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#38106 Feb 25, 2014
Doo wrote:
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Our Nations defense was totally asleep during George Bushes rein in power. He was more interested in helping his rich buddies get richer. Such as invading another Country for the Oil and saying it was over weapons of mass destruction. He and Cheney were both in the oil business and Cheney was linked to Halliburton that got the contract to rebuild Iraq after we tore it all to pieces. How crooked can one person be and be vice President? America paid a terrible price with over 6,000 American lives and trillions of dollars. We are still paying today but the blame is trying to be shifted to Obama by the extreme right wingers.
Who was President on October 12, 2000?

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#38107 Feb 25, 2014
silver foxx wrote:
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You can choose to be hatefilled, I'm not.
Then you ain't a Republican because I have never met a nice Republican or one who didn't hate and was not a hypocrite.

This topic is full of Republicans bashing others. I don't have time to go back and point out any hypocrisy that you may have shown.
silver foxx

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#38108 Feb 25, 2014
AlreadyThere wrote:
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Then you ain't a Republican because I have never met a nice Republican or one who didn't hate and was not a hypocrite.
This topic is full of Republicans bashing others. I don't have time to go back and point out any hypocrisy that you may have shown.
I rant when people twist my words into words I never spoke. I can speak for myself. And yes, we bicker, insult each other, yell loudest when we feel that we're misunderstood. So what?? I find the libs have the anger issues much more than conservatives. Most always.

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#38109 Feb 25, 2014
So AG Holder wants Congress to pass a law requiring businesses to alert customers when there has been a data breach that threatens personal data. Okay, that seems reasonable - so why did Health and Human Services refuse to include that same protection in Obamacare.

" HealthCare.gov faces no such requirement; it need never notify customers that their personal information has been hacked or possibly compromised. The Department of Health and Human Services was specifically asked to include a notification requirement in the rules it designed for the health-care exchanges, but HHS declined."


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#38110 Feb 25, 2014
General Robert E Lee wrote:
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Who was President on October 12, 2000?
Who hasn't heard about Google?

Who asks too many questions?

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#38111 Feb 25, 2014
Sorry to go back to a topic from a few days ago, been kinda busy.
CB, you have got to start recognizing that Obama is a big boy and must take responsibility for his actions that affect our economy. And that cute little chart (that happened to come from Media Matters, you know that organization funded by George Soros) is just a tiny bit deceptive. It "takes out" the money it claims the Bush tax cuts took out of the revenues, BUT somehow neglects to mention that revenues WENT UP. Funny how the Left always leaves that part out.

And my point about the stock market stands. Growth in the stock market is great UNLESS it is artificial and is due to burst. And I am well aware the first QE was introduced under Bush - didn't like it then, don't like it now that it's been done two more times.

The only one spinning about oil production on private vs public lands is you, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you just resorted to word salad and hoped no one would notice.

And if you truly do believe all that you repeated about the economy and stock market and unemployment, etc, you are seriously deluded.

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#38112 Feb 25, 2014
And I repeat "access to health insurance" does not equal "having health insurance". It is fact that more people have lost insurance policies they were happy with than have gained insurance policies. Now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports that two thirds of small business employees will see their premiums go up - I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

And as of 1 February, enrollees stood at 3.3 million, that's a far cry from the 7 million target figure the administration said was vital for the "health" of Obamacare.

And regarding Obama's supposed glowing deportation numbers. The following is from an internal review of ICE reports.

"Since 2011, the Obama administration has included in its year-end deportation statistics the numbers from a Border Patrol program that returns illegal immigrants to Mexico right after they cross the border. It is dishonest to count illegal immigrants apprehended by the Border Patrol along the border as ICE removals. And these “removals” from the Border Patrol program do not subject the illegal immigrant to any penalties or bars for returning to the U.S. This means a single illegal immigrant can show up at the border and be removed numerous times in a single year — and counted each time as a removal. When the numbers from this Border Patrol program are removed from this year’s deportation data, it shows that removals are actually down nearly 20 percent from 2009. Another 40,000 removals are also included in the final deportation count but it is unclear where these removals came from."

