Names Christopher Woods, The brother of Jonathan Woods and close friends to Michael and Adam who were stabbed while camping and hanging out with friends saturday May 30,2009 at Glen Marry Park.
The two boys SHAUN PLOGGER & JOESEPH TAYLOR aprotched the campsite unexpectedly. Nobody knew the boys. Shaun started the arguing and running his mouth which lead to fighting. Joseph Taylor cant fight so he pulls out a knife and stabs my brother in the leg first. Then stabs Adam 5 times and repeats the stabbing on Michael stabbing him 2 times. Joseph had his hearing at court yesterday and they let him out on bail. Now do you think thats smart for judge to do that? I think the judge is retarded and they dont know how to serve true justice when needed to be served. He was saying selfdefence but after he done the stabbing he threw the knife in the river and ran. The 2 boys had no right being there. If the Justice or so called bv police doesnt want to do anything about it then somebody else will. Thats all im saying.