Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Beg-A-Thon ...

Seymour, TN

#62 Apr 12, 2014
I don't no if it is guilt as much as it is what people believe in. I have seen other "a-thons" on t.v. for music instruments, some for animals.
I would, me personally would rather give to the word of Jesus Christ.
JSM does preach the word of God.
Hardy Parkerson

Lake Charles, LA

#63 Apr 12, 2014
Keep up the good work Jimmy Swaggart! You've
got the greatest lawyer in America, the great William
David "Bill" Treeby of the Stone-Pigman Lawfirm in
New Orleans, the Number Two man in the Tulane Law
Class of 1966, second only to the great International
Lawyer and Professor of International Law at Cornell,
the great John Barcelo; Tulane Law, Class of 1966.
I'll find your address and send you a contribution myself.
Again, keep up the good work, the also great Jimmy Swaggart!
Hardy Parkerson, J.D.
Retired Lawyer, after 41 years at the Bar
Tulane Law, Class of 1966

Seymour, TN

#64 Apr 13, 2014
Great morning service by Bro Donnie Swaggart!!!!

Grand Rapids, MI

#65 Apr 26, 2014
My wife and I have been totally blessed by the ministry, have been to 3 different camp meetings and can honestly say that we've never felt closer to The Lord than when we've been there!
It's like heaven on earth!

Go there yourself and experience it!
barna Lynn

United States

#66 Apr 29, 2014
Then you really know Jimmy. Why don't you go to his church? He is a multi-millionaire! So stay friends, I hear he needs a lawyer a lot!!


#67 May 19, 2014
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is a very expensive church to support. It is expected that you not only tithe but give above and beyond towards millions a month. I am tired of Donie and Frances guilting people into donating, shame on them. Their latest tactic is to implore those who give only a little to give $100 more under the conviction that you will be blessed if you do. The face of greed is not Godly. They don't want small donations, they want big ones and they are not ashamed to say so. I think they should reloacate their church into less expensive grounds. They want everyone who watches SLB to pay to do it. I don't believe soliciting should have been part of Donnie Swaggart's sermon on Sunday.
Glenna Ivie

Ogden, UT

#68 May 19, 2014
I don't understand why the jsm ministry don't give a reson for Randy knaps not singing on the church singers .maybe it it none of our business . does Debbie travel with Donnie?

Lancaster, PA

#69 May 19, 2014
It looks like they raised their goal once again this month. I'm not sure if it's because they need more money or just because they think they have more viewers so therefore feel they can raise more. It seems they frequently fall short of their goal and yet find a way to keep expanding the network. I have not yet heard any talk that SBN is on the verge of bankruptcy. Francis and Donnie are too judgmental of people. They act as if they know exactly who is going to heaven and who isn't. I think they should let God decide.

Beardstown, IL

#70 May 29, 2014
Iíve been watching JSM programming of ĎA Study in the Wordí, Insight, & Francis & Friends for about 5-6 monthís now on Dish Network; NO I havenít sent them any money & probably wonít. I donít subscribe to their theology of everyone, without exception, that receives the Baptism of the Holy Spirit/Ghost speaks with other tongues. I find that no place in the Bible. Iíve been a Sunday school teacher who has not only read, but studied the Bible for 60+ years now. When I watch I have my computer on with my Bible Study program up & running. It have 11 Bible versions, 6 versions of Bible Commentaries, 6 Dictionaries & a host of other programs. I use the Blue Letter online Bible for their commentary on the Greek equivalent of words translated into English.
I concur to a great extent with ĎNot Righteous Just Rightí in Anderson Ind. as pertaining to his assessment of the JSM in their always begging for money, how their services go (although Iíve never watched one to completion) When Jimmy & Donnie turn on the tears, do their aba-daba-do stuff or walk across the stage in a crouch screaming & shouting, I make an exit. I must say Iíve been somewhat enlightened by the study in the word program, but not to the point of supporting them financially.

Iíve read most of these posts, those who disagree with the way Swaggart runs things are criticized for their stance, by those who agree. Those who agree with JSM castigates those that donít & says itís wrong to judge others they disagree with.

