WIVB-TV News4 Buffalo, NY |Federal ag...

WIVB-TV News4 Buffalo, NY |Federal agents raid financial firm i...

There are 930 comments on the WIVB Buffalo story from May 15, 2008, titled WIVB-TV News4 Buffalo, NY |Federal agents raid financial firm i.... In it, WIVB Buffalo reports that:

The company's under investigation for ripping off the elderly. Federal authorities raided this Sweet Home Road investment business Thursday after a three-year-long investigation.

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Pedro Alvarez

Washington, DC

#534 Aug 18, 2009
NY taxpayer wrote:
<quoted text>
Ahh... Yet another government 'conspiracy'. Isn't that what put the Rigas's behind bars too? Get real, this wasn't a 'we had nothing better to do today' situation, this happened AFTER a 3 year investigation.
To let you know that the worst crooks are the american law enforcement because they get around the law. We came here from the streets of El Salvador to clean up america and make it good. Get rid of the crappy news stations and let our good MS-13 gangs be your new law enforcement. We are goods and christian too and we will clean up america real good for you. You can trust us real good because we are gods and christian people too.
R Gordona


#535 Aug 18, 2009
Sounds like an improvment to me Pedro. What are you supposed to do when we turn out to be the criminals and they are the crooks? What a system, if they were inforcing in a latin or Italian country, there would be no mistake on who the crooks are and without a doubt would quickly eliminated! We need a team of a joined force of real individuals to clean it up like as in Mafia for the people! RG
Police In Training

Silver Spring, MD

#537 Aug 19, 2009
Pedro Alvarez wrote:
<quoted text>
To let you know that the worst crooks are the american law enforcement because they get around the law. We came here from the streets of El Salvador to clean up america and make it good. Get rid of the crappy news stations and let our good MS-13 gangs be your new law enforcement. We are goods and christian too and we will clean up america real good for you. You can trust us real good because we are gods and christian people too.
You could have stayed back in your own country of El Salvador since you are an illegal anyway. Adios Amigo if you know what that means!
m-one victim

Tonawanda, NY

#538 Sep 7, 2009
there is a possible lawsuit case against Guy Gane go to davidchaselaw.com and read- we need to come together as a group thank you a victim
Knew him

Buffalo, NY

#539 Sep 7, 2009
When is this guy gonna fry already!!!!!!
m-one victim

Tonawanda, NY

#540 Sep 8, 2009
As a group we need to call Judge Skrenty(sp) the judge who has been assigned the m-one ponzi case- he has had the documents since the end of June- please contact davidchaselaw.com -weneed to put some pressure on these govt officials who seem to be taking their time - meanwhile guy gane has been seen working out at the easternhills BAC -perhaps preparing for the future- or just to be in shape for his new wife and new life--oh, by the way Guy Gane donated thousands of dollars to the democratic party - he has been to Hillary Clintons house several times- will she give back our money that was given from innocent victims funds? We need to contact the dem. party to get our funds return to the SEC - hope someone does something soon avictim


#541 Sep 8, 2009
It is beyond time, we the victims have to come together as a union of "We the people" who are the Government and bring the power to the SEC and the Courts. I have dealt with the law firms who work on a contingency and it is all layers of crap. They are all crooks who want more of your money. Look, we all have been robbed already.
The SEC have done their slow but legal process and now the courts have the documents and have not even brought charges, it's a process of yet more layers of bullshit and will go on forever with hardly any monetary return. There are over 90 of us and the only way to get the job done is
to unite and become a force of justice, there is power in numbers and we are "The people" which is the formed government of the constitution and we MUST get our fair and rightful justice.
PLEASE first post your vote for getting started now and we can start meetings. Respond to United Victim Force at [email protected] ASAP...
I will accumulate a data base and reply back to you with all names and email addresses as they come in well as our secure site and possible meeting place for who can meet in person. We must get started immediately!!!! I am a victim and my sister and her family as well..we can all do this but we have to get together and PUSH the Judge and his ordering all assets as well as payback for all of us now..I look forward to receive your input as I will respond until we have all or most of the victims introduced to each other and Unite as Victims for "Justice4Gane"

Tonawanda, NY

#542 Sep 8, 2009
This may sound stupid, but how do we as victims know who we can trust on this blog? I would like nothing better than to get my money back. My husband has no job....we need that money back. I think we all feel badly enough to have been taken once that we are afraid. We have been in touch w the SEC and have only heard that Skretny has the documents and will make a ruling soon.


