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Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Beg-A-Thon : A 2 Part Rant

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Not Righteous Just Right

Saint Charles, IL

#1 Jun 16, 2013
We canít buy grace.
We canít buy heaven.
There isnít a thing we can do to get there,
but believe in Jesus.
He already paid our ticket, he already Ďboughtí our way in.
All we have to do is grab onto it, and Him.
I sometimes scan through the channels and come upon SBN. There was a time that I gave religiously (pun not intended) to this ministry. However, I cannot & will not "tithe" or give an "offering" to JSM ever again. I understand the need to raise funds to keep an independent television network on the air and the Shar-a-thon is great way to do so. What I do not think is great is the means used to intimidate viewers into giving. I have noticed that on the Sunday prior to the Shar-a-thon, Donnie Swaggart is sent out to bully the congregation & those watching on TV/radio/internet into emptying their wallets for the "good" of SBN.
Today, Sunday June 9th, 2013... Donnie had a message from the Lord that was meant just for the Family Worship Center. And with tears in eyes(a good actor like his daddy), he related the Lord spoke to him and said that "people are going to be driving down Bluebonnet Blvd (where the JSM compound is) and for no known reason are going to be led to the Family Worship Center!" Of course this led to the what I consider the bullying of the congregation, the radio listeners, tv viewers and internet viewers. And although I knew of the "media church members"... I didn't realize until this morning that they, according to Pastor Donnie, are obligated to tithe to the Family Worship Center.
And although Jimmy Swaggart Ministries speak out against those ministers who preach the ever so popular "Prosperity Gospel" to the sheep, every time money is needed for whatever JSM "has to have" it never fails that the JSM pastors bring up the very same bible verses used by the "Prosperity" preachers that scam the minions on a daily basis.
When I hear the Swaggarts tell people that they "need to get out your credit cards & go to the phone right now and buy/donate..." my skin just crawls & my soul aches for the wolves of this ministry and the naive people that trust them.
While the majority of Americans are scraping the bottom of the barrel to survive, JSM is telling them to get out their credit cards and run up their bill a little more. And all in the name of our Savior. To be told that by giving to JSM money that I don't have, God is going to take care our needs, that is not what God says! I'm not denying that our Almighty God will always take care us, because HE WILL! But to be told that I need to "step out in faith" and give more money because that is what God has revealed to Jimmy & Donnie Swaggart, It's just not true!
If JSM is having problems meeting their financial needs, and every month JSM needs more money than the previous month to survive, maybe it's time for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to do some cutting back of their own luxuries.
Do you know how much money our church pays the pastor? Nothing! One Sunday a month the morning and evening offering goes to our preacher. Our dear pastor works a regular job & still meets the needs of the members of our congregation. Do you know how much we pay our singers and musicians? Nothing! They get up there every Sunday morning and praise our Glorious Lord in song and receive not a dime because our Loving Christ has already paid them with His Grace and His promise of eternal happiness in the home He went to prepare for us! Praise God!!