1Corinthians 6:2&3 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
barna lynn

Madison, GA

#71 Jun 1, 2014
Glenna Ivie wrote:
I don't understand why the jsm ministry don't give a reson for Randy knaps not singing on the church singers .maybe it it none of our business . does Debbie travel with Donnie?
does Debbie really exist? Never see her. Odd for a pastors wife to not be by his side. My thoughts are, she is being paid to stay out of there lives. I did hear that Francis hated her.

Wichita, KS

#72 Jun 18, 2014
barna lynn wrote:
<quoted text> does Debbie really exist? Never see her. Odd for a pastors wife to not be by his side. My thoughts are, she is being paid to stay out of there lives. I did hear that Francis hated her.
I watched the music "live" Father's Day, June 15, and Randy Knaps was back in his singing place.

Beverly Hills, CA

#73 Jun 20, 2014
Missing singer

Jackson, TN

#74 Jul 10, 2014
Where is the young man that was a singer that wore glasses? Good singer and seemed like a nice person.


#75 Jul 11, 2014
There seems to be more fundraising than preaching lately. Jimmy Swaggart is already solicity $100 or more donations and the Shareathon doesn't start til probably next week. I hope they give all the bibles to the recipents. They're always running short of their astonomical goal and expect viewers to make up the shortage plus the requested millions. I'm still not sure I believe their spiel. And I don't like to see Donnie's bullying and shaming viewers into giving. "Come on folks! Let's get this done!" It seems to me this constant entreaty for millions per month detarcts from the spreading of the gospel on the air.

Brownsville, TN

#76 Aug 10, 2014
"Not Righteous Just Right", I agree with everything you have said about the JSM. The pleas for money from people who barely can afford food in order to provide a lavish lifestyle for a "man of God" and his family make my blood run cold.

We are warned often about TV evangelists who only want our money, but it isn't only them. It's too often the pastor in the local church who is milking the congregation for all their worth so they may take their sea cruises and European vacations.

"Just Right", I would sincerely like to know your opinion of my church. We are a small rural church with membership ranging from 200 to 250. On a good Sunday we average about 125 in Sunday School. We are in debt for a building that was erected nearly 10 years ago. We still owe almost $103, 000 to a local bank. The pastor we have now has been with us for right at a year. He was a wealthy businessman before he felt the Lord's call; his wife is equally wealthy, a university professor. With all the perks in his benefit package plus his salary, my church is paying this pastor $105,000 a year.

In my Sunday School class, I hear a sweet little widow lady proudly tell how she tithes even if she has to do without things she needs. To me this is obscene. Many of our members are sacrificing while our pastor enjoys the good life.

I'd love to know if you agree with me that our pastor is wrong to browbeat members about tithing while he accepts such a salary. Not only he but the deacons who support him.

I no longer tithe. This man has forever changed my beliefs about the tithe.

Fremont, CA

#77 Aug 17, 2014
Lee wrote:
<quoted text> Swineheart's made a lucrative empire out of Son Life Broadcasting Network. I don't know what they've done with the last months millions before they're begging for millions more in the next month. Francis's hair was a mess and she was slurring her words she was so tired from the share-a-thon. Jimmy has her and the other high end church members begging instead of him sitting up all night to command the viewers to go to the phones and GIVE! Donnie said in a begathon, Come on folks, go to the phones! I want to go to bed! They just don't know how shameless and greedy they appear to some viewers. In the March beg-a-thon he actually prayed to the Lord to work on the viewers hearts to give and he chastised those who didn't give a thousand dollars! I think they should have to give an accounting of every bible they give to those in other countries.
I watch their show just to see the blinded sheep and patheticness. I have to change the channel shortly after. The beg a thons are unbelievable! Donnie takes the cake. They strategically put him at the end of the show because he's the seethiest and the best one to make you feel bad if you didn't give, or give enough. By Tues if not before he is using the bible to manipulate folks into giving. Who made JSM the only place God approves of?? Where did that come from? Oh, JS and his greed and his fake cries which makes me laugh even harder. I don't know why Frances never smiles, I mean they are multimillionaires still making you think they aren't. The only thing that is good about them is their singers. Other than that, it's all about give me your money! Unbelievable! In some of the prayers they do they say they pray for blessings for those who have given $. Seriously? I saw a commercial for the ridiculous bible college where there is a homeless person with nothing, obviously hungry and all. Instead of being a good Christian and bringing the man food, water the only thing he gets is someone's claws digging into his forhead in prayer. Wow. They give nothing back! I've never heard of such a thing. God wants them to take and take and take and not give to any needy folks financially or in food or whatever the basic need is???