#543 Sep 8, 2009
I also have been in touch with the two female SEC lawyers since this began...and I have one of the dozen testimonies statements in the court that were selected for judging review. I don't know but to tell you that I am downstate near Lorenzo Aldadonna and I have all to do to keep me away from where he works...they both are criminals now!
I have lost all of my retirement savings and I am over 65 and have responsibilities as a family health caretaker 24 hrs a day. I want to get started with something with the people before too late. The judge does have all the documents and is supposed to come up with a ruling. The assets are a little more than $400,000 and that's it. How are we to get bback much more than pennies on a dollar if that. The frozen properties are mortgagedand too much to mention. We have to join with establishing trust and knowing first who we are and then form a class act lawsuit, it's much more secure and less expensive. I don't know how to start but someone has to come and say "hello" I am John and trade common info cause we are all in the same boat.....I will give someone who writes my phone no. and we can start from there.
It's all we have is to unite and form a think tank of our compatable goal and go forward!I am willing to stand tall and stick my neck out...what have we got to lose I have a lot invested and gone to me I am in the 4th quarter and there are no more time outs.
All it takes is joining the victims, and I believe the inposters will not last long. Again you can contact me at [email protected]
If you are close enough, I will meet in person so we can develope trust from more victims. I am not5 afraid because I am out a couple of hundred thousand dollars and have nothing to loose. I am truthful and a respectable law abiding citizen.
We just have to get started ASAP.

Poland, ME

#544 Sep 14, 2009
You people are crazy. Didn't I read that Lorenzo Altadonna said that "If you lost your money, my father is a millionare and I would pay you back out of his money"?
If you bought into that line of c r a p, you are just as big a R E T A R D for even going along with it.
I lost money, as well. Mr. Gane not once!, ever treated me anything less than a friend. I had been a customer of his for years and had done pretty well. It just seems that when Lorenzo and Tom Brick and a few others came along, that M-One lost it's steam.
I was also reassured by a supposed "investor" - This Kostas character - that he was going to buy into the company with money that was coming over from Greece. We waited and waited and waited and finally, this all happened.
I am just as upset as most of the people in here, but to go after just one man, when ALL of the others seemed up to no good, seems a bit unfair. Yes, I want justice, but Mr. Gane never showed a malicious intention of defrauding anyone.
One of his children dated one of my children and the whole family was nothing but nice and kind to my precious family.
I started to notice that things were going down the wrong path, when over and over, we were told that Mr. Kostas was investing millions of dollars into the company. If that was the case, why hadn't he stepped up to the plate and actually invested? I think it was because he was frauding employees by asking for advances and spending money with the clear intention of never investing.
Last I had heard, he was supposed to invest close to $30 million dollars. If someone has that much money and is aware that there was no intent to defraud anyone, why would they not pay off all the investors and just move forward??
It makes no sense to my old, gray matter.
Going after Mr. Gane is wrong. He was always very kind and upfront about everything we discussed and that my family and I had invested in. I always made money.

