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Water and Sewer Board Election November 6

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Rate Payer

Savannah, GA

#1 Oct 9, 2012
As a Glynn County taxpayer, consumer and voter, I have some interest in the November 6, 2012 election for Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission.

I have spoken with as many of the candidates as I could. E-mailed all and got replies back from most. I see good in some and others have raised red flags with their replies.

In Post 1, three of the four replied to me and I spoke with them. Danny Hickey seems to be one who knows about water but nothing about finances. He has plans but his plans, from what I can tell will cause rates to go up. Danny hickey admits his chances of winning are slim. So he also decided to try to get appointed by the Grand Jury. If he does not trust the voters, why should we trust him?

Ronnie Perry is a real estate developer. He wants water and sewer lines to grow. His answer was take away peoples wells and septic tanks and make them hook up to the county water and sewer. The taxpayers in 2012 alone voted against the proposed T-SPLOST in Georgia. Ronnie Perry was out doing speeches for the added tax. He has been quoted in the paper saying we need more taxes for the county to grow. I, along with many other voters feel our taxes are too high now. Ronnie Perry says raise taxes, raise fees and raise rates. I say NO to Ronnie Perry.

My choice for post 1 is Bruce Pobanz. This person seems to be the only candidate in Post 1 that has the common sense to work for us taxpayers. He offers a New Vision and a New direction. From what I read and speaking with him, to me he is the best choice.

As to Post 2 candidates. 4 of the candidates I refuse to vote for. Clifford E. Adams, Tom Crankshaw, Charles E. Lamkin and Daniel Parshley. These 4 also are trying to get in the backdoor by seeking appointment with the Grand Jury instead of trusting the voters to pick the correct candidates.

Charles Lamkin also scares me. His wife is Becky Rowell. The number two leader in Glynn County. She is Public works director and Assistant Glynn County Administrator. Him being in the race smells of back door politics. The County leaders have already said rates need to be raised. A vote for Charles Lamkin will assure your rates will go up, and up and up.

Sandy Dean and John Terris have run for Brunswick City Council and county Commissioner. They lost each time. Their replies to me have divulge some interesting ideas but ones that are not cost effective. What they want, the community does not have money for. If they get elected, I see higher rates, and added debt fees to both water and sewer to pay for the 50 million dollars of bonds it will take to implement some of their ideas. 6 years ago, my water bill was 45 dollars. Today it is 197 dollars. If Sandy dean, John Terris or Charles Lamkin get on the commission, I foresee my water bill over 300 dollars a month. I cannot afford that and will consider moving out or selling my home and renting an apartment.

My choice for Post 2 is between two candidates. Jacqueline Branch-Pobanz and George Metz. The board I feel needs a woman to put those men in line. Too often the Water and sewer Board is a discussion of who's is longest. Who has the bigger set. Ego fighting ego. A woman will reign in those egos and more discussion could take place on what is best for the local consumer instead of who can fight who.

The other choice I see is George Metz. George Metz used to be a Federal law enforcement driving instructor. I see some age in him but I also found out he tends to go off. He and his wife sued the Federal government in 1986, when he was fired as a driving instructor. He claimed the government was out to get him. The case went to the Supreme court and he lost. This was 26 years ago. maybe he has mellowed by now. Maybe not. So as of now, Iím leaning towards the only woman candidate that seems to have the common sense needed to reign this run away commission back down to earth.

If I had to vote today, my vote would go to Jacqueline Branch-Pobanz for Post 2.
Island girl

Savannah, GA

#2 Oct 10, 2012
Living on SSI for 40 years, I know Ronnie Perry and Charles Latham and his wife, Public Service Director Becky Rowell. One of my family members worked for the county. No way would I vote for Perry or Latham. This county has seen under table and back room deals for way too long. Putting new people on the commission will not stop the shady dealings but we need to start somewhere.

Who will I vote for. I can say 100% it will NOT BE Perry or Latham.
property owner

United States

#3 Oct 10, 2012
Charles Latham, on his website, admits he has been married to county adminstrator Becky Rowell for 28 years. I have been married for 30 years and i know, if my wife told me what to do, I best do it. Charles Latham will do what the county administrators want and not what the rate payers want.

A vote for Charles Latham is a sure vote for more taxes and higher rates.

property owner

United States

#4 Oct 10, 2012

Becky Rowell, wife of Charles Latham.
Glynn County Public Works Director and
Assisant County Adminstrator

Brunswick, GA

#5 Oct 10, 2012
It's Lamkin people not Latham.

United States

#6 Oct 10, 2012
Lamkin is the name. The name to avoid.

Glynn county has been a city run by good ol boys for decades. Brunswick and Glynn county both.

a vote for charles lamkin is a vote for the continued good ol boy system where the county commissons tell you to shut up and sit down at their meetings. Just do what they say and leave your money with them. Taxpayers are starting to say they are getting tired of taxation without reresentation in in my area in glynn county.