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#38113 Feb 25, 2014
time wrote:
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Rejuvenate dummy..........
31,000 against 60 is clearly a slam dunk against those who claim to be authorities..........
The funny thing about those "authorities", doesn't it seem indicative of a set-in-stone mindset to even call yourself a "climate change scientist"?

And let's not forget the POLITICAL uproar when the news was leaked that the IPCC report would note that there had been no warming since 1998.

"A leaked copy of a United Nations report, compiled by hundreds of scientists, shows politicians in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the United States raised concerns about the final draft."

"Germany called for the references to the slowdown in warming to be deleted, saying looking at a time span of just 10 or 15 years was ‘misleading’ and they should focus on decades or centuries."
"Hungary worried the report would provide ammunition for deniers of man-made climate change."
"Belgium objected to using 1998 as a starting year for statistics, as it was exceptionally warm and makes the graph look flat – and suggested using 1999 or 2000 instead to give a more upward-pointing curve."
Shouldn't that have been considered good news, shouldn't people just let the evidence speak for itself? Silly me, not if there is a political agenda to be protected.

Hmmm, "and suggested using 1999 or 2000 instead to GIVE A MORE UPWARD-POINTING CURVE." - hockey stick, anyone?

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#38114 Feb 25, 2014
ChicknButt wrote:
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Read post above for those "respected" sources. I've yet to see right-wingers offer any. We might have something to talk about if the actually presented some responsible facts.
It's just that it never happens. Ever.
That might have something to do with the fact that you don't consider a source "respected" unless it agrees with you. While some sites may have better overall reputations than other, FACTS are FACTS, where ever they come from.

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#38115 Feb 25, 2014
ChicknButt wrote:
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Dull Bill has on a previous occasion claimed to be a Libertarian. Which makes sense.
Rush Limbaugh is Dull Billy's hero, and he also claims to be a Libertarian.
The Libertarian Party has roots directly to the Koch Brothers, their father, and the John Birch Society.
Here is a platform of what they'd like to accomplish. It's the craziest thing you've EVER seen.
When has Rush called himself a libertarian, he always refers to himself as a conservative - first, last and foremost.

And couldn't you come up with something better than a platform from 34 years ago. And you really do like letting the Koch Bros live rent free in your brain, don't you.

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#38116 Feb 25, 2014
AlreadyThere wrote:
Maybe I should have said "Who wouldn't hate the Christian-Republicans?" since that is the ones we can all hate.
Anyone can claim to be Christian and that is the bigger difference, Republicans "claim" to be Christian but are hypocrites and Pharisees by the biblical definition.
You love to call Republicans "Pharisees by the biblical definition" - how about supporting that charge?

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#38117 Feb 25, 2014
AlreadyThere wrote:
<quoted text>
Except for one small thing. I'm NOT Christian? Who would admit to be a Christian today and risk getting classed with Republicans?
Organized religion(any religion) is a form of a Mark of the Beast in many situations. You either believe, or say that you believe, or you suffer the organization's wrath in your community and on your job. You either bear the mark of the Christian beast or else.
Atheists are too confrontational although confrontation is that which is needed in this fight against these religious gangs for individual freedom. Agnostics, on the other hand, instill thought with their ideology of "I don't know, I don't care". Being Agnostic is similar to being on base and safe. Agnostic is often classed with Atheists yet one who is Agnostic can just as easy challenge a Atheist with "Prove it" as any religion. Then when all the babbling is over the Agnostic can still say "I don't know, I don't care" and finally "Go away".
It is the duty of law in our country to equally protect all which means there can be no state supported religion or belief.
PLEASE explain this fascinating sentence: "Organized religion(any religion) is a form of a Mark of the Beast in many situations."

And just who is calling for a state supported religion- that is the whole point of the First Amendment? What I usually hear are simple requests that the First Amendment be upheld and people have their religious beliefs respected and not infringed upon.

