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Carnesville, GA

#44580 May 19, 2014

Conservatives knew obamacare would turn into another free for all by the scam artists.......

" "The problem means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people are receiving bigger subsidies than they deserve," reports Washington Post reporters Amy Goldstein and Sandhya Somashekhar. "They are part of a large group of Americans who listed incomes on their insurance applications that differ significantly--either too low or too high--from those on file with the Internal Revenue Service, documents show." "



United States

#44581 May 19, 2014
A warmed up warning note from Florida:

"Not only have we forgotten how bad Bush was but I bet we will soon put his brother in the White House! Everyone said in 2008, "NO MORE BUSHES!", but guess who's behind the Rubio ascendancy that drove Charlie Crist from the Republican Party? It's no secret down here in Florida that Bush loathes Crist and would do just about ANYTHING to get rid of him. By 2012 or 2016, Georgie will be a distant memory and all his mess will have been successfully transferred to Obama. Jeb will be referred to as "THE SMART BUSH". In truth he IS, but he is just as nefarious. Being intelligent, he is most likely WORSE and his fascist schemes will be well-cloaked until it is too late to stop him from succeeding in finally making the USA an openly fascist state ruled by the corporate oligarchs. American citizens are not very bright as a whole and the majority of them will fall for Jeb's blather hook, line, and sinker.

We're screwed."

Carnesville, GA

#44582 May 19, 2014

Example of how libroid States lose business..........

"Remington Arms is moving production of its Bushmaster AR-15 rifles from New York to Alabama.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's (D) SAFE Act made the rifles illegal "to sell in New York without modification," and it appears Remington has chosen not to continue manufacturing a gun in a state where the sale of that gun is not allowed."



United States

#44583 May 19, 2014
"Starting a tea party movement is a pretty straightforward formula:

1. Name it for a symbolic but totally unrelated patriotic event that involved doing something that destroyed someone else’s property; make sure part of the name can be spelled for those who need help with spelling by using just one letter – and that it includes a fun sounding word for those who really don’t give a shit (ie: party, dance, roast, camp-out, weekender, crusade, burning, hunt, etc.);

2. Get some Wall Street traders and burned out politicians involved – they know how to get corporate funding without naming names;

3. Add a TV network partner that can handle the invitations, plan and cover the events with footage that makes it look as if you really have a crowd; get you face time each night and conduct polling to distort your popularity;

4. Find a celebrity who naturally talks at the intelligence level of those you need to be your movement to travel around the country;

5. Then, just suspend reason, add a pound or two of paranoia, mention Hitler and Communism in the same sentence with a straight face. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Doing something obviously against their self-interest is a hallmark of the tea party.

So which single letter sounding word should you use: eye, bee, see, gee, jay, em, oh, pee, queue, are, you, ex, why, or zie?"

Carnesville, GA

#44584 May 19, 2014

Obama's legacy..........replace one dummy with another dummy..........

When Vets depend on Obama.......Vets get screwed..........

"Obama's VA Replacement Supervised Scandal-Laden Hospital"

"The Department of Veterans Affairs announced the official resignation of its undersecretary for health in what the administration hopes is seen as a sacrifice due to the growing VA hospital scandal. But the man nominated to fill that officer's position is tied to the same scandal, having supervised one of the hospitals under fire."



Carnesville, GA

#44585 May 19, 2014

Aw heck..........GM using libroid policy of speech control..........and political correctness..........

"GM Banned Employees from Using Words 'Safety' and 'Problem' in Recall Reports"



United States

#44586 May 19, 2014
"So here you are, the South, the conservative. Looking for a Moses to bail you out from this Egypt with a black president. Your oil companies playing your favorite song, "drill, Baby, Drill" have failed you and destroyed your fishing and tourism. Oh and the hurricanes, and they are return, looking to expand and intensify the oil spill. You whisper to BP, "We're sorry. Sorry that the left wants you to pay. But remember we were lovers and can still meet secretly."

