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Chickamauga Cherokee of Kentucky at Burnside/jerry Edwards

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Joyce Troxell from TN

Nashville, TN

#1 Jun 1, 2006
I have been reading a lot about this cult all over the internet and would like to hear what the people of Burnside have to say. You can find the information at , click on to frauds on the forum and than Chickamauga of Kentucky.
Jerry apparently feels he has at one been abducted by aliens and given a special mission. He states he is from Atlantis and has proclaimed himself as a God and we are all his children. Hi plans is to build a place called Otter Village which will have walls and will be some sort of compound. According to a recent member who has left, not an easy task to do, do to the control, he is growing peyote there on the grounds.
You can read much more at the site I gave you as it is very lengthy.
I am Cherokee and find all that he does in the name of our People wrong and this to be a very dangerous group.
Feed Back welcome.
Joyce Troxell from TN

Nashville, TN

#2 Jun 1, 2006
Sorry the link above is incorrect it is
click fraud and than chickamauga cherokees of kentucky.
Chickamauga of kentucky

Nashville, TN

#3 Jun 3, 2006
Seems there is several on the forum from Kentucky, sommerset ect. have you heard anything about this group????
Joyce Troxell from TN

Nashville, TN

#4 Jun 6, 2006
Well I just don't get it!! This has been on the forum for a few days and no responses. Either no one has heard of this cult or are afraid to speak up. If those of you around Burnside and Summer set don't know about whats in your back yard than perhaps you should be educated. Check out the link and read about them. It is not hear say but facts. I mean do you really want this group to continue in your area. I am Cherokee and find what is occuring deplorable as well as exploiting our TRUE Native culture,ceremonies and beliefs.Take the time and read through the link and hear what Jerry himself says. Thanks
Bob Wolfman Bratcher

Louisville, KY

#5 Jun 14, 2006
Osiyo, I am a carded Cherokee... and I had a most unpleasant dealing with the so called "uku" of this group who called himself Yonz. If you ever run into this group... run the other way! Yes the claims you heard about him claiming god hood and being from atlantis are true! I was almost caught in his web until speaking with him and watching how he conducted himself I saw the truth!
Just a warning

Covington, KY

#6 Aug 4, 2006
I have been misled by this group as well. My heart tells me something is very wrong with their whole idea. How can there be 3 Cherokee clans when in reality there are 7? I feel so ignorant for not seeing the truth.
Joyce Troxell

Dunlap, IL

#7 Oct 26, 2006
Wado Bob and Mark for your responses. Am presently away so late seeing these. Numerous people have been told that Edwards is under investigation, have you heard this and does he still reside /compound at Burnside?? many are gathering information and researching him and than go from there. To bad I do not have your email addresses. again WADO

Murrayville, GA

#11 Apr 21, 2007
Are people still keeping tabs on this man? I was one that was duped and feel so stupid that it was even possible. I've been gone from the group for 2 yrs now...I left before it got crazy, but through personal conversations, the craziness spilled on me. I sure want to see them watched over so no one else gets hurt.
Big B

Brownsville, TN

#12 Apr 22, 2007
This guy made the front page of the Commonwealth Journal Today. Sunday. How odd we've been discussing him and now hes front page news.
Big B

Brownsville, TN

#13 Apr 22, 2007
This guy made the front page of the commonwealth journal the morning. Sunday
How odd we've been talking about him on her and now he's front page news.
A McKitric

Springfield, KY

#14 Jun 20, 2007
I've seen a post of mine from the new age fraud group on here. I've had personal experience with the Jerry's also. Giga Tali is also named Jerry. How ironic is that. I've made several attempts in contacting newspapers, including this one, about Jerry Edwards. There's no doubt he's a fraud, and maybe the guy who did this article was so overwhelmed with the whole romantic idea of "Indians", and "oh, oh they're in Kentucky", that he forgot to actually do the research before handing it over to the editor. I'm working on another letter to try and get out. I'm hoping I'll be successful this time around. If you want to discuss it further, hey let me know. I'll tell you all I can. Thanks
KY Indian Affairs

Atlanta, GA

#16 Aug 10, 2007
Can anyone tell me if this Jerry Edwards or his followers are still around or where they may be? I would also like any info on him that anyone can give us.
wado, Meli

United States

#18 Sep 1, 2007


#19 Sep 1, 2007
if he lives in Burnsville KY what does Pulaski County have to do with it?
Little Otter

