Dear Fellow Citizens.
Find following the new law we hope to present before you and find your approval to present to these United States Legislators to rid the Internet of and to protect our children from all pedophiles and predators online.
We beg of you to please support us in this endeavor.
Aprils law contract for the protection of the children
I am one of 80,000 (and growing) concerned citizens who are behind a push for legislation to restrict pedophiles on the Internet.
Our concentration is on the Internet web hosts who allow pedophiles to obtain, build and maintain websites. We feel that this is tantamount to supporting pedophilia and should be punished accordingly.
We are supporting the following punishments:
1. Confiscation of all computer equipment and donation to local school districts;
2. Restriction from internet use for 10 years;
3. A fine of $250,000 for each offense;
4. Mandatory 1 year jail time and 15 years probation;
5. Inclusion on the sexual offenders list
The punishments must be severe enough to curtail this activity.
We invite your comments and we would like to invite you to join our group.
The Aprils laws page is phone numbers as follows
Cheryl Boyer-
I await your answer on these important issues.
Your constituent
Cheryl Jane Boyer
Elgin SC. 29045