Is Jacksonville a good place to live ...

Jacksonville, FL

#131 Nov 12, 2012
This is it

United States

#132 Nov 16, 2012
The GOP Is not a worthy party that I no longer support! First of all the GOP is no longer relevant! Mitt Romney is a liar and how dare he says that the President bribe college students and minorities with gifts! So Mitt Romney is bitter over his no-so presidential close loss! McCain is so disturbed by the 2008 results and the Benghazi incident! Speaking of the Benghazi incident, McCain missed the two hour close door briefing because he was too busy in the cameras face about a nomination of the secretary of state! Paul -idiot Lying Ryan told a reporter that the urban areas voted in massive numbers! Well here's something Ryan lost his state who is majority white to Obama! Ryan lost his very own district to Obama which is majority white! Obama won Mittens own state! The GOP listens to idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Fox lopsided news! Mittens bribe the millionaires with gifts by not raisIng taxes! So this is WHAT is going to happen:

#1 McCain will lose his Senate Seat
#2 Democrats will regain control over the broke
House of Reps!
#3 Hilary will be the Next President of the US
#4 The rise of the Libertarian Party!
#5 The already downward spiral and outcast of
Tea Party!
#6 The GOP will become a Whig Party!
jacksonville misery

Jacksonville, FL

#133 Nov 16, 2012
If you want know what Jacksonville is really like, take drive down 103rd street.This a microcosm of Jacksonville.

Homeless people, pawn shops, "internet cafes", hookers, trailer parks, groups of thugs wearing baggy clothes, Waffle houses, strip malls, pickpockets and low level street criminals, liqour stores, abandoned storefronts, crummy Gold Buyer stores,pit bulls running the streets,eyesores like an abandonded Miami Subs franchise,women wearing gaudy cheap jewelry,low rent hotels,and a dude with no shirt and no teeth.

Stop in at the Walmart on 103rd, observe and look around there.
jacksonville misery

Jacksonville, FL

#134 Nov 16, 2012
SD2JAX2 wrote:
<quoted text>
I moved to Jacksonville from San Diego a few years ago. Please don't make the same mistake as I did. From what I have found, the only people that really like it here in Jacksonville are the ones that grew up here and don't know any better.
Here are the good things about Jacksonville...the beaches, a nice zoo, the st johns town center, it has a nice airport so you can get out of town, and well, that's about it.
Here are the bad things...the town is really spread out, this town is full of rednecks, the southern baptist church rules this town and keeps the city from progressing, this city hates gay people, they have black thugs everywhere in this town making the crime rate one of the highest in the country, they have a ruthless sheriffs department full of lazy cops, people are fat here and don't like to exercise, there is nothing attractive about this city, they have snake and gator invested retention pounds and trailer parks every where, the school system sucks, blacks walk around with their pants half down, people go to church in any strip mall that has a space available, the jacksonville landing is a dump, but everyone from jax thinks it's great, seriously, I could go on and on and on.
This guy nailed it.

The main people who think is jax is great are townies who grew up here and never left.They have high school educations or lower. Low class, low expectations, with no culture.

The other group that talks up jax are the wealthy elites who live in Ponte Vedre, which has very little in common with the 95% of the Jacksonville area. Don't listen who anyone brags about the San Marco district-its about a block longand its centerpiece is a dive movie theater.It is located next to the "phillips Highway area,notorious for drugs crime and prostitution.

Do not move without visiting and exploring many areas of the city first!
jacksonville misery

Jacksonville, FL

#135 Nov 16, 2012
Um, oh yeah.

You may want to look into Jacksonville's murder rate:

Also, be on guard in Jacksonville for rape,sexual assault and forcible sodomy:
DSM Local

Ankeny, IA

#136 Nov 17, 2012
All the liberals in Northwestern jacksonville must be ruining it for the rest

Jacksonville, FL

#137 Nov 18, 2012
Well, as soon as we vote all of these corrupt idiots in Jacksonville out it should be a little better!

Jacksonville, FL

#138 Nov 19, 2012
i agree with alot of the comments here about jacksonville ,it has its good and bad,but the bad out weighs the good, im originaaly from chicago and i cansay thatif you are looking for trouble in jacksonville you will find it ,just like any other city.. my main cincern is the sex offenders,and bad schools here.. their are alot of sex offenders here.. thats so sadthat they bunch them up all over jacksonville.. i live on the southside of town not far from tinsel town and let me tell you the only good things that happened to me in jacksonville..was that i found a real good church.. and no im not a crazed fanatic as alot of you state about churches here.. the high schools here do suck.. my kids go to sandalwood ..and well one dropped out and the other is showing signs of being fed up.. it pains me that they cant have a decent h.s time.. but i dont blame the school ..i blame my kids and the majority of kids that lose motivation to be in school.. i can say at least its not like chicago h.s where the gangbangers really make it difficult for you to enjoy or finish your h.s years..jacksonville has its good ,better,best spots just like any other city.. so i'm not gonna dog out the city.. its just the sex offenders and the title of murder capital of florida..that jax is famed for oh and std's, pretty much what i'm saying is how you live is what makes you or break you.. its ez to blame others, but usually its yourself that have the problem.. i mean ok some ppl state food is not great,or i can't find this or that.. well guess what capitalize on your findings and bring it to the table.. others blame blacks or red neck mentality .. nahh its not that are always gonna find an idiot in every race.. in every state,country ,town.. its always the same// remember smile now cry later phrase is a life term.. no matter how happy we think we are will turn to sadness and vice versa.. so what i'm really saying is experience the journey .. and again my biggest issues with jacksonville are the sex offenders ,lack of jobs,bad education.. i was one of the biggest jax bashers b4 .. but i have since beenb thru life changes that make me not sweat the small stuff.. and most importantly going to church and growing closer to god has changed me alot.. so before you give me a bad reply.. open your heart and let love in.. theirs no perfect utopia on earth.. god bless you guyz..
DSM Local

Ankeny, IA

#139 Nov 19, 2012
Metro Jacksonville’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.7 percent in October from 8.2 percent in September, the third consecutive month of decreases.

