5-year-old fatally shoots 2-year-old

5-year-old fatally shoots 2-year-old

There are 221 comments on the WPTV Local News story from May 1, 2013, titled 5-year-old fatally shoots 2-year-old. In it, WPTV Local News reports that:

A Kentucky mother stepped outside of her home just for a few minutes, but it was long enough for her 5-year-old son to accidentally shoot his 2-year-old sister with the .22-caliber rifle he got for his birthday, state officials said.

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so sad

Bardstown, KY

#5 May 1, 2013
My husband is from Burkesville, and knows this family. So sorry about your loss. Couldnt imagine what you are going through.
Friend of the family

Elizabethtown, KY

#6 May 1, 2013
You people on here need to get a life this family is going through something so incredibly heart wrenching and there is no need in you people running your mouths when odds are you don't even know these people.they are good people and you all should pray for the family as they try to make it through this difficult time that's what I'm going to do!!!!!!!!
heaven help us

Scottsville, KY

#8 May 1, 2013
Freaking nuts; you couldn't get the second amendment repealed on the "stop guns" thread, and now you slap this grieving family in the face while they're down.
Yea, you're the guy we should all consult with, and pattern our lives after.
Morally superior my ass!
You're a punk!
Burkesville Decendant

Davenport, IA

#9 May 1, 2013
Prayers for this family! I don't know the family, but I'm probably related since my relatives are from there.:( My heart is heavy reading this news. Peace be upon this family, and may God watch over all of you during this difficult time.

Burkesville, KY

#10 May 1, 2013
sensible person wrote:
Who on earth gives a five-year old a gun that actually shoots real bullets? Who would manufacture such a thing? Oh, wait....someone who could make a profit. Well, that still leaves the first question. Condolences, yes, but this was not unpredictable...and no, I don't have a crystal ball, but come on. Kids and guns? Bad idea. Unnecessary idea. But go ahead and put your own at risk, if you must. The problem is, the rest of ours may be at risk, too. We do need laws.

I did not know the family personally but have a large family myself and can tell you each boy got his first gun at this age and was taught at an early age to shoot and hunt with daddy. I cant imagine the hurt this mother and father are feeling and i can say if i was them reading these cruel comments would be more than I could stand. You can look at all the pictures of these precious babies and you can just see how loved and happy they are. You people need to remember only God can judge. PRAY for this mother and father and especially this little boy and stop judgeing this family they have enough grief.

Burkesville, KY

#16 May 1, 2013
only in bville you people amaze me why in the world would you people start a topix on this dont u all think theses people are going through enough without u all starting shit on here about it leave them alone mind your own business burkesville people will never change always talking about others and always starting things on everyone get a life people..
Old Timer

London, KY

#21 May 1, 2013
heaven help us wrote:
Freaking nuts; you couldn't get the second amendment repealed on the "stop guns" thread, and now you slap this grieving family in the face while they're down.
Yea, you're the guy we should all consult with, and pattern our lives after.
Morally superior my ass!
You're a punk!
It was a big mistake giving a child a gun and leaving it loaded because kids are curious .
This just proves a point guns dont kill anyone People kill People. Just like poision can kill,knives can kill,cars kill,and you can kill with a ball bat,and then theres bombs that can kill thousands our gourvenment need to spent that time trying to take our guns on these crazy muslims that want to kill us all with bombs.
Born in Burkesville

Springville, IN

#22 May 1, 2013
Just heard this on the news. I am so sorry for the loss of this precious child. I pray that God will give this family some kind of comfort. I hope these people that have posted these terrible thing are not from Burkesville. I have always been so proud to say I was born there and I would hate to think that people there would want these people to suffer more than they already are. Accidents happen in many different ways. My son has had a gun since he was just a small child and we are very thankful nothing bad has ever happened. It sounds like the gun was normally not kept loaded. we were not there to judge what happened and I am sure the family wishes they could just go back in time and change things.
Lord, please forgive these people that have written ugly things in this family's time of sorry. I hope something bad doesn't happen to them for acting this way. Social media is not the place to lash out for everyone to read!
Maggie Brown

Elizabethtown, KY

#24 May 1, 2013
Alright I'm not one to gossip but my reasoning for gettin on here is Bc this family is very close to mine and I call them my family an whoever these immature grown up as u call yourself if callin the sparks family dumb asses maybe you should take a look at yourself it was a simple mistake and yes they are havin to pay for it no one in there right mind that know this family as personally as I do would say they wanted Caroline dead they worshiped the grown she walked on kristians as well! They gave them exactly what they needed and life! Yes kristian had a gun a 5 yrs old... I don't see what the big deal is both my brothers had guns at that age.. It was a total accident! The family is so devastated by this and they don't need anyone else bringin them down! These are the most sweetest loving caring Christian people in this town would give u the shirt off there back so... Before you run your mouth get the facts straight!

