Review: E Square Capital

Review: E Square Capital

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e square capital is awful

Niagara Falls, NY

#1 Jul 31, 2008
Worst group of "managers" ever. Didn't return any, any of our deposit. We had the apartment professionally cleaned. Kept all the deposit and would be best if you avoided e square capital, at least if you want any part of your security deposit back.
have to agree with above

Niagara Falls, NY

#2 Jul 31, 2008
Stay away. Strongly recommend ellicott development over this group of social piranhas. Avoid all properties at all cost. Although I did get a bit of my deposit back (200 out of 600) which I still think is kinda bad.
were ok

Niagara Falls, NY

#3 Jul 31, 2008
not totally reliable. And down right nasty when you called to complain about anything... including water not working (which is insane). Got small piece of deposit back. Overall the place is nice, but poor poor customer service. sorry. check out the lofts downtown. supposedly very good service. But really e square has ok places just not so nice people backing up the e square name.
not too bad

Mesa, AZ

#4 Aug 10, 2008
not as a rough time as above... some peeps in the co. were great others... plain sucked. would suggest staying away on their bad days. bottom line lived on delaware for one year and bounced... about the deposit absolutely true.
ok relax

Livonia Center, NY

#5 Aug 16, 2008
not awful, not bad, kind of nice. wouldn't really work with you but understanding. would suggest renting from them. just become friends with lease agents, nice and helpful. managers, ok.
past tenant

United States

#6 Aug 20, 2008
that is odd, I just googled them because I'm planning to move back to the area and wanted their number.
I got my full deposit back and hadn't expected it!(Which is part of the reason I'm calling them now). I never had any problems with them, but I did pay my rent so maybe that explains it.
lol agree

Buffalo, NY

#7 Aug 26, 2008
A little bit rough reviews. but people do have different experiences. gotta say the maintenance guys were great, experience with management was minimal.
past tenant2

Buffalo, NY

#8 Sep 3, 2008
not that bad, but agree with above^ people can have different experiences. Take these comments as a grain of salt... but really company was fine... but again that was my experience.

Elma, NY

#9 May 1, 2009
fat ugly white trash family runs the company, typical Buffalo citizens, maintenance is good, rent is waay overpriced due to stabbings, rats, bedbug infestation and panhandlers. apartment was in crumby condition upon move in. If you want to be undermined by management give them a call!
regretful tenant

Buffalo, NY

#10 Jul 8, 2009
Rent from E-Square at your own risk! I have spent years abroad in third world countries, but I've never lived in such squalor as at 367 elmwood avenue. It is rat and cock-roach infested, which I can forgive. The bed-bugs are a different story, however. After living there for only 3 months, I discovered a severe bed-bug infestation; in this short time they had established an extensive colony along my mattress. When I tried to contact management about it, my calls weren't returned for nearly 2 weeks, and then they tried to blame me for bringing them (which I know for a fact is not the case). I am convinced they were aware of a previous infestation. Unfortunately I discovered the bugs immediately after paying rent for the month; I moved out, but they kept that money and my security deposit; I was subject to nasty phone calls and accusations, and as I was trying to move out they put a "boot" on my car in the parking lot, demanding I pay $75 to have it removed (!). Their horribly unprofessional employees live on the premises and are constantly vigilant of the parking lot. They've harassed both me when I first moved in and visitors I've had, and they host loud parties for their friends late into the night. I'm sorry to be so negative, but I feel obligated to warn others...