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Not Righteous Just Right

Saint Charles, IL

#2 Jun 16, 2013
Now there's nothing wrong in being blessed and having nice things that God provides, but I suspect that God also looks at what you do with the wealth He blesses you with. Whether it be spiritually or financially. And I know that your spiritual blessing should be the number one concern in your life. You can't buy your way into heaven. And to hear a JSM pastor lecture you from the pulpit while staring right into the camera, that you're "watching SBN day after day and not giving back to the ministry financially", in a tone that is almost mean and condescending, is nothing more than bullying. JSM should glad that people are watching and rejoicing and that another soul is being blessed!
Something else I want to address in this article concerns the hypocrisy of the Swaggarts. They preach against the aldulters of the world, yet they never mention their own shortcomings with the act of adultery. You will never hear Jimmy Swaggart acknowledge his porn addiction and love of hookers. You'll never hear Donnie Swaggart acknowledge that he was committing adultery when he divorced his first wife Debbie, and married #2 wife, Judy. Then Donnie divorced Judy & remarried wife #1, Debbie. I am assuming that because Donnie is now remarried to #1, the adultery with #2 is considered nul and void according the Jimmy Swaggart bible rules (his Expositers Study Bible).
Because according to the Swaggarts, Jimmy's commentary in the Jimmy Swaggart Expositor Study Bible is the definitive interpretation of the King James Version to us lay people. So important are the interpretations made by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, his words, not HIS WORDS, are written in red. That's right, the words of Jesus Christ are written in black whereas Jimmy Swaggart's words are in red.
And finally, yes I know you were waiting on those words, one of the biggest acts of hypocricy by the Swaggart regime is their attack on homosexuality. Very often in their sermons, the attack on homosexuals
outweighs the meaning of the message. To hear some of the garbage of hatred that spews from the tongues of these "men of God" is appalling.
I for one do not believe that the majority of people who are gay chose to be that way. I personally know of people that went to what I call "Reversal Camp" to become straight. The time these people have sacraficed, along with the thousands of dollars they have spent to become heterosexual, never changed a thing. These are men that have wrestled most of their lives to be what the church society deems acceptable. One day within the last week Donnie was on his mothers SBN talk show "Frances & Friends" and a question about homosexuality was asked. Donnie threw his arms and said to the caller, and I paraphrase this:'Don't you realize that the majority of the clothes you are wearing are designed by Ho-Mo-sexuals but that doesn't mean I am going to walk around naked!" How stereotypical and demeaning he was to say this.
But, here is the kicker of the hypocrisy of Jimmy Swaggart. If you are not familar with the FWC Sunday morning ritual it goes something like this...
Praise music led by Robin Herd... which the song/songs are repeated over and over and over and over and over again.
Gabriel Swaggart then comes to the podium and makes church announcements. This always includes the welcoming of new "Media Church members". Each person that has become a member of the Media Church the past week has their names read. Gabriel Swaggart begins the alphabetical roll call and then somewhere near the letter "M", Frances Swaggart (who has absolutely no facial expressions due to the several admitted cosmetic procedures) finishes her part of the list then asks the congregation to look at one of the many television cameras and "wave hello" to the members.
At this point there is another round of singing that goes on and on and... well you get the point.
Not Righteous Just Right

Saint Charles, IL

#3 Jun 16, 2013
After about the 73rd time that the "Family Worship Singers" have
sung the chorus, and Randy Knapps has screamed,oops I meant sang, until his face is beet red and the veins are protuding from his forehead, and with Jimmy Swaggart sitting in the "Amen Corner" with
his always open mic singing/adlibbing to each song, and after an "impromptu" stage appearance by Jimmy who tells the singers to stay where they are and sing that song "ONE MORE TIME...", and one more time and one more time...
And then comes Act 3 of the Jimmy Swaggart Music Extravaganza ...
Anyone want to guess what it is? I'll give you 3 guesses and the
first 2 don't count....That's right, it's money time!!
Now it's time to send out the JSM bully. Donnie comes to the stage
and explains to the congregation the JSM interpretation of tithing.
He tells those watching or listening that you are not doing what God's will if you are not forking over every dime you can. And even though Donnie Swaggart condemns the "Prosperity Preachers" and how they are not doing God's will but Satans, in his next breath he says "God said he would bless the giver 100 fold." And "if you are having financial problems, you need to give more to the Lord and trust him for financial healing." And if you don't give, you are throwing away God's blessings! And God forgive if it's the Sunday prior to the monthly Beg-a-Thon, Donnie with the trembling lip and watery eyes, pours on the "God just told me..." "And you need to.." mini sermon.
Cue the music - the singers sing & the congregation marches in the offering parade down to the stage and drop their money into one of the 4 or 5 boxes set on the steps of the altar. What happened to passing the plate?
In my opinion, and this is just from my observance, this is done for a two-fold reason. My first speculation is that it's all done for the tv show. After Jimmy's fall from grace the 3rd or umpteenth time, the membership of the Family Worship Center took a huge hit.
The balcony of the church which seated over 1000 people was closed off. They still use it for their Campmeetings twice a year, but other than that it's useless except for a tv camera. I've been told that the 5000 seat sanctuary usually has less that 200 people attending on Sunday mornings. So by having all of these people making the pilgrimage to the front of the altar the place looks like it's packed.
My second reason for this money parade is the easiest of both. The ushers at the church can keep tabs on what regular parishoners do not tithe or make an offering on Sunday mornings. We know that during the morning announcements, Gabriel asks all visitors to stand up so the ushers can bring you a visitor's information card. Then Gabriel asks all visitors to meet in room 169 (i believe that is what he said) after the service to meet with the pastors and the welcoming committee. Of course this is how JSM gathers information on you so they can start the process of taking your money. It starts with mailings, and then phone calls, and the card that says "we have missed you and that we hope to have you back with us in the House of the Lord real soon."
And during the money parade, without the use of camera tricks, we see an illusion that would make David Copperfield green with envy.
Jimmy Swaggart has mastered the trick of teletransportation!!!
That's right my friends, mysteriously Jimmy Swaggart disappears from his kings throne in "Amen Corner" to being seated behind the grand piano. Don't ask me how, it could be done with mirrors or trap doors, but in a matter of seconds it happens.
Not Righteous Just Right