I predict charles lamkin will win because the county employees are being told to vote for him and ronnie perry will win because the chamber is backing this real estate developer.

one thing about ronnie perry is he is a on the chamber board. The chamber wants some business. But often at the expense of the taxpayer. They did not want Buffalo Wild wings to open in the Target chopping center. The county tried to charge Buffalo Wild Wings $80,000to "tap in" to an existing water and sewer line while the next year, in the same shopping center, Red Lobster built a new building and got free "tap in" to their water and sewer. The local taxopayers paid for the new water lines and Red Lobster got 5 years or more of free taxes.

Bufalo Wld Wings moved into an already built building. Red LObster was given land by a real estate developer like ronnie perry and the chamber saw to it the real esate and Red Lobster made maney while other local small businesses got no help and some even had to close.

A vote for Lamkin and/or Perry is a vote for the same old same old.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#7 Oct 11, 2012
The Grand Jury in Glynn County met on Oct 10 and narrowed down the field of 32 candidates looking for appointments to the Water and Sewer Board.

After looking over resumes, doing research and conducting multiple interviews, the names of the candidates the Grand Jury decided were not acceptable as appointments to the Joint Water and Sewer commission in Brunswick and Glynn County are as follows:

Running for Post one, they dismissed candidate Daniel Hickey.

Running for Post two, they dismissed candidates Clifford Adams, Tom Crankshaw, Charles Lamkin and Daniel Parshley. They even dismissed former Glynn County Commissioner Ulrich Keller.

This was printed in the Brunswick News on Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is the only contested race in Glynn County this election cycle. The only other races on the ballot are between Obama and Romney and one Brunswick city school board race. All other races are uncontested.
Golden Isles Real Estate

Savannah, GA

#8 Oct 11, 2012
Ronnie Perry will take away private wells and condem septic systems. That is what Woody Woodside and the Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce want. Will it cost taxpayers more money? Will it raise water bills? Yes to both. Will it make my vacant lands worth more? Yes. So vote for Ronnie Perry and pay more taxes and let the real estate companies make more money.

Brunswick, GA

#9 Oct 12, 2012
If they take away private wells and condem septic tanks and the home owner can't afford the tap in fees, what happens then? I have a septic tank and have looked into tapping in to the sewer system. You can't tap in to just sewer you have to tap in to both and the fee to tap in was $3500. Then you still have to hire someone to bring it to your home from the line. I can't afford it. So, what happens then?
Golden Isles Real Estate

Savannah, GA

#10 Oct 12, 2012
To answer sheldonators question. early on, 2010, Creekside Oaks, some call it Drew Circle, behind Tractor Supply Company. Their septic tanks were determined as unfit. County Commissioner Howard Lynn, at the time, was the only one who requested a water line be laid in his subdivision. He is next to Drew Circle area. You can do research on this but the newspaper reports Howard Lynn was the only one in his neighborhood who wanted this line. No one else did. But the county laid down a new water and sewer line, at the cost to the taxpayers. Then Howard Lynn refused and his neighbors refused to tap into the water line.

As to Drew Circle. The newspaper reports the County health department decided 37 out of 42, or some number like that. That those septic tanks were laid before 2000 and now the County has said they do not meet the new codes as set forth since 2000.

What happened was the homeowners in Drew Circle, many of them seniors living on just social Security, were forced to tap into the newly laid water and sewer lines at a cost of about 10 thousand per home. They were given about 60 days to pay the fee or the county would place a lien on their homes for the 10 thousand.

You mentioned $3500. The charge for tap in fees, since the deal in Drew Circle, has been cut in half. Still full price for Drew Circle homeowners but half that for others.

Hope that answers your question sheldonator. I deal with real estate on a daily basis so i know about this.
Golden Isles Real Estate

Savannah, GA

#11 Oct 12, 2012
I did not notice this but it says I live in Savannah. Guess my internet server does not know where I am online at. Should say Brunswick. 80 miles South of Savannah.

Brunswick, GA

#12 Oct 15, 2012
G.I.R.E. Thank you for the information.
Golden Isles Real Estate

Savannah, GA

#15 Oct 17, 2012
The GARPAC, Georgia Realtors Political Action Committee has come out and endorsed fellow real Estate developer, Ronnie Perry for Water and Sewer Commission. Ronnie Perry has publicly announced he is for water and sewer expansion. This will bring more money in the pockets of fellow Real Estate Developers.

The GARPAC has a website http://www.garealtor.com/Advocacy/GARPAC.aspx
Click on 2012 Candidate contributions and you will see, City of Brunswick & Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission Member Ronnie Perry.

Water rates are going up and Real Estate Developers can work with Ronnie to get service expanded to their properties too.
fly lan

Savannah, GA

#21 Oct 19, 2012
There is a copy of the candidates questions and answers in the Brunswick News voters guide http://www.glynncountydemocrats.org/GD%20News...
beach bumm

Herndon, PA

#26 Oct 31, 2012
Ronnie Perry does what benefits Ronnie Perry. He accepted $30,000.00 campaign donation from a Chicago lobbyist. What does Chicago have to do with Brunswick? What promises were made for that money? Spend $30,000.00 to get back $500. I doubt that is all the out of state political lobby group wants.

I voted for Pobanz. He is not being bought off by an out of state lobby group.

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