BfloIsCold wrote:
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Poor self-esteem may stop you from asking out a prom date, but is it really going to make you go back to a stranger that has abused you?
Life threatening medical condition, go to the emergency room. If you are terminally ill from a gynecological problem you have many options. If it were cancer, you would goto a cancer specialist. The man is a general gynecologist, he isn't a skilled vascular surgeon.
I will give you confusion, that is about it.
And if a patient wants a chaperone, all they have to do is ask.
True Rick, I never actually did state a statistic, which is poor communication but I am really just to lazy to find actual statistics, I'd rather just generalize.
I Really do have to agree. If you go to a dentist or a doctor that has said or done somethin to abuse you, Why would you continue to go back.?? It doesnt make any sense. There are many obgyns to go to. Most ppl have a family doctor as well that they could go to talk to etc.. Unless U are a small child that doesnt kno any better, You dont continue going back to the same doctor. This was my OBGYN Back in 1983 in TORONTO,ONTARIO CANADA til 1993 He was nothing but great & very professional. He deivered both my children. He never ever said he liked my bra, nor touch me in inapproiate places. He was a Beloved Doctor in this Hospital & Loved by all his patients & nurses, oyther doctors Staff. He always brought a nurse in with him as sometimes its best to have since they are male doctors & have to protect themselves against watever slander r problems may come up. Maybe he's changed I just find it hard to believe. & why did they take his home ph# if they werent pregnant, Don't know how they do it in the US, but here int Ontario if You go into Labour the hospital contacts ur Doctor.