It's just hilarious, scandalous, sad and painful to see how whipped his followers are. If you aren't sure how much "God" is asking you to give to this ministry, just add a zero at the end, not the beginning. Wow.

I feel for you sheep who think he is the real deal. Show us proof like other ministries and churches who are for real do. Open your books. Oh wait, the IRS will get him again like they've done in the past. Wake up people.You need to find a place of worship that isn't trying to sell you books/dvds/cds all the time and 1/2 the month spent in begging and making you feel like you are crap and aren't doing what God is asking you to do. Really?? Why does God talk only to JS and his family and associates?? I'm glad the ministry never makes their goal at the beg a thon every month. Each month they need $200,000-$300,000 MORE a month. This month is 4.1 mil! Lol. Guess they all need a raise, again!

Newark, CA

#79 Aug 18, 2014
Oh boy, only need 41 $1000 donations to beat Gabe's! Common suckas! Can't wait to see what manipulations and beggings Donnie-dog will be feeding you tomorrow! Way short of the 4.1 mil right now at 2.24 mil at 10:30 pm! Oh boys! Hopefully this is a sign that people are smartening up with this con-istry!

Wichita, KS

#80 Aug 19, 2014
CurlyNight wrote:
Oh boy, only need 41 $1000 donations to beat Gabe's! Common suckas! Can't wait to see what manipulations and beggings Donnie-dog will be feeding you tomorrow! Way short of the 4.1 mil right now at 2.24 mil at 10:30 pm! Oh boys! Hopefully this is a sign that people are smartening up with this con-istry!
The total is around 3.1 mil with 1.5 hrs to go on 8/19.

Newark, CA

#81 Aug 19, 2014
Notice there is no music breaks! In between slips, you get the you need to give to us, errrrr I mean God... Desperation and begging! Oh my my my. So since they brainwash folks with how we need 4.1 JUST to keep SBN network going "around the world" does it mean it's time to close the doors??? Oh wait, somehow even though they don't meet the goal they "MUST" meet every meet, they manage to stay on! Imagine that! This means folks that they just aren't going to be able to give themselves a huge raise. Bummer! Let me cry for their mansions and all that they won't be able to keep up with this month. lol

It's funny how I'm not penecostal and yet, and yet, I get my prayers answered all without donating a cent! Imagine that! Now should I have sent in $50 for what I was praying for on my own? Uh, ya right. I had a 30% chance of having something happened and had already written it off as no way. But alas! I'm bless and God loves me without the Swaggart crooks!

Baton Rouge, LA

#82 Aug 26, 2014
I know all this about JSM is not meant to be funny, but it comes across as amusing to me. Having kept up with Jimmy Swaggart for as long as I can remember but never having attended his FWC, I think the man could win an award for being an actor. I've always been shocked how he can go from singing and being happy to crying and being so humble in his eyes. I don't want to criticize any Christians but this group at JSM are all hypocritical to me and I could never be a part of their group. Someone mentioned the fine clothes they wear and I can attest to seeing Jimmy and a big table of his group at the Camelot Club in Baton Rouge, a private club which requires membership, etc., and he was dressed to the nines -- alligator shoes and all. This was long before he was found to be the pervert he turned out to be with the prostitutes in New Orleans. The man just gives me the creeps and his wife, who I'm sure has nothing to do with him except for what she gets out of his ministry, is definitely a hypocrite. She loves the fame and glamour she receives from being apart of this charade. Sounds like the whole family is living a scam and I wouldn't give them a dime for anything.

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