For a while you, you conservatives of the South ran the US. Now you've lost. No control of congress. Oh the shame, the disgrace, the corruption and incompetency (see Bush) of the right wing from just twelve years ago. To twist a rusty knife in the wound you have a black president.

You will never, ever admit that the left, the liberals, the Democrats were right in and shape, form or fashion.

Yet, yet you need help from the federal government, the Democrat controlled government. On the one hand you curse those in need at the teat of the government as you kick them out of the way to make place for yourself.

Oh the shame having to take help from those you despise.

The Democrats, the people you would rather die than thank."

Carnesville, GA

#44587 May 19, 2014

Hillary.........dillary....... ...dock..........

Just another naive libroid who only knows how to sponge off gubmint.......

"Hillary Clinton’s speech at the New America Foundation on Friday, in which she discussed thoughts about reviving the economy, suggested that she does not understand how jobs are created.

She said she was trying to “encourage more companies to come off the sidelines and, frankly, for some to use some of that cash that is sitting there waiting to deploy.”

This echoes the naïve idea embraced by the Obama administration that economies are fueled by more borrowing and spending. But this is not how jobs are created."



United States

#44588 May 19, 2014
...and it all ain't just Bush:

"October Surprise
the hostages were finally freed – after 444 days of captivity – immediately after Reagan was sworn in on Jan. 20, 1981.
collective amnesia

President Barack Obama - with Nancy Reagan at his side - on June 2, 2009, signed into law the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act, which established an 11-member commission to plan activities that will be taking place throughout the year in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

It is an attempt to rewrite history and have the American people believe that a decidedly mediocre president deserves to be in the company of such presidents as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

'vacant between the ears,'
RR was a moron. I forget which foreign leader coined the term "affable idiot" for him.

In reality, Reagan's legacy consists of the Iran-Contra arms for hostages/drug running scandal; the prosecution of low intensity warfare in Central America, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands; a lack of interest in supporting sanctions against South Africa's apartheid regime; the extraordinarily high number of convictions or indictments of his administration's associates; fanning the flames of racial discord; and silence while the AIDS epidemic began to take root.

"The myth of Ronald Reagan's greatness has reached epic proportions.

Nevertheless, "So much that has gone wrong in America--including the subprime mortgage crisis and the meltdown of the financial sector--can be traced directly to Reagan's policies. The financial deregulation launched in the 1980s freed banks and securities firms to squander hundreds of billions of dollars and make a shambles of the economy. Boom-and-bust cycles, obscene CEO salaries, blackouts, drug-company scandals, collapsing bridges, plummeting wages for working people, the flight of U.S. manufacturing abroad--these are all products of Reagan's free-market zealotry and his gutting of the public sector."

Carnesville, GA

#44589 May 19, 2014

Preparing for gubmint oppression??????????
what else can it be??????????

" A string of scandals involving the federal government is further demonstrating the illegitimacy and hypocrisy of the power structure. Historical cycles point to massive upheaval.

Ordinary Americans are being targeted while known terrorists are escorted through security. Kidnappers, rapists, and murderers are being released from prison; an action sanctioned by the President of the United States. The BATF allows guns to find their way to Mexican drug lords, while the federal government is fighting to disarm American citizens. Mega-banks launder billions of dollars worth of drug money. No, this isn’t a dystopic nightmare; This is our present day reality that we all must face.

The establishment is behaving like a crazed psychopath that knows he is about to be brought to justice. Nearly every agency of government has acquired some form of armaments in the past several years. Police departments across the country are getting mine resistant vehicles. Homeland Security is acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. The Department of Agriculture recently requested body armor as well as sub machine guns. Many other instruments of war have been stored and deployed."



Carnesville, GA

#44590 May 19, 2014
And it begins..........
Police now can decide what is best for a citizens interest..........

"The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is not a violation of constitutional rights if police break down a citizen’s door, search the home, and confiscate firearms, so long that they believe it is in the citizen’s best interest."