Evansville, IN

#25 May 1, 2013
I Feel a person has the right to their own, opinion, of this situation, I personally feel the Parents are wrong in this situation, and you out there can say your nays and that Iam wrong, but first of all no matter how rural it is, you don't just give a little child a loaded weapon and expect a child as young as a five year old to understand how to handle a weapon of such caliber. I am sad for the Family. And a pray for them, but my opinion is the same as Ms. Sparks, I feel the Parents are to blame in this situation, they had a loaded gun given to a small child. What honestly does a person expect? its a smoking gun! the child will have to live with this guilt for life, as well as the parents, the situation is gun control, like little three year old Jacob Bayless in Salem Indiana accidently got a hold of a gun and shot his own Dad, Michael A Bayless to death with a single gun shot, the gun was also accessible to a small child. Something has to be done with situations like this, Cody Ryan Erickson in Oregon was shot and killed this past week with a gun in his own home he was four years old. I feel for the parents. but no one on this site, seems to notice that its the parents to blame entirely not the five year old. If the Mom had put the gun out of reach of the five year old the two year old would still be alive most likely. Gun control has to be used in the Amendments in my Opinion, Start with Parents being punished when their child kills another with A weapon
One Question

Burkesville, KY

#27 May 2, 2013
One Question

At what age would you think a parent was irresponsible and guilty of neglect for letting their child have a weapon capable of killing?

Please, put a number on it! If not age 5, how about 4,3,2,1 or not at all?
Ron Superior

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

#34 May 2, 2013
If this 2-year old had had her own gun, she would have been better able to defand herself.

York Beach, ME

#35 May 2, 2013
This was a case of parental neglect and abuse. I don't care if it is the norm to give a 5 year old a gun in this part of the country! KY needs to protect their children as do the rest of the country. Yes, it was an accident...but it was an accident that could have been easily prevented. A 2 year old is dead not because a 5 year old shot her...A 2 year old is dead because her parents provided the weapon to a 5 year old baby. Not wanting to cause hurt to the parents...I want people to wake up to possibly prevent further tragerty's. DON'T GIVE GUNS TO BABIES!
Skip West

Binghamton, NY

#36 May 2, 2013
The mother shrugs and says "It was her time to go"

York Beach, ME

#37 May 2, 2013
Skip West wrote:
The mother shrugs and says "It was her time to go"
It was "Her time to go"? Obviously in denial. She would be here today if that 5 year old was not given a gun. She would be here today if that 5 year old was given a gun and the parents took responsiblility in securing that gun so no ACCIDENTS would happen. This was no ACCIDENT...This was parental negligence.
with Respect

Perry, AR

#38 May 2, 2013
Kids should not have there on gun till they are old enough to be put in there on names, maybe that would help. Or better made gun cabinets, without the glass to tempt a small child would help. But something does need to change. 5 year old is to early to start training a child with gun control or hunting. We are making kids grow up to fast this little boy should of been learning how to ride his bike instead. We as adults should think about that. They are going to have enough to deal with when they grow up, the way this world is going. God Bless an help the parents with/at the times a head.
Ron Superior

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

#39 May 2, 2013
More guns! We need more guns! A well organised militia is what we need. Arm those 5-year olds. Goddammit, arm those 2-year olds. We'll show the rest of the world that you can't mess with the good ol' US of Merka. God bless the NRA. God bless Charlton Heston. God bless Adam Lanza.

Louisville, KY

#40 May 2, 2013
Guns shouldn't look like toys and they shouldn't be given to children. They left the gun in the corner. If they'd left meth on the table, I bet people would be pretty quiet about it. You can't fool me: I grew up in rural Kentucky and regularly heard about shooting accidents involving teens and sometimes children.

If you had a gun at that age, your parents and you were fortunate. Count your blessings, but save us the lectures on how safe it is. You're literally giving your children loaded guns to play with. Literally.
One Question

Burkesville, KY

#41 May 2, 2013
People that have argued that this is normal behavior for families in this area are living in the past. Maybe a hundred or even 50 years ago a child needed to know hunting skills in order to eat in case his parent wasn't around, but these days that isn't the case. No kid will starve in KY without hunting skills, there are laws to protect children from going hungry. It is nothing more than ignorant people continuing a tradition that has severe, deadly implications, as shown in this tragedy. This is not an accident, it is negligence, plain and simple. The child should have been learning basic skills that would advance his position in life, such as math, science, and proper diction, not fiddling with a loaded or unloaded deadly weapon. Until people in this area wise up, come out of the dark ages, deadly results will continue as the norm. Whether it be by a weapon or by meth!
Mohammed X

Broomfield, CO

#42 May 2, 2013
These hillbilly gun freak parents should both be sitting in jail while their daughter is buried. They don't deserve to be anywhere near the funeral. Who gives a 5 year old a rifle? Complete insanity.

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