Saint Charles, IL

#4 Jun 16, 2013
Now I am sure after that long story, you are asking: "What does this have to do with Jimmy being a hypocrite?" Well here it is. After the boxes are collected, and you hear Jimmy softly and beautifully play some runs on the ivory keys, He begins by saying something like this..
"This is a song that was written by a dear friend that was going through some rough times. I feel so much annointing from this song,
It is the title of my new CD. And yet through all of the writers trials and troubles he always knew this..."
Ok, now this is the part where all of the FWC singers, in a formation that would make the United States Army proud, they turn to look at their "idol". Yes, that is what the man with the big ego desires. Jimmy Swaggart wants EVERYONE to look at him. Jimmy sings the first verse of the song, and before the singers can join him in the chorus, without fail, Jimmy Swaggart says:"let me sing that verse one more time." The verse is repeated, and it's more of a reading of the verse than it is singing. And with a face that looks agonized and with tears in his eyes, the chorus begins..
The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In Spite of the Storm
Now you ask how singing this song and making it the title track on his new CD makes
Jimmy Swaggart a hypocrite...
The co-author and arranger of this beautiful song is GAY.
That's right, this song was written by a gay man. It wasn't written 100 yrs ago when
someones homosexuality would be so deep in a closet that it took his death
to figure out what he had hidden from his family, his friends, his pastor and his
church. No, the writer of this song is living a very open life... NOW. The writer of
this song was married for over 30 years and the couple had 4 children together.
The writer of this song & his family lived just a few miles from me in Muncie, In.
and his ex wife still lives in the home that they shared for 30 plus years.
Virtually unknown, the writer of this song penned one of the most prolific Christian
songs of the 1990's for which he won the Dove Award for Best Song, the equivalent of a Grammy Award in Christian Music. Have you figured out who the writer/singer is?
In 1994 he won another Dove Award for Best Inspirational Song of the Year.
Guess it yet?
Here are 2 hints...
His first Dove Award was for the song, "Thank You".
His second Dove Award was for the song, "I Pledge My Allegiance To The Lamb".
If you haven't figured it out by now, the song writer with whom Jimmy Swaggart
called a close friend and titled his CD after the mentioned song "The Anchor Holds" is
none other than Ray Boltz. All 3 songs are beautiful. All 3 songs are still sung today in
churches and concerts across the world.
And if you still ask why this makes Jimmy Swaggart a hypocrite, the simple answer is this. Jimmy Swaggart and his church condemn homosexuality in practically every church service they have. Frances tackles the homosexuals weekly on her SBN show "Frances & Friends".
Yet Jimmy Swaggart will make all the money he can off of the CD which bears the title "The Anchor Holds" , which was written by an out and proud gay man. Granted, the song was written before Ray Boltz went public with his lifestyle. However Jimmy Swaggart recorded the CD AFTER Ray Boltz was publicly shunned by the church he grew up loving our God in.
If this doesn't prove to you that Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is all about the almighty dollar and not the Almighty God, then maybe even Christ couldn't open your eyes with a little mud as He did in John 9:6-7. If you aren't willing to open your eyes to the truth, you'll still be blind as you draw that last breath.