Buffalo, NY

#11 Sep 1, 2009
Dont even think of working for these people unless you want to get screwed. They have no idea how to run a business and as far as safety goes their rule is "i dont give a shit if you get hurt as long as i can fill my pockets", and when they are done with you, you are gone. I could go on but the bottom line is DONT WORK FOR E SQUARE CONSTRUCTION (offshoot of e square capital)
Current Tenant

Buffalo, NY

#12 May 21, 2010
thats all i have to say, the apt is ok if you know how to fix it up and take care of it, but the staff is awefull, customer service is awefull, getting anything fixed is awefull!! The sprinkler system went off in the building on the floor above me and flooded my entire apt, they have done nothing to fix my apt in over 3 months, they show no concern for the tenants. They let in horrible people that dont take care of the apt or the surrounding area, there is dog crap everywhere, even inside the apt, loud people, hallways smell bad, all in all its just bad!!! needless to moving!
Current tanent

Frisco, TX

#13 Jul 24, 2010
Very bad, the apartment is in a nice location Lafayette and elmwood. That is the only good thing. They are non-professional, on the move in date the place was a mess, it needed painting, screens, blinds and the water pressure was low. I was promised that all will be done in 2 days, needless to say the dealine came and went and things are not done. The manager is rude and has no concept of customer service. All tenants in the building aggree with me, maintenance is very slow and you cannot get a hold of anybody. In short, only rent from those people if you LOVE elmwood and welling to put up with thier shit. all their other locations are not worth the bother

Tonawanda, NY

#14 Jun 17, 2011
Human beings are very malleable, it's been empirically proven; Milgrim is a good reference.
these apartments (i rented at 367 Elmwood Avenue) are not homes, they are merely places to sleep. if you decide to stay here, my best advice is, you better have a plan that far outweighs the inconvenience of putting yourself in such an environment. don't count on me to convince you. observe the proffesionalism of the staff, the cleanliness of the complex, as well as its safety. my stay here was short term-under a year, i knew exactly what i was getting into, the reasons why, and i had a plan of getting out.
Read more:
19 Hodge

Buffalo, NY

#15 Feb 24, 2013
My experience has been nothing like what I have read on this page. All of the employees I have encountered have been very pleasant during my last 8 months here. I did call maintenance once about a leaky sink and did not receive a call back; however, the sink never leaked again after that incident.

Walls/floors are thick so I rarely hear any of the neighbors. Wifi and heat included in rent. Parking is expensive, but has been worth the extra cash in my opinion. Hardwood floors. Pet friendly.

My only complaint is that there have been a few instances of crime around the buildings (broken window, loud fighting, threat made,) but I think that comes with living in the city. Overall, I am very happy here.

Wellsville, NY

#16 May 7, 2013
950 Delaware - The most disgusting building I've ever stepped foot in. There dog shit everywhere, all over the sidewalks, under windows, tracked into the building and throughout the hallway. The entryway also smells like gas. It is so filthy. Absolute worst management. I've had a leak in my ceiling for the past four months coming through a light fixture. There are bugs EVERYWHERE. Try sleeping through that.. Or the asshole upstairs stomping. The deposit is nonrefundable. Unless you want to live with a bunch scum your taxes pay for to live there, I wouldn't recommend it. Beware of these slumlords!

Buffalo, NY

#17 Jul 21, 2013
Let me start with the positive, which is minimal. My review is of Sheldon Apartments at 950 Delaware Avenue.


Location is convenient to Elmwood Village. Neighborhood is nice. People in the neighborhood very friendly. I've had no bad experiences with regard to the location. There are several guys that regularly come by to dig out bottles/cans from the trash. Many of us in the complex put ours in a separate bag for them and set them outside the trash bins so they don't have to dig.

Maintenance guys are friendly and the few maintenance issues I've had were resolved immediately.

Leasing agent/housekeeping staff are very friendly and nice to deal with.


I pay my rent on-time or often a week early. I'm disabled, so I leased a garage space for $85/month. I use the term garage loosely. They're really dilapidated 'stalls'.

Recently, I went to the office to pay my monthly rent and asked if I could pay my separate parking fee on 18th of the month & offered to pay any late fees. My dog incurred a $400 vet bill and money was tight. I was told by the office "No problem". Exactly one week later, I received a written demand letter regarding the past due balance. Letter stated they needed to know when it would be paid & should be paid to avoid late fees. Mind you, in the lease, the parking section states it's a month to month contract with no specified due date or penalties for paying late. I wrote a letter to property manager/owner explaining I'd spoken w/office, told this was no problem and reiterated that I'd be paying the $85 on the 18th of the month. Again, I offered to pay any late fees, despite the fact it says nothing about it in the lease.