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#38118 Feb 25, 2014
AlreadyThere wrote:
Republican Americans hate anybody that is not Republican. We see them in Georgia and Alabama especially. There they will throw any Republican candidate out of the party who does not adhere to their GOP agenda of hardcore hate. Hence they hate some OTHER Americans as much as any overseas entity hates any American. Therefore they must bear the brunt of their own hatred.
I know they bear the brunt of their own hatred with me because no one anywhere can hate the Republicans as much as I.
A strange reciprocating effect, I suppose. Every action has a equal and opposite reaction sort of hate, again I suppose.
Can you just feel the love?
Examples please. You throw a whole lot of charges out there - how about supporting them?

“Liberals are closet raaacists!”

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#38120 Feb 25, 2014
TROLL MAN wrote:
<quoted text>
Who's going to invade the U.S.? Who wants to? Why would they?
Plenty of people hate us (mainly because of our military presence everywhere in the world) but no one is really strong enough to invade us... Maybe China, but they own most of our nation anyways, so it really wouldn't be an invasion. They're content making money of the U.S.
By the way, where was our military during 9/11? The mightiest military in the world couldn't even find the 2nd plane headed towards New York. And having the best military in the world certainly doesn't help up keep our borders safe... plenty of illegals still coming in everyday.
As for education, you are the perfect example for increased education spending.
You are just sad. If I thought you were even slightly informed, I would volley with you, but it would be like pouring water through a sieve. I TRULY hope you have osmeone taking care of you.

“Liberals are closet raaacists!”

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#38121 Feb 25, 2014
silver foxx wrote:
<quoted text>
You can choose to be hatefilled, I'm not. May God bless you. You are an angry soul..... Yes, you have a soul, try letting the light shine in, sometime.
Can't you just feel the love?
He speaks really well for HIS party, huh? Just let him keep on with his hate filled ranting and raving. Tells us all we need to know of his intellect and a multitude of other aspects of his personality disorder. He has created a new bottom to the low end of the food chain. lol

Carnesville, GA

#38122 Feb 26, 2014
Morning News on Global warming..........


"While the correlation between atmospheric increases in CO2 and earth's temperatures is poor (r2=0.44), it is much better for solar irradiance and solar activity (r2=>70 -- The higher the rs value the greater the correlation). It has long been known that solar irradiance by itself does not provide enough energy to cause the warming on earth experienced in the twentieth century. However, when combined with the type of solar irradiance that is emitted during high periods of solar activity every 11 and 22 years (the solar cycle), there is a poorly understood, but good correlation. Solar flares, coronal mass ejections and other solar activity reach a maximum during the peak of each solar cycle and somehow influence ocean temperatures and therefore climate. One of the leading theories on this interaction is the interaction between solar activity and incoming cosmic radiation on cloud formation, explained below."

Research done primarily at the Danish National Space Center has show there is a very high correlation between incoming solar radiation and cloud formation. Cosmic radiation originates from exploding super novae. When the cosmic radiation enter the earth's atmosphere, they excite water vapor molecules, causing them to clump together (condense) into tiny water droplets which form low elevation clouds. These clouds then reflect the solar radiation back into space instead of warming the earth. This causes the earth to cool. When the sun becomes more active more solar flares, coronal mass ejections and other solar activity dramatically increase the solar winds which push back cosmic radiation thereby preventing the cosmic radiation from reaching the earth's atmosphere and creating more clouds. Since there is less cloud formation, more solar radiation reaches the earth's surface and the earth warms. It is estimated that this phenomenon can account for 85 percent of the warming that occurred in the twentieth century."



Carnesville, GA

#38123 Feb 26, 2014

"IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return
Agency employs Orwellian term “Shared Responsibility Payment” to describe Obamacare individual mandate tax."

So now it is the communist term "shared responsibility payment,"

not a tax mind you, but a shared burden..........

If for no other reason,,,,,,,,,,the populace should share a bag of cow manure with the IRS, and send it forthwith as a down payment for future gubmint retirement benefits..........

The best from one poster on that link is this..........

"Obamacare is a travesty
Forced down our throats by his majesty.
Lied to us from the very first day
Just take a pain pill and go away.