Wichita, KS

#5 Jun 18, 2013
Profound! Last year when Swaggarts were in London, Donnie bold face stated on the broadcast that they do not take money from poor people! How many times on the beg a thon have they taken $1 ??? Yesterday they joyfully accepted a $7,000 credit card donation! The day they open their books is the day I'll give.
The guilt and manipulation tactics are repulsive!
Not Righteous Just Right

Springfield, IL

#6 Jun 19, 2013
Redeemed wrote:
Profound! Last year when Swaggarts were in London, Donnie bold face stated on the broadcast that they do not take money from poor people! How many times on the beg a thon have they taken $1 ??? Yesterday they joyfully accepted a $7,000 credit card donation! The day they open their books is the day I'll give.
The guilt and manipulation tactics are repulsive!
First off, let me thank you for taking the time to read my "2 Part Rant" which turned into 4 parts due to having too many characters.
You are correct with your statement about them taking money from the poor. I recall watching during one Beg-A-Thon in the last couple of months when a donation of 50 cents was made. Loren Larson was the beggar in chief for that 4 hour segment. When he read the pledge he started giggling and said something like "really?" in his condescending voice. I don't recall who was sitting in the 2nd or 3rd chairs, but someone apparently gave him the stare down because Mr. Larson wiped that grin off his face REAL FAST. And his next words were: "Well Praise God for that widow's mite!". And then ran his mouth about how it's not how much you give but just give.

Another time during one of Gabe's shift, The young man who volunteers to run the tote-board emptied out his savings account of a couple of dollars. And I mean it was less than 2 dollars. And Gabriel bragged on that kid and used him to illustrate why you should do the same. Gabe:"A young struggling college student gave every dime he had to spread the Word of this ministry. Now tell me why you can't take that same step in faith". I am sure that Gabe, his dad, his grandfather, the singers and the associate pastors, ALL whom are paid showmen of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries didn't empty their bank accounts for the Lord.
Not Righteous Just Right

Springfield, IL

#7 Jun 19, 2013
I apologize for the double post. not sure how that happened and I could find no way to remove it.

Wichita, KS

#8 Jun 30, 2013
We haven't mentioned the Swaggart's wardrobe. I'm not sure I've seen Francis wear the same thing twice. Or Donnie for that matter.

Do the singers have to purchase their color coordinated outfits or do they have a ministry expense account?

You make a valid point regarding their criticism of the prosperity pimps, and they use the same tactics. I wonder how much time per month is taken with fund raising and selling their wares.

They condemn churches for their styles of music and at the same time play what is clearly jazz influenced (just to name one). I've read that Randy, Bo and Bob played in a secular jazz band. I forgot. Swaggart's music is anointed.

