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Should Cumberland County be wet or dry? Vote Now.

Created by Foggy Mountian on Oct 24, 2007

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Cindy Sue

Greenbrier, AR

#1 Oct 24, 2007
Burkesville already has enough drunks in it - Why add a few more. This will just give them a legit reason to stay drunk!

Jamestown, KY

#2 Oct 24, 2007
The ones that are drunks, are gonna stay drunks. They don't need a legitemate reason.

Why not let the county prosper with the taxes and the buisnesses?

If a person is goona drink they will get it no matter what it takes.

This county is already wet. JUST NOT LEAGAL.
I don't know for a fact, but i would say this county sells more alcohol than Celina does.

“A view from the porch...”

Since: Sep 07


#3 Oct 24, 2007
What will those illegal alcohol dealers do for income if the county becomes wet?

You'll be costing them their income, creating a legal job or two, and slightly increasing the tax revenue to KY.

Is it worth it, having the drunks congregating in Burkesville?

Just something to think about before we go busting into something headlong without thinking it through.

“Just a little bit older now”

Since: Sep 07


#4 Oct 24, 2007
the question is not "can you buy alcohol in Cumberland County" its can you buy it legal.
Legal means that someone is paying taxes on it and if they have employees, then they have created a job. Being a dry county only means that you go out of county to buy or to your local bootlegger. Not having a package store in the county does not reduce the chance of and adult or teen from having access. As for having drunks congregating in Burkesville, do you not think we already have that as they drive home from the sawmill, or whatever club they had to drive out of county to? And as for the poor illegal alcohol dealers they are no better than the drug dealers. Illegal is illegal let them open a package store and pay taxes like the rest of the working class.

Columbia, KY

#5 Feb 4, 2008
The county could profit from the taxes instead of giving it to Clay county
Every once in a while

Trinity, TX

#6 Feb 5, 2008
The poll should list the choices as wet or dry - not yes or no - doesn't make much sense - is yes for dry or is yes for wet???????
A Better Tomorrow

Russell Springs, KY

#7 Feb 5, 2008
_citizen - Correct! We could all go back a few weeks and review all the posts on this subject the last time it came up. If there is anything new to consider, then bring it on. Otherwise I don't see much reason to spend any time going back over old ground. How can someone imply that a position on "wet/dry" that this is a subject that we would be busting into without thinking it through. Isn't concern over a handful of local bootleggers somewhat misguided? Like another post said, illegal is illegal. Enough already. Lets get this on the ballet and decide.

“think before you talk !!”

Since: Dec 07


#8 Feb 5, 2008
I agree with Every once in a while, I don't know howto vote with the choice listed. As for our county being wet or dry, I would like to see it wet, to be able to go buy a bottle of wine or a 6 pack for myself or when company comes in. But, like all the others including the many dollars the tourist spends in Clay county, I go there, adding the cost of fuel when I have to travel there. I refuse to stand behind my christain upbringing and proclaim, "the drink is evil" and then run to my closet and drink my evil drink. As with anything, most normal people do drink in moderation. Whether we are dry or wet, the others who guzzle all the time, will continue to do so. Nothing we can do to stop this behavior . Ky Dave says a slight increase in revenue. I believe you will see a large increase, due in part, that when the pass throughs stop for beer or any other drink of their choice, while in the place of business, they will aslo pick up other items they need, buy gas, ect;. When the tourist runs out, instead of running to Clay county, they will return to Burkesville, buy more beer, maybe eat at a local place, buy gas, pick up a few more snacks and groceries. I don't forsee any rash behavior from the masses of spousal abuse, child abuse, gambling addictions, alcohol addictions, ect:. these behaviors are already there and since we have the bootleggers, the drink is available already. Let the dollars be spent here, give our little economy a boost with tourists stopping and spending here . And if I am going to Hell because I drink, smoke even though I go to church, I do know that there will be many, many people from here I will see when I or they get there. To many of the opponents have been to the social gatherings I have attended and amazing as it may sound, I see a drink in their hand. this is what some may call, hypocrites. See you in church...