Liberals continue to lie to us
And says Obamacare is a definite must.
A ‘death panel’ does not truly exist
Another LIE from this socialist.

Another LIE we all can see
That it will cost less for you and me.
Prices have doubled and tripled for us
Continued LIES from this socialist.

Doctors are leaving due to this mess
Causing the elderly and all undue stress."



Carnesville, GA

#38124 Feb 26, 2014

There is an evil abroad in our country when Liars continue to insist on telling lies..........

"National security adviser Susan Rice has emerged as one of the biggest figures of deception of the Obama administration, billionaire businessman Donald Trump said Monday on Fox News.

Mr. Trump ripped Mrs. Rice’s assertion Sunday on NBCs’s “Meet the Press” that she wasn’t being insincere by telling the American public that the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead stemmed from spontaneous anger over an anti-Muslim video, rather than terrorists.

“The notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false. And I think that’s been amply demonstrated,” Mrs. Rice said.

Mr. Trump vehemently disagreed.

“It’s a big lie,” Mr. Trump said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”“And I think now it’s even a bigger lie, after everything that’s been determined.

“The level of arrogance and the level of lying is so incredible,” he said.“Benghazi, unbelievably, is being taken off the front pages. It just has never resonated. But you look at the answers that she and other people are giving and it’s disgraceful. It’s a big, fat, juicy lie. And now she continues to say it, in spite of all of the evidence.… It’s hard to believe they can get away with it.”

© Copyright 2014 The Washington Times, LLC."


Carnesville, GA

#38125 Feb 26, 2014

Obama has surrounded himself with ideologues matching his own ideology of deceptive socialism?,, communism??,, idiotism??,,, or is it just a plain worship of a cult leader named obama???,,,who wants to be king???,,,,God???,,,, or just another slacker president..........

Only from the mouth and minds of crazed ideologues can the following come forth..........

"Samantha Power Suggests Terror Victim Daniel Pearl Shared Responsibility for His Own Murder"

" The primary function of the U.S. military, Power suggested, should be to act not to advance or protect U.S. national security interests, but to protect human rights."



Carnesville, GA

#38126 Feb 26, 2014

A good analysis of "dare to be a god."

"And what of the Great Disappointment of 2013? In the promiscuous blending of politics and culture that characterizes our age, the launch of the Obama campaign in 2007 marked the beginning of a politico-spiritual movement that promised a new beginning and a transformation of the nation. It was to be the “moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal .&#8201;&#8201;.&# 8201;&#8201;.[when we] restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” Faith in the leader knew no bounds. Obamaism spilled out from the college campuses and tony enclaves of Manhattan and San Francisco into the mass public to become first an American and then a worldwide phenomenon. The legion of believers included not only the youth in their T-shirts emblazoned with the silk-screen Obama image, but also many of the nation’s most experienced political observers. By early 2009, the five wise persons from Oslo had come bearing the gift of the Nobel Peace Prize. No date was fixed for the fulfillment of all the hopes and promises—extensions were continually asked for under the excuse that “change would never be easy”—but enough time had transpired by the end of 2013 for people to sense that the deadline had come and gone. Like October 22, 1844, the appointed time passed with no visible sign of the advent of a new era.

How believers cope with the trauma of disappointment has long been a theme in the field of social psychology. Modern, positivist research on this topic began with the publication in 1956 of Leon Festinger’s celebrated work When Prophecy Fails, in which Festinger and his colleagues first introduced the theory of “cognitive dissonance.” This theory explores how people deal with the discomfort of confronting conflicting ideas and opposing sentiments (“dissonance”). The model holds that individuals will look for mechanisms to reduce dissonance, be it by avoiding contact with conflicting sources of information (as when readers of The Weekly Standard surf with their remotes past MSNBC) or by restructuring their worldview to reduce or eliminate clashing positions. Three general responses are possible: acceptance, denial, and deflection."

And what we have here on topix is "deflection" by these libroids who post here..........deflection and obfuscation..........


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