Anyone had experience w/ Hawkes Learn...

Queen Creek, AZ

#23 Apr 20, 2009
For those of you who have posted that you hate the program b/c it "goes too fast" or b/c it "makes you learn" a certain level of material before you can get a grade, please consider the following:
1) The software has NOTHING to do with the speed that material is covered in class nor with the course setting (aka: online or self paced). That is all determined by the INSTRUCTOR. Honestly, if you struggle with math (like I did), you should take a math class that has some "Face Time" with the instructor-and try to find something that is a hybrid self-pace/lecture style course. This way there is no rush. Stay away from self paced and distance learning courses.

2) As for those who are upset because it "makes you learn" a certain percentage of the material before you get credit...
First of all, your instructor can control the amount of problems or "mastery level" that you have to achieve before getting credit. I know this is frustrating, but it pays off in the long haul! Think about it, if you just do the problems that are easy for you and just "skip" the harder ones, what the heck are you going to do when they give you a test and you can only complete the parts you found "easy"? Better yet, what are you going to do in the next unit when it uses skills that you were supposed to have mastered in the previous unit?
Secondly, in the real world and in a job situation, what do you think is going to happen when your boss asks you to complete a task that you find challenging and you only complete the "easy parts"?
I know how hard math can be and let me tell you, the only way to learn it and get through it is to practice...and practice is working problems, getting feedback, learning from your mistakes, etc.

Here's a little hint though: If you are working in the Hawkes "Certify" section, you can pause the homework lesson whenever you need to. So, if you are about to strike out or if you just need a break from the assignment, do the following:
-Click "End Certify"
-It will ask you if you are sure you want to exit, just click "yes"
-It will then ask you if you would like to "pause" and resume later-click "Yes".
This will allow you to go to the Practice section and find a problem like the one you were having trouble with and get some step-by-step tutorial help!

Kalaheo, HI

#24 May 4, 2009
You are correct. You can use Hawkes for moving ahead on your own. It is especially practical for people who are returning to school.

Another system I would recommend is ALEKS. It does a diagnostic exam and moves you forward at the pace you can take.

I like Hawkes because the world is full of folks in college who think if they pay enough tuition and then warm the chair to the appropriate temperature they deserve to get access to the next course. In the work world B work gets you fired. Most jobs require some computer skills and if your misuse the tool and input the data incorrectly you will get catastrophic results. This is the Brave New World Baby.

I think Hawkes prepares you for that

Goose Creek, SC

#25 Jul 1, 2009
I'm using Hawkes in my summer class currently and I am getting an "A" in math for the first time!

Goose Creek, SC

#26 Jul 1, 2009
I'm using this for my summer course and I've never learned Math so easily! It's NOT EASY, but if you put in the time and effort it REALLY WORKS!I'm getting an A so far, and I've never gotten an A in Math before!

Monroe, LA

#27 Jul 8, 2009
Kishore wrote:
Good to See this Post.. because i am the one programmer for the Products of Hawkes Learning Systems.
I had such hopes of finally learning and understanding the steps of College Algebra. This course has left me hopeless. The program cheats; If you get the answer correct, if it's in the wrong format, it's counted against you. You are not able to print out any practice questions to learn the course over a more normal pace. You forget everything you may have done correctly in the beginning of the course; it's much to fast. This is not a student friendly course. If a person does well with this software, it has to be because they have much time on their hands to practice and it's the only course they are taking. Please consider those of us who may not be Algebra wiz's.
enmu student

Portales, NM

#28 Aug 28, 2009
all my math is on hawkes and it sucks you cant learn anything

San Marcos, TX

#29 Oct 16, 2009
I've been using hawkes for half a semester now and im almost failing the class. My teacher doesn't seem to understand that when the class makes an average of 29 on the first test that it is not his fault. He blames us for cheating if we did all the homework and he blames the other students for not doing their hawkes. After spending 2 hours on 1 lesson, I dont remember anything from the first few lessons that ive done. All in all, i believe hawkes is pure ****. Now, i go to class and mess with my laptop because he doesn't teach us anything thats on hawkes and on the test. (I'm sorry, I didn't expect to be doing math online but for some reason i still have to show up for class because if i dont then i will fail the course from absences, even though its online where we have to teach ourselves.) Hawkes should be banned from all colleges nationwide.

New York, NY

#30 Oct 25, 2009
I think its a nice programme, u just have to use the textbook along with it. The textbook has better explanations, according to me. But in our class, what i do is do homework for each other so as to beat the deadline, for a pay, then let the other person study for the tests. Its easier.

Roswell, NM

#31 Oct 28, 2009
At this moment I am taking Hawks... our class started out with.. 35 students.. we are down to 10....(keep in mind there are about 5 other Hawks math classes just like mine) our School has had this program for the last 5 years with a fail rate of 70%..... why our College keeps it around.. I have no clue... wait.. they told us... b/c it is to spendy to Bring on more teachers..... and yes... if you put in an answer “not in Hawks format”.. you get it wrong. pray you have a good instructor that will help you with it.

Cleveland, OH

#32 Nov 3, 2009
Hawks learning systems is terrible, its really frustrating. You have up to 15 questions, the explanations do not explain nothing. I hate it, and i don't want to do bookwork, plus the online work for points. The little 15 question quizes from hawks are really frustrating more then helpful, because you get 3 strikes and after those 3 you get reset. Should be banned.

Waco, TX

#34 Nov 30, 2009
Hey, May your in my class. Yeah, there was 28 people when we started. Now there are 4 people in our class. I hate math as much as the next person. I had no idea that you had such a passion for hating math and hawkes.

Waco, TX

#35 Nov 30, 2009
Oh, hey June. I was just checking back to see if anyone replied to my message when i saw yours. Yeah, I hate this so much. Our class average on our first test was a 29. Our second had a class average of 52. It is just us now and 2 other people. It is too bad Steven dropped. He was pretty funny.

Waco, TX

#36 Nov 30, 2009
My boyfriend beats up guys like my math teacher.

Waco, TX

#37 Nov 30, 2009
They deleted my post with all the F-bombs. How can anyone understand my frustration without the use of the F-word. How can anyone get a good understanding of the pain and frustration I have gone through these past months. My hate is now ever stronger and I shall spread the word like wild fire through the halls of my school. Screaming "Blasphemy! This program is putrid scum coming from a buffalo's @nus. I would rather swallow razor wire, pull it out my bum, and floss myself to death."


Pinola, MS

#38 Nov 30, 2009
College Student wrote:
The benefit of Hawkes is that it forces you to practice them over and over until you get them. It can be frustrating but in the long run it really helps you learn the steps.
I think it makes learning more complicated because your teacher shows you one way and you think you have it then you go on hawkes and get it wrong

Waco, TX

#39 Dec 16, 2009
Hawkes is a horrible program. I would rather do bookwork than Hawkes. I have failed because of Hawkes for 6 semesters now. I cant believe they use this program. The drop rate in class is huge and the math dept. just shrugs it off I guess because with it, they barely have to show up for class. TSTC Waco needs to rethink their math department......

United States

#40 Dec 21, 2009
how much is the two disk set worth? only usesd it once

Federal Way, WA

#41 Dec 28, 2009
Fred Flintstone wrote:
Has anyone had any experience with the Hawkes Learning System for college algebra?
The only thing that has been holding me back from my degree is Math. I could never get past Basic Math. I felt I literally had Math phobia. I struggled with Math all my life and failed Math in college 3 times and finally said, "The heck with it and dropped out of college"

Last year, I went back with the goal to conquer this phobia of mine. GRCC (college I attend) uses Hawke’s. I was eligible for the Pre-Algebra, but decided to take my time and start with the Basic Math (for me it was a good idea). I am in my 4th semester of Math and have maintained a 4.0.(knock on wood) AND I understand everything I am learning. AND I even enjoy it a bit :-) I use the book and the DVD. My courses are Flex (online/on-campus).

I give this program a gold 5 star. I have never experienced any issues with it. I have tried many Math learning tools, including Alex (not impressed), The Learning Company (3 star), Math Deviants (a little distracting), etc...

I would like to see Hawke’s have printable worksheets to print out from the software for those times I don’t want to turn on the computer, or carry around the 5 pound book. I don't like that the book only gives you the answers to the odd questions. I don't like having to go to the Math lab and request the instructors answer book.

Hope this helped. Good luck to you, stay focused and positive.

Saint Michael, ND

#42 Jan 19, 2010
This is unfortunate for you. The thing about Hawkes is it should be used as a supplement. You're right, the computer shouldn't replace the teacher. Hawkes can be a valuable tool if trained appropriately on how to use it and the teacher doesn't end up sitting behind his/her desk while the student struggles with concepts that might be easier to understand if shown and example. Hawkes may also require the student to be proficient in reading.

Johnson City, TN

#43 Mar 17, 2010
In many cases it's not the professors who chose to use Hawkes or MyMathLab or ALEKS or Carnegie Learning or any of the other systems and make you sit in a lab to learn the material instead of having a class. All over the country administrators and state offices are making this decision for the faculty and telling us that this is the the way it's going to be because it's cheaper. They have been sold on these programs by some highly paid arrogant consultants who bring up studies that supposedly show that students do better. Sometimes that's true; sometimes I have my doubts.

Part of learning in a course should be learning the correct way to write answers, just as in an English class (or anywhere else, for that matter) you should use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Most of the systems I've seen have tutorials that show you how to enter your answers, including fractions, exponents, radicals, etc. You just have to make sure that you read the directions and answer the question that's being asked.(If it says the fraction should be in lowest terms, and the answer should be 1/2 but you write 4/8, you haven't followed the directions.)

I've not used Hawkes, but I've encountered similar problems with MyMathLab. I've heard colleagues across the country who really like Hawkes, and others who don't, just like the students who have written in here. I guess there's no pleasing everyone.

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