Poland, ME

#545 Sep 14, 2009
It also makes no sense that these "compliance" managers and in-house lawyers did not advise Mr. Gane that there was something fishy going on. Is that not their job????
I blame them for not taking their jobs and their included responsibilities, seriously enough to call someone out on the problems.
I met Diane, Jane and James Lagona on seperate occasions and it seems to me that no one was doing their best to stop something that has been thrown onto Watermark and M-One. If they were getting "paid" to do these jobs, why were they not held responsible? Why were they not mentioned in the SEC recommendation?
These questions stream out of my family's mouths, daily.
Mr. "Justice4Gane", I suggest that - and I am speculating here - that if you were Lorenzo Altadona's client (based on your locality, it seems a possibility), that you should be going after Lorenzo.
Mr. Gane and family don't deserve this treatment. Last I talked to him, he was in tears trying to figure out a way to make money enough to start to pay us off.
Call me what you want, but I believe that Mr. Gane was defrauded from his own staff. It makes no sense that you have compliance managers not doing their job, a thief for an accountant (I know all about you Miss Jane) and an idiot for a lawyer.
Not to mention a man who was going to "invest" $30 million dollars and then mysteriously stops any contact with Mr. Gane, as he jerks around the SEC by not paying back what he is supposed to pay back.
Anyone with that kind of REAL money, would have settled this a long time ago.
We just want our money back. But, with the current state of this government, it seems that they will go after the small fry and turn a blind eye to someone like B. Madoff. Read the reports on him... been at it for over 30 years and after a decade of non-action by the SEC, has only recently come to be charged.
Our priorities are screwed up.
I should have just gone to the casino with the money....perhaps I would have more than I started with.
I feel bad for the rest of us, who will probably never see a penny.
My talks with the SEC prove to me, that they could care less about my family (and yours) with ever being paid back.
They just want a scalp.
My heart goes out to those who have been hurt in this. As well as with Mr. Gane and his family.
Hate me if you have to, but that's how we feel.

Macedon, NY

#546 Sep 21, 2009
i dont make sense...im sorry i play with goat balls while my wifes at work
Frankie G


#547 Sep 21, 2009
Dear "victims",

All of these M-One personnel, Gane, Altadonna and the rest are liars and thieves, two of which have made "good" and paid their portion back as stated by the SEC....The remaing are accountable scivones who have hurt many people....... And while the government has followed the devine protocal of proceedure and is in the federal court now and awaiting charges and judegement process, there is a joint force of agressive and powerful councilieris with backing who will profit to bring these shameful individuals down.
.....and all of which will be legal,
...This information I am passing on....
You do remember one saying that Gane and Altadonna messed with the wrong family. Now the time is coming, patience...
Knew him

Buffalo, NY

#548 Sep 22, 2009
We are waiting patiently for him to go down (Gane)...When!!! We are never going to get our money back!!! He needs to pay!! It is taking way too long...He's living his life, while everyone else is suffering...time to pay already!!
Frank G


#549 Sep 22, 2009
Patience.........I'll tell you this, We are in the final approach, the last round.....it is the 4th quarter and there are no more time outs..
Dear uninformed

United States

#550 Oct 3, 2009
Mr. Kostas has paid the SEC back. And they continue to harrass him. Ask the SEC.


#551 Oct 18, 2009
I take it no one has heard anything.....


#552 Oct 21, 2009
Maybe our friend Judge Skretny can get to it now that the other crook that stole from the Catholics "got his". Looks like there are some happy victims in that one. We can only hope for the same.


#553 Nov 2, 2009
Hopefully the reason that this is taking so long is possibly Judge Skretny is making some type of proposal that money in some amounts have to be paid back. Don't know if this has been a consideration for some time now and if so and in any case why aren't we all been made aware, and why hasn't any sttus been made known? It is not something that will just go away, we are all victims of an illegal scheme and these people are being protected by legal rights still making money and trying to claim their innocents. Are they working to raise money to pay back? Too much is wrong and too much time is passing...Are we all supposed to just take this or else? We all have supported this state and and lawmakers and represent the constitution with dignity. These people who have taken illegally are shameful theives should be MADE to make resitution for what they have done. I am NOT standing behind anonymously ... I am and will stand up to all those involved., Richard

Since: Oct 09

Quezon, Philippines

#554 Nov 3, 2009
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