United States

#9 Jul 3, 2013
If you are trying to win lost souls then I don't think Christian bashing Christian will be very effective. This is utterly ridiculous people. Are you a converted jail bird who automatically thinks that you are right and everyone else is wrong?
Not Righteous Just Right

Springfield, IL

#10 Jul 10, 2013
No, Not a jail bird convert. And if you consider begging for 3 million dollars a month from people that are living from paycheck to paycheck just to survive the "Christian Way", then we must have a total different God. Just this very second, as I turned to SBN, there was their commercial for their "Share-athon" that starts this week. The brief commercial of course ended with "If you don't contribute we may be forced off the air".
I know I am not the only person that has noticed these elaborate sets that Jimmy & Frances have for their daily shows. Do these thousand dollar tables & chairs with laptops for the pastors to "Google" topics on make you any closer to Christ? There is a man on television who teaches the Word of God with nothing more than a chalkboard and some "students" sitting at tables that looked like they were pulled out of a high school cafeteria. No pomp and circumstance. No flashy stage with a paid New Orleans jazz band & paid singers. Just a simple man, a chalkboard and HIS Bible. Not a JIMMY SWAGGART BIBLE, But a BIBLE with the words of Christ written in red.
50% of SBN broadcasting is the same music played over & over. 20% is 3 live broadcasts services and Talk shows. The other 30% is begging for money in one way or another. And 2 weeks out of the month are Beg-athon & Bible-thon. And I for one have never seen a picture of any of these bibles that people purchase for these other countries ever being passed out to the Russians,Chinese and Mexicans they are intended for. And just as we Americans complain about all of the foreign aid that we hand out to other countries when we have starving people in our own neighborhoods, the same is for the Word of God. Why isn't Jimmy Swaggart Ministries handing out bibles to everyone that visits his church? Why aren't the pastors at JSM standing on the street corners of Baton Rouge in the neighborhoods that are comparable to Compton area of Los Angeles and Harlem of NYC handing out New Testament bibles for those that need to hear and read the Word of our Lord and Savior?
We all know why...
Because JSM is more about the Almighty Dollar and not the Almighty God!


Spartanburg, SC

#11 Jul 11, 2013
Hey I read about you Not Righteous Just right in the book of arrogance you are the one who will be standing beside God on judgement day tattling on everyone because they didn't live and do as you had instructed! May I have your autograph? Bet you are a baptist too, yeah? I thought so! Smoking that Marlboro light while typing are you?
Nikki K

Ashburn, VA

#12 Jul 11, 2013
luv it

Lexington, KY

#13 Jul 14, 2013
I personally don't approve of Jimmy's so called ministry.

Lexington, KY

#14 Jul 14, 2013
Never have, never will.
Billy B

Rock Hill, SC

#15 Jul 15, 2013
Who cares what YOU approve of anyway?

Niagara Falls, Canada

#16 Sep 4, 2013
You sir do not do your research before you rant. Ray Boltz is not the author of the song "The Anchor Holds". Lawrence Chewning a pastor is. Read his story on how this beautiful song came to being and how Ray Boltz met Pastor Chewning. Ray Boltz did not reveal his homosexuality until years later. This has nothing to do with the Swaggarts or Ray Boltz's sexual choice. Often, we hear secular singers sing a hymn, do we call them hypocrites because they sang a hymn but do not believe it? No we applaud them. Don't argue that they don't put down Christians or Jesus because they do. Ray Boltz took that song and arranged it beautifully but it was not his song.
Security guards for real

Marion, IL

#17 Sep 6, 2013
Do the Swaggarts reall have body guards. Are the singers paid, or do they do it all for free?

United States

#18 Sep 9, 2013
I use to love jsm praise and worship until i saw gabe swaggart bashing another youth ministry and their dancing.when thier youth ministry also involves kids jumping and dancing around to guitars, drums, electronic keyboards ect... If you are gonna judge others then may as well be squeaky clean and this is a perfect example of being a hypocrite.

Wichita, KS

#20 Sep 15, 2013
Anonymous -- Well spoken. JSM youth dance and jump all over the worship center. Oh -- I almost forgot. Everything at JSM is anointed.

Wichita, KS

#21 Sep 15, 2013
"The Anchor Holds" was written by Lawrence Chewning and Ray Boltz and was performed by Ray Boltz According the Lawrence's blog, he wrote the lyrics, sent them to Ray Boltz and Ray reworked and shorted the song.

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