Exactly one week after this, I received a telephone call from said property manager/owner. Voice mail he left said he was calling about past due parking amount & wanted to know when it would be paid. When I called him back, I attempted to explain that I'd already notified them verbally & in writing, TWICE, over the past 2 weeks, why it was late & when I'd be paying it, he went into full bill collector mode telling me it didn't matter what kind of letter I wrote, my balance was late and he wanted his money. When I asked him why he refused to listen to me and that I didn't understand the need for a 'collection call' as he put it, he said I had an attitude problem & a chip on my shoulder. The conversation escalated with him shouting at me and talking over me. I ended up hanging up on him.

10 minutes later, I went to the office, gave the agent a check for $85 (this was the afternoon of the 17th). I was so angry when I left, that I immediately removed my vehicle from the property & parked it on the street, went back to the office & turned in my parking pass and told them to keep the extra $46 for the remainder of this months fee since I was late paying it.

That evening, I emailed said property manager/owner advising him the fee had been paid, my car had been removed from the property & parking pass turned in. I didn't hear back from him. The next day, I sent a follow up email telling him that I felt he handled what could have been a simple situation poorly and turned it into an ugly, nasty situation. I also stated that I was a quiet, respectful tenant, who paid rent on-time or early, looked after things in my building (vacuuming hallway, emptying overflowing trash can in lobby etc.).

His response? "Get over yourself. You are just one of many tenants. Please don't email me any more of this nonsense any more." 4 minutes later, he sent another email to me stating "On second thought, next time you're late, I won't call, I'll just have you towed." How can you threaten to tow someone who's car is no longer on the property?" He obviously is either an idiot or didn't bother to read my correspondence.

I had intended to renew my lease next March, but not now. These people don't care about anything but money.
15 Hodge

Buffalo, NY

#18 Aug 9, 2013
Moved in a couple weeks ago, made the mistake of leaving the door unlocked while I was sleeping, stupid, i know. Anyway, someone (and I have a suspicion it was the maintenance guy, came in and stole a bucket full of change (200-300) and my spare car keys which are gonna cost $300+ to replace. Told the building manager, and of course there is no surveillance at the building entry or in the halls. basically, fuck this place.

Lockport, NY

#19 Nov 8, 2013
Lived at the property at 585 Lafayette. They call this place "Lafayette Manor" and tout it as high end rentals which is a JOKE. The property looks like it has been in the hands of slumlords for years. The lawn is a mess, garbage cans overflowing and never taken out (I think a tenant sometimes took them out when it got bad), rotting porch, holes in roof (i knew a tenant who's apartment rained inside), and the list goes on and on. Oh, and the rats! Rats on the front lawn all summer long...I think they were living under the porch. One drive by and you would know what I am talking about. It is the eyesore to the neighborhood!
The management is fine if all goes well, but the minute you need anything...and you will, they are complete a-holes. Not willing to listen, talk, or give you fluffy excuses. Comparing stories with other tenants I found out that they have even thrown threats around. A typical answer to a minor complaint would be "well then go live somewhere else"...WHO SAYS THAT!???
While the maintenance guys seem ok for the most part, they seem like they are just bossed around and told what to do with no daily schedule or routine for property maintenance. Debris will sit for weeks or months on the property...HELLO, you have pickup tucks and a TEAM of guys working for you! Come pick up your property!
Avoid E-square at ALL costs. It is not worth your money & time, and Buffalo is full of other great places to live!
Stay away from E square

Lockport, NY

#20 Jan 4, 2015
Horrible people, especially the blonde one, Ireena or something! Had no idea what she was talking about, no help, all attitude! Owner is a complete tool!
If you want to know what it like to live in a barn, please, e square capital is the place! Otherwise, save your money and patience. Also I see good reviews from people who work there. Great to know they still got tools in their shed.

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