Rachel Stra Is Back In Court

Rachel Stra Is Back In Court

There are 75 comments on the WGRZ Buffalo story from Dec 10, 2007, titled Rachel Stra Is Back In Court. In it, WGRZ Buffalo reports that:

The woman whose seven-year old daughter was the subject of a massive search years ago, was back before a judge Monday.

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Northbrook, IL

#63 Dec 18, 2007
kattie annie wrote:
<quoted text>
I want to believe you Jen, I just can't get over the fact if you watch your children at all that she didnt know, I really feel in my heart she knew all about it, but maybe mentally she didn't. I still blame her and don't think I can ever forgive her.
If god can forgive her I guess I should let it go,
If he had done anything to Samantha previously...like for a prolonged time-- maybe it was a mental block..??
maybe it just happened for the first time very shortly b4 that night? and samantha wasnt showing obvious signs yet? or was trying to figure out HOW to tell Rachel. Angel wasnt working and rachel had three kids and was taking classes...maybe she missed something?
Ive discussed this with her countless times after she came around... She asked herself that very question alot. She was CONVINCED tha the 7year old SHE was raising WOULD have said something-- but you beat yourself up afterwards..

or maybe he never did it before and Samantha spoke up or freaked out or threatened to tell or didnt convince him the secret was safe enough? unfortunately none of us will EVER know cuz that beautiful baby took her secrets to the makeshift grave with her...

but one things for sure.. there was enough evidence to suggest that she not only bled alot in the bed, but also in the car... cuz it came out later that he used cleaners in the car..and did more "cleaning up" than was originally leaked out before his plea..

I assure you.. there was a plausable excuse for all the pre-plea little stuff that got out or was alleged.

when i go back now cant find any more info. and that wgrz video said that they searced the house/car and nothing--etc..???

but i KNOW there was some blood in that car or proof that some had been cleaned.. way more incriminating stuff hit us hard right after his plea

so bottom line...if she died of suffocation.. then the blood was most likely vaginal.??? merely a guess...he could have made her bleed in some other way?? but that might also suggest it was "the first time" if you know what im trying to say without being horrible..

either way..hes ROTTEN and you can bet you butt if i find a way to know when he's up for parole that i will be there on samantha's behalf..even if im in a wheelchair..

and id hope that EVERY citizen that lost sleep,shed tears and spent countless hours looking for that baby and peering out their own windows----would attempt to do the same. he tore that community UP and he needs to see some angry faces.

if i know rachel as well as i think i do-- even knowing what she knows now.. even tho she detests him.. even tho her eyes have been opened RIGHT UP--- i think it mite be too painful for her to go. I could see her being afraid it would make her raw again. Shes an emotional person..and she handles grief and pain in an almost childish-- avoidance type way...or at least at that tme.. she just doesnt deal well...

its a LONG time from now.. and maybe Im wrong and she's booked a hotel near the prsion already... but ill be there for sure...

I might even buy an air horn!!
how to get it thru security is another issue

Warsaw, NY

#64 Dec 18, 2007
Ah, Jen. Forever the champion of what is right. It's admirable, but even if you make everyone who reads this board see the truth, there are still thousands out there just like them who will refuse to. It's not their fault. They were not there. Their perception is one-sided. When and if it is time for them to learn the lessons that we learned, God will teach them. But in a world where people fight wars, based upon race and religion, there is not much hope for that.
I will step in, though, to answer a few questions I have seen posted here or not.
1. Why would the DA only give Angel 25 to life and not the death penalty?
A. Because several years ago, the death penalty was still relatively new, and being appealed at every turn. Angel was able to save his own sorry life and Jerry Stout was able to assure that he would probably never be free on appeal to hurt another child.
2. Why did the constantly camera shy Racheal Stra allow her children to be filmed by camera crews upon their return to her?
A. With her house literally surrounded by the press, Racheal allowed camera crews in on the "off the record" bargain that each crew would take a stack of missing posters and post them all where they could be seen.
3. Why did Racheal Stra not join the searchers?
A. Although she appreciated the efforts, she had been told personally by John Walsh (father of Adam), that she should NEVER give up her belief that Samantha was alive, no matter what, until she had actual proof that it wasn't true. The searchers were looking for a dead child. She believed that Samantha was alive. To search with them was to invalidate that belief, which was all she had to hold on to, with the exception of her two beautiful daughters, whom she also spent untold hours protecting from the media onslaught.
Just a few things to think about.

Northbrook, IL

#65 Dec 19, 2007
Well hello there Shari!
I totally forgot about John Walsh! Wow Im old!
You think the reporters that we met at that time actually hung the posters? Or are they STILL in the back of the news van? HA! I can only remember ONE that was civil and didnt seem to have alterier motives. What was his name?

I know this is all irrelevant now, but over time Ive ofen obsessed about the subject of Grandma. In hindsight do you too suspect that SHE KNEW all the hard stuff the ENTIRE time we were friends with Rachel? She was SO tightly wound up in his "trial strategy" and constantly conferencng with Angel's attorneys if you recall--- EVEN WHEN CPS gave HER temp. custody of A & C....???

I feel manipulated by her. I had many conversations with her about Angel's "innocence" and in hindsight Rachel couldnt really talk about the legal stuff too much.. I know you were involved in a legal capacity and Rachel could safely discuss more with you
...but I realize NOW that 99% of the plausable explanations for the more understandbale evidence/allegations/stuff in general pre-plea came from HER!!!! I feel like she worked us to keep US thinking he was innocent so that we would in turn continue to keep Rachel in that mindset.. and have us all supporting HIM?
Makes me wonder how much SHE knew from the word go... also makes me wonder for that matter if he ever confessed to his mom- then OR NOW?
...or if not.. does she at least TODAY believe him to be guilty finally? With all that came out?

What's your guess?
My guess--- she still thinks he got racially railroaded...poooor Angel ;(
Is she still in the area?

Northbrook, IL

#66 Dec 19, 2007
Oh-- and while Im at it.. remind me what year he comes up for parole..
was it 25 or 25 to life and please remind me if he actually stands a chance of facing a parole board while Im still YOUNG AND KICKING?

We should send him a father's day card......on SAMANTHAS birthday....

Ugg....Got myself ALL WORKED UP AGAIN.
He was RIGHT there within 5 feet of me in the court... and I didn't know..I shouldaaaaaaaaaaa

Thats a good thing right?
The Other Side

Canandaigua, NY

#67 Dec 23, 2007
I pray for my nieces! I love you girls and I hope that you are not reading these HORRIBLE comments that "outsiders" are writing about your mom!!!

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#68 Jan 23, 2008
Gary Hare wrote:
I believe she is innocent. The kids may have gotten the booze into her home by sneaking it. Racheal has recently had surgery of having a new kidney and is well aware of the effects that booze or drugs could have on a person
What makes you think needing a new kidney is going to teach her a lesson on right from wrong if she couldnt figure out that RAPE on a child was wrong!I hope she has as much pain from her surgery as that little girl had from the adult male that raped her.

North Chili, NY

#69 Apr 2, 2008
Thank you Jen & Shari 4 all your help back then. I don't know if I ever told you that. To the few people that supported me back then GOD BLESS YOU! I miss Samantha every minute of every day. No parent should ever out live their child. If it was not for A & C I would have died myself that day. I love my children more then life itself. I would do anything for them. I am back in the news and that sucks. It is not newsworthy. People are fighting wars, children are hungry and AIDS is infecting more people--WHY TALK ABOUT ME? To all the haters, I know you are only going with what you read in black and white. And what you see on TV and I don't blame you. If I did not go through this--I would probably be in the same boat as you would be. I love my daughters very much. Samantha would have been 18 years old this year. It has been eleven years since God needed her in heaven. Every February 2, we make a cake and sing her "Happy Birthday". Maybe all of you who hate me so much could light a candle for her instead of hating me so much. Don't waste your time on hate--life is too short. We need to love the people around us. God Bless You All who searched for my daughter--please don't ever think it was a waste of your time. You too thought you could find her. I needed to believe she would come knocking on the door with her big black eyes looking at me.
a friend

Rochester, NY

#70 Jul 21, 2008
rachel would never buy alc for minors its these leroy ass hold ricky and oldskool that blamed it on her

Batavia, NY

#71 Sep 25, 2008
People should stop and think before saying things that they apparently have no real information on kids can't be watched 24-7 besides no one knows what really goes on in her household the poor women is dying and it's hard on her being a single mother besides they was never any proof that her boyfriend killed her daughter.

Batavia, NY

#72 Sep 25, 2008
Rachel I know things must be hard but you keep your head held high and don't let any of these noisy people bring you down I love you and the girls. Besides people who hate do it because they don't have anything else better to do with the lifes. Haters keep Hating but you won't bring my girl down. Remeber I keep you in the girls in my heart and prays especially TITA!

Batavia, NY

#73 Sep 25, 2008
To Jen From Akron On

Yeah his mother is still in the area and yes she very much believes in his innocence as well as I do. You people think you know someone because of what tv reporters say. You yourself are a hyprocite I clearly remember you sticking up for Angel so don't be a damn hypocrite. One day the truth will come out and Angel will have his day in court. Mind your damn business and worry about urself who knows what you could face in the future remember karma is a B**ch!

Buffalo, NY

#74 Oct 28, 2011
Rachel and I were best childhood friends. We used to play barbies together and she would always name them Samantha. She dreamed about having a little girl by that name. She was very smart when it came to her school work and was raised by a strict mother. However when we became teenagers, I felt their were signs that her father was molesting her sister and possible her. I never had proof of that but felt it was true. I cannot believe the person she became after moving to Florida and meeting low life men. She completely changed. It is beyond shameful what she has allowed her boyfriend to do. Maybe she didn't know for sure he was molesting Smantha but I'm sure she must have had a feeling something was wrong. I believe she allowed it in part to what I think her father did to her and her sister. It's a sick world out there. I just can't believe I know someone who turned out this way.

Escondido, CA

#75 Feb 25, 2013
I know this is from back in 2007, but I knew Samantha. I met Rachel and Angel at her birthday party. That women, sat on her couch, smoked and made Samantha share her presents with her sister. So unless you met that "wonderful" women you have no room to talk. She is a low life. And I feel so awful for her other two daughters. May god look after them because neither of their parents is worth a damn!
Lifeeeeee Coachhhhhhhhhhh

Chesapeake, VA

#76 Feb 25, 2013
Liz wrote:
I know this is from back in 2007, but I knew Samantha. I met Rachel and Angel at her birthday party. That women, sat on her couch, smoked and made Samantha share her presents with her sister. So unless you met that "wonderful" women you have no room to talk. She is a low life. And I feel so awful for her other two daughters. May god look after them because neither of their parents is worth a damn!
How much does she weigh?
lonely man

Rochester, NY

#77 Feb 15, 2015
Liz wrote:
I know this is from back in 2007, but I knew Samantha. I met Rachel and Angel at her birthday party. That women, sat on her couch, smoked and made Samantha share her presents with her sister. So unless you met that "wonderful" women you have no room to talk. She is a low life. And I feel so awful for her other two daughters. May god look after them because neither of their parents is worth a damn!
What happened to her this time around that she went back to court in 02/25/2013 ?

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