we support the board in allowing nonprofit organizations to use the facilities at no charge. Because of the connection between the Mellenthins and the board majority,we have doubts this will be given to all community nonprofit organizations.
The first reading was on 10-27-10, the second reading was on 11-17-10 and was held with no action taken. After a call to the Administration office today we were informed that the second reading was held again on 2-9-11 by the Superintendent and Board President. When asked if the Titans were still using the facilities at no charge, the person had no comment.After a call to someone connected with the Titans we were told it was anywhere from 50 to 75 hours a month.
It will be a short time before the weather gets nice and the Titans move their group outside.It will be interesting to see what happens when Board Policy 8:20 Community Use of Facilities comes up for approval. If this doesn't get approved where all Burbank nonprofit organizations can use the facilities at no charge, it will show that this board and administration is no different then any other, just different players in charge.