Florida’s comparable, not seasonally adjusted, rate was 8.2 percent in October, down from 8.6 percent in September, and the national rate was 7.5 percent, down from 7.6 percent in September.

Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October was 8.5 percent, down from 8.7 percent in September. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reported this morning that the state gained 14,700 jobs from September to October, and 67,600 jobs — an increase of 0.9 percent — since October 2011.

The seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate was 7.9 percent in October, up from 7.8 percent in September.

Seasonally adjusted 2012 figures for metros and counties are not available from the state.

Jacksonville, FL

#140 Nov 19, 2012
i dont believe that! jacksonvilles rate is higher than what they say..
Nikki San Martino

Asheville, NC

#141 Nov 20, 2012
The water of Jacksonville,Fla is "TERRIBLE".I would not advise anyone to drink,bathe,cook,or even give to your animals.The smell is awful and could not possibly be safe.I was informed that sulphur is definitey in the water.What are the other matters ? Jville has water as some of the northern states hard and useless.Are there any improvements to come for the water systems in the future?

Jacksonville, FL

#143 Nov 20, 2012

yea the water is terrible.. i have a under water sink filter(omni filter) in the kitchen for drinking water.. its ok i guess.. but man last time i went to connecticut and drank the water it tasted so clean from tap and even bathing my skin felt so nice.. also when i did the laundry in ct.. my clothes came out crisper.. so you are right nikki.. god permi one day i move .. but we'll see what god has in store .. if a move is possible..
DSM Local

Ankeny, IA

#144 Nov 20, 2012
What kind of idiot complains of Water?
John H

Jacksonville, FL

#145 Nov 25, 2012
Amen! Lets get the good old boys out .
John H

Jacksonville, FL

#146 Nov 25, 2012
This is the most ignorant, corrupt city I've ever been in. The people here are way behind in times, there are barely any decent schools. The water does smell like poop. Crime is through the roof. Instead of arresting and giving long sentences to hard core criminals and child molesters. They will twist facts and try to turn a misdemeanor into a felony. Over charge school aged children in most cases are just being children. They seem to be anti children here. Hopefully all these ignorant pucks will be voted out.
John H

Jacksonville, FL

#147 Nov 25, 2012
Adana wrote:
Okay... so what part of Jacksonville is a good negihborhood to live?

Jacksonville, FL

#148 Nov 25, 2012
its so many people like myself dislike living in jacksonville,all i know is i been here seven years and i lost my zest for life.. :( i just settled.

Singapore, Singapore

#149 Nov 27, 2012
lived in j-ville for 25 years of my 26 year life. born and raised all over jacksonville from the hood to the burbs. All i can say is it depends on you and your lifestyle if jax is right for you. were i stayed i witnessed pl getting thier head blown off by a gun. I witnessed crack head light up a pipe in the middle of the raod. seen the police taze a man till he started shitting on his self. watched hood rats fight over a men. white black mexocan all alike. all the kids do in school is hump. nothing to do in jacksonville. its like staying in a rural little town but on a bigger scale. im ghetto and lived in the ghetto and burbs all my life. i stay in south east asia now with my wife in singapore. I dreamed of the days when i would make it out. police lock up every one that moves in that town. if you drive thier is a 75 % chance that you will get pulled over. raciest white folk are very populated in jax. my advice would be to move thier because its cheap. just move to somewere safe. theirs plenty of safe places and lots of bad places. im come back to jacksonville for the holidays. if you need a help hit me up at [email protected]

Singapore, Singapore

#150 Nov 28, 2012
Bobby Atlanta wrote:
I am from S.Africa 1 yr, 4 yrs PuertoRico, Hawaii 6months, 10 years NYC, 5 yrs Atlanta. Love it in Atlanta, many success here, heard many bad for Atlanta, but I found out it gave me 1000% more than 10 yrs in NYC.
Now I want to move to Jacksonville, FL like forever kind. In longterm, Jkvill should be very important city for it's location, metro size, infrastructures.p
I have noticed on Google, Jkvill have too many neighborhood roads unpaved, only sand/grass?
Crime comments, gangs/thugs following, how serious is that?? We have gangs in Atlanta, blood etc, got robbed 5 times but thats not a problem for me, I do business in rough, bad hoods.
How is it comparing to Atlanta??
Anyone can compare Jacksonville vs Atlanta??
Crime sure is bad in Jkville it is obvious by comments here. But what is also a fact is there are houses $400,000 so there has to be good neighborhoods too.
.. great place to be if you have money to expand the country of wealth. just make sure you dont get scammed. lots of scammers

Jacksonville, FL

#151 Nov 28, 2012

your saying move to jacksonville because its cheap? orgot to mention all the sex offenders in jacksonville.. i live on the southside and its funny as long as i lived here neighbors are notfriendly at all.. and im hispanic. i think ppl here i just more scared because its bad to say but nobody knows whose a criminal here and theirs alot of them .. its crazy

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