Jul 4, 2013
kelly wrote:
i do believe in it if it was my family member laying in pain i would have to say yes
I watched my dad suffer w cancer. His Dr gave him "norcos" dying w pancreas cancer. at that time I couldnt beleive they did not give him the drip. It was a cruel death. I will not let another person I love go through this kind of suffering. I will see that they leave this world peacefully. Its been 13 years and I still cant get the screams of pain and the looks of being hopeless out of my head. I feel guilty that I didnt know about the drip at that point in his life. I hate those memories, but I guess its part of life.

United States

#161 Jul 5, 2013
there were/are drugs that help ease folks out of here peacefully.ask the hospice nurses.why your dad's suffering got to the screaming point was senseless and cruel.crazy docs!one of the patients rights is to be free of pain if at all possible. nothing withheld when dying,even sedation if necessary.stop all heroics,start the morphine drip and let them hel* with dr's hip' oath.

Somerset, KY

#162 Jul 5, 2013
My aunt was terminally ill, and had lots of pain. The doctors refused to give her narcotics and/or opiates because "we don't want her to get hooked on them." Dumbest people I ever saw! The woman was dying anyway! Why should she not have been allowed to go in peace?

BTW, even if you or your loved ones have 'Advance Directives' that say you don't want heroic/lifesaving measures taken, did you know that your doctor's religious beliefs can take precedence over your wishes? I first heard of this in another state, but the same is true here in KY.

Middlesboro, KY

#163 Jul 5, 2013
early today i lost a friend of almost 47 years to cancer after he was diagnosed with it a little over a year ago.

he decided to undergo chemo and radiation as a treatment. he endured the whole barrage of recommended treatments, biopsies and surgeries. due to that he was very ill during the last 11 months of his life.

i have said for a long time that if i am ever told i have cancer, and here is a good chance of that because it runs in my family, that it would depend on how far advanced it was whether i would take these barbaric treatments or not. i just dont think i would want what time i had left to be spent so violently sick.

we already know that chemo also attacks your healthy cells while its fighting off the cancerous ones and you are so violently ill that i wonder if the outcome is worth it with certain types of cancer that dont have a good rate of survival anyway.

now that marijuana is legal in a few states, i think that i would move to where marijuana has been legalized and treat myself with cannabis and hemp oil. i honestly believe that the key to curing cancer lies in that natural herb.

i also believe with all of my heart that our government and the big pharmas are also aware of it, but making that knowledge public would ruin them and have the potential to rock the foundation of our present day economy to a great extent.

my heart is heavy that my friend has now passed away. this makes three friends i have lost to cancer in just two short years. but he was a good christian man and he died with dignity and peace, knowing he was going to heaven.

he passed over in his sleep after being kept as comfortable as modern day narcotics could make him during his last few days in hospice this past week or so. he was in one of the best facilities around so maybe because he was pretty wealthy and his family could afford him the best is the reason he was kept so comfortable during his final days. i just dont know for sure as that was something i didnt feel was any of my business to ask. but it crossed my mind tonight when i stumbled onto this forum and read every remark you all have added to it.

still there is a part of me that wonders what the outcome would have been if he could have tried alternative methods to cure the cancer. would he have lived if he had been able to legally use marijuana and hemp oil to treat his cancer?

my heart is just too broken to think right about it all tonight.

r.i.p my dear friend. i have a lot to think about in the next few days. its almost too much to bear.

“My Bad! Just hold me. ”

Since: Aug 07

Orion's Belt

#168 Jul 6, 2013
Yes. I believe there should be a 'No Day After' pill.

Easy does it. Come collect you in the morning.
Suffering all gone.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

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#169 Jul 6, 2013
I had all but forgotten about this thread until now. Nice to see some more input.

And for the commenter "tday", I'm sorry for your loss... I feel your pain.

Peace be with you,

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

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#170 Jul 6, 2013
Sorry, typo.

I'm sorry user "today".... My prayers and hopes for a brighter day ahead are with you.

Middlesboro, KY

#172 Sep 21, 2013
My dear friend just lost her oldest child to cancer last year. He suffered something terrible. Morphine was no help toward the end. As he was dying he begged for relief but there was no way to give it to him. The thought crossed my mind many times to help my dear friend end his life. But to assist in doing that for him would have meant prison time. My faith in God was also an issue. It is an experience that has forever changed my mind on the right to die with dignity.

Do any of you people understand how unbearable it is to sit for weeks that turn into months while you sit and watch your very own child suffer and there is not a damned thing you can do to ease their pain? Not a damned thing you can legally do? To sit and watch your child cry out in pain while you can do nothing to help them?

She is ready to go insane with grief. She and her husband and can barely talk to one another and their family is completely tore apart. If only we would have been allowed to help their son pass over to glory peacefully and with some dignity, everyone's lives would have been so blessed and his suffering would have ended.

But the law kept us from helping her son. We feared being put in prison for murder. It kept him from being able to die peaceably when there was no hope for him to ever be cured from that terrible cancer.

What is the difference when someone is on deaths door anyway? Why should they suffer when we have the means to help them pass over with compassion? If someone is on life support, they allow you to pull the plug, so why then can't we help someone end their life when they are terminal and in so much pain, screaming for release from their physical body?

Middlesboro, KY

#173 Sep 21, 2013
And what's the difference in executing someone on death row because they have committed murder? I do support executions when someone has done a horrific crime against another human being. So why is that acceptable, but helping a human being who has done nothing wrong in their whole life and gets struck down by cancer or any other incurable disease against the law?

“My Bad! Just hold me. ”

Since: Aug 07

Orion's Belt

#174 Sep 22, 2013
Grieving wrote:
And what's the difference in executing someone on death row because they have committed murder? I do support executions when someone has done a horrific crime against another human being. So why is that acceptable, but helping a human being who has done nothing wrong in their whole life and gets struck down by cancer or any other incurable disease against the law?
so sorry

Oxford, OH

#175 Sep 25, 2013
_-_Nope_-_ wrote:
I had forgotten all about this thread.
Oddly enough, it just so happens I got a call from a very dear and long time friend a week ago. He is facing an extremely bleak ordeal health wise. We spoke of assisted suicide.
He does NOT want to be forced to suffer should his condition turn out to be untreatable. Thankfully, he didn't outright ASK me to help him do the "deed" if it should become his final wish. But in reality, what will I do if he DOES request my help? I don't know how I'll handle it, to tell the truth... Due to circumstance, I got the distinct impression from our conversation that the request COULD possibly arise in the near future.... It's a very real possibility.
What would YOU do if placed in that situation? Would you be willing to help end the suffering of someone you loved and respected?
I just wonder how this situtation turned out. I saw 2 different people die cruel deaths. I would hate to but I do have the ways and the means to "help" some I love dearly to leave this world. I wouldnt have to think about it. I will take time to explain when I have the time. I cant bare the thought of going through this again. I am so hurt . Its not death that is so horrible.....its the process! Be blessed

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