Hamshire, TX

#20 Oct 13, 2007
I was one of the members at one time and at first it was good then I noticed he never let anyone question anything. I even sent money that I didnt really have because he was suppose to be buying land for us. Im 58 now but was about 56 then so thought it a good idea for when I am older and have no place to live. He took advantage of that fear. But I knew in my heart I couldnt keep doing it as I saw him kick so many out. The scarey part is that he believes his own lies about being a great Uku. Im ashamed I ever got mixed up with him. many decent people were harmed by this beast. I dont understand why he is still at large doing it again. May the Ancestors he dishonors deal with him!
Uku s latest prey

United States

#21 Oct 28, 2007
I won't give my name, as I still have unfinished business with this monster. He is pure evil. He scammed me out of thousands of dollars and property. I am still dealing with it...I am safely away, just left 4 weeks ago...everything you all have share is true...more than true. I met him on a dating site, and I fell for his spiritual BS as well, and He knows enough truth to win over a spiritual person, but does not walk his talk. I am not Cherokee, I have followed an eclectic path that included many of the old teachings. I'll stop there. I am going to have to contact the Sheriff's dept to retrieve my belongings which he still has...including a Harley, a New Fridge, and a Bosch washer and dryer. He is nothing more than a thief...not a chief!!!
Safe in the mountians

United States

#23 Oct 29, 2007
Sorry for the repetition...I'm looking for help where ever I can find it and there is so much stuff out here on him, I am in shock. I wish I had had the brains to check before I made the move.

Louisville, KY

#25 Nov 5, 2007
Goodness check your spelling. Its called Somerset and Burnside. I am from Monticello about 16 miles away.

Somerset, KY

#28 Nov 8, 2007
why men are as corrupt as the corruption that started in our eyes

Princess Cornblossom 100 sad heart beats.
Never forget this sight.
By day or night.
What is wrong what is right.
We are tired we lost this fight.
Say we lie.
These children that did cry.
Behind pulpit your white lies.
So my ancestors always lied.
Tear down this monument children did die.
We the people falling star did vanish in the night.
Be still these cries in my ancestorís heart I hold tight.
Death many children did befall.
We are just liars your call.
Honor children tears yahoo falls.
I shed no more tears.
I have no more fears.
Why we never got respect.
This no more our country you select.
As my heart beat pounds sad song.
Where is my 100 hundred friends we played all night long.
Keep your monument you never gave nothing.
With out cost deadly forgotten something.
danny a.k.a.greyxwolfx

Since: Oct 07

United States

#29 Nov 15, 2007
Up Date, Osiyo, Well this weekend is when I go back to Burnside to retrieve my things from "OH NO" the monsters new name we have given him. He would not let me have my new washer and dryer and fridge unless I replaced his, which he gave away to have someone else help moving in. On top of every thing else he is the laziest human being (and I use the term loosely), he is no human being...I wish for Grand Father to give me all the strength and courage I need to confront him and retrieve my things. Please say a prayer for me to be strong, courageous, and maintain my grace and dignity during the process. I am taking my grown children with me (2 big strapping boys) and my daughter, I am afraid of this man and won't go alone, I wish I had an army. I know that I will in Spirit. Thanks for everything...I'll let you all know how it went, and what my plans are next. He must be stopped!
Wado, and Many Blessings,
Safe in the Mountains
Safe in the mountians wrote:
I was recently scammed by this evil man, using the term loosely, He is intelligent and talks a good game until he has you roped in. I was living in NC, had a career, family, home, doing pretty good for myself, but I was widowed after a 9 year relationship in Sept 2006...I am ashamed to say I was duped by this man, I sold many of my things, he asked me to send he money as he was having a hard time, I actually quit my job, moved to Burnside with him...The day my children pull out of the drive I knew I had made a mistake...but I thought perhaps it would work out..alas, he showed his true colors as soon as he had all my money and possessions, including a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. I lived in a separate building in back of his nasty trailer. I heard all his claims. I have never met such a delusional, psychotic, self absorbed person. Any way that was in mid to late August, he had me try and help him put the tribe back together...still has the same intent!!!!!! I actually feared for my life a few times, he's a drug addict too...he claims Grand Father condones his actions. I cracked about a month in and called my Sister and she came in the middle of the night and rescued me. I want to bring this guy down, so he does not hurt any one else. I also want to get all my possessions back, he had my New Fridge, Bosch Washer and Dryer...thousands of dollars in tools...ect. He even fooled my children, assuring them that he would take good care of me, he love me and they did not have to worry. My boys are ready to just tear him apart,and they could, but I don't want any one hurt or arrested, except him. If any one has any thing on him that they think might help. Please let me know.
Wado <quoted text>

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