Carnesville, GA

#44591 May 19, 2014

"Obama: Health insurance isn’t expensive – just cancel cable and phones; Update: White House responds"


Carnesville, GA

#44592 May 19, 2014

"Sebelius:'Men Often Do Need Maternity Care'"


United States

#44593 May 19, 2014
From the past,
It's all beginning to make sense, now:
"The real Republican Party would list Eisenhower as their greatest president, not Reagan and certainly no Bush.
Today's Republican Party compares more to the Soviet Union's government forcing members to sign loyalty oaths when running for office.
Republican Bush caused a lot of damage:
Huge debt spending.
Biggest increase in the federal government since Franklin Roosevelt.
Gave us two idiotic wars that we will pay for forever.
Abandoned all the Republican principles.
Today's Republicans are Southern hicks and holy rollers.
It is narrow minded, self centered and panders to the lowest IQs.
It's appeal is to fear and prejudice.

We are sitting about in the same place as Germany in the 1930s. Lack of jobs, bad economy, the oil spill, the wars. In times like these people turn to extremist groups. The GOP extremist group is using fear and hate. They use the President as their main tool in all this. Their hate campaign, hate propaganda and fear mongering appeals to the smallest minds.

Thing is, they are making headway in the upcoming elections. Bad thing is Ron Paul WAS their best man. Bad in that he, so far, has not stood a chance.

So what should we do? Everything we can to see that the GOP splits. Either the GOP changes course or we are headed for the likes of Nazi Germany. Raise taxes to pay for these wars. You want the wars to end? Raise taxes."

Carnesville, GA

#44594 May 19, 2014

""How many people have health insurance through their employer?(Note: very few democrats raised their hands, which prompted him to start his next sentence with this) All right, well a lot of those folks, your employer would see their insurance premiums reduced by as much as THREE THOUSAND PERCENT! Which means they could give you a raise!" ~ Obama (D) Illinois"


Carnesville, GA

#44595 May 19, 2014

""Now let me be clear: I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power.… The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him. But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors…and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history." ~ Obama (D) Illinois, October 2, 2002"

And yet he did it in Libya and in Syria. Hmm.


United States

#44596 May 19, 2014
The Kicker:
""Organized Religion is like Organized Crime; it preys on peoples’ weakness, generates huge profits for its operators, and is almost impossible to eradicate" — Mike Hermann

Let's examine this undeniable parallel, shall we?
A mafia protection racket works like this: The thugs shake you down for a regular weekly "tribute" and in return, protect you from harm. This can start as early as grade school with bullies taking weaker kids' lunch money.
No actual protection happens, of course...the thugs just keep collecting the money through fear by threatening violence.
A church works like this: The church officials and deacons shake you down for 10% of your income--a tribute, if you will--and in return, offer you eternal salvation. No actual salvation takes place until you die, in which case no one can prove it. This starts as soon as the sheeple's kids can talk.
They keep the money coming in by threatening everyone with eternal damnation. Everyone is a sinner, no matter how good a person you are, so you always need to keep paying out no matter what until you die.
I wonder which one learned the art from the other. They both originated in Italy....that's another connection. It's rather like evolution that way--they had a common ancestor. How delightfully ironic."

Carnesville, GA

#44597 May 19, 2014

Quite amazing what a big dummy libroid we have as President..........

"Obama Gaffe Hall Of Fame"


Elko, GA

#44598 May 19, 2014
The Tea Party response to Obama's January SOTU address. Explains in simple words, the tea party movement....


Carnesville, GA

#44599 May 19, 2014
silverfox wrote:
The Tea Party response to Obama's January SOTU address. Explains in simple words, the tea party movement....


And while your post doesn't mention it.....the modern day Repub party was transformed from the Whigs and D Nothing parties of the late 1840's into the late 1850's, thereby ushering in Lincoln as the first Repub president......

Movements such as the Tea Party can have much impact on the direction a country takes......

Hence the fear of the Libroids......

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