“A view from the porch...”

Since: Sep 07


#9 Feb 5, 2008
Dawson Springs KY, evidently is going through the same sort of thing as people want to try here. They are going to vote on a referendum on wet or dry today. The article doesn't really draw a conclusion to which is right or wrong, but they're using the same arguements as we are using. The article is linked below...

It would be interesting to watch and see how their vote turns out and what happens if they vote to go wet.

Russell Springs, KY

#10 Feb 5, 2008
Well said SD. I wonder how many of the nay-sayers have lived in a state where alcohol is sold in every corner store and/or the state runs state-owned liquor stores. Those that want it, buy it. Those that do not, don't. Crime isn't any different there then it is here.

They could put a store full of chicken livers in our area, just because they are there, doesn't mean I'll rush in to buy them.

Since: Nov 07

Russell Springs, KY

#11 Feb 5, 2008
Dave, 50 years ago was a long long long time here. Albany had a pool hall that didn't have a toilet, you just peed through a hole in the floor.

People drank OPENLY here, and I don't mean at a restaurant. This is an entirely different time. Having alcohol sales at carry outs would keep more drunk drivers off the road they'd have such a short hop, skip and a jump to get 12 to go.

I don't see any sense at all to this thing about keeping beer sales illegal, no sense at all. If you don't like the channel turn on something else.

There are so many comparisons I don't think I have the ink to list them all. Of course there should be beer sales in Cumberland County
Knott Head

Jamestown, KY

#12 Feb 5, 2008
Bottom line is if you are going to drink,you are going to drink.The old time moonshinners proved that point.The question to me is,does it help the economy in this county and I have to say that I beleive it would.Accident's involving drunk and drivers will happen regardless.Look at Glasgow,it has grown even bigger and building going on everwhere you look and I'm sure that this is partially due to them being able to sell drinks in restaurants,and package stores will soon follow.Chuck that owns Chuck's liquor's in Bowling Green purchased several pieces of property in Barren County years ago with the inticipation that it would go wet and it looks like he was right.I beleive it would benefit the county as far as a few jobs and businesses,just my beleif though.Maybe even get a jail built out of the deal.

“A view from the porch...”

Since: Sep 07


#14 Feb 6, 2008
Dawson Springs voters approve legal liquor sales
The Associated Press

DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky.--Voters in Dawson Springs in western Kentucky have approved legal sales of alcoholic beverages.

Unofficial totals showed 454 votes in favor of legal liquor sales, or 54 percent, to 390 votes against, or 46 percent.

Mayor Stacia Peyton told The Messenger of Madisonville that she knew alcohol sales won't completely cover the $90,000 in revenue lost when Buckhorn closed last year but would at least help. The company was the Hopkins County city's largest employer.

City Councilman Rick Hendrickson has opposed legal alcohol sales but said voters had the right to make the decision. He says he'll work to make sure alcohol sales provide maximum revenue to Dawson Springs.

Dawson Springs voters did it.

So, how does Burkesville get wet/dry on the ballot?
When is the earliest we can vote on the issue?
What happens next to get it done?
Who's going to take charge?

I can hardly wait to see who steps up and what happens.
Every once in a while

Trinity, TX

#15 Feb 8, 2008
While it would be nice to go out to dinner and have a glass of wine every once in a while, I really do not care if it's in this County or not. Also, I can have a nice dining experience in the privacy of my own home with a glass of wine, etc. I would rather see other businesses come to Burkesville more than the sale of alcohol in CC. If more people had jobs that they could count on and make decent livings for theirselves and their families, they could worry about the wet/dry stuff at a later time. I think Cumberland County has a drug problem now and I can't see making it easier for people to get booze to just mix with drugs. Driving on 90 scares me now and if people were drinking or doing drugs, or drinking and depressed, and driving it would be much worse. They say people will get it anyway, but just think how many times they have probably said to themselves, "it's not worth the long drive" and just forgotten about it. Just my opinion.

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