I made bad choices when I was in school with my grades and now I'm worried...?I applied to a community college near my other family, but when I was in 11th grade, my grades took a NOSE DIVE. And when I was a senior, I got them back up. Well I dual enrolled in the local college in town and just totally bombed the classes (it's a long story) Anyway, I graduated high school was a GPA of 2.8 and a 19 on my ACT with my writing at 21.

However, the local college put me on academic watch.I finished out the college with a GPA of .5. It's awesome lol. I understand I'll probably be on it again at a different school, but I'm scared I've ruined my life. I want to change my life around and at this new college I want to studt paralegal.

I know I'm smart and can do better. My questions are: Did I ruin my life with the stupid dual enrollment? And can I be a lawyer with such a bad grade record?? Thanks.