Least likely to find on a Kingsmen MC...

Least likely to find on a Kingsmen MC member?

Created by LoveJoyBoy on Aug 26, 2008

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North Tonawanda, NY

#346 Nov 18, 2012
airborne wrote:
Obviously Sin city bad mouths the Kingsmen cause he just couldnt make the cut. Not all make bootcamp or basic trainning. Sin city was soft just to the border line of being a cum sucking pencil neck geek. If Mickey Rorke New u was using his pic he crack your face in half. Me personally would put six in the back off your head until you was spitting pieces of your skull out your mouth.
Mickey "Rorke"?...bwahahaha
Telling facts

Chattanooga, TN

#347 May 16, 2013
I know for a fact that the Kingsmen use to be a club of brotherhood. But, that was years ago. Now, they hand out those center patches like they are nothing. There is no brotherhood left in that club. I know a few that have done years in prison for the Kingsmen and they were forced out of the club and stabbed in the back like some low life. That club has become a joke. It is all about prestige and nothing more. How many of the current members would do time rather than snitch someone out? If it came down to it, they would all start pointing fingers to keep their own ass safe. The Pa region is the biggest joke. The regional president is nothing more than a coward. Ask him about how he hid his colors in a bar brawl to keep from getting beat up. The guys that weren't afraid to stand up and say anything were pushed out. Face it, the Kingsmen are a major joke and have lost the concept of loyalty and brotherhood.

United States

#349 Sep 12, 2013
The more i read these messages the more i laugh. A bunch of idiots that no nothing about clubs, motorcycles and probably on gov aid of some sort and definitely not a life. Since you spend a lot of time on this forum. If you dont know anything about the KMC club and you proceed to act as you do, then by all means stop by the clubouse and introduce yourself. I would be more than happy to make a proper introduction to you. Perhaps we already met you in the past and your mouth got you into trouble and you were educated, but you are one of those types that cant accept the fact that you got what you deserved because you were an idiot. I am more apt to believe that scenario.
rufuckingkidding me

Bowie, MD

#350 Sep 17, 2013
k so i do know first hand the kingsmen are assholes playing at being an m.c. as far as the travelers , not much better, but at least they have the decency to keep shit on the down low, and they are not known for beating up women,(the women just run the show ) as far as everything else the way to get rid of any cockroach is to set out the roach motel and flip the light switch on, soon as there fearless leader dies so will they, from all the flieas trying to beat each other to the top of the shit pile
Phat Allis s Ol Lady

United States

#351 Sep 17, 2013
Phat Allis won't be partiipating in these post anymore as he was killd on his ride by a druken idiot 2 Months ago

Newark, NJ

#352 Oct 4, 2013
The snake is out tonight in the buffalo kingsmen clubhouse he is a fake family member of one of the club members on eagle. Beware he is a smooth player

Newark, NJ

#354 Oct 4, 2013
The kingsmen are in trouble

Since: May 12

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#355 Oct 4, 2013
I hear the Sons of Anarchy are coming to patch over the Kingsmen. LOL!!!

Since: May 12

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#358 Oct 5, 2013
Lacrosse Coachhh wrote:
Do you "biker gangs" know why "undercover" cops follow you around with video cameras?
I'll let you in on a secret
These super-secret "intel" cops are asskissers who have do-nothing jobs in their respective police departments. They get to grow cool goatees and wear jeans to work and act cool.
Every once in a while they have to pretend that they are "doing something" so they "gather information" about Black gangs and biker gangs.
They send out emails with videos of fat, soft, middle-aged bikers and semi-retarded ghetto fake gang members wearing "gang colors" that they bought at a suburban mall while they "flash (scary)gang signs" and act bad because they make $8,000 a year slinging crack and marijuana on the corner
I thank God for these cool goateed cops whp protect me from illegal plants and chemicals
I agree with every word of your post!

Newark, NJ

#360 Oct 5, 2013
Do not let the informant around

Toledo, OH

#361 Dec 29, 2013
do not let people that are not part of the club there or any newer people that have just started coming around since May they are bad news even though they wont seem like it on the surface

Columbia, SC

#362 Sep 20, 2014
God, I hope you are all not white.

Palm Harbor, FL

#363 Oct 1, 2014
They were the Towpath riders first then became the Kingsmen
Mullen Cuillo and Huntington were three founding members,
HIGh ya

Buffalo, NY

#364 Oct 3, 2014
ummm? let me think um all of the above ?

United States

#365 Dec 8, 2014
My understanding is that a few years ago there were a few cowardly members which watched too much television and actually believed that they were Jacks Teller, LOL. These goofs had a personal agenda, and in order to follow through with this agenda. They accused some long time members of things that they had no documented proof of. How else do you get members thrown out. You de-face them and make them out to be something that they arent, while causing drama and histery amoung the organization, and strong arming people into actually believing in complete BS. Strangely, these members that were doing the finger pointing turned out to be exactly what they were accusing the others of, except worse, far worse. To disrespect your club, its heritage, and to turn against your own, thiers nothing worse. Turing against your brothers is worse than a thief, even a rat, probably not, but you see what i mean. It took time, and many attempts to remove these individuals. Now, my understanding is that they were absorbed by another group. I believe this was because they were afraid and needed protection. So now they are suckling the hind teet as what i had heard. Its unfortunate as the group that they are now a part of may be facing the same if not worse fate as the one these morons came from. Even more humorous yet is my understanding is many of the members that road on the strings of these individuals are now deserting them as they now realize how dishonest and corrupt they truly are. Perhaps evil may be a better term.
HIGh ya

Buffalo, NY

#366 Dec 19, 2014
merry christmas all

United States

#367 Mar 8, 2015
bad man wrote:
i bet i know where you would like a toothbrush!! you should probably stay your tough guy ass in "love joy" boy!
Love to see bad man step in Lovejoy and spit shit....get his wig split
not for nothing

Coraopolis, PA

#368 Mar 8, 2015
Sounds about right but to clear the record the story was pretty convincing and so was every one who backed it up a lot of good people fallowed in the wrong direction the hole thing is messed up

Toledo, OH

#369 Apr 22, 2015
Interesting the rat was around Sunday

Bronx, NY

#370 May 31, 2015
Kingsmen my ass. These guys are nothing but a bunch of queers that want to be bad asses. They should be called the queensmen. They couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag of their lives depended on it. Half of them are closet queers. One of my friends actually happened upon a couple of members from the Bradford chapter engaging in butt sex with each other in a parking lot.

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