Banned t shirts at hchs

Banned t shirts at hchs

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Just saying

Bristol, TN

#2 Apr 13, 2013
What are you talking about

Paris, TN

#3 Apr 13, 2013
sadly our school system is a bunch of hypocrites they wear shirts and other accessories with the HCHS logo and a patriot carrying a long rifle yet when students find a good way to deal with and honor a classmate's death by making a t-shirt with a shotgun on it, since that was one of his favorite things to do, hunting, the HCHS, no other local schools are acting this stupid, ban the shirts and send the students home.
This is beyond stupid. Any counselor, one that is licensed, will tell you this is a great thing for all the kids that are affected by the death of a friend and peer. It draws them together for support and memories giving them a chance to heal the hurt. But the High school obviously does not want that!!!

This school promotes a logo, with a gun no less, sell shirts, bags and much more but when a student does it they throw a giant temper tantrum. Wonder how much is motivated by money, if they got a percentage of the profit it would probably be ok.(profits going to a charity in the students name)

Check channel 7 news website it is all on there.

Way to go HCHS for making our community look terrible!
jim bean

Trenton, TN

#4 Apr 13, 2013
when i went to high school the blacks had shirts with weed and naked women on them...did they get in trouble? nope. we need a new leader in the school.

United States

#5 Apr 16, 2013
It's because the principle is black..
black white or orange

Paris, TN

#6 Apr 16, 2013
this is NOT a racial issue it is a moral and ethical decency issue. The school is setting a poor example to the students...Do as I say not as I do!
Self righteous fools whose egos have outgrown the small town politics they are involved in! The need replacing if their egos are more important than the mental and emotional well being of their students. They are no longer doing what is best for the students then it is time for the parents to step up and replace them with people that actually care!
Senior at Henry County

Paris, TN

#7 Apr 16, 2013
I'm a Senior at HCHS, and I knew Steven. But the school system is literally messed up. I find it so disappointing that we can wear a shirt that has a man with a gun who fought for our country but used that gun to kill people. When all Steven used this hunting rifle for was for game. Now they are saying if you have on one of these memorial shirts without duct tape over the gun, you will be expelled. Not suspended or Alternative school or I.S.S. but expelled. A little too far of a punishment I think.

Paris, TN

#8 Apr 16, 2013
The staff at HCHS has always had their heads up their asses. Some things never change.

Paris, TN

#9 Apr 16, 2013
student you are not as powerless as those in power like to think you are. You are the next generation that will hit the voting booth. You can make a difference if you really want to!
Contact the news channels, channel 5, channel 4, the tennessean, fox email them. tell them what it is like at this school. State your memories and wish to honor your classmate.
Call your elected representatives, let them know you WILL be voting next time as will your friends. Tell them in firm, polite words what you feel and see as the problems within this community and HCHS in particular. You may not be 18, YET, but if you work you do pay taxes. You spend money and so do your parents. Stand up be heard!
Those patriots the HCHS is so proud of ( and yes they should be, so should you!) would not and did not lay down roll over and do what they were told. If they had it would not be a free country with the freedom of expression, speech that we enjoy, or are supposed to.
Stand up for yourselves, your friend and your right to heal and share the memories of a lost classmate. HCHS is NOT an example for the next generation and not a decent role model if this is how they choose to act! They are political power hungry hypocrites that need to be called into the light of the media and every social network there is!

Paris, TN

#10 Apr 16, 2013
A friend once told me "Nothing will control evil like the spotlight of public scrutiny"

Shine that light!

Paris, TN

#12 Apr 16, 2013
Back in the 90's they'd send you home over wearing a peace sign because it was supposedly a "gang symbol".

Heads, asses, etc.

Paris, TN

#13 Apr 17, 2013
It is curious that someone posts how students can fight this injustice and use their voice as adults and the thread was missing when I logged in this afternoon. Hopefully this will bring it back. Sad when people attacking others on personal level do not get removed but call attention to wrong doing by a gov sponsored place and it gets removed.
Do not give up.

Paris, TN

#14 Apr 18, 2013
seriously? This is crazy, you would think they would have been the first to promote a student in this kind of situation,

have they actually expelled anyone? Who has been sent home?

Columbia, TN

#15 Apr 19, 2013
If your school wants to be that technical then they need to ban, swamp hunters, duck dynasty, drake, camo, final flight, and so on... These are all shows that promote guns and hunting.. That's what's wrong with the world today,, boys need to be boys and embrace the fact they love to hunt. God put animals here for that very reason. There is a huge difference in a terrorist planting bombs, and using assault rifles compared to a Tshirt in memory of a young boy who has passed and loved to hunt. I agree these ppl have their head up something!!! Don't give up proving the difference,, stand up for how you feel your being treated. Good luck!!!
Senior at Henry County

Paris, TN

#17 Apr 20, 2013
At wow, I do not know but yesterday 3 or 4 students were wearing the shirt with little duct tape pieces only covering half the gun so I'm not sure. And at jsyk I believe so too. The administration are literally going to screw up big time, and I know I shouldn't say this after all these terrible tragedies have happened lately, but somebody is most likely going to get tired of it and snap and shoot up the whole school. I know that is a little harsh but it might come down to that..

Paris, TN

#18 Apr 20, 2013
Violence is for the ones that do not know any other way to stand up for themselves. Yes, HCHS is acting very much like a playground bully counting on size and reputation to make the students bow and bend to their wishes.
Do they teach about right and wrong?
Do they teach about the government and history?

You are NOT defensless or powerless. Yes violence may look like an easy answer to get people to listen when you feel unheard, ignored and bullied. But it will hurt more than just the bullies. It would dishonor the memory of their friend.

Take what they have, or were supposed to teach you in their school and use it!

Contact channel 4 and channel 5 all news channels, look at the policing for profit articles on channel 5, now there are new laws being passed. they can make a difference....

LEt everyone know whats going on!!!!!

Columbia, TN

#19 Apr 20, 2013
I agree,, violence in never the answer to be heard. Use the resources you have been taught and given to let ppl know how you feel about this ordeal. Always take a stand on what you believe in especially when it is in line with Gods will. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and timing and ask God to put the right people in your path so you can make a difference...

Keller, TX

#20 Apr 20, 2013
This is how we want our youth to be here in Paris. I love Communism.

Grapevine, TX

#21 Apr 20, 2013
Communism comes right after socialism which is where we just about are now

Paris, TN

#22 Apr 21, 2013
I think you probably mean 'fascism'
Stevens sister

Humboldt, TN

#23 May 15, 2013
i think this is STUPID. there are way more offensive thing to wear than that shirt. we should be aloud to keep him alive in our hearts and show our support. there is no reason a hunting rifle that my brother used as a hobby should